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The Privatisation Of Country Life.

The ‘Fake News’ drama is scaling new heights in France, where the media preferred, Presidential favourite, Emmanuel Macron, is being transformed into a ‘Rock-Star’,through the use of the fortune of one of the richest men in the world, Edouard de Rothschild.

Le Canard Enchainé, a satirical ‘pretend’ newspaper was recently used, to release a well prepared dossier, disclosing that another Presidential candidate, François Fillon, had been paying his wife a salary for years, with little evidence that she had actually played a role in her husbands affairs to justify such payments.

Fillon was immediately mauled by the rest of the media, most of which is gripped firmly in the hands of the French oligarchy, which is quietly controlled by Rothschild.

France now finds itself, in the peculiar position where the media is promising a victory for Macron, as they had previously done for the ‘Remain,’ camp in the UK referendum and for Clinton in the USA, both of which were ‘wrong?’

To compound the strangeness of this turn of events, Macron is professing to hold views, to which the vast majority of the French people are totally opposed. His views on immigration are more akin to those of Angela Merkel than those of the disillusioned French masses. Macron whom was recently a member of François Hollande’s Socialist regime is now  presenting himself as having been a covert believer of many of the ideas of Marine Le Pen and the Front Nationale.

These hypocrites, while calling for aid to be given to refugees from European inspired violence, are concealing the truth of exactly who or whom is funding the filth, in Libya and Syria, which is referred to as being ‘Free Fighters’ of some sort, information which is ‘Faked’ out of the news, while the media continues to deceive the ‘Peoples’ of Europe about the hidden intentions of the rich men, behind European policy, which is to depopulate the Middle East using a private army of mercenaries to avoid taking the blame, which will surely fall across the shoulders of White Europeans.

On both occasions, when the polls predicted a win for Clinton and ‘Remain’ the opposite occurred and in some bizarre and unforeseen manner, chaos ensued in the United Kingdom and the United States, are the Elite now seeking a similar divisive result in France, through the medium of the election of Le Pen, by clearing Fillon out of the picture and presenting Macron with unacceptable policies?

Chaos is the preferred method of the rich, for the introduction of stricter controls across the board. This is called the Problem, Reaction, Solution method, of imposing dictatorial laws against the peasants.

Holland, another State which rejected the ideas of the European Union, in a referendum, is in a similar position to that of France, where Geert Wilder, a Nationalist, is the current favourite in Dutch polls. His election could well create the same brand of chaos as in the USA and UK.

France has been suffering from internal problems for some time, most of which the public are unaware. A recent accusation against three policemen in Paris, accused by a man of immigrant origins, of sodomising him with a truncheon, sparked off a reaction, not too dissimilar to the George Soros funded, Black Lives Matter riots in the USA, where in most cases, if not all, the claims of the rioters, against the Police, were proven to be false.

The original excuse, for the crazy reactions of the Black community, was the Trayvon Martin fiasco. When a burly, Black American footballer, attacked a half black security guard and while in the process of smashing the guards head against a pavement, he was shot. The whole incident was witnessed by people in the surrounding houses. The guard, George Zimmerman, was quite rightly, found to be not guilty.

The Black response was a brutal campaign of vicious attacks against White people. A Black in Court when found guilty of beating two young White boys to death with a claw hammer, stood in front of the court and proclaimed his crime to be a reasonable response to the death of ‘Trayvon.’ This admission generated very little publicity in the mainstream media.

It would appear that ‘multiculturalism’ has generated exactly the desired result for the Globalist Bankers, that of mounting resentment to the flood of immigrants into Europe, by people whom have their own reasons, to be resentful because of the actions of those same Europeans, whose actions have forced them to leave their homelands. Who could have possibly foreseen such an outcome I wonder? White Europe must now brace itself for a dose of the ‘Trayvon’ type of reaction, not against the guilty, but against White people, as usual.

White Europeans are being forced to carry the can for the overseas adventures of Jew greediness. Very few Europeans chose to live in the occupied lands of the Jew-British Empire, the vast majority of them had no notion of what was taking place ‘over there.’

