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The Battle For The Minds Of Our Children.

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While in the process of replying to a comment on a clip which I had posted on Bitchute, which had questioned a remark which I had made about Daech being controlled by Eric Prince, the controller of Blackwater or Academi, who is even now calling for Donald Trump to “privatise” the illegal American and NATO war in Afghanistan into his hands, I came across an Eric Dubay clip, discussing the “Flat Earth”, what else? I will come back to Blackwater later.

During the course of the discussion Eric suggested that one of the main objections to a “globe earth” was the idea that “Rail-Roads” were obliged to be laid as level as it was possible to lay them, otherwise steel wheels could not gain enough traction on steel rails, to climb even the slightest of slopes, never mind climb up the side of a globe earth, whether “gravity” existed or not.

Eric’s position sounds like “common sense” to me, apart from the question, which I have been posing for some time, which I have “proudly” referred to as “Enochered’s Law” which states that: “On a Globe Earth the only way is down”. and my question, which is not in disagreement with Eric’s position but which illustrates the frailty of the Globe Earth arguments. On a Globe Earth the train will not be climbing up the side of the Earth, because there is no “side” to a gravity controlled Globe, simply because of Enochered’s Law, which correctly points out that the train will actually be descending the slope because wherever you are, you are always on the “top” of a gravity controlled globe.

My question has simply been ignored by all of the “Globers” because it demonstrates the stupidity of the “boat disappearing over the slope” idea, which is the favourite excuse used to claim the “globeness” of the Earth. My favourite question was, “when two trains meet, one coming “down” from Cairo, which crossed paths with another coming “down” from Capetown, how would they sort themselves out? Plus on the deck of a boat about to disappear over the “slope”, those aboard would be looking “down” at the harbour even as those on the harbour waving goodbye, would be looking “down” at the boat. Confused?

Well so am I and indeed so was a Physicist, who was involved with the Cern Collider,  who I interviewed a while back and who admitted to me that the team he worked with had no idea what gravity actually was, having just explained to me that “all” of the experiments at Cern were based on gravity. When I said that in fact everything was a sort of mystery and that the scientists “knew,” little more than “If you do this, that will happen and nothing else” he agreed with me and also mourned the existence of so little evidence of the “Globe Earth”. I am sure that there is a head with a brain out there somewhere which can explain where I am going wrong.

Anyway back to Blackwater and the notion of “privatised warfare”. Warfare has always been a “private” affair, we have simply been indoctrinated to believe there to have been some difference between Blackwater and the “Royal Fusiliers” or the “Royal Air Force” which were nothing more than killing machines for the International Traders, ever since the days of the Roman Empire, which was the original puppet State, which was funded by the “Money-Lenders” from the Temple and which eventually drowned in debt as a result but not before the “Empire” had fallen victim, to amongst other depravities, those such as bestiality and the marriage of an Emperor to his horse, rampant homosexuality and paedophilia. Much as was Weimar Germany before the arrival of Adolf Hitler.

A Jew called Isaac Asimov, who was in fact a major plagiarist, wrote a trilogy of books called “Foundation” which purports to explain the ability of an “Empire” to survive, un-noticed by humanity, as it set about recovering all and everything, of importance, which it was believed to have been lost after the downfall and which could be used to build a better future.

Sadly when the “Roman Empire” did collapse, there was no “Hari Seldon” type saintly character, to quietly recover and record all of the greatest achievements of previous times which were to be stored away in an un-known “Second Foundation” from where they could be recovered for the benefit of future generations. In fact the opposite was true, all and everything of interest was destroyed and ancient books and manuscripts altered and copied, while the originals were taken under the control of those whom had brought the “Roman Empire” to its knees and the control of these documents rests with the “dark-side” to this day. There is no historical record of any such thing as a “Good Empire” the current crop amply displays this situation as the “Big Boys” arm themselves to the teeth.

I hope you take the time to watch the clip which I have posted at the top of this post, there are some very strange ideas presented towards the end, which I found found to be quite incredible, while not being too certain that they were true, no matter, it’s all good fun.

As for the current warfare in the Middle East and all across Asia in recent times, those whom believe these wars to have been anything other than “Gang Wars” are deluded. The Whole Wide World is ruled by gangs of one sort or another, with puppets sitting in the front office.

