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So The Strolling Bones Ban Trump?

Those Rock’n’Roll “Bad Boys,” The Rolling Stones, have displayed their total conformity to the established order, by telling Donald Trump that they object to him using their explicit song, “Start Me Up,” in his “outsiders” campaign to “Make America Great Again.” They are of course a band of Jews and no doubt Friends of Israel to boot, so their action conforms, exactly with PNAIC preferences.

This is another indication of the wholesale control, by which “teenagers” have been deceived into believing that they were “rebellious”, ever since the Jew Elvis Presley,  was introduced to them in the 1950’s. No serious “Biker” ever perceived Presley’s gyrations as anything other than “woosie” an impression which was displayed in graphic detail by songs like “Old Shep.”

Despite all the media hype, Presley’s reign as the King of Rock, was short lived, because apart from his insatiable sex drive and an appetite for beef-burgers, Presley did not have the benefit of the London School of Economics education, which was  available those like Jagger, by whom he was replaced, during the more receptive 1960’s, when the “Acid” culture was introduced to the middle class, well educated young, whom were then exposed to a more intelligent form of indoctrination. When the “Summer of Love” kicked off,  the “real people” went “psychedelic” while Presley drifted into obscurity for a few years.

So just like Presley, whom saw himself as an under-cover man for the FBI, Jagger and the Boys, are beginning to out themselves as mere actors, which adds strength to the growing insinuation,  that their music owed more to the Tavistock Institute, than to the drug sodden genius of Jagger and Richards.

Keith Richards whom had two distinct personalities and looks, during the career of the Stones, once remarked, when asked about his song-writing,  that he did not know from where the songs originated and that he did not create but  simply transmitted, what came from an unknown source. I am experiencing exactly the same impression at this moment.

Rock’n’Roll has now had its day. Where are the current “hard-men” of what was always White Mans’ music? Real Hard Rock sadly became the domain of prats in Lycra, which proved to be a blind alley, apart from that,  there is now only Kanye and Beyoncé and other Black Racist crap, designed to stir up excuses to rape and kill White people.

This is going on in tandem with the generation of excuses to continue the destruction of the Muslim World, by pretending to be fighting the Israeli supported ISIS/Daech, in the rubble of what was once Iraq, Libya and Syria and the growing insistence that whomsoever may be responsible for all of this carnage, it is most certainly not those whom are destroying Gaza and the West Bank. To suggest such a thing is anti-Semitic.

This forbidden bad-mouthing of Jews, does not of course extend to the bad-mouthing of White Christian people, that would be the White Christians, whom are as usual,  being used to do all the killing for those whom can never be mentioned, we are expendable. “Onward Christian Soldiers” and all that crap.



This determined campaign to obliterate you and me and all of your White families, has been going on throughout the 20th Century. To have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked, through the use of a wholly controlled media, which is in the hands of those whom would destroy us, is so stupid as to be beyond belief.

Even as these same folk are building walls in Israel against “infiltrators” they are using brain-washing technics’, which are designed to prevent any coherent outcry against the destruction of our White Countries, by telling us that we have no right to our own “special space” as have all other races on Earth, only White Man must be wiped out.

This racist rubbish is coming from folk, whom after all these years are still claiming that somebody once said that they must be wiped out. Ask yourselves this simple question, how blind are you to what is being done to you? You are gripped in the claws of a monster. You, should you so choose, could send immigrants back to their own country, when you are out-numbered, which you will be, to where can you go to find shelter? We are being doomed by psychopaths, who dream of a world populated uniquely by their people.

Like many other people I am holding my breath about the intentions of Donald Trump. He, in keeping with the Jews in Israel, proposed the building of a wall between Mexico and the USA. Why should any country in its right mind, allow millions of people to simply walk across their border, expecting to be housed, educated and who take advantage of all the other benefits available?

 If Mexico gives birth to more people than it is capable of taking care of, that is a problem for them, why are US citizens expected to pay for other peoples’ excess births when they have worked hard to reduce their own?

This cold-blooded population reduction scheme has been used against White folk, while all other races continue the over-population of Earth and now we are expected to open our doors to all of these excess people. What is going on? The answer is simple, within a couple of generations we White folk will be no more.

The British people are being informed, in a matter of fact manner, that London is now 60 per-cent immigrant. They are about to elect a Pakistani as Mayor. Very soon London will become a foreign city, peopled by the ultra-rich, the immigrants and the poorest of the vestiges of White people, while others will have abandoned London to it fate.

The same thing is happening across Europe, all large French cities now have a majority of immigrants. This invasion has coincided with the taking down of the European economies and the exportation of all meaningful jobs to Asia and elsewhere, which means that there is nothing left for the incomers to do, other than to take to the streets.

