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Is The United Kingdom Planning To Sign TTIP?

Is The United Kingdom Planning To Sign TTIP?

The current Belgian opposition to a Trade Deal with Canada, is being presented as one of the best reasons for the UK to leave the European Union, giving them the right to sign Free Trade deals with whomsoever they choose.

A Conservative Party spokesman, particularly mentioned a Free Trade deal with the USA, from where the secret proposals of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (TTIP) treaty originated.

Hidden within the pages of this document are plans to strip away the rights of Sovereign countries into the hands of Corporations and their private Courts, which will allow the prosecution and Fining of Sovereign States which disobey their rules.

It has recently been exposed that hidden in the pages of the Tran-Pacific Partnership, (TPP) a similar document for the Pacific region including Canada, New Zealand, and China and others, are regulations allowing member Nations to set up Zones in other member States, which will be considered as their Sovereign territory, into which they will be allowed to bring as many of their own countrymen as they choose. This will allow the Chinese, for example to construct factories, in their zone, which will be reserved for Chinese workers, while the American White people will be denied any such right on China. Which on the face it would seem slightly odd.

These deals, because of the secrecy surrounding them, are open to all sorts of claims, which Sovereign governments are loath to make clear to their electorate. This truly is Dictatorship. The British people are in the main totally unaware of the existence of TTIP, such is the level of deception of the Government.

Europe has found such opposition to TTIP, that they have more or less given up on getting it passed. So perhaps Brexit was more about getting this deal into place in the UK, which will, in effect put the UK back in prison after a few days of liberty.


The very idea of Free Trade, is a false promise, it sounds good but it is deceptive. The result, of Free Trade agreements, has been to destroy European Industry, turning Europe into an unsustainable Service Economy.

Donald Trump has stood up to this destruction of the United States through the use of Free Trade deals and has promised to do something about it. This has not gone down too well with the Corporations who can see their use of Slave Labour in Third World countries coming under threat.

The only people whom have benefitted from Free Trade are the rich because Free Trade makes the importation of slave made products into the USA and Europe,a tax-free simple business, allowing products which are cheap and virtually no remaining competition in the West, from where there is nothing to export in return to help the slaves.

Over there, it is the same problem, the lackeys of the rich are gaining the most. China now has a sickening number of billionaires, swanking around in their Ferrari’s, while the Chinese workers are killing themselves in droves, while the usual folk are stealing their land and forcing the peasants into an intolerable life in City blocks.

Secrecy And Silence Across Europe.


Europe now has ‘Eurocops.’ An entity of which most people will be totally unaware. During and after Brexit, there has been not one word spoken about this European Police Force, which I understand will be granted Diplomatic status.

This would allow them to carry out any crime, including murder in any country in Europe, without fear of prosecution. The question is, will Britain be retaining its connection to this Force when the Brexit talks are completed?

This force is in some ways similar to the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) introduced in the United States, which allows any American Citizen, to be murdered at the whim of the Government, in any country.

This power would allow the murder of an innocent French man in the UK under orders from the French Government, which is a power once thought to exist only in hard-line Communist regimes, like Russia or East Germany and not in the Free West.

Presumably, any politician, who chose to step out of line, could fall victim to a bullet in the brain, from a Glock in the hands of a Eurocop.

European and other ‘Western’ governments are even now discussing, serious measures which will have deleterious effects on us all and yet we have not been asked our opinion and we will be given no right of decision as to whether these measures should, or should not be introduced.

The TTIP treaty is a good example of this dictatorial approach, of once allegedly, democratic governments. All Parties, across Europe, have failed to explain this subject, or bring it to the attention of their voters, choosing instead to conduct secret discussions. There should be no such thing as ‘secret discussions’ in a democratic society.

Climate Change Crap (CCC) is also being discussed in the dark corridors of power, with no input allowed not even from experts in the field of climatology, only one witness, the International Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) is allowed to introduce evidence, in support of their own ridiculous claims, which are being made, full in the face of scientific evidence suggesting the opposite.

The British branch of the same group was obliged to close down having been caught out fiddling the figures. All of our elected politicians ignored the total falsity of the evidence and the corruption involved in its production and continue to seek ways and means of forcing us to pay a Carbon Tax.

