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The Enigma of Libya.

Dinner at Colombus

Listening to Hilary Clinton slithering around, under questioning from an old News Hen from Sky News, when they were in some way representing “Women” on “Woman’s Day” gave me a queasy feeling in my gut. Clinton and Sky News have been at the fore-front of the “Get Gaddafi” brigade. It seems that any one of the other Arab states, who have been turning the guns on their own people, as Israel did in Gaza,, were allowed to do it with impunity. Gaddafi on the other hand, like Saddam Hussein, is in for the “No Fly Zone” treatment. So why was the slaughter in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and everywhere else tolerated but not Libya?

Gaddafi does not appear to be any worse than the other Dictators, all of whom had a history of torture and murder and theft of their States riches. Sky News, who have a team embedded in some way with the “Freedom Fighters”/ “Rebels”/”Terrorists”, take your pick according to your agenda, have been filming what has been described as shocking scenes of violence. Personally I spotted nothing that was in any way disturbing, I watched as a group of people walked towards a bridge, gunshots were heard and they all ran back down the road, except for one person who fell over but was not dead. Another clip which was described as an attack from the air, however no plane or helicopter was visible, or any sign of impacts from bullets. This is not to dismiss the efforts of the people who are struggling to gain a better, more civilised life. I salute their courage.  To put it simply, I have no faith whatsoever, in the people who are offering to assist them.

Clinton and her ilk, are cold-blooded murderers, they have little concern for the welfare of the Libyan people or for the people of any other country. They have watched their puppet dictators treating their Peoples like filth for years. They recently vetoed a UN Resolution ordering Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank, which is illegal under International Law. They supplied the weapons that were used to slaughter the people of Gaza and now they want to help? Give me a break.

If they approach you offering help, run for your lives. The US Government is full of good role models for women. Clinton is the most cynical but not the most vicious, Napolitano, Kegan and Rice give her rock solid support; one  and all place themselves above their own Constitution and Bill of Rights, they have all conspired in the betrayal of the USA under the orders of their Masters the big banking families, by signing an underhanded agreement with Canada and Mexico to set up the North American Union, so why would they care more for the welfare of the people of Libya than they do for their own people? I believe that they are after the recently discovered massive oil reserves. They are now in the process of setting up an international agreement to take military action, they must be stopped in  their tracks, even if it means leaving Gaddafi in power. He may well be better behaved after this shock.