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The New World Order’s Fifth Column.

I have always thought of myself as being capable of accepting the ways of others, just so long as those ways did not affect my own sensitivities.  I now however, increasingly find myself out of sync with the views of the majority of my peers.

When I was much younger, at a time when I was involved with sorting out my own philosophy of life and how it should be lead, there were a lot of “Hippies” hanging out, smoking dope, preaching peace and love, dressed in carefully selected togs from Charity Shops and generally presenting themselves as the future of mankind.

For my part I was working my way through various forms of esoteric texts, in an effort to reach some sort of equilibrium in my life, however I never managed to reach the level, apparently attained by these “Hippies.”

There was one big difference however, when I made my move to get out of the “Rat Race,” I did not choose the route of those whom claimed to be destroying the system by sitting on their arse, claiming the dole,  I got out of it and I have stayed out.

I can now consider myself to be a success of sorts, unlike the vast majority of what I had previously believed to be a group of people, intent on creating a better world, that is the “Hippies.”

After all, what was the Woodstock generation all about? In the words of the great Doctor Who, “Where from did they come and what?”  You might well ask, like most fashions, it had its season, served its purpose and then simply vanished, leaving behind a bunch of Junkies, damaged by  “Bad Acid,” condemned to a life of “Flash-backs” and alcoholism.  There ws some good music, but even the origins of that is coming under the spotlight these days.

The remnants, down here in France, are sometimes referred to as “Baba,” a name derived from a film about a group of adventurous dreamers, which was popular a while back.  The Baba have now become a group, whom see themselves as being”different,” mainly because they go to Thailand or Bali in winter, to buy stuff to sell on the markets in summer.

These are the folk whom are now ready to accept all of the brainwashing, with which we are currently being deluged, by what is now being referred to as the Empire.

It goes without saying,  that they will be in support of all of the  full frontal attacks on the White European. They adore Gay Pride Parades but abhor White Pride as being racist.

They will be in full support of the Gay whom ordered a cake decorated with Gay sentiments, in a bakery run by a practising Christian family, who would have been in a state of sin had they carried out his request, who was prepared to go to the law, to deny the Christian family their Human Rights. Well done you total prat.

As far as I am concerned, this is the act of an aggressive, mean minded, egotistical piece of crap,   Any decent person would have said  OK and gone to another Bakers, in the same manner as I might,  had I strayed into a Halal butchers and asked for a leg of pork. Once upon a time the religious persuasion of people was respected, though apparently not by the Gay mob and certainly not Christianity.

They are now pushing for the right to a Church wedding.  One might well ask do they normally go to church?  Do they understand the teachings of the Church? Do they think that they can force Christian people to change their attitude to sodomy?  Is it not enough that we all accept their right to do as they please, do we now have to celebrate their sexual behaviour?  And why do they not accept other people’s preferences?  That way we can all just get on with life.

So I have personally, in some way, gone full circle. The folk whom I once thought of as a breath of fresh air,  whom sought a new, more simple lifestyle,  have degenerated into a bunch of boring old farts, without the capacity to discriminate between the rights of one person over the rights of another, let alone understand that nobody has any rights, which allow the denial of others to think and believe as they choose.

The Solicitor whom justified the prosecution of the baker, used the excuse that should a Gay baker refuse to decorate a cake with a heterosexual message,  he too could be prosecuted in the same manner, as if the prosecution was a normal and decent thing to do.

It is ideas like Gay Pride and Gay Marriage and other sexual attitudes which were dreamt up by the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School, which have already destroyed the family. Very soon it will be exclusively Gays who will bother to get married at all.

The Hippy Generation and Free Love,  was in fact just another production of the CIA along with Feminism.  In the Think Tanks of London and Frankfurt it had been found that those whom were involved in many sexual relationships, were less likely to remain in any permanent involvement.

That attitude,  along with Social Security handouts saw to the end of the family and the marginalising of the Male. Most children are now brought up by the State,  while their single mother goes out to work. For modern children, home life is a lonely affair, which often involves a huge number of Uncles.

Those whom should be aware of the direction we are being forced to take, are the very ones whom have no problem with that direction and to try to discuss it, invites laughter and derision, despite the fact that many of the feared eventualities have already arrived,  un-noticed.