I received yesterday a bunch of alarming Emails. One of them is posted on my front page, there is another on my ‘France’ page, here which presents a stark vision of the future. A grave possibility which is also being ignored by our Governments.

It speaks of a coming Religious War, which has been kicked off, by those whom control the West, after the fall of Communism.  It is deliberately provoking a response in the Muslim World, which is two billion strong  and is now world-wide, of it being pay-back time for the Christians and in fact the slaughters are under way. Not nearly of course as serious as those carried out by the Christians against Muslims but now the fight-back is evident,  in our midst.

“Les Islamistes massacrent les chrétiens en Égypte, en Irak, aux Philippines, en Indonésie, au Pakistan, au Nigeria, un peu partout. Malraux avait dit :

« Le XXIème siècle sera religieux ou il ne sera pas ».

On a bien l’impression que ce siècle qui commence va voir le déchaînement sans pitié d’un Islam renaissant, voulant dominer le monde et faire payer à la civilisation chrétienne les quelques siècles pendant lesquels elle a régné sur la planète.”

There can be little doubt that our leaders were complicit in the events leading up to the initial attack against Afghanistan, after 911, which was most certainly illegal and produced no evidence of a connection with Bin Laden or of the attacks in the USA.

All Western Governments were complicit in the conspiracy to attack Iraq, having killed one million souls, half of them children, through the medium of ‘sanctions’, which was itself a War Crime and after that Libya and Syria, destroying the cream of the Middle East like Barbarians, while pointing the finger of guilt at the minnows in those destroyed States.

So we cannot claim innocence and sadly we deserve everything which has been generated against us by our elected leadership, which has taken us to hell, with no way back.

The Army is on the streets across Europe and paid agents are still collecting the ‘soldiers’ who will be fighting the coming Religious War, from the rubber boats and taking them to the collection point off the coast of Libya, from where they will be ‘saved’ and brought to Italy.

In the United Kingdom, the voters chose to elect a War Criminal, David Cameron, the man who destroyed Libya and using the same excuse in Syria, provoked a war, by arming terrorists.

It is difficult for the British mentality to accept that they are the most war-like and destructive country in modern times. Before Cameron it was Blair, a creepy War Criminal himself, who is still howling for more blood to be spilt in the Middle East.

British planes bombed Yugoslavia and brought that country to it knees and proceeded to gaol those who fought back. What does it take to awaken an Englishman?

I wrote a post a while back, in which I sought a period, during the past three-hundred years when the British were not creating chaos somewhere on earth. If they were not killing their neighbours they were at in China, India Africa or the United States. Their influence on the Russian coup d’etat in 1917 was considerable, though well hidden, behind the mahogany doors of the City of London.

Those same folk whom have been pulling your strings, throughout those long years of slaughters, are now turning their guns on you.

Should this Religious War kick off, make no mistake about it, Christians and Muslims alike have been used, by those whom skulk in the dark recesses of Rome, London and Washington, whom have deliberately carried out attacks, which have been blamed on Muslims, in order to instill fear in the hearts of Christians.

The FBI has itself, deliberately groomed semi-handicapped young Muslims, into carrying out schemes, for which, they are arrested at the last-minute, and charged with terrorism. Virtually every terrorist attack in the USA, including 911 were inside jobs, all of them designed to generate a hatred of Muslims.

The Muslims have been deceived by exactly the same system. In London for example, the so-called Jihadi Clerics, were false. Those like Anjem Choudary, who screeched their bile in the streets of London were paid agents, which is why they got away with their hate speech for so long.

For two decades the slaughter has continued in the Middle East. The number of casualties is unknown. There is not a trace of anything having been improved by the blood-letting, yet the British recently decided to bomb just a little bit more of Syria, without criticism from the electorate, who quite obviously believe their government to be incapable of Crimes Against Humanity.

When a mixed group of Jews and Christian were allegedly killed in Paris, Theresa May was to be seen wandering around, with a doleful look on her face, carrying a sign marked, ‘I Am Jew’ and not one bearing the words ‘I Am Christian.’ Does that give you some idea as for whom Theresa May is working? I would be ashamed to be seen carrying such a treacherous placard.

All that is necessary is to take a look at events since the first Gulf War, from a slightly different point of view and it becomes evident that the current situation has been long in the planning. All of it is connected, only the controlled media and UK politicians, have ‘failed to have notice’ what has been going on. Including Corbyn and Galloway.