When Social Security payments dry up, Civil unrest will follow. Socialism has, from the start, been intended as a means of paying immigrants to sit on their backsides waiting for the day. In the UK it was used as the means of giving hand-outs to the huge influx of Blacks from the West Indies and in France for the Muslims from the Maghreb when the French Empire was closed down. Behind the curtain,  Europe has always been in lock-step with the Bolsheviks as have the British and Americans.



In the above clip, what these Muslims are doing is what the British people should be doing. Cameron knows exactly what is going on. Why is a British Jew like him, telling British Christians that soon there will be a Muslim government in the UK,  acknowledging that the vote will be Racist. He of course,  will be safely looked after in Israel, along with Boris and all of the other Jews in British politics, while you will be put to the sword. That is what always occurs when too many immigrants arrive, so it has always been.

Now is the time to let these traitorous politicians know that you are on the case. They are all the same and they are one and all funded by Jew sponsors, including the Labour Party. Corbyn is a closet Communist. Cameron’s Communitarianism is no more than another word for Communism. It is all in Agenda 21 which is the update of the Communist Manifesto.

The second clip is of course a joke, however Cameron’s call for the reduction of White people in Government is said in deadly earnest, the Muslims whom gain power, all will be in the employ of Israel. The Gulf States are all controlled by Jews. I was forced to find a replacement for the first clip which was blocked by YouTube.



Blatter Fights His Way Through The Blather.


Despite mountains of crap like this example from the British Town Hall, Sepp Blatter was yesterday re-elected as the President of FIFA.

This was achieved after a world-wide  controlled media attempt to force him from office. The FBI, when not engaged in encouraging semi-retarded Muslim lads to take part in False Flag attacks in the US, found time to extend their illegal reach into Europe, using as their excuse, alleged corruption in the ranks of FIFA.

They ordered an obliging Swiss Government to arrest a group of men, who had been charged with no crime in Switzerland,  in an attempt to disgrace Blatter claiming them to be corrupt.  One can only ask the question as to why they are apparently content to look the other way, when sums of money, so enormous, that they have made every elected politician in the USA into millionaires, changes hands on a daily basis. They call this by another name, Lobbying, involving bribery to such a level, as to render the mere 150 million dollars during the past 25 years which they are claiming to have changed at FIFA,  to such a level of insignificance as to beggar belief.

On top of that the recent Super-Bowl final in the US was such an obvious fix as to destroy any claim of fair play in US sport into smithereens. No investigation as of yet.

It is of no use whatsoever to ask the question as to which way the FBI was looking, when in 2008 they smelt no rat, when the hearing of “toxic debt” and other excuses, which were used in the greatest robbery in financial history,  which robbed the Western World wholesale. No extradition of members of the Bank of International Settlements, which has its headquarters in Switzerland, nor indeed in the bringing to justice of the paedophile Roman Polanski, whom has a safe haven in Switzerland, safe from the FBI.  Hmmmmm!

The other strange aspect of this attempt to dislodge Blatter, lies in the opponent, who was selected as the darling of the Europeans and the US, no less than a member of the Jordanian Royal Family.  I am of the belief that all of the Middle Eastern Royal Families are puppets of the City of London, which set-up the Middle East in a manner which would serve their own purpose.

In a strange twist of fate, Blatter and FIFA were on the point of excluding the racist, apartheid, State of Israel, from their ranks, because of their attitude towards the footballers from the Concentration Camp of Gaza, when what do you know, boom, boom, FBI knocking on your door.

Suddenly, the man with a minimal knowledge of  football, the Israeli controlled, Prince of Jordan, the land which has been training, along with Mossad, that scourge of the region, ISIL, drops out of the contest against Blatter, could that be a sign that Blatter has been forced to accept a deal which allows him to retain his job?

There is not one single voice, which has been levelled against Blatter, which would be prepared to defend itself in any Court of Law, against accusations of corruption. Cameron in particular works for a group, which is tainted with exactly the same crime.  Worse than that, he is working hand in glove with the Weapon Shops, which provide the hardware for mass murder. That is a far more serious offence than that of a few old men whom accepted a ‘bun.’

We must now wait, with bated breath, for howls to install a “No Fly Zone” over FIFA HQ.

Just a short post script to this tale, I have made strenuous attempts to trace the origins of this FBI investigation and I have come up against a brick wall for the moment. However it would appear to be based on the confession of a character, called Chuck Blazer, a man with a long history of corruption.

More worrying, the campaign against Blatter is based on a confession made by Blazer in a Plea Bargain, which will give him protection against other offences.  This dubious type of self interested confession should never be allowed as evidence against others.  It is also indicative of the slimness  of the evidence against FIFA.


A Good