European Governments, using Climate Change as the excuse, destroyed European Industry, in order to reduce CO2 emissions, paying companies, with our money, to reinstall in China or India, where there was no restriction on CO2 emissions and European Trade Unions stood by watching this farce take place.

Europe is now a net importer of just about everything. There are very few production lines left in the EU.  When TTIP is signed it will be the death knell of Europe.  We are already being swamped with immigrants, having been urged to reduce our population, in order to achieve, it would seem, the status of Third World State.

What we are being offered is a life where we will be unable to afford a “bubble priced” house. The average man, unable to afford to buy or rent a home in London,  will soon be evicted and forced to a provincial City, where he will be offered a lodging with enough space for a single man.  Single mothers may get a second bedroom.

The future demands that there be no such thing as Private Property.  Property is theft and all that bullshit. Agenda 21 has all of this plainly written for all to read.  We are headed for a world where we will be allowed the strict minimum. We will be a new Soviet Union and very few people appear to be bothered.

Your  elected leaders will continue to allow massive immigration, which will reduce Europe to a Continent of cheap labour, with the rich living in splendour while the rest of us will be obliged to live in Super Cities, which will be little more than a life of squalor.  We are on our way back to serfdom.

The British have just rejected the possibility of change, by voting for a group of thugs, by  whom  they have already been robbed and by whom they will very soon be re-robbed.

The aim of all this is to spread wealth equally across the planet. Your wealth that is, not the trillions of dollars held by the top people, they will retain their wealth because they are more deserving of it than are the rest of us.  This will lead to universal poverty, that is inevitable and that is why the Police have been transformed into futuristic thugs, to deal with any revolt of the serfs.

Now is the time to stop worrying about Wills and Harry and George and Charlotte and all that bull and to start  worrying about yourself and your children. You are up against the crew which gave us the coup d’Etat in Russia and having done so set about the slaughter of sixty-five million Christians.  They were not content with a straightforward slaughter, they were more interested in torture and then slaughter.

You will most likely be unaware of what happened behind the Iron Curtain, after Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe, it was not pretty and do not think it will not happen to the rest of Europe when the time comes.

Cameron in the UK, is offering the British an in/out referendum on Europe, without reference to the Treaty of Lisbon, the signing of which has stripped the UK of any power to make anything more than cosmetic changes to the British situation in the European Union.

He is at the same time continuing secret talks about TTIP, with multi-national companies, which have been transformed, as has the Conservative Party, into a Corporation, meaning that in Law, a Corporation can be considered as a person.

This is a criminal method of making sure that members of the Elite, cannot be singled out as being responsible for whatever crime which resulted from the activities of a Corporation, which can be charged with an offence, but cannot be sent to gaol. This is crazy, a human being is a person and a human being always gives the orders.

Europe has just been raped by the Bankers with the complicity of every elected Government in the European Union. Not one senior politician has stood up and spoken out against the massive fraud and theft, which has led to “austerity measures” which is code for the naked theft of the monies of the people, which have been paid directly to the Banking Families.

Greece is in the process of being forced to accept yet another loan, which will be handed straight back to from where it came, to pay “Interest” on an existing debt.  This is ludicrous, a debt cannot be repaid with a loan, that will simply create yet another debt, which will prove impossible to repay.  There is never enough money in existence to repay a debt which carries compound interest.

The UK was forced to sell The Royal Mail, which was making good profits,  which will soon have delivered in excess of the price which was paid by a multi-national company, so what was gained by the sale and how will the UK replace the loss of the profits generated by the Royal Mail?

Oik Osborne, bragged to the British People, that the money gained from the sale of the Royal Mail, would be used to reduce the “deficit.” What arrant nonsense, just as there is not enough money in existence to repay compound interest, selling off the family wealth can only be done once, so what does Oik propose to do after the “2015” economic crash, when there is nothing left to sell?

When the secret talks about the signing of the TTIP Treaty, with the Corporation People,  which will sign away any remaining controls over the fashion in which we choose to live our lives,  have been concluded, big business will be allowed to dictate to us all.

Everything will be under the thumb of Profit and Loss, any profit will go to the 1% while any loss of profits will be calculated by Corporations and the Bill will be passed to the Serfs.

This control will extend across the board. Should the UK refuse to allow Fracking, the British Government will “allow” itself to be penalised and the British people will be expected to pay any loss of profits incurred by the Fracking Corporations.