They have been forced to fight war after war to protect the stolen resources of the various ‘Companies’ which grabbed the riches of the Middle East, India and China and even now the resources of Africa, thefts from which the British people have gained not a farthing.

Ever since the imposed slavery of the British people, in the nineteenth century, when the communal land of the villages and towns of England was privatised and fenced off, thus denying the people their right to grow their own food and the materials to make their own clothes and other basic needs, forcing them into the clutches of the Industrialists and their Dark Satanic Mills, in which even little children were forced to work, to help their parents pay the rent, of their hovel to their Landlord and buy the groceries from the Landlords store.

The British have lived in this ‘fake’ reality, in which the ‘slaves’ soon had little memory of the way life used to be, to the point where they have been completely cut off from any form of natural reality. The slightest attempt to leave the reservation, now results in Police action, which will quickly restore the status quo.

The final steps of the enclosure program is taking place under the name of ecological imperatives, claiming them to be the only means of saving the planet. The rich fat cats and their lackey politicians, have created the United Nations, which is code for the destruction of Nations and the imposition of a One gigantic Nation,  over which they will maintain total control, not for our benefit, they have never done anything for us, it will all be for themselves, as usual, we are expendable. We are already building the robots with which we will be replaced.

These malcontent elite are already living a lavish lifestyle in the presence of poverty and instead of organising a system, which would be equitable for all, they prefer to wipe the poverty-stricken out of existence to create a world apart for themselves, in an empty countryside.

A group of my friends, recently installed a village of Yurts, in a field provided by a local Farmer, where they could enjoy a quiet lifestyle, manufacturing for themselves many of their needs, and herding a small number of goats, alongside hens and geese, with a few pigs to fatten and eat, where a small river provided them with water.

They were accepted as an inspirational group of artisans and cultivators by the local villagers and the Town mayor had given his blessing to the project.

Then, out of the blue, the local community was integrated with the local city, which had the blessing of a huge department of Sustainable Development, by which the group was visited. They were declared to be unsustainable and were immediately ordered to vacate their domain. This was insisted upon, without any explanation as to which part of their project was unsustainable. There are no rules, the head of the bureau decides these things, off the top of his head. That is freedom.

Sadistic, Ritual Killing Of Twelve Year Old White Boy By ***** Savage.

Jonathan Foster

The brutal killing of this twelve-year-old child, by this Black woman,  is so shocking that it beggars belief. Yet the media response was difficult to locate. The Daily Mail in the UK, was the only reference which I have found, despite being aware of the incident. At the time of the event itself, the horrific story was completely blacked out.


This is yet another indication of the campaign to create a false version of Racism and the continuing attempts to create a Race War, against White People.

Make no mistake about it, had this child been Black and the savage whom killed him White, we would have been deluged with cries of White Racism.

The Media, which played down this tale, is the Jewish controlled Media, which not only ignores the massive scale of the Black on White crime, which is becoming an everyday feature of life, it is the same Jewish controlled Media, which has in some way made all White people, by inference and association, feel guilty of an event in past times, which they claim happened to them.

For what it’s worth, the first slaves on the American Plantations, were Irish, while the bulk of the Slave Traders were Jews. There is still a vestige of the Irish Slaves in Jamaica, where they inter-married with the Black slaves.

The Irish never mention their servitude to the Jews.  Any more than they demand reparations from the English, for the horrors of the Irish Holocaust, which left five million dead.  The Jews, whom have never paid one penny in recompense for the untold millions whom they have slaughtered, while the Blacks,  say nothing of the Black Slave Traders, whom rounded them up and sold them,  are,  in the same manner as the Jews,  attempting, with the wholesale assistance of the Jewish Media, to hang it all on  Whitey.  None of my friends ever bought or used Black slaves.

This horrific crime against a little twelve-year-old white child, took place over two and a half years ago.  The Black woman, tortured the child to death, with an oxyacetylene welding torch, while he was bound with cord. She then dumped his body in a ditch, this was filmed by CCTV cameras.

This outrageous crime against the White community, is not at all unusual, it is in fact becoming common place. It is in keeping with the brutal gang rape of an eighty-five-year-old woman, which took place in front of her ninety-one-year-old husband, by a gang of Black savages. Both of the senior citizens died as a result of the attack.

