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Weird And Wonderful Crazies Are All Around Us, Like Jews Whom Claim Not To Be White.


                     White Jew Racist of the Day Again.


I blog on WordPress.com and as far as I am concerned, having had a brief look at others, some of which I have tried out, I find WordPress to be the best. They allow me total freedom, to write my stuff and I have never even been warned to watch what I say on any subject. I do not believe that even WordPress, would be too happy, should I write an article like the above quote, merely changing the word white for Jew, or even White Jew but never mind some have the “right” to more “free speech” than do others.

However I work for no one and I have never asked for a cent in support of my efforts. I have quite a good readership, sometimes I get the impression that my readers are wary of admitting to any contact with my site, by leaving a comment, out of a fear of being accused of supporting some of my more radical points of view, many of which, I freely admit are designed to provoke an angry reaction, but they never do. Should a Frenchman write the above, in the manner which I have suggested would not please even WordPress, he could be gaoled in France.

That said, I write all my own stuff, apart from the odd link to another site or two, I do not rely on the work of others to fill my pages, there are already enough ‘Drudge Clones’ out there to send us all off to the same stuff, while they of course avoid like the plague, stuff like mine, which is allegedly “fake” and misleading. The other day I received a mail from a site to which I have long been subscribed, a site which sends a daily link to a YouTube clip, which was of course, monetized. YouTube decided that the site should not be allowed to monetize on their platform, the owner of the site was explaining how this horrific act had cost them a six-figure salary, which could mean an awful lot of cash.

I was upset about this, because I frequently do the same thing, I often post a video link on my Blog, for nothing, because to monetize invites problems, should I post a video which attracted thousands of hits, which generated loads-a-money, I would probably find myself inclined to search similar stuff, simply to make more cash. This puts the trust in the Blogosphere at risk, once money becomes involved everything changes.

I am quite proud of the amount of copy I post, it all takes time and I am a working man, sometimes my work suffers, should I spend too much time on a post. I thought all Bloggers had the same problem but no, that is not true at all, there are thousands of Bloggers out there, all asking for donations. I find this slightly disturbing, because the Alternative appears to be morphing into a sort of closed shop.

I went to the trouble of checking out the list of links on a few blogs, to see to where the Blogger, was sending his readers, to my surprise, virtually all of them contained links to the same set of Blogs or websites, with various links to other sites, most of which were unknown to me. This gives the site owner a certain power.

There is a site out there, which refers to itself as the Webs most important aggregator site online. I used to follow some of the links this guy provided, without paying too much attention, until the day came when I wondered why he did not simply give a link to his chosen sites, instead of writing his own title to a chosen article and making that the link? I found this practice objectionable having followed several links, all of which lead to the same site, which I had come to distrust. I tested out a bunch of links and found several other sites which this guy blessed with the same amount of publicity.

When you come across a Blog site, which appears to have access to important News stories before the rest of us and several of them all on the same day and all allegedly written by the same person and all of them long and complicated, I am left wondering, as someone to who writing comes easy, how a one man band could possibly have achieved so much copy and published it so early in the morning.

I found, without digging too deeply, three other sites which benefitted from this type of link and not simply from this one site but from dozens of others. I still have no answer to my question apart from the fact that many of the sites which are involved in this business do not publish my comments. In fact I am banned by dozens of sites including the BBC, RT, Press TV, LBC, YouTube and others, all of which is casting a shadow over the work of the truly Independent writers, whom are being lumped into the same group as those whom deliberately distort the voice of the Alternative.

A lot of people have been made into Online Superstars, I was listening to one of them in a debate about transgenderism, which does not exist, it is no more than a mind game, nobody is transing into something else, we are simply dealing with cross-dressing Lesbians and Homosexuals, anyway that is my opinion, to which these days I am becoming less free to express.

In the middle of this debate, the super-star introduced the tale of the Nazis and the poor Jews, which was not, in any way connected to the ongoing discussion.For a moment I thought he was going to talk about the Jew idea that they are not White, because they are calling for a White Genocide in which they did not want to be included but no such luck.  It goes without saying that those whom expressed a difference of opinion about a man-woman on the panel and his desire to be called a woman, mentioned not a word about the often disputed claims made about the ‘holocaust’ heavens above, like it or lump it, we are all obliged to accept that one without question. This is where the mainstream cuts off all discussion about anything which even sniffs of questioning our received truths. All of the other guests believed in the notion of it being the best thing for a man who thought he was a woman to have his dick cut off and to be given breast implants and stacks of oestrogen, instead of being treated with testosterone to make him more masculine and manly, which is sadly the notion which is being forced down all of our throats.