The same rules will apply to junk food like that containing Monsanto poison and any other Corporation rubbish which will be allowed to be dumped in Europe.

It does not take too much brainpower to deduce from this, that it will make the EU obsolete and  membership meaningless,  as the same rules will apply across the planet.  Therefore Cameron is laughing up his sleeve at the British people, knowing full well that the UK is doomed and the British will very soon be no more than a vague memory like the Neanderthals.






The End Of Days For The Labour Party.

The Labour Party, having served its purpose, is now being blended with its friends the Conservatives, where in reality, it has always been.  In the “New” Europe, there is no need of a group which pretends to have the interests of the working  man at heart,  that sort of nonsense is now under the umbrella of the Bolshevik Politburo in Brussels.

Any compliant group of clerks in the UK, will be more than capable of installing a list of decrees from head office, into local law.

Scotland has now become a “one-party State.”   In the UK the Lib-Dems, have been destroyed. Ukip has been presented as being no more than racists and will probably lose support.

The Greens are already controlled, with a future job do, which will involve the imposition of the New Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21.   So all the British need is a couple of groups of compliant dummies, pretending to have some sort of power, which they have in fact never had, they have always been controlled from behind the scenes and every thing will carry on as usual.

The British have just struggled through the longest, most boring, election campaign in history. At the end of which, they were told that all of the Pollsters had got it wrong and only the exit polls were right, which means, I presume, that everybody told lies to the pollsters, except the unknown group, which religiously told the truth, having just voted, preparing the British for the “preferred” result, which just happened to be the result which matched the exit polls.

David Cameron, whom had a look of “We’ll never get away with this one,” plastered all over is face, can now claim to have a mandate to continue the bleeding of the British people, whom despite having been warned that he and his Eton Fag,  George Osborne, are going to take a further twelve billion pounds out of their pockets, have apparently re-elected him anyway.

Cameron has already prepared a place for a few more of his school chums, like the Johnson boys, there appears to be a huge shortage of Christians amongst the British at the moment.

Despite the clamour for a referendum on membership of the EU, all three of the main Parties, have maintained a religious observance  of the claims of the massive benefits which depend on membership, implying that to leave the Union would be catastrophic.

This is a nonsense. Remember that membership of the Soviet Union bestowed its members with nothing but misery. Eastern European Members, like us,  were also given no choice, they were quite simply given to the Bolsheviks, at the conference of Yalta, by a group of Bolsheviks, which included Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

Cameron, knowing full well that neither he, nor the other Prime Ministers of members States, have any control over the dictates of the European Commission, will go through a “pretence” of bargaining with the Commission, winning some inconsequential benefits for the UK, which will be presented as “earth-shattering” and as an amazing feat of diplomatic wrangling on his part, which will then be used as the “Game Changer,” when the result of he in-out referendum is rigged.

In Scotland, where they have recently voted for yet another leader with a fishy name, the people have already been informed, that should they participate in any future referendum, which by “accident” may result in an “out” vote, there will be an immediate call for independence, to prevent the Scottish people from making any choice other than the desired choice of their Dictator.

Back in the UKSR, Son of Kinnock, came out of the shadows, to tell us that as a “Democrat” he was in favour of passing the control of the UK into the hands of the unelected,  undemocratic and undesirable Union in Europe.

A Union which is the dream of the Communist Bolsheviks fulfilled.  They are a cabal,  whom through its control of the mainstream media,  have for years been feeding us rubbish about the remnants of the National Socialists being the real founders of the EU, which was paid for using all of the wealth which was seized by Hitler, which should it be true, would be a far more acceptable leadership than  the Communist  demons, whom currently have us by the throat.

During the recent election, George Galloway, a man whom is well-known for his support of the people of Gaza, lost his seat in Parliament, to a young woman, whom had claimed to have been forced into a marriage, when she was a child of fifteen.

During an interview with this person on Sky News, she turned out to be of Oriental origin and she was doing her campaigning surrounded by a posse of Muslims.  The men gave the impression of being solidly dedicated to Islam.

Does this dedication include the installation of Sharia Law into the UK?  If so is this an acceptable introduction of religion into UK politics?  Or is it merely the first step in the direction of The Muslim Independence Party in the UK?