Theresa May, in her speech to the ranks of the Tory Party, talked of the thrill of walking past the portraits of previous Prime Ministers, on the walls of 10 Downing Street.

She made particular mention of Churchill, ‘who faced up to evil and beat it.’ Everybody cheered.  While in TRUTH,  Churchill fought alongside the ‘evil’ that of Joe Stalin, the man whom murdered 65 Million Christians in Russia.

On top of that Germany was easy meat for the coalition, they had been under sanctions, limiting the size of their military and yet the British people were fooled into believing Germany to have been armed to the teeth.

Hitler was always ready to cease hostilities. Churchill refused. The German military could have been easily defeated, however the Allies chose to continue the war of attrition, until they had completely devastated Germany and murdered as many Germans as possible.

They then casually, hanged anyone who could speak up in defence of Germany, leaving them open, in death,  to any claim, however preposterous.

Sounds pretty much like the coalitions current behaviour in the Middle East, which like Germany, has been bombed to dust. God Save The Queen!

Yes Mr Bond, If You Read It, I Will Be Forced To Kill You.


And our politicians want us to remain within this nonsense and we must pay a lot of  cash to do so.

Cameron’s Bloody Bed-Fellows!

Cameron’s Bloody Bed-Fellows!


I was surprised on hearing David Cameron, attack Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party candidate for the position of London Mayor. He accused Khan of keeping the company of a man, whom he claimed supported Daech, in a manner which showed Cameron’s total ignorance of the widespread understanding that he and other members of NATO, with some added assistance from Israel, have been arming, training and paying Daech, to assist in the Regime Change, which he has been attempting to carry out since the very beginning of the problem in Syria, which with the help of the BBC and Sky News propaganda, was presented to the British people as a humanitarian mission.

Jeremy Corbyn decried the attack as “disgraceful” and many others howled admonishment towards Cameron, however there were no cries of hypocrite, or questions of why he was funding Daech if they were terrorists? No Labour Party Backbencher called Cameron a War Criminal, in fact the entire House of Commons was more concerned with a question of racism, against Khan,  when Cameron has spent the last several years, doing nothing but “bad-mouth” Muslims, calling their religion a Death Cult, a warped view of the world, with virtually no criticism whatsoever. On top of that Cameron sells arms to Saudi Arabia the very Regime which uses the Wahhabi version of Islam, of which Daech is a member, to help them install one united Islam across the Middle East, wiping out all others along the way. Cameron kisses the butt of these guys as he does Israel’s. So why the sudden change of tack?

Everything which Cameron claims about Islam, has now become current on the alternative media, where the expression “Death Cult” has become ubiquitous, even Rense makes use of this slur. The youngsters who have been spurred on to make a stand against the “terrorist” attacks of Cameron and his chums, instead of being hailed as Heroes of the Resistance, are presented as being no more than common killers, unlike “Our Boys” who are saving us all from, well what exactly?

Even as Cameron is plotting the next attack against Syria, which is an essential element in the Israeli dream of Greater Israel, it has been announced that 28 redacted pages in the 911 Report, which supposedly point a finger at Saudi Arabia, the country which we already know was the origin of the supposed hi-jackers, who were still alive after their suicide bombings, according to the BBC and others, instead of pointing us towards Israel, which was implicated in all sorts of ways on 911, 75 Israelis were arrested on the day of the attack, so why are we suddenly being told that Saudi Arabia is the culprit, could it be because Israel needs Saudi Arabia itself as part of the same Greater Israel?

Whatever the reason behind the push to release these 28 redacted pages, the response of Saudi Arabia has been extreme, they are threatening to sell 750 billion dollars worth of US Bonds, which could do what we are all waiting for, the bringing down of the World Economy. That is if a Brexit does not beat them to it.

Cameron’s murderous chum, the Long Legged MacDaddy Obama, is in the UK to lend a hand to the maintenance of the Jew controlled European Union, by trying to deny the British the right to decide for themselves, without interference from those whom have helped to bring the world to its knees. Those whom have seen to the wholesale destruction of the Muslim world are now telling us that at all cost we must do nothing which will interfere with the Jews declared intention of annihilating the White Race. We must simply sit and watch them do it.