In another incident, a white couple were kidnapped, the woman was gang raped, by Black “gangsta” and her body dismembered, while her husband was murdered and dismembered. Neither of these two incidents, which are only two of thousands of others, were reported in the News.


While everyone on the planet, is aware of Trayvon Martin, who has ever heard of Jonathan Foster?  The crimes happened at more or less  the same time, why the difference in the amount of coverage?  Has Trayvon Martin’s mother extended her sympathies to Jonathan’s mother?  Maybe offered her a part of the cash she made from donations after the death of her son, whom was considered guilty, in absentia, of an attack on George Zimmerman.

The actual evidence against Trayvon Martin and that in support of George Zimmerman was given little coverage, leaving room for the real Racists, to continue to suggest that Zimmerman was guilty of defending himself against a six-foot American Football player.

People like Mona Nelson, a probable Black serial killer, should never leave prison. The evidence against her appears to be pretty solid. She does not deny throwing the dead boy into the ditch, on Christmas Eve, no less. She cannot explain the traces of evidence which were found in her apartment.  The burns on the child, correspond with burns which could have been made with her welding torch and yet she show no sign of remorse.   Uncle Joe Stalin, the Jewish serial murderer, was equally unmoved by his enormous crimes, while the Jewish controlled Media makes sure that his and their crimes are never properly exposed.

Be warned, this is all part of the continuing White Genocide.


Who Are You? I Am Whitey And I Plead Guilty. Hang Me High.

There is no end to the screeching and bawling about Trayvon Martin. The main difference between him and hundreds of other black victims of crime; his killer was white.

While listening to the uproar after the verdict was announced that George Zimmerman was innocent, was beyond belief. Not one of the protesters had witnessed the crime, so they therefore were in no position make any judgement on the rights or wrongs of the events which took place on that night.

For these racists, all that mattered was the fact that Zimmerman was part white. He was of course also part black, so he qualifies to be numbered amongst those, whom like Obama can make a claim of racism over whatever suits. Obama, of course, qualifies because his blackness is more evident than is his whiteness.

The fact that Martin’s death has already been avenged, by two black men, whom attacked a white man whose head they beat to a pulp with a hammer, not too far from where Martin met his end, after aggressively attacking Zimmerman and attempting to do similar things to his skull against a concrete pavement, which was witnessed by people at the scene.

The attack against the white man was ignored by the media. That would be the same media which edited the 911 call which Zimmerman made to the police, in an attempt to make it appear that Zimmerman had racially profiled Martin, which he had not, which the unedited version of the call made clear. This was undoubtedly an attempt to stir up some sort of racial response.

There were other cases of Black on White crime around the time of the Martin incident. A white couple whom were kidnapped by a gang of Blacks, the woman was gang raped and had parts of her body severed, her companion was tortured and killed and then dismembered. This too was unreported by the media.

A third incident involved an 85-year-old woman, who was gang raped in front of her 91-year-old husband, by a gang of blacks, she died after the assault, her husband was badly beaten and died soon after.

During the scant reporting of all these incidents apart from that of Martin, the colour of the assailants was not mentioned, to do so  is now illegal. So keen were the media to announce what is in fact a rare white on black crime, despite what you might have been led to believe, they failed to check out Zimmerman’s roots.

All the cries of “Justice has failed.” and “White is right.” and all of the other clichés which the pack howled in protest, failed to acknowledge the 43,000 rapes per year of white women by blacks and indeed the fact that many more black youths are killed by other blacks than are killed by either the Police or white killers.

White people are the target of this media onslaught, in which they are attempting to stir up racial hatred and discontent against the wrong target. Just a glance at the white community, would deliver evidence enough that the whites are and have always been no better off than are the blacks. Zimmerman is part black and looks like a Latino, which would make his life quite difficult.

The US Government is still demonising the Muslims, whom were brought into the US for that very reason. They are now trying for a three-cornered fight which will allow the introduction of ever more Draconian measures to keep the peace.