Is it not time for the Christian People to respond to this gross misuse of the current system, which allows minorities to whinge and whine about their lack of representation, which will eventually lead to voting for your own race, whether it be good for the majority or not, while any preference for a White Christian will be condemned as racist.

The Christian Governor of Quebec in Canada, recently suggested to Muslims, who had sought a life in Canada, simply because it was a better life than they could expect in a Muslim country, to accept the way of life of the people whom had established this better way life in the first place and that should they prefer a Muslim lifestyle, they were free to find it in any one of the fifty or so Muslim States on the Planet.

I believe he also offered to pay for the trip. This offer was in response to Muslim pressure to stop offering pork chops in school canteens.

Either way, without a strong and alert government, unlike any one of the three bunches of Globalists, whom are currently on offer to the British, this includes The Scot Nats, the UK will soon be turned into a fractious and bitter racist state, which is exactly what is desired by Brussels. What else is the reason for suggesting that however many Muslim refugees cross the Mediterranean, a place must be found for them in Europe.

Ask yourselves the simple question, What is the difference between the Socialists and the Conservatives?  They both voted for War. They both want to steal, ever-increasing amounts of your taxes to pay the bankers. Both are advocates of Privatisation. Both are involved in secret talks about TTIP. As long ago as 1939 they both colluded in the aggressive war against Germany. They both want to stay in the EU, whatever the people want.  This is despite the fact that half of Europe has gone bankrupt thanks to the EU.

Britain was the hardest hit by the 2008 crash, despite not even being a member of the Euro-Zone. So who in their right minds would want to stay with this bunch of traitors who are at this minute voting in favour of Genetically Modified foodstuffs for Europe, which is part of the TTIP Treaty.

I think, in view of all of the above, that the UK has had a one party system of government for the past one hundred years, disguised as a choice merely to present the colour of Democracy.

Part of the Treaty of Lisbon, outlaws any Political Party which stands in opposition to the Union of Europe and will be banned. The only acceptable Party title will be obliged include words which suggest a support for the idea of a Union, such European Social Democratic Party, for example.

When Cameron, with the support of all of the main Parties in Parliament; whatever the Tory Euro-sceptics may say,  tells the British that he is satisfied with the concessions which he has gained in Europe and then goes on to oversee a rigged referendum, he will receive a landslide support in Parliament, such is the gulf between the people and their controllers.

The British will then find to their surprise that there are a lot of other hidden clauses in the Treaty of Lisbon and they will understand more fully, the reasons behind the advance of Scottish Nationalism and the appearance of Immigrant Nationalism in areas of the UK which are already at immigrant saturation point. This opinion of mine is already on the list of phobias, of course.




The Great British Struggle To Remain In Slavery – While Eating Crap.

The British voter has apparently worked out how to make the best use of their democratic vote, in the coming election.

Reports show that an increasing number of UK,  voters will not be voting for their preferred candidate but will instead vote for another Party’s candidate to make sure that a third Party’s candidate will not be elected. This is referred to as “Tactical Voting.”  However it would appear to suggest that it is in fact no more than a means of ensuring the continuation of the status quo or to put it more simply, SNAFU.

I am, by nature a shade more cynical than that, whenever this sort of nonsense starts to become “News” I smell a rat.  During the recent referendum in Scotland, the moment I spotted all of the guilty men, from all Parties, with their noses stuck up each others bums, bleating nonsense about saving the Union, I guessed that this would be presented as a game changer and I knew the result would be rigged. Sure enough there was filmed evidence of the cheating during the counting of the ballots.

The leadership of all three of what are still being treated as the most electable Parties, have been reduced to gibbering idiots as the campaign progresses.  Cameron is still whining about his plan, which has robbed the British voter of thousands of pounds each, to pay illegal usury to the Banking Families,  while his coalition partner Clegg is screeching how it was he, who was responsible for it all and he must be voted back into office to finish the job.

Miliband is asking people to tell him what they want, so that he can promise to make sure they get it. Apart that is,  from a referendum over remaining in the EU or making a bid for freedom. We do not want to take Democracy too close to the real thing, do we?

All of them are talking about making it easier to buy a home, promising to maintain low-interest rates, and offering a helping hand to guide the deluded youngsters on to the housing ladder. Now, I have explained many times,  that I am not good at mathematics, I do however understand profit and loss.