Obama is already threatening the United Kingdom, of possible trade restrictions in the future should they choose to leave the European Union, perhaps he would be better employed explaining to the people of the UK, how America has already been destroyed by the North American Union, which was signed into law by a Jew controlled Congress and Senate without any reference whatsoever to the people, whom are to this day, unaware that they are even in this Union.

While there is alarm in some quarters about this interference in the affairs of a sovereign state, Sky News, which has itself not wasted one second in its attempts to poison minds against Donald Trump, who is the people’s choice as the next President of the United States, by editing what he says to pervert the meaning, while failing to explain the shortcomings of other candidates. Bernie Sanders, for example, who is a Jew Bolshevik Communist, who will do nothing in favour of those whom vote for him, should it interfere with the stated aim of Jews to destroy White people,

Hillary Clinton is being presented as a good model of womanhood to take the role of being the first female President. She is, like the first Black President, a bi-sexual, and like Obama implicated in the strange death of a “boy-friend.” In keeping with Obama, who will leave the Black people in an even worse state than that in which he found them, Clinton will do nothing for women, she has a long history of being totally uncaring about the needs or rights, of women. We can only interpret the lack of information about these things to mean that they fit perfectly into the scheme of those whom would prefer a Presidential election between two controlled candidates. Clinton against Cruz would suit them down to the ground.

In the UK, if Jeremy Corbyn had not been the ‘choice’ of the Fabian Society he would not have been elected as leader of the Labour Party. He has already displayed his duplicitous nature by apparently changing his mind about his “long held” opposition to the European Union, which was a project of the aforementioned Fabian Society. He lamely explained his action by saying he wanted to keep in step with the majority of his Shadow Cabinet, all of whom are members of the Fabian Society.

So what do we have here? Bernie Sanders in the USA, whom is appealing to the young. While in the UK, Corbyn is being presented as the champion of the Young, isn’t that nice? Both of them are Communists, as is Obama, who like Chelsea Clinton was brought up in a family in which the father was not the genetic father. What a strange world we live in. Obama’s “real” father was a well-known Communist. That is if even his “real” father is in fact his “real” father, as there is a lot of serious doubt as to whether his mother, a Jew, was in fact his “real” mother.

There are a lot of folk in influential positions whom are intent on hiding the truth of their origins, like Churchill for example, whose grand-parents changed their name from Jacobson to Jerome, to hide their Jew ancestry.  Like Obama, Churchill had an extremely promiscuous mother and he too was brought up by a father, Randolph Churchill, whom treated him with contempt because he had come to believe that Winston was not his genetic son.


Others, like Roosevelt and Eisenhower, went to great lengths to hide their Jew ancestry to hide the fact that World War Two was a totally Jew affair.

So to suggest that an interloper like Obama, should be encouraged by the Jew David Cameron, to preach to the British people about their decision in an election over their choice of remaining in or getting out of the European Union and which finds another Jew, Boris Johnson, complaining about his sermon, not only illustrates that there are a remarkable number of Jews involved in this business, on both sides of the argument. Any discussion between Obama and Cameron will an empty chat between two men whom between them have destroyed three fully functioning States which are now no more than piles of rubble. They do not speak for me. Both should be put on trial for War Crimes.

It is reminiscent of the overwhelming number of Jews who held prominent positions leading up to and during World War Two, which was a war declared by Jews, against Germany in 1933.


The truth about the system called democracy is being laid bare in the UK, where all three of the main Parties, including that of the “rebel” Corbyn are pushing for a decision, which will suit both Big Business and the Fabian Society.  In order to slant the decision towards those who would prefer to remain in Europe, just about all the media Attention is focused on those groups which are led by Jews, that is the in and the outers. How odd!

Meanwhile back in the Republic of America, both Parties are scheming together to deny the people’s choice from even standing in the election, despite having won the respect of an enormous number of Americans, this election has created the greatest voter turn-out in a generation, because of the attraction of Donald Trump?

In response to the stupid decision of Obama’s interference in the right of the British to vote in accordance to their own feelings, Sky News brought on Goldfarb, the ubiquitous Jew. He of course thought it to be a ridiculous idea, should the British choose to get out of the European Union.