The whites are in fact the real victims at the moment. They are being blamed for all and everything. The white middle-class has already gone. Worthwhile jobs are becoming a thing of the past. Cheaper and cheaper imports are being used as a deliberate method of destroying the value of US made products. The public expects to pay Chinese prices for everything, which is all part of the war against Whitey.

Sadly for the rest of the immigrants, it was Whitey and his ingenuity, which built the USA into a super-power. What is now being called for is a land of slaves, prepared to work for nothing. To expect no adequate health-care, holidays or pension. The way things are going all that the average US citizen will be able to afford is a Big Mac twice a day.

A sad figure has emerged, showing that just a few short years ago, white people represented 30 per-cent of the world’s population, we now represent 8 per-cent, that is a measure of the speed of advance of the White Genocide which is taking place.

There are already groups of Whites, calling for the right to their own homeland, where they can live their own style of life, without having to accept an incoming group which will force them out of the land which they created.

The blacks in the US should consider a return to Africa, before they too are decimated. They may have failed to notice that black families are a rarity these days and abortion is automatic for black pregnant women.

As I said before, Whitey is the wrong target. We are all in this together, we have a common enemy and we need to unite against him.


The Unconscionable Tunnel Vision Of The Self Centred Civilised European.

I wonder if Barak Obama could provide the name of even one of the little children,  whom were brutally liquidated in Gaza, the open air abattoir of Israel,  with weapons which he illegally provided, whether semi-automatic or whatever other type weapon, he would like to ban in the US.

Does he have a thought in his head for the Mothers and Fathers in Afghanistan, or Iraq or indeed of any of the countries, where life is being snuffed out by the likes of Sergeant Bales and his chums or the Grunts whom dismember children for souvenirs of the kill?

Does that unspeakable little fixer for perverts in the UK William Hague, have a thought for the youngsters whom were abused by his friends in Parliament? Does he have a dry tear or two for the sixteen children whom were wiped out in Dunblane, despite a the gun ban in the UK?  Will he be pushing for the releasing of the evidence to force the guilty men from under their stone?

Will those whom are calling for gun bans in the US raise their eyes to heaven in gratitude for the sudden flash of illumination, which has made them feel the pain of the millions of people whom are under the Yankee lash all across the planet and take to the streets screaming “Shame on you USA?”

Will those Jews in Israel, whom have cynically murdered hundreds of children in Palestine and whom are living in stolen homes or on stolen land, take to the streets in anger at what has been done in their name? Or do they take to the streets simply to protest at the drop in their living standards, while the people of Palestine lack the most basic needs of life?

The words of a Father whom, lost a child in the school attack, “Our town has become the centre of the universe, for all the wrong reasons.” is a shameful example of the lack of concern for the anguish of others. In Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan, Drones are daily delivering a dose of “Smart Death” to innocent families and the carnage is hardly mentioned on the News.

The reaction on Press TV was almost as strident as that of Fox News. They presented a biased version of the statistics as if most of the gun deaths were carried out by deranged loners, when in reality this is not true, most deaths are gang shoot outs or Police killings. These gangs are in many cases black gangs, this is of course, never mentioned as it is considered racist to claim that a killer is black, unlike in the Trayvon Martin saga, where Zimmerman, a man of black origins, was given the role of an honorary white man to suit the event, he was of course called white on the media, which is illegal but ignored.

Press TV was totally callous over events in Libya, where the “No Fly Zone” took the lives of  thousands of children and we were not given the opportunity to hear from their parents and feel their grief and hear their appeals for the disarming of the CIA Mercenaries whom were culling black people, which was suddenly acceptable to those leaders whom now pretend to cry over the death of children, in order to push another agenda. Shame on you all.

What Game Is Press TV Playing Now?

George Galloway, stridently announced, that his guest on “The Real Deal” which he proclaims to be “The Voice of the Voiceless” would be a man whom completely shared his own opinion on Scottish Independence. His own opinion happens to be in complete accord with that of the majority of the two main Political Parties in the UK.

Is George speaking as a “pretend” Scotsman, or as an Irish observer or simply as a propagator of UK fear mongering?

He shouted his belief that because of the wonderful results at the Olympic Games, which had generated such a feeling of well-being in the souls of the British Peoples, that they would no longer countenance the withdrawal of Scotland from the Union.