I have always been a believer in the idea that what matters at the end of the week is the amount of cash in your pocket and not the price of the product you are selling.  So I find myself baffled by this use of low-interest rates as a good reason for buying a home.

My level of stupidity does not understand how a lower interest rate makes it easier to buy a house, when in recent times the price of a house has doubled, would that not suggest that the bankers are screwing people for the same amount of cash as before when  interest rates were higher but over a longer period? In other words because of the increase in the value of a home, the amount of interest actually paid could well be more in the end.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Meanwhile, where is the examination of the candidates as to where they stand on the subject of TTIP,  of which I have heard no mention  from any politician.  Why are the talks all being held in secret? Democracy demands open discussion. Secrecy has no part to play in a democratic society.   Secrecy suggest trickery and of being sold down the river.


Ah well, time for bed.



War Criminal Tony Blair Talks Up The European Dictatorship.

Tony Blair, today made it clear, that the British People should on no account be allowed an “in-out” referendum on Europe, because it was possible that their decision would not coincide with his own.

He went on to suggest that David Cameron was also a whole-hearted supporter of the European Union and was content with allowing  the control of the United Kingdom to fall into the hands of a Non-Governmental Organisation.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg are both on board with the destruction of Great Britain.  Be sure, that is  the aim of the unelected Politburo in Brussels. All of these men were selected and put in power to carry out this agenda.  The leaders of the old Warsaw Block were already chosen for their role, that of forcing their unsuspecting  peoples, into “Free Europe,”   long before the Soviet Union quietly dismantled itself and set about merging with the “Capitalists.”

Several European States voted against the Treaty of Lisbon, which was the final nail in the coffin of European Sovereignty, however their elected leaders went ahead and signed the Treaty anyway. That is how “Democracy” works in the “Free World.”

Blair and others like him, are forever talking about how essential Europe is for UK industry and that to leave would create mass unemployment, by suggesting that the UK would no longer be allowed to trade with EU members.

In reality European industry has already been destroyed and replaced with slave made products from the East, which can apparently flood into Europe unhindered, through the medium of Free Trade Agreements, which have been signed by EU member States. So why is it being suggested that the UK would be barred from such deals with EU States?

There are even now, secret talks being held by the EU and the US, which are designed to find a means of handing control of European Economies into the hands of the multi-national corporations by signing the TTIP document, which will force we Europeans to accept, amongst other things, the defiling of our lands with GMO poison, or pay blackmail to those corporations, with the aim of destroying traditional farming methods, to suit their greedy desires.

So instead of warning us of the disaster which would result, should the UK leave the EU, perhaps these British Communists might explain in simple terms, the main achievements of the EU, in recent years.

Are they suggesting that it was part of the over-all European plan, to destroy the economies of most member States. To create mass unemployment. To reduce millions of Europeans to begging for hand-outs from food banks. While at the same time flooding the EU with millions of immigrants, when there were not enough homes or jobs for the citizens of the EU themselves?

The European Union is a basket case and in anybodies terms it has been a total disaster. The best idea was the original idea, that of a Common Market, which allowed every State to handle its own affairs and the value of its currency.

We have now been led down the road to what was always the “real” destination of the EU that of a Bolshevik Communist, centrally controlled slave state.  Many people regard that sort of language as no more than hyperbole, sadly they may live to regret not having paid more attention to such warnings.

In the UK hundreds of thousands of folk, with well paid jobs are in need of housing benefit in order to pay exorbitant rents, having given up on the dream of ever owning their own home.

To suspicious characters like me, that is all part of the drive to make us all dependent on the State. Agenda 21, the new Communist Manifesto, is forecasting a time when the ownership of private property will be illegal. Property is theft and all that rubbish. When that day dawns, we will be obliged to work for them, as all private enterprise will be illegal, they must own everything, that is the ultimate destination of unbridled greed.

On this mornings news, I heard a report about school teachers taking food to school, to feed children whose parents could not afford to give them a breakfast. I can recall no such thing in my lifetime, do we have the EU to thank for this state of affairs?

In the middle of an obscene plague of gluttony, called obesity, we have others suffering from malnutrition through poverty, while the top ten percent of the ultra greedy earn more than the total wealth of the remaining ninety per-cent.

This in a land where because of EU regulations, all of the necessities of life have been handed over to those whom are telling us, that property is theft and our politicians are telling us that this is good.