They now have a “Man From The Mirror” telling us that Obama’s babble is the “game changer” and the British might as well stay at home on voting day as the decision has already been cemented in dumb British heads.

PS I have just listened to David Cameron and Barack Obama speaking to the Press. I was staggered at the volume of bullshit which poured out of their mouths. Cameron talking about Russian aggression and Obama about Assad the killer and the need to maintain the authority of NATO, in fact all of the usual crap which was lovingly slurped up by the smarmy British Press.

Obama warned that he would prefer to do a deal with the entire European Union at the same time, rather than a unique deal with the UK when the EU had already signed up to a trade deal with the US. He suggested that Britain might find itself at the back of the queue should they leave the EU.

It was quite obviously off the table to ask a question about the deal which was already being discussed with the EU. That would be the TTIP Treaty, which will pass control of every country within the grip of the European Union into the hands of the Corporations, giving them the power to force their slave made products into Europe. The Pacific version of this deal has already been forced through in New Zealand and Australia and other countries. Obama now wants to hand the rest of us into slavery. If TTIP is signed there will be no further need of the European Union, whether the UK is in or out of it.


This Greek Tragedy Is A Farce.

Despite the fine promises of their intention to defy the aggression of the International Monetary Fund, The European Central Bank and The European Union, it is beginning to look as if the extended arguments between the Greeks and the bankers was nothing more than a piece of cinema, designed to give the impression, to the Greek people, that their newly elected “politicians of change” have done their level best to save Greece from total destruction, when in reality they have in fact shown themselves to be as weak and useless as those whom have preceded them.

There seems to have been a total lack of the courage, as is the habitual stance of politicians – when faced with the reality of the force behind the Bankers – to stand up and spell out, for all to hear, that the International Monetary Fund is nothing more than a racket, which is designed to strip Sovereign Wealth, from any Nation which is foolish enough to accept one of their poisoned loans. In this manner they have already destroyed the Continent of Africa and have stolen the major part of the resources therein.

The aim of the IMF is to engineer a loan, which will be impossible to repay.  Any money, which is on its way from the IMF to Greece, will be paid straight back into the coffers of the ECB, to repay interest on a previous loan.  This will ensure that more swinging cuts, from Social Services in Greece, will be necessary to find money which will be needed to repay the next bill of interest, which will be of an even greater sum.

It is too late to save Greece from disaster by accepting dictates from those whom created the problem in the first place.  Greece was tricked into joining the Euro-zone –  which  was clearly unsuitable for a country with a small economy – by fixers from Goldman Sachs, which has control of the ECB, and who are the ultimate beneficiaries of whatever profit may be earned from Greece’s problems.

The British traitor, David Cameron, is occupied with a similar charade, that of changing the rules of the EU in order to pretend to the British people that he has succeeded to such an extent, that to vote against membership would be a ridiculous error, in the promised referendum, thus preparing the ground for a rigged result, cheating the British, once again of their democratic rights.

The British, unlike the more militant Greeks, who have been out in the streets for years, fighting for their rights, have passively accepted the wholesale robbery, which the Goldman Sachs controlled Bank of England, has demanded, in order to destroy the British Social system.

The huge population of the UK, which is in excess of 60 million, with several million people unemployed or under-employed, apparently cannot find enough people, willing to work in the National Health Service, to take care of the needs of an increasingly sick population, thus ensuring that badly needed Health Care workers are being poached from poorer States, which are apparently prepared to spend more of their limited resources on the training of medical staff, than are the British. Which will of course ensure future immigration into the UK, a country which will itself soon be reduced to that of Third World status.

The “One per-cent” now, not only control more of the world’s wealth than does the other ninety-nine per-cent, they also completely control the so-called Democratic system, the much vaunted solution to the worlds woes, through wholesale bribery and the corruption of Politicians.

These elected representatives of the people – what a laugh – are right now engaged in secret talks, which will allow the Multi-National Corporations to dictate to elected politicians, allowing the virtual degradation of the planet through Fracking and other forms of destructive mining of resources.

This is the reality hidden behind the TTIP treaty which will very soon become law.  Obama has recently nullified the need of the US Congress by demanding and receiving the right to “fast track” the TPP Treaty, behind the backs of the Peoples. It is now officially, yet another wholesale attack on the US Constitution, which the people are not allowed to read until it has been passed into law.