He explained how the rejoicing would have been diminished for the Scottish people, had the Gold Medal winners such as Chris Hoy, been simply Scottish, which would have meant that the crowds would not have been cheering for them in the same manner. So they would have felt left out of the rejoicing. Based on this garbage George and his invited guest postulated that the question of Scottish Independence was dead in the water.

The Ballad of Trayvon Martin has been given an airing on the same Press TV, presenting exactly the scenario which is preferred by the Obama administration.

The same photo of ten-year-old Martin was displayed, not the current photo of a six-foot two-inch burly American Football player, with “Gangsta” gold teeth. The man whom he was seen to attack, Zimmerman was shown in as ugly a photograph as I have seen of the man, whom was described as white, when in reality he is, like Obama, a half-caste.

His Grandfather was as they say, as black as the ace of spades. No matter, to make this point he is white. Obama on the other hand is not allowed to be called black, because this we are told is racism.

Witnesses saw Martin, astride Zimmerman, on the ground beating him to a pulp. Zimmerman had a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head, which were sustained from having his head repeatedly smashed down on concrete.

The whole point of the Martin saga, is to present a picture of reality, which is so far off the mark as to be ridiculous. Every person whom was interviewed, said exactly what the Federal Government wanted to hear, that “Whitey” is indiscriminately shooting  Black people.

At no point were we presented with any statistics, which would have shown that more Blacks are killed by other Blacks than are killed by Whites. Huge numbers of White women are raped by Black men, while very few Black women are raped by Whites.

As for Black on White crime, well this of course is hardly ever reported, leading to the belief that it is relatively rare, when the opposite is true. Tales of an eighty-five year old great grand mother being gang raped and beaten to death, by Black youths and her husband whom was ninety-one years old dying after her, from his beatings, raised not a murmur.

The kidnapping, torture and dissecting of a young white couple, by Blacks, the same lack of publicity.

The same lack of concern was shown for the young man whom was pulled from his car and beaten in the head with a claw hammer, thirteen times, by Blacks.

All of these events took place at the same time as the Martin-Zimmerman case, you can draw your own conclusions.

Incidents like the Trayvon Martin attack, are being used as a pretext to change gun laws in the US. The Federal Government does not want anybody to be able to fight back.

Today the debate on Press TV was about what they called another mass shooting spree in New York, in the manner of the Batman Incident. This too was garbage. This was a murder, plain and simple. A man whom had a grudge against another man shot him dead. The police then opened fire and, killing the man and injuring ten by-standers.

The English guest on the show, protested when it was claimed that the British Police are now armed and are no better than their US counterparts, having shot Mark Duggan in London, he insisted that Duggan was armed. He was not. The British Police lied about the gun. There was no gun.

As if the aforementioned load of crap was not enough, Press TV spent the next forty-five minutes regurgitating all of the UN Bull about man-made climate change and how the only way to save the planet is to stop living and make sure we leave our every penny to pay the tax for the carbon generated when they roast us.

One last little thing which set my teeth rattling, Johnny Miller was in Burma. Hot on the heels of the British visit. He soon found a few things which could be laid at the Governments door. Watch this space.





They Have Put The Germans Through The Mangle, Now It’s Our Turn.

“Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. But we, {England}, declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentless pursued now, only under a different label.” (Ashamed and Humiliated The British Attorney General, Sir Hartle Shawcross, said in a speech at Stourbridge, March 16/84 (AP))

The German people have been accused, since the end of the Second World War, of what is described as the greatest crime against humanity, in  the history of the world, or some such nonsense. The reality of this crime is built on shifting sands and daily more and more of it vanishes.

The reality of the crimes which were perpetrated by the various Jewish controlled governments of our time, have surpassed anything that was carried out by the National Socialists, in sheer numbers and cruelty. Yet these crimes are never mentioned. For example, how can it be that more Germans were starved to death by the incoming German Government, after the war, which was controlled by Zionists, than the combined number of Jews on the planet, and yet this never gets a mention in the mainstream media

Why do History text-books, in Western schools, including those in Germany, never discuss the fact, that after the end of the Great War, Zionist Bolsheviks, did not only take control of revolutionary Russia, they also grabbed control of Germany.