As I have just explained, History is never truthful. Just yesterday I was obliged to explain on a Bitchute clip, that the claims made by Jews about the marking of shops in Germany with the word “Juden,” was to make sure that no German bought Jew merchandise in retaliation against a Jew initiated blockade against German made goods all across the World, this whinge was made after a writer was refused an award for a book, an award which she had already won, after it was disclosed that she supported the aim of putting sanctions in place against Israel. Jews immediately complained about the “horror” of being reminded about the Germans doing it in the 1930s,  the real reason for which I am sure they are fully aware. Apart from which the Jews lake no complaint about denying the People of Gaza, all  the necessities, which are sorely needed to survive Israeli aggression.



This “truth” is clearly marked alongside the “truth” that the Jews declared war on Germany, long before anything could have taken place because of Hitler, who had so recently been elected. This is the evidence of the collusion between our elected Gang Bosses and those whom now speak for the Jews, whom continue to deceive us all with their wild claims, which even when exposed as being deceptive, are religiously repeated, year after year, while our leaders force those lies down our throats.


The sad fact of the matter is, the British Government has been controlled from the City of London for Centuries. and despite my heroic efforts the British people still fail to understand this simple situation which has been holding them in chains and robbing them,  while every now and then they send the young men to be mowed down in some useless war which is never fought for the improvement of the people but to further the control of the Pilgrim Society which is installed in “The City”. Wake up.


May You Make Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution A Good One!



Zen Koans, which are no more than the asking of a question, directed towards the inner man, have now fallen foul of the modern, strict censorship, of a truthful response. The thought patterns of the ‘Free World” are under attack, in order to protect, the lies and deceit, which play such an important role in modern life, from being discussed.

Zen Buddhism, which was of great importance to many people, when I was a young man, has its own strict rules concerning the information which is made available to Novices. They are obliged to find their truth for themselves. My understanding of this system was, that a truth which is spoken by another, has no worthwhile quality, should the receiver of that truth, not have made the discovery for himself.

When I declared to a friend that I had received my enlightenment and that for me, further seeking was now unnecessary, he immediately asked me,  “As to what that ‘enlightenment’ referred and what had I discovered”. I replied in a somewhat cryptic manner, by suggesting to him, that he already knew the answer, but was incapable of admitting it to himself and that when he finally did so, he would understand the secret of Zen, in that flash of illumination.

All these years later, I find myself back in the same position. I have come to understand, certain things, which many people do not accept in the same manner as I do and yet, having come to understand the real meaning of discovering your own truth, I now find myself engaged in an effort to encourage others to believe, either what ‘I am saying’, or I could re-phrase that as, not to believe ‘what others are saying’, take your pick.

I recently heard a ‘shocking’ News item, concerning a Zoo. The Keeper of the Lions and Tigers, was asking the public, to bring their unwanted pet Rabbits and Cats and Dogs, to the Zoo, where they could be thrown to the Wild Beasts, as there was a desperate shortage of meat, with which to feed the animals.

Such an act, would be quite normal and in keeping, with the strange ways of Nature itself and yet, those whom by their silence, have condemned millions of people across the World, to a fate worse than death, were shocked, even horrified, that any man could demand such a brutal death for Tabby the Cat.

I would have thought, that after the ‘Zen’ like proposition, about our ‘Pets’, had been uttered, the response should have been, to have at least, pondered the notion of; ‘Is there any real difference between walking in your garden,  on a sunny afternoon, casually squashing, millions of Ants and other insects, without a care,  should  no,  it was not any different, be the grudgingly accepted response,   why does the idea of throwing a little Cat to a bigger Cat provokes such horror?

Far be it for me, to suggest any adequate response to such questions, one must arrive at ones own conclusion and so it is with all such enigmatic problems.

However, in modern-day life, we are constantly being bombarded with claims which we will be duty bound to accept,  because there are already moves afoot, to instil certain controversial ideas into the innocent minds of children in Primary Schools,  ideas which will immediately create tension between parents and children, should the parents hold different views.