Cameron, in the UK Parliament, has taken the right to carry out illegal wars, knowing full well that he has the unspoken support of all of those Friends of Israel, by whom he is surrounded in the House.

Greece has demonstrated quite clearly, the total failure of the European Union, to create a reasonable standard of living for its millions of members.

The much vaunted “Internal Market” has been sold off to the multi-national Corporations, which have clandestinely set up shop in China and India, where they have created massive factories, which churn out enough throw-a-way rubbish to satisfy the needs of a non-discriminatory generation, all of it manufactured by slaves, whom have been driven off their ancestral lands and into these “Mills” as were the people of Europe in past times.

Greece has been stripped bare and as a “Debtor” Nation cannot be saved by plunging itself into an ever deeper debt. It does not need a “maverick” leather clad, motor-biking, Finance Minister, to explain this simple reality to the people of Greece.

When Greece allows itself to be signed on to the TTIP Treaty, through the machinations of the un-elected Politburo in Brussels – a Politburo which is in reality,  composed of the agents of massive corporations, who are slavering, with the image of a massive world-wide “Free Market” within their grasp – the Fathers of Democracy, will awaken to find themselves back in Plato’s Cave, where all of the inmates had created their personal vision of events on the outside, none of which prepared them for the grisly reality of life under the despotic control of the Bolsheviks.

When The Trans Pacific Partnership, (TPP)  The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (TTIP) and whatever treaty may be signed with the coming  Eurasian Union, which will include China and the black thing in the woodpile, Russia, there will be nothing left in the world which is not controlled.

These folk will soon claim control of the wind that blows and the rain that falls from the heavens, as their private property.   With the vast majority of the Peoples of the World, enclosed in massive cities, there will be no access to  even a small plot of land on which to grow food anddrinking water for the masses can be shut off with the flick of a switch.

The ultimate aim of all this nonsense, is to transform Planet Earth into a Socialist nightmare,  where money will cease to exist and an allowance of Credit will granted to those whom diligently carry out their allotted daily tasks. There will be no asking for “more” the New Socialism will offer the strict minimum for one and all. At the end of each month any remaining credit will be wiped from your account, making savings impossible.

All housing will be under the control of the City Council and private property will be illegal, along with private transport. All of this can be verified by a quick glance within the pages of the neo-Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21.

There is a lot of talk about “default” these days, with Greece as the principal example of a Nation under which the skids have already been bolted.  Greece is however no more than a side-show.

The whole Western World is on its way to Skid Row, which is as a result of the complicity of carefully placed, Bolshevik politicians, whom instead of gaoling the criminal bankers, declared them as being “too big to fail” and then made the pretence of repaying a debt, which is in fact non-repayable. The whole of the Western World is,  in reality, in default, waiting to be destroyed, à la Greece.

Through the machinations of a controlled, pseudo Democracy, we have all been pushed into a global debt crisis.  The preferred solution of this illegal state of affairs,  appears to be a “Give them everything they desire” stance, on the part of these carefully placed Bolshevik politicians.  We have given them enough rope, with which they are now preparing to hang us.

The elected Governments in the European Union, have been transformed, by Socialist and Conservative Politicians alike, into mere regional councils, with no power other than how often the streets may be swept and the rubbish collected.

The Peoples of Europe and indeed all of the Western World, will now have to stand up and fight, or be condemned to a life of Serfdom, under the control of the greatest mass murderers in history. The choice is yours.



The Repeating Lessons Of History

I love this song!

Be sure, nothing is as it seems. It is always necessary to discover who benefited from any war,  bearing in mind that all wars are deliberate, whether they be of an international nature or a Civil War.  It would therefore be worthwhile casting an eye on the English Civil War and what resulted from its carnage.

I will admit, before I start, that I have the Clash’s recording of the song, so I know pretty much all there is to know on the subject.

My tale starts when the money-lenders were driven out of England because of their profligate use of high rates of compound interest – Usury – which creates an unrepairable debt.

Having been expelled from England, these creatures of the night set up shop in Holland, where they introduced the Central Banking system, which has finally brought the world to its knees, either by accident or design.