The Weimar Republic, which was  Jewish controlled,  deliberately transformed Germany into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, where any deviancy was applauded and presented as some form of freedom. The well-known problems of inflation and industrial decline were brought about, to destroy the morale of the German people.

One only need watch films such as Cabaret, which was based on the writings of Christopher Isherwood, to get an idea of the sordid sub-life, which pervaded Germany in the nineteen twenties and thirties.

These same tactics are once again being employed in the West to engender the same result. Binge drinking, youngsters vomiting in the streets of UK towns at weekends, the encouragement of gratuitous sex and the ubiquitous availability of hard-core pornography, are all part of this Frankfurt School agenda.

The election of the National Socialists, under Adolf Hitler, whom recognised the intent of the Zionists set about driving them out of positions of power. The Jews for their part, immediately declared war on Germany.

Within six years, Hitler had transformed Germany from being an annexe of Hell, into the richest country in Europe. This was achieved by getting rid of the Bankers and introducing his own monetary system. Everything else, which you have been told about Hitler is a lie.

Germany was destroyed in order to bring it to heel. As soon as the war ended, Germany once again fell under the control of the Zionists. Angela Merkel is a Bolshevik Jew. The German people have been kept subdued, using the guilt of the holocaust, as a means of maintaining control, in the manner that the Crucifixion of Christ was employed against Jews.

During the period from the start of hostilities in the First World War to the present day, hundreds of millions of innocent people have been deliberately slaughtered, under orders from a ruthless Shadow Government. We, in the “Free West” are now in a form of Limbo. Like Germany in the Nineteen Twenties, our industrial base has been destroyed, no steps are being taken to rebuild it and it is daily becoming clear that something is coming and when it gets here it will not be pretty.

Anybody whom believes that sixty-five million Russian Christians were wiped out by a brutal police force, which behaved in a manner which no UK Copper would employ, is in for shock. Western Police Forces are now basically manned by psychopaths, whom will kill to order. They have been carefully selected to take on this job. The Military, “Our Boys,” are the same breed, this is why a voluntary Army is preferred to conscripted one. “Our Boys,” have to be restrained from gratuitous torture and killing.

White European Man is being destroyed. They are being steadily sterilised. Their numbers are already in “free-fall.”  Most racism is against people of European origin. The Zionist controlled media has declared it be Politically Incorrect to name the race or colour of racist attackers, unless of course, it is a white European whom attacks another ethnic group member.

The decline in the white European population is being masked by immigration. The indigenous population of Europe has declined by millions, which is why the immigrants have been invited in.

The Zionist press and other media, is daily reporting incidents of the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman type, announcing loudly that Zimmerman was white, when in fact he has a black ancestry. Protests are given such biased and mass coverage, that if Zimmerman is found to have no case to answer, there are those whom are even now planning riots in protest.

This is to deny the hundreds of thousands of black on white attacks, which are of a demonic nature, including the rape and murder of an eighty-five year old Great-Great Grandmother, in front of her ninety-one year old husband, whom also died as a result of the attack and the ritual rape, torture and dismemberment of a white couple all of which were carried out by black men.

The most likely cause of death amongst black teenage boys, is to be shot by another black gang member. The black community itself is being duped, as they too are under attack. Blacks have been in decline in the US since the introduction of abortion. There is hardly a black family left in the US with a live-in father, such is the decline in their social life.

In every election in Europe, despite the manufactured decline in the economies of all major countries, the reserve team has been elected. There is not one example of a rejection of the system which has deliberately destroyed Europe in order to create a Neo-Serfdom, from which there will be no escape. Our Governments can print enough money to give us all Social Security pay-outs, in order to control us all, in exactly the same way in which they print money to pay for wars. Money is a myth which needs to be exposed.

Legal Murder And The Other Sort.

While that strange, shaven headed little specimen, with odd sleeping habits and an alien, unearthly accent, William Hague, is straining at the bit to destroy Syria, let it not be forgotten that this obnoxious little chappie was gung-ho for both the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, in support of that other contemptible specimen of humanitarianism, Tony Blair and on his own account the destruction of Libya.

