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British Top Drawer Paedophiles.

As the days go by it is becoming ever more apparent that the true filth of the land, has been used as the mouthpiece of the hidden hand, which took the UK by the balls, in the 17th Century.

What is more, the antics of these perverts were well-known and concealed by their compatriots and probable cohorts in the Houses of Parliament.

As with the expenses scandal which “Rocked the House” a while back, the true depth of depravity of this bunch of unprincipled, overpaid and under worked parasites, will never be known.

All of the British political Parties were and most probably are still involved in this grotesque and savage campaign of thrill seeking at the expense of the most vulnerable, lonely and unloved children, most of whom never knew the love and support of a family, living instead in creepy children’s homes, at the mercy of degenerate agents of the rich and powerful, serving as bait, to trap and blackmail those few honest men,  whom refused to conform to orders from above.

Many of these infants simply disappeared, leaving no trace of their short lives behind, apart from the incriminating photographs, taken by concealed members of the Intelligence Services, as a means of destroying those perverts who refused to co-operate.

All of the necessary evidence against these ghouls, has been known for years, allowing the guilty to die without prosecution.  There must have been collusion between the Police and MI5 and of course those Members who are little more than “plants” selected to guarantee that the right direction is followed by the rest of the Party membership.

The events of recent years have demonstrated that there is in fact no separation of power between the Judiciary and the Government in the UK. Overhanging this outrage, is the treatment of Hollie Greig and her family, who stood up to the forces which had the power to ignore their own criminality.  They are all involved in this shabby affair, the Police, Judiciary and those elected to serve the well-being of the People. Such is the state of Democracy in the UK.