These ‘truths’ however ridiculous, are being presented, I suppose we can say ‘thankfully’, by God’s Chosen People, itself a concept, with which I have yet to come to terms. Nevertheless, I will be ‘obliged, to accept and  make use of the claims of these people, which instruct me to believe there to be many different ‘Genders’ of people and not simply Male and Female. I fallaciously believed that a homosexual couple referred to two men. That silly idea, now turns out to be quite wrong. The instant I chose to retain my right to disagree, I was branded as a Fascist, a claim which had relevance to my statement, which concerned homosexual marriage.

I came across an alarming report, that adolescent boys, who were claiming to be ‘transgendering’ into women, would be allowed to sleep in the Girl Guides Dormitory tent on Camping trips.

This conundrum, was a difficult one, with which to come to terms, simply because, should these poor saps, be genuinely emotionally girls, one could presume, that the Girl Guides would be quite safe, however should these same ‘men’ be allowed to sleep in a tent with young boys, would that be good for the boys?

To me these questions go far beyond Zen. We are already living in confusion. Nothing can be accepted as truth. So how can anyone be expected to ‘know’, how you or anybody else, ‘feels’ inside? Can I be sure that I think like a man and can a man, who I see quite regularly, who is broad-shouldered and bearded, dressed in a caricatural manner, like a typical girl from the days of the mini-skirt, wobbling around in stiletto heels, ‘know’ that he feels like a woman?

The reality being,  nobody knows ‘how’ they feel and yet the clothes we wear, or the use of make-up has come to signify, what it is to be a woman, even as huge numbers of women, choose to dress in Jeans and Jumpers. The ‘look’ of a Dominatrix, in leather or rubber clothing, with a whip in her hand,  is the badge of sado-masochists, who desire a good whipping.

All of these strange desires have existed forever, many of them have been forbidden by Law, so for an educational system, to be intent on giving young male children, lessons in how to be a ‘Sodomite’, even as those whom were once referred to as perverts, are pushing for the legalisation of paedophilia, seems to me to be an ever so slightly, weird idea.

I am not quite sure as to whether my long dead Zen teacher would be in agreement with my conclusions, nonetheless I am confident in my decision that humanity itself, has fallen into the hands of desperately evil people. Sometimes the only question left to be answered is the famous Zen Riddle,

            “When you can do nothing, what can you do?”

I am quite sure that many of my readers can solve that one for themselves and they most probably already have.

                         Happy New Year!

I Try As Hard As I Can But It Gets Harder And Harder To Keep Up With It All.

The Blair government, under the guidance of the Jew Peter Mandelson, quite deliberately flooded the United Kingdom, with Black and Middle Eastern immigrants in a desperate attempt to force the British people to accept multiculturalism, whether they liked it or not.

The British Brexiteers are now being manoeuvred into a position, where the Government of Theresa May, which has been deliberately bumbling around, making a mountain to climb,  out of the simple task of telling the EU that Britain is out of it and will be prepared pay a reasonable amount of money to cover pensions or whatever and that Europe must make up its own mind about trade arrangements and to then get on with life.

She has instead,  now managed to get the British into a position, where her Government can be brought down, paving the way for what I suggested months ago, that Corbyn the Communist, who like Blair before him believes in an open door immigration policy, who has a Black women, his old girlfriend, Diane Abbott, who tells us that Blacks built London, who will be his Home Secretary, waiting to win the next election, which will be called a vote for another referendum,  which will ‘vote’  to remain in the EU. End of story.

The British have been brought to their knees by their own politicians. You could not get a razor-blade between the policies of Blair and those of Cameron, they are both War Criminals, Gordon Brown, the alleged paedophile is a traitor, Theresa May licks the Bums of the Jews, without a care for what is happening to the British people, yet despite the experiences of the last three elections in the United Kingdom, like brain-dead sheep, the British will vote again for one or the other,  of the two main Parties.

The UK Conservative Party, pushed the idea of the International City Mayor, a United Nations position, which will give the various regions of the UK,  with a large immigrant population, the opportunity to ‘racially’ elect their own man into power, as they did in London, while dumb old Whitey, will fail to spot that Britain is fast being taken out of their hands, through the manipulation of the electoral system,  by both Political Parties. These City Mayors will be part of a World Government, ruling over a bastardised world population.