Every time Hague opens his mouth, lies and disinformation pour out. His presentation of events in Syria, along with those of Hilary Clinton’s are so embarrassingly false, that the man should have no place in any form of democratic government.

Is it any wonder then, that this man considers himself to be a “Friend of Israel,” which absolves him from culpability of the murder and maiming of the innocent and of course gives him the right to lie through his teeth. Oh, and  to change British Law in order to allow Israeli War Criminals to visit the UK.

In France, we have just witnessed a crime, which was so obviously a set-up, that any responsible public servant should be appalled and calling for a Public Enquiry into the events in Toulouse. However they remain silent.

Marat, the selected “Patsy” must have been under surveillance all through the build-up to his shoot-out with Police and Security Agents, to make sure that he was available to be shot, to shut him up. These people never have their day in Court.

What we never discover, is the identity of the cold-blooded tools of the State, whom are paid to kill in cold-blood, the selected victims. The SAS and Mossad are full of such vermin.

The US Armed Forces is not short of this type psychopath either, as the case of Sergeant Bales as the slaughter of women and children in Afghanistan demonstrates. The US, with the support of the world-wide, controlled media, is still insisting that only Bales was involved in the atrocity, while everybody else, including the Karzai Government and many eyewitnesses are talking of the involvement of at least twenty GIs.

Bales is probably lodged in some secret luxury apartment, where he will remain until he is taken to a meeting with a Military Court, where he will discuss where he would like to spend a few years, probably in a sunny climate, with full pay and expenses, until an adequate excuse can be dreamt up to release him.

Bales is a professional soldier. He has served fifteen years in the Army. He will have already killed dozens of civilians during his time in Iraq. He allegedly raped the women whom were killed in Afghanistan, there were serial rapes in Iraq of both men and women.

His every act, while in the US Army, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan was illegal. Both invasions were aggressive acts against countries which had not attacked the US. People such as he, should be taken to the International Criminal Court, along with the Politicians whom ordered the attacks and charged with Genocide.

While endless excuses are concocted to account for the savagery of the Bales of this world and no mention made of the other vermin whom are holding the joy-stick of a games console to control drones over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia and just killing brown and black people for fun, what is happening back in the USA? The Witch-Hunt to hang Zimmerman.

It is now being proposed that a black man cannot be monitored by a security man, simply because he is black. The fact that he was found to have items of jewellery and a screwdriver on his person must be ignored. The fact that the security man was necessary because of local break-ins must also be ignored.

To suggest that there was nothing suspicious about a hooded man, walking through an enclosed housing project, at night, with no reasonable excuse for being there is ludicrous. The security man had already called the police, he quite obviously felt that if he did not keep an eye on the intruder, he would disappear before the Police arrived. This is not justification for the powerfully built footballer to attack him.

However, to watch the public uproar and the media attention given to this sad tale and the outpouring of cries of racial profiling and all the rest of it, in a country which quite cynically condemned the Muslim community to a life of misery and Police harassment, in the name of a crime which was carried out by  the people whom had already planned the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and in which the Muslim people had no hand.

The death of any child or adolescent is tragic, however where are the teeming hordes, crying out against the millions of deaths of slightly lighter skinned Muslims? These people are quick enough to say that the Gadaffi’s of this world had it coming to them. The US is responsible for the wholesale killing of so many people, without a word of admonishment from the vast majority of the American people that it is a disgrace.

I have checked out the comments of many different people over the past few days and the bigotry I have uncovered knows no bounds. Zimmerman, will never be left alone for the rest of his life, whatever the outcome of any Court Case. I have no idea of the actuality of the events on the night of the boy’s death, however one must ask ones self the question, should a burly footballer throw you to the ground and start to beat you, how much of a beating must you accept before taking out your gun?

It would appear that the black President can give himself the right to murder any US Citizen of his choice, without the necessity of evidence or Probable Cause. This has caused no outcry in the US as presumably the average US Citizen, believes that this will only apply to those brown people, whom of course must be monitored and profiled daily, just in case they decide to pull off another impossible attack in New York.