The unfortunate result of such a system, which cannot work without the acquiescence of the political rulers or Monarch – or indeed both of them – of  any country which allows this system to be imposed on its Citizens, will mean that eventually everything will be owned by the same group of people, we are now witnessing the realisation of this certainty.

Privatisation is merely a means of obscuring the fact that there is not enough money available, to make debt repayments, which is why Greece is currently under pressure to sell all of its assets to the bankers.

Oliver Cromwell, one of the “Butchers of Ireland,”  – whether unknowingly or to order – by taking a loan from the Dutch Money Lenders, to finance the Civil War, a loan  which of course proved impossible repay, was  forced to allow the Dutch Bankers back into England.

He did then,  execute the King of England, ensuring that the dissenters would be rendered leaderless.  Cromwell, left the scene at a young age and within two years of his demise Charles Two was restored to the throne of England. The following years have been immortalised in Samuel Pepys’ Diary, which include reports of the Great Fire of London, which is itself a mysterious event.

Whatever the cause, the Great Fire, cleared out all the unwanted rubbish and provided the excuse to build the Masonic Masterpiece which now occupies the same Square Mile.

Along with all of this tragedy and mayhem, the coup d’Etat which took place in England was to all intents and purposes unseen by the English. The Dutch simply strode in with a few thousand troops and took control, no questions asked.  Thus William 111 of Orange, the man who set up the Bank of England, which was to be used to fund his wars, became  King of England and his wife Mary became Queen.

These are the lessons of history which, sadly, are never learned. The English did not need or deserve to have such a bunch of self-seeking psychopaths in control of their affairs.  They do not need them now.  So why do they have such difficulty in getting rid of them? Why does Twitter not work for the English?

Democracy is a system, which is controlled by the people, so why are the interests of the people subverted to suit the desires of Corporations and why do the servants of the people take part in secret talks, designed to undermine the best interests of the people?

One could be excused for believing that the English people enjoy being treated like half-wits who would not know what to do with freedom, should they be force-fed on it from childhood.

At this time, while a surfeit of confusing events are taking place all across the globe, the only safe thing to do would be to re-enact the Peasants Revolt, on this anniversary of the Magna Carta, a document which has already been rendered obsolete by politicians, against the interests of the peasants.

They are now celebrating the signing of this document, which they have helped to destroy, while talking of it as if it still applies.  Wake up, it’s dead and gone! We are all now obliged to accept being charged with “victimless crimes” which under Common Law and Magna Carta do not exist.

This is an early example of Corporate Rule, Maritime Law, The Law of the Sea, Statuary Law, call it what you like, it is all based on trickery and “legalise” which dupes the people and was written by “Big Business” and used mainly to rob weaker, resource rich, Nations.

This very week has seen the G7 meeting which was held in secret and a Bilderberg conference, also held in secret, many UK politicians, including George Osborne and Ed Balls were in attendance, despite it being against the British Parliamentary rules, which forbids Members of Parliament to engage in secret discussions which may affect the British people, never mind.  Alongside all of that talks on TPP and TTIP are still taking place, in secret.

Is this what is called Democracy of the People, by the People, for the People? Not at all, this is a cabal working towards the destruction of the European people

Why is the evidence of the destruction of the USA and Europe, which is taking place right in front of the voter, apparently invisible to them?  What is so difficult to understand that this destruction was carried out under the cover of easily accessible credit, which gave the impression that things were fine, up to the moment when our freely elected leaders let us know that instead of charging and gaoling the Bankers for their huge fraud, they were going to let them get away with it and make us pay, whatever the cost.  And these criminal puppet politicians were voted back into power.

You do not need to be the best Finance Minister in history, like the man who had got rid of the Boom/Bust cycle, Gordon Brown, to have seen what was coming.  I was listening to people on the News, who were explaining as to how they could transfer a debt one credit card to another, which was offering twelve months free credit, and do the same thing twelve months later when they had reached the limit on the second card.

This was such a stupidity as to be beyond belief, yet there was no real warnings being given and no restrictions placed on the amount of credit that the Banks were allowed to issue, Banks which were already in the process of quite deliberately building up private Debt. Bankers are not stupid people, they were fully aware of what they were doing and the Labour government allowed them to do it.