We are now being told that there is a third gender called “Parent” for the Birth Certificates of babies, whose mother now wants to pretend to be a man. Just for starters a parent is quite obviously the parent of the child, so to write Parent in the place marked Mother is baffling and so fing stupid as to be beyond comprehension. We truly are living in Bedlam.Men whom want to be women, Black whom want to be White and White Jews who want to be without any colour at all.



The Questions Dutifully Avoided By The Controlled Media.

For more than half a century we have been obliged to honour the deaths of people, whose deaths appear, according to all the available evidence, did not happen. These cynical lies kicked off when it was announced that more Jews had died in concentration camps, during World War Two, than the entire Jew population of Central Europe at the time, a claim, which also allowed the same number, of still living Jews, to claim money from Germany, as lucky survivors, after the war was over.

The media, which is wholly controlled, has been used to impress this deceitful rubbish, without any form of investigation, into the minds of children, in school classrooms, across Europe, as part of their education.

The same media, which stubbornly refuses to allow any dissenting voice, an arena, in which to present another point of view, has been using the same tactic, to cover up the reality of dozens of so-called hoaxes or false flag attacks, in recent times, which the agenda demands be accepted as reality, whether those attacks be carried out by “terrorists” whom the media has failed to “out” as being agents of NATO, fully funded by those whom control the media, or indeed so-called “mass shootings” in “gun free zone” schools and colleges, which are steadily increasing, despite a mounting dossier of ignored evidence, that the “real killers” are being shielded by those intent on disarming the American People.

Even when a blatant lie is staring you in the face, you can run into the brick wall of “media truth” which invariably supports the lie, simply because to admit to that lie would call into question a barrage of other lies, with which we have all been contaminated. I will give you a recent example. In 1986, along with millions of viewers across the world, I watched the launch of the space shuttle Challenger, which dramatically exploded in flight. Seven astronauts, tragically lost their lives, or did they?

The truth of the above video evidence, is absolutely conclusive, so why are we reduced to speculating, about the chances of six living people, including two whom claim to be twins of the dead astronauts, having the same names, a huge resemblance to the astronauts and incredibly the same birth date?

Where is the Free Press? Who organises a media, which apparently lacks any reporter, with enough curiosity to even mention, never mind report the above evidence of disinformation, coming from NASA?

I recently posted a tale about the Parklands school shooting, in which I suggested that “if” anybody had actually died during the attack, they were killed by the State Police. I asked the simple question, who had actually seen the accused boy Cruz, with a gun in his hand, in order to give a good enough description of him, to enable a cop, claiming to have heard his description on the radio to pick the boy up miles from the scene and arrest him? The obvious answer to the above is nobody had seen Cruz with a gun. He was a Patsy.I posted a small clip on youtube, to which I added part of the post, on my blog. YouTube blocked the clip, not because of the clip itself but because of the tags and description. My question still holds good, there has been no explanation offered as to who or whom supplied this description, to the Police and everybody knows that, so why has there been no outcry about this enormous deception?

The twenty-five year old son of an FBI man, is being given air-time to present a load of rubbish about filming himself, while cowering in a closet, during the attack, at a school, of which he was never a pupil, and he is being allowed to get away with it. Even while still in the closet he already knew the identity ofthe killer. 



Along with many others, I try my best to steer clear of this kind of event, having long experience of the difficulty of even asking an obvious question. The above clip about the Challenger crew and the truthfulness or otherwise of the Space Program, has been an ongoing debate for years. I asked on a few occasions, the question, “Why did none of the astronauts bother to film the rotation of the Earth?” Science has been in search of evidence of this rotation for centuries and yet several voyages to the Moon did not include orders to photograph never mind film the Earth.

One would have thought, that having failed to so do during the first moon landing, scientists would have screamed at NASA to make sure that they did so during at least one of the following five missions to the Moon. Sadly science was apparently totally uninterested. The response to my question was to be instantly labelled as a “Flatty,” by yet another group, sadly lacking in curiosity, the “Globalists”.

We are now faced with a grim reality, those by whom we have been denied the truth about all of the above and much more besides, are now clamping down on the Interweb of which they have also managed to take control. The reaction of our elected leaders has been to demonstrate, quite openly that they are one and all in the pockets of a certain group of people and that they will force whatever they are ordered too, onto their People.

In the United Kingdom, the people are desperately trying to escape from a grouping, called the European Union – which was constructed by those whom have benefitted from the inevitable end result of Capitalism, which is in fact Communism – an attempt which has been thwarted by a group of Judges, three of whom are part of a wholly owned and controlled Judicial system, along with all of the main Political Parties, in Parliament, which are working in tandem to undo the decision of the People.