The European Union is already talking about importing thirty or more million people from the Middle East and Africa, which will clear the land for the Jews to set up their World Government Headquarters, with the World Supreme Court System alongside, with their lap-dog Goy politicians from across the world licking their boots.


In a civilised world, war should have vanished decades ago. Sadly all of the wars during the past hundred years have been created out of sheer greed,  by the same group of avaricious demons. They have been supported in their slaughters by a manipulated media, which was busy feeding us all Fake News, long before Donald Trump brought it into the open.

The same demons are now contaminating our children in schools, with some pap about ‘Transgenderism,’ which is an impossibility, there is no example of one sex morphing into another and not content with that rubbish, teachers have been teaching five-year old boys, in school classrooms,  that homosexuality is a perfectly normal pastime, giving lessons, with diagrams, showing these children the preferred method of sodomising their friends.

In Australia where same sex marriage has just been made legal, two grown men stood in Parliament tearfully proposing to one another while a bunch of adults applauded them.  How daft can things get?

I just do not give a damn what people choose to do in private and I never have, but on the other hand I do not understand why these people need special treatment, simply because they have a sexual peculiarity, which just happens, in my own personal experience, to have lead me to believe that men, whom have this peculiarity, are predatory and I refuse to be forced to pretend that they are not. I have many friends who would vouch for the same thing.

All these top politicians and film stars whom are called paedophiles, are actually predatory homosexuals, whom in some cases murder their victims, how long will it be before we are obliged to watch paedophiles, tearfully celebrating the legalisation of paedophilia in Parliament?

Across the world, the adoption of young children has become so secretive,that nobody can trace the location of these children, whom could well be dead and even the natural parents, from whom the children have been stolen are not allowed to know what has become of them. This is creepy.




Will our female children become nothing more than fair game for gangs of Muslims with a strange urge to douse young girls in petrol for kicks before they rape them, claiming it to be a mere peculiarity as is already happening across Europe, where young boys are being sodomised by Muslims, suffering a sexual emergency?

These Muslim fellows can bugger boys for fun because that is not at all the same thing as homosexuality, a weird state,  which can result in a short flight to the ground from a very high building, while second generation immigrants stop bullying cripples to watch the brief flight of the homosexual.

Over the Atlantic in the United States, the general public displayed exactly the same fascination for the rough justice dished out to an offender, however fearsome the punishment.


The Last Public execution in the United States.

Nip’N’Tuck Women And Other Nonsense.


While I am desperately trying to come to terms with the lack of open discussion on the media, of the belligerent Jews – you know, the people whom are forever whining about anti-Jewism – whom are calling for a White genocide, or indeed about Black and Muslim Racism, which is far in excess of White Racism, I am now also grappling with the idea of Transgenders, a subject about which I have never heard so much bullshit in all of my life.


As far as I know, there is as yet, no process which is capable of ‘transing’ the sex of a human being and yet we are now being told that a child whom was born a male, with all the necessary bits and pieces, can, with a bit of ‘nip’n’tuck’ become a woman.


My immediate response would be, that this male, should he be treated with testosterone – before being offered a process, by which he could be rendered a touch more ‘womanly’ – which could make him change his mind. In reality, a man whom pretends to be a woman, will in fact be no more than a homo-sexual in disguise, should he/she choose a male partner. So why does he not simply accept himself as a homo-sexual?


Despite this spike in the number of Lesbians, Homosexuals and Transgenders, the remaining women in the UK, are managing to murder almost 200,000 babies annually. Killings which have become an almost assembly line process in the abattoir of Marie Stopes Inc, which along with Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood Inc. in the States, have created massive space for immigrants, the average number of whom arriving each year in the UK, corresponds with the number of abortions.


Ironically, the systematic slaughter of the unborn but already living babies, is controlled by the very people, the Jews,  whom claim that they were once the target of a similar culling, after which one might suppose that ‘they’ of all people, having suffered such an event, which just the thought of, we are told, is likely to cause them to collapse into a quivering mass, should they be exposed to a naked shower-head, would give them pause for thought about encouraging a similar fate for others. Particularly babies.



