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Transgender Confusion And Controversy

Mens prisons have long been renowned for the proclivity of the rape of young men, by the ‘Big Daddy” Boss Men whom stake out their bitches.

It’s amazing how many of the “modern ideas’ much loved by the meatheads, like Trans-People, are running into a brick wall, as it suddenly dawns on all those women that the “New Woman” on the block will soon be Queening it over all of them.

Little thought had been given to the consequences of this ridiculous idea, and how badly women would be affected. Sport springs to mind. There have already been upsets in running events, cycling and wrestling, soon the pressure will be on women’s Football and Rugby, I can hardly wait for the fun to kick off. Women had it coming to them. They have been asking for this for years and hats off to the men whom let them have it full in the face.

The Tran-Woman in a mens prison, should be in paradise, she is after all, a homosexual who has been butt sexing as a form of relaxation, for some time I suppose, but she is now seeking shelter in a woman’s prison, where presumably the women would prefer a real man amongst them, to save all that messing around with candles and other such things.

The discussion about Trans-Gender sport is indicative of the stupidity of the whole bizarre situation when Megyn Kelly was confused about calling a girl a girl and the other woman was suggesting that there is no difference between boys and girls, so bring it on, just pick a team from the best available, just so long as you are not obliged to destroy your chances of winning, as was Germany in the recent World Football Cup, when they were obliged to pick an Arab a Black, a Chinaman and Uncle Tom Cobley and all, to satisfy the diversity decrees by which we are all ruled these days.

The Trans-Thug who threatens Ben Shapiro, is exactly. like the Jenner fellow, he expresses his femininity, with clothes and make-up, while many “women” dress in a completely different way these days. Zoe is simply jumping on the Jenner band-wagon to make money and Shapiro is sharp enough to figure that out. These gold-digger type people will make things even more difficult for the real nut-case Trans folk as time goes on. They are on the one hand trying to reduce testosterone to pretend they are women while on the other are taking testosterone to pretend they are men. This is the end of women’s sport. They asked for equality and it looks as if they have got their way.