Meanwhile, in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the people voted, in massive numbers for their current President, Donald Trump,  ever since his election, the controlled media, both Political Parties, in Congress and the Senate, along with a wholly controlled Judicial system have united to thwart every effort, made by Donald Trump, to carry out the promises, which he made to the electorate, by whom he was elected. In view of all this, who can honestly claim there to be any such thing as Democracy?

We are living in a dream world and there are desperate attempts being made to close down our access to the truth. I chose, a long time ago, to be a provocateur. In past times it was more concerned with workers rights than with Politics, a subject to which I have never been drawn, apart from how various groups affected my personal life.

At this time, I can and often do, kick off totally intolerant reactions, from those whom claim themselves to be tolerant, every time I open my mouth. For example, have the streets of our towns and cities, become so saturated with “trans people,” that along with others, I now have to be very careful about calling a man a man in case he only looks like one, just as I am often called Madame, because of the length of my hair? In view of the  response to the views I express it would appear so.

I have only come across one example of a “tranny” who was quite obviously a bearded man dressed like a transvestite, in the garb of the least intelligent variety of womanhood, including a sixties style mini-skirt. I did not have to bother about asking him which toilet he chose because here in France toilets are all unisex.

In the company of a genuine White woman, who made the remark, that in response to a tap on her shoulder, in a bar, on turning around, she was confronted, by an enormous, ugly Black man, who frightened her. The response of others in our company, was one of surprise that she had even noticed that he was Black.

She would have been just as startled had the Ugly Black been an Ugly White but of course the reaction, had she not said he was Black, would not have been to ask his colour or Race and accepted without problem, by those believing him to be White.

I initiated an irritated response by covering my face and asking the woman who had criticised the remark of my friend, to guess what colour I was. I created another ridiculous response from another “Liberal” woman, by making a remark about the streets being thronged with immigrants, who responded in the same critical manner claiming that she had not noticed.

Good friends of mine, from past times, when I was involved in the News ‘Industry,’ even those whom regularly dreamt up misleading headlines, for an innocuous tale, simply to add spice, will not even bother to take a look at relative evidence of past claims, which were made and used in order to justify the ongoing War Crimes in the Middle East. They choose instead to swallow their own poison. This is the House of Cards problem, if the wrong card is pulled out, for example the Hitler card, the whole thing will unravel.

A Few Words About The Transgender Market.

Action for Trans Health (ATH) activists scuffled with the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (Terf) group in London’s Hyde Park on September 13.

Maria McLachlan, 60, a Terf, was bruised as she was punched and kicked to the ground, by an Ath’. (Daily Mail)

I have been puzzled by this new phenomenon of transgender, a term which is in itself a deception, so I dug out a video of a person, who was now presenting as a woman.

This person had dolled themselves up,  like a certain kind of woman, that is a centre-fold type, wearing a lot of make-up, with long blond hair, which like the hair of a lot of Black females, could well have been a wig.

She said that she wanted to talk about sex. I could not bring myself to watch the entire video, however in the portion which I did watch, she was not too specific, when she explained how problematic it had proven to be, to have an orgasm.

Being stupid, I could not figure out how she was attempting to have this orgasm, as I understood that she had chopped off her male member. This presented certain problems, in terms of having an orgasm, with what amounted to an empty hole, as it were, to tickle.

It was when she arrived at a point in her convalescence, in which she felt comfortable enough, in her new sexuality, to have sex, that I finally lost touch with the meaning of the whole business, because surely she would be doing exactly what she had always done, with a man, who was a homosexual, which in my simple terms means with men, whom prefer to have sex with other men.

I am not quite sure what this person would look like in ‘real life’ however should I accidentally bump into her in a ‘club’ of some sort, and find her attractive, I would be completely pissed off to find myself groping a man. So what is the point of what she has done to herself? Wont she only be attracted to those men whom ‘give’ and will ‘she’ be attractive to them?


What I was investigating at the time was evidence of those whom had regrets after the operation to change their bodies, in order to present themselves as being of the opposite sex.I offer you the following clip, make of it what you will.


As is usual there is always, the other side of the story.

Ever since this transgender stupidity came to the fore, I have been trying to figure out for myself, how I knew or know, whether I think like a man or a woman. I am still not too sure, so how could any little kid arrive at the conclusion that they were thinking like the opposite sex?

To have treated the kid in the above clip, with female hormones, at his age, is a crime and for him to now have breasts, which need surgery, is disgusting. None of this could have happened when I was a kid, back then you did not have Witch Doctors, running around with snake oil, waiting to take your money by promising to change your sex.

Warrior Woman, in the above clip, tells it like it is, none of this has anything to do with reality, she suggests there to be anything up to ten percent of confused transgenders, in reality it is more like one or two percent maximum, so why have we suddenly got loads of transgender experts in the medical world and what are they attempting to do to us?