In the States, it is estimated that the immigration ‘solution’ to a lack of babies, will lead to a population of some 800 million, before the end of the century. While in the UK the population will soon reach 80 million.


These figures are inevitable, unless there is a return to the policy, which was generally accepted across European Countries, that of a sustainable birth rate. The introduction of abortion on demand, which allowed the abortion industry to encourage the culling of the White European by referring to it as a ‘women’s health matter,’ has succeeded in doing exactly what it was designed to do, carry out a White Genocide.


I firmly believe, that abortion is being used, as an excuse, to obliterate the indigenous White population and to import Brown and Black people. A scheme which in moderate numbers is perfectly acceptable, however there is something sinister afoot when a government is whipping up hatred against White immigrants, as in modern-day Britain, while forbidding the same discussion about the non-White immigrants, a mere mention of them is  ‘the ugly face of White Racism.’  Love Your Polish immigrants I say and stop slagging them off.


Deep Governments, are wiping us out. Take a look at David Cameron, the man whom passed the orders, from above to destroy Syria and Libya, without the democratic permission of Parliament, never mind allowing this much vaunted, Democratic need of the scrutiny of the House of Lords. A ‘free’ Parliament would have impeached him on the spot and in view of the tragic results of his vicious act, he should be hanged by the neck.


Parliament chose instead to ignore this bloody disgraceful Crime Against Humanity, choosing instead to hold a token vote after the carnage had been accomplished. Only half a dozen Parliamentary Members were against this Crime, which was carried out in the name of the British People, whom themselves are not politically aware enough to understand what was done in their name.  While their “News” outlets apparently fail to find a connection between this act and an increase in Refugees fleeing this British War Crime.


The Streets of London are now teeming with caring folk, whom have been deliberately kept unaware of the reasons behind the destruction of the Middle East, whom are screaming for the re-opening of the floodgates of immigration, which has already, in recent years, allowed entry to ten million immigrants. Every three or four years another million are being allowed in.


The more than three million people have been accepted into the United Kingdom, during the past few years, is the population of a large city and the number is roughly equal to the ‘real’ number of the unemployed which is a stark 3.5 million. Despite this huge number of jobless, it would appear to be necessary to allow entry into the UK, of people who will do work that the British refuse to do. This is nonsense, there simply cannot be a shortage of labour in a country with that number of unemployed and with a population of 64 million people.



The infrastructure alone to take care of 3 million people is enormous. Take a look at the telephone book of a large city and count the number of all the necessary services. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Schools, Doctors, Hospitals, Sewage work, Dustbin Lorries and all the rest of it and then ask yourselves, why it is so difficult to find a Dentist or an appointment with your doctor and why your kids are still living at home without a decent job which will to allow them to rent so much as a bed-sitter. Never mind the problems with the National Health Service.


In the United States, where there are an estimated 95 million people unemployed or part employed there are hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, walking into the States every year,where they are expecting to be housed, fed, educated, in Spanish, and given health care, which is beyond the reach of thousands of Americans. I find it difficult to understand why these Mexicans expect, while on holiday in the States, that the Americans should have to foot the bill. They should be kicked out straight away. They have a government of their own to cover these costs.


It is not necessary to be of high intelligence to understand, that there is a limit to the number of folk a tiny island like the UK can accept, bearing in mind that even without further immigration the population will increase spontaneously through normal birthrate, should the abortions be brought under control. There are thousands of couples looking for children to adopt, so to be killing off White children in massive numbers, is itself a Crime Against Humanity. It is also Racial suicide.


The sad fact is that we are being taken down to Third World status. It is as simple as that. There is an Irish Jew, Peter Sutherland, swanning around screaming out the orders of the United Nations, that Europe must take in all and everybody. That is our future he tells us. Needless to say he works for the Bankers and Corporations. The Jew Trudeau in Canada is telling the Muslims that they are all welcome, as many as would like to come. The Jew Merkel has already swamped Germany and is still not content. The Jew Sarkozy and now Hollande are secretly financing the construction of huge Mosques, in a secular country, while allowing hundreds of thousands of young men from the Maghreb to swarm in annually, where they can instantly join the one million unemployed young Arabs in and around Paris and other large cities, where they have been creating mayhem for weeks.