We are forever being warned to learn from history, or we will be condemned to forever repeat the same mistakes, so take heed of a voice from the past.


 Thanks to Jeff Rense for this quote.






The Sham Of The National Health Service.

The British Government along with the Politburo in Brussels both of which are Jewish Bolshevik controlled, are finally displaying the reality of  Communism and the crap about the Workers Control of the Means of Production.

The controlled government in the UK has persistently told the electorate that the privatisation of essential services such as water, electricity, transport, oil and coal was the best option.  The results of this lie is plain to see.  When privatisation took place all of the so-called lame duck Nationalised Industries and Utilities were offering a far better service than they do today.

The reality of privatisation has been to allow international companies to rob the British people of millions of pounds every year in exorbitant profits and pay-outs to shareholders, the biggest being other branches of the same companies. All of this profit is being handed over by the British public.

The government is once again suggesting that “private money” is necessary to ensure adequate investment in the remaining  Services.  They neglect to explain to the gullible public that in reality there is no such thing as “Private Investment” in the sense that some altruistic rich benefactor is handing over a gift to help the poor, should that be so, why are they not prepared to do so with no strings attached? Be sure every penny invested by financial groups, will be repaid a thousand times over.

The result of privatisation in the UK has lead to pensioners being frightened to turn on the heating in winter. Unaffordable water rates. A rail system imposing ever increasing ticket prices, despite the fact that the passengers are paying enormous sums towards the upkeep of the Permanent Way, which was of course paid for, before privatisation, by the profits.   The criminal politicians were obliged to re-nationalise the upkeep of the  Iron Road itself after several serious accidents due to the lack of repairs by the new owners. This is now referred to as a Private/Public  Partnership,  when in fact it is a perverse form of Fascism.

Russian Communism was little different from British Socialism apart from the name.  The Fabian Society, which is the home of British Socialism,  where the likes of Blair and Brown and Miliband, Straw and the rest of them cut their teeth, jokingly or sarcastically, take your choice, chose the symbol of a wolf in sheeps clothing as their logo.  Socialism was referred to as Communism by stealth.

In Russia when the Jew Gorbachev quietly dismantled the Soviet Union, as foretold by Lenin himself, all of the Industries were handed over for peanuts to the “Oligarchs.”  We were never enlightened as from where these “rich men” had suddenly, in a Communist State, managed to accumulate the necessary wherewithal  to do so.

No matter, be sure, that it was from exactly the same source as was the finance to snap up the British, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Irish and the Publicly owned Industries across Europe. When Yugoslavia attempted to continue with a true Socialist system, which retained control of essential services, they were destroyed.

The Jewels in the Crown, which those who would be our One World Government, are now seeking,  are our Health Services.  As with the attempts to destroy Syria, in the manner of, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan,  Somalia, these covert maniacs are building up the pretext of ISIS, which they established, funded and trained for no better reason than to generate an excuse to bomb Syria to dust.

The means of privatising our Health Services will involve a treaty.  This time it is referred to TTIP. It will , as did the Treaty of Lisbon,  insist on the handing over of all decisions to the EU and a similar group in the US, NAFTA, which of course has the same covert controllers.

When this happens the British people will discover that when the WHO talks of the day when all countries will have at least the minimum of health care, they mean that for us all, not simply the Third World.  We are being prepared for this daily. We are told that there are more old people who cost more,  because we are all living longer. This is garbage.  What kept life expectancy low in past times was a combination of gruesome wars and the death of babies at birth.

The increased number of older folk now,  is simply because they were not slaughtered on the battle-field and  should another calculation be made, checking the age of death of those who had survived to their fortieth birthday, for example, you would get a completely different result.  On top of that we now have abortion, which is killing thousands of babies a year, had they been born, the life expectancy would be reduced, simply because of the presence of more young people, add to that the ten million immigrants, a large proportion of whom were adults, who have arrived in the UK in recent years and you can see quite clearly that these statistics are completely distorted.

The sad reality being that there are more and more sick people in the UK,  all of whom have need of the NHS, which has never succeeded in its initial aim of creating a healthy society, which would have less and less need of a health service.