The Labour government was then itself allowed to lose the next election, which resulted in the coalition being installed, which was obliged to impose austerity measures, because of the profligacy of the Socialists and Bob’s your Uncle. It was not the Coalitions fault and of course the Socialists graciously kept their mouth shut and allowed the robbery to continue. Now that the deed is done, they are asking each other why they did not stand up and say that it was not their fault, it was the world-wide crash that caused it.

All political parties in the UK were on board for the bail out of the Bankers. They are treacherous and cowardly and of course Friends of Israel, not friends of their own electorate.

The British have failed to notice the way things are turning out after the recent referendum in Scotland, where the entire populace is now apparently willing to stay in the European Union, the preferred choice of their new one party government, whatever the result of any referendum in England, which will, of course be used as pressure on the English to vote in the right way in order to avoid the break-up of the Union.

This is on top of the lack of warning from the new Supremo in Scotland that she will very soon be involved in the TTIP talks, which will strip Scotland of any semblance of Democracy,  all of that nonsense will be in the hands of the Corporations and the Banks, casting any Scottish independence and freedom to the winds. Why is Sturgeon so silent on these issues, does it imply complicity?

So do you begin to get the picture?  All of this nonsense has been in the planning for centuries.  First they steal our land forcing us to work for them in order to live and when necessary be prepared to die for them in war. They allow us to live in homes from which they will earn more in interest than the cost of the home itself.  Should you fall on hard times, the Bankers have the right to be top of the list to grab whatever remains of your wealth. When you work they will take every penny of Tax payable on your miserable wages. The amount of money that these people steal from the working man is outrageous and all of it with the compliance of your elected politicians.

Income Tax was never intended to be levied against the wages of the working man.   It was designed to claw back some of the unearned income of those parasites, whom profited from using money to make money, in other words those whom produced nothing of value but gained  benefit from gambling with other people’s money.

These parasites have now been allowed to gamble on the Commodity Markets, with the very food that we produce to keep ourselves alive. There is no end to their greed and callousness. All of it under the auspices of elected Politicians who understand exactly what is going on.

Every treaty which is signed by these traitors is another blow to our well-being. Free Trade Treaties have allowed European industry to be decimated and opened our shores to be swamped with slave made products from the Orient.  This is not Free Trade, this is profiteering on a grand scale by certain huge trading companies, which sells the same products, with a different paint colour all across the globe.

TTIP and TPP will only make things worse and because of the low value of the products coming into the USA and Europe, our industries will never be able to compete unless we are all prepared to accept huge pay cuts. That is the aim, which  is why Europe and the USA are being forced to accept enormous numbers of immigrants. We are being transformed into a Third World Community.

There are millions and millions of unemployed European people all across the European Community, where are all of the new jobs coming from?  It will take years to re-create all of our lost industrial base.  Why, instead of donating all of our money to criminal Bankers have the governments of Europe not invested it in industry? Well allow me to explain.

Just as the English were not aware of the last invasion and coup d’etat in their country, when their economy was handed over to the privately owned Bank of England, all of Europe has now been stealthily conquered from within.

The pattern is the same,  there is now a Bank of Europe, an unelected Politburo in Brussels. Anyone who dares to stand up in defiance will be destroyed, as were the Irish at the Battle of the Boyne along with an errant Catholic English King, or indeed as were Hitler, Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Mussolini and various others like the Boers in South Africa, where the British were gagging to gain control of their Gold and Diamonds.

Without a word of protest in Parliament and most probably out of fear of being “outed” as being something nasty, Gordon Brown sold off the British Gold Reserves and refused to name the purchaser.  That is the power which has us by the balls.

The only thing missing from this scenario is the Civil War.  Well what do you know?  There would appear to be a serious attempt to build up a three-way Civil War across the Planet.

This will involve totally innocent Muslims, whom despite a cart-load of disinformation about them, have not taken the bait and lowered themselves to the level of their persecutors by carrying out any atrocities, leaving those in search of excuses for violence to carry out the atrocities themselves and hang the blame on Muslims.

Alongside the Muslims we have the Blacks, who blame the Whites for all of their problems while in the USA the Blacks are raping White women at an extraordinary rate, while Black youths are carrying out a genocide against each other.  While of course blaming others for their problems, without noticing that things are no better for millions of “others.”  We are all in this swamp together and we should be trying to help each other out of it.




TTIP And TPP: What You Are Not Being Told