So while all of that is going on, why is the media so occupied with talk of men using women’s toilets and attempting to train us to accept that a man is a woman and a woman is a man and abortion is not murder, and that it is perfectly ethical to sell bits of babies to make lipstick or some such thing?








The Cold-Blooded Farce Of Feminism.

“It’s not a march about Trump the man,” Terry O’Neill, the president of the National Organization for Women, said in an interview. “It’s a march about women’s rights that are very much imperiled by the policies President-elect Trump appears headed for.”



I was pleasantly surprised to find that the National Organisation for Women, had at least displayed a modicum of intelligence, by electing a male, possibly Irish President.







But I was suddenly struck by the thought that it may be a ‘Transgender,’ or perhaps the male component in a homosexual marriage. Or maybe simply a sign that as there are no fixed genders anymore, even the Feminists felt obliged to recognise the aims of equality, by allowing the entry of mere ‘confused’ men into an illegal organisation, which is totally biased towards one sex.

Of course it could all be symptomatic of women whom have always been secretly jealous of the obvious superiority of men, dropping the I, in Terri for the more sturdy spelling of the male Terry.



Just a glance at the above list of projects, in which these women and cross gender folk are involved, discloses very little in terms fairness, because any man will tell you that a comparison between the work undertaken by men and that of women is impossible, as women are not expected to go after the ‘mens work,’ that is always totally avoided, so any comparison is made only with jobs which are strictly of the more gentile easier variety,  where women are now hired not on the basis of capability but because of quotas. They now complain about the cost of Child Minders, where other women take care of their children.

So-called Racial Justice falls into the same bracket. We are now obliged, because we are White, to make way for other ethnicities in our workforce, an idea which has apparently gained no traction at all in China or Uganda or indeed anywhere else on earth.

As for Constitutional Equality, that they already profit from, what they now want is a special reference to women, as if they are not part of We The People.

LGBTQ Rights are a mystery to me, I assume the Q is not a reference to queers and I can think of nothing else off the top of my head, apart that is from the fact that as long as these folk are treated according to the law, which applies to us all, I can find no good reason as to why a man with a propensity to stick his dick in another man’s bum should be entitled to ‘special’ considerations, just get on with it.

Now we get to the heart of ‘Feminism’ where we hear calls to legally, murder male White babies and other menaces against men.   The call for Reproductive Rights and Justice,  demands access to Legal Abortion and Emergency Contraception. What is Emergency Contraception?  Is it a spacial ‘hot-line  telephone number which a woman can call, before having un-protected sex, from where a box of Johnnies will be delivered, perhaps by a man on a motorbike, or could it be something more sinister?

Ending violence against women, is a strange idea, violence from where or who or whom? Would that call for non-violence apply to showing mercy for female babies? No more smacking your daughters, reserving your vicious side for your boys? As is the way with ‘Feminists, they can specifically demand Rights which apply only to them, they are never in favour of Human Rights.

Women will never admit to being even more violent in the home than are men. Winnie Mandela, the wife of Saint Nelson, urged the use of burning tyre, necklaces around the necks of those whom had offended her, while Saint Nelson was busily singing songs calling for the genocide of the White Man.

When will we see a Womens’ March in support of the White Women whom are being slaughtered, out of hand, by Black savages in South Africa. That is a confusing idea, due to the support which is being given in the name of Black Lives,  which do not appear to matter to other Blacks,  whom kill each other in large numbers, but which ‘must’ matter to the Police, whom apparently have never ever shot a guilty Black man, they are all innocent, pretty much out of the mould of the Feminists.

The ENDA Is In Sight.

Welcome my friends, to the filth that never ends.  Just when you thought yourself to be safe, that there was no remaining excrement with which to drown you, along came ENDA.

ENDA, is a new form of repression of the normal and a further sanctification of the hybrid, which is fast becoming the acceptable face of humanity, genetically modified inbetweenies.

ENDA decrees that to employ a normal person, that is, a specimen, in possession of features, which conform to what we had been educated, in past years to accept as normal, in preference to a Transgender or Homosexual or Lesbian will no longer be acceptable. There is to be no such thing as a Normal Human Being.

We must now accept, for example, Transgenders as normal. This will include and I kid you not, the right of a man, whatever that means, whom is awaiting  an operation which will, either change his sex to female, or indeed, should he be considering a career as a Porno Star, he could retain both sexual organs, will have the Right to use the Ladies Toilets and showers, even in schools and colleges and it will be illegal to complain, as this would be Hate Speech.

This new Bill is the work of that heinous institution, The Anti-Defamation League, which is Jewish controlled, with the aim of destroying Western Morality, Family, Religion and Culture. That should read, they have already destroyed all of the aforementioned.

There are no specifically White Positive Laws, there are only those laws which discriminate against White Peoples. We, are obliged to allow all and everybody, to have preference over us.

White men for example, are virtually banned from the teaching of young  children. Most men would not dare to smile at a young girl in the street, such is the venom which is propagated against them.

Men have been demonised to even their own children, by women whom have need of an excuse to continue their basically parasitic life-style, for which the State will now assume responsibility.  After divorce most men have lost contact with their children two years after a separation.

The role of the White Male has become slightly indeterminate, to the point where women appear to believe that men are no longer necessary. While men sit back and do nothing about this situation.

Well it now appears that through the manipulation of the genome and the super charging of the environment with mainly feminine hormones, that the Elite have managed to produce a form of hermaphrodite, which will prove to be more malleable to their desires for future servants, while women will forced to rely on the sperm of the vermin, whom have delivered this situation and procreate through IVF treatment, after the genes have been appropriately modified to serve the needs of the Masters of the World.

While marriage was being so assiduously destroyed, a new form of partnership was being invented by the Jewish manipulators in the US, that of same-sex partnerships, with the intention of obfuscating the real intention of marriage, which was to lay a solid foundation for the rearing of children.

Real Marriage has now been relegated to a position where the original intention does not matter, to one of only the certificate being the thing of importance, thus it could be described as another nail in the coffin of Society, which will no doubt end up in a situation where only Gays, are getting married.

White man will also find himself struggling along with yet another level of Law, with which to contend, no doubt leading to a world where every man will soon  be claiming to be Gay, simply to get a job.

Should the voting public in the USA prove to be too apathetic to stand up to this nonsense, which will inevitably lead on to Gay couples adopting children, which will include Transgenders’ whom are continually Transgendering, it will also lead to the relaxation of Intergenerational Sex laws, which is already being fought for, by the paedophiles in Government, whom describe it as “Just another sexual preference.”

These are the very people, whom The National Socialists kicked out of Germany, after they had debauched Berlin and other  German Cities,  after the First World War.

These criminals, whom present themselves as whatever is necessary, in order to fool the Goyim, through the use of the education system and the Media, have trained Society to believe that we can all exist on our own.  In past times, most people spent their later years with a companion of many years and only the final lap was spent alone.  Now however, in this broken society, most people live solitary lives.

Society can recover from a certain amount of disreputable behaviour but once the habit of family is lost and when the mass of people have been conditioned to believe that all that matters is a hedonistic life-style, a point is soon reached from which there will be no recovery.

We have long passed that point. The White Race has been under constant attack, since the end of the Nineteenth Century and the end is in sight. We have been bamboozled into the belief, that we must reduce our birth-rate, by whatever means come to hand, Abortion, Pills, Preservatives, Coils and now by a virtual sterilisation through the very food we eat and the medicines which claim to heal us.

Our women-folk have lost sight of the fact that the continuation of the race depends on them. They, after all have the babies. When women desire nothing more than baubles in the place of children, there is no way out.

White people have been educated to hate themselves. To believe that they and they alone are responsible for all the ills of the world. That everybody would be better off without us. Well think again, the real enemy has been hiding in plain view and when “Ol’ Whitey,” has been wiped out,  I wish all of you whom remain, all the best with what will greet you on that momentous day.


It should be noted that the people whom are forcing these perversions onto our once Christian Society, are mainly sexual deviants themselves, in fact the Jewish controlled media, which has made such an outcry about the Paedophiles, in the ranks of the Catholic Clergy, has maintained a stony silence with regard to the rampant paedophilia, amongst their own Rabbis’ and in general, throughout the Synagogue of Satan.