We are now being told that there are so many fat people  that it is costing billions to treat them, plus the smokers, and the drinkers who have always been with us, so of course we now have need of these huge multi-national health care providers, who will, of course, install a death panel and soon after that Execution Automatic when you reach your seventieth birthday.  Be sure this is already being mooted.  Take a look at what these multinational food conglomerates have already done to create the “fatness” in your children




The British are now being prepared for the signing of this treaty, all Parties in the UK Parliament appear to be on board for this atrocity.  The Labour Party are disingenuously committing themselves to allow a referendum on EU membership, should any more power be demanded by the EU, knowing full well that after their signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, there are no powers left to hand over. If anyone believes that the UK will be exempt from the Privatisation rules which will come with this TTIP treaty, you are out of your mind.

Be sure, this is why there is so much talk about “more power to the Regions” in future, London will be a region of its own as will all of those Counties which are calling for autonomy.  Thus the Houses of Parliament will be no more than a Town Hall.

The Jew George Osborne is already planning  the blending of the North-West with the North-East of England, with a high-speed rail link, which is all part of the divide and rule destruction of the UK. Very soon the real power will be in the hands of regional Governors who will be under the control of the Brussels Politburo, who will themselves, most likely, be under orders from the World Government in Bolshevik controlled Jerusalem.





The Wall To Wall Lies And Hypocrisy Gather Pace.

The Conservative Party, which is on its way to reneging on the promises which were made to the Scottish people, during the referendum.  Promises  which were made merely to conjure up a suitable excuse as to why the electorate had decided to vote no, when in fact the referendum result was rigged.    They have now apparently decided that “Private/Public” agreements are only suitable when they are in favour of the “Private” side of the deal.

Today it was announced that they are now selling off the peoples holding in  Euro Star, no doubt, as with the Post Office, at a knockdown price.  Why should this lucrative business, which the people are earning more than forty million and rising pounds per year be up for sale?  We know where the money earned will end up, that is in the coffers of the Central Bankers,in part payment of the fraudulent debt, which the Central Bank is holding.

When Euro Star was in private hands, it collapsed under a mountain of debt. Public money was used to bail it out.  It is now earning a fortune, which is of course why it is up for sale. Does this mean that the only function of the Public side of these deals is to pay construction costs and then allow others to keep the profits?

Has Cameron now taken for himself the power to sell England by the pound, without any reference to the people who funded these deals in the first place?  Another prime example is the Royal Bank of Scotland, why does the government not retain control of this business which was totally destroyed by its “private” ownership and like Euro Star had to be bailed out?

The Jew Osborne, is forever calling for “Private” investment in projects, which is presented as being to the benefit of the people.  This is just another lie. There is no such thing as private investment, however much money the “private” side of a deal invest, they always earn more back from the people.  This means in effect that the best deal for the people is to keep control of these enterprises.

It has already been suggested that after the government has signed yet another of those irreversible treaties, TTIP, with the US, the first deal on the table will be The National Health Service.  Well if these folk are so interested in controlling a health care  system, which is going to be better for the patient, why not set it up now?  If more money is needed to run the NHS than the UK can afford to pay, where is the extra money coming from?  Out of the pockets of altruistic investors?  I think not, you will be making up the difference, they want only the profits.

These folk have already taken control of every aspect of the lives of the British people. Goldman Sachs controls the Bank of England, which means the Economy. Water has gone private, Electricity and Gas the same thing.  The Transport Network, which was the first thing to be Nationalised, after the War, has already been “privatised”, only the lucrative part of course, the people still maintain the Permanent Way for trains and the motorways for lorries.

British Telecom soon went under the hammer, handing over the billions of pounds, which are now being made through new technologies, into the hands of a few investors, who immediately send it overseas.

Gordon Brown, not content with selling off the UK Gold Reserves, managed to sell off what was left of the once proud British Steel and paid an Indian to set the same factory up in India,  just before leaving office. Yes that’s right to cut down carbon emissions?

Mad Maggie Thatcher, with the willing assistance of the Good Old British Bobby, completely destroyed the British Coal Industry, to suit her husbands friends in the Oil Industry, she then, of course,  handed North Sea Oil,  lock, stock and barrel to private industry, who do not sell the oil to the British people at a price which corresponds in  some way with the cost of production  but at the inflated price on the Commodity Markets. Oil costs roughly 2-3 dollars a barrel to produce and sells at around 100 dollars a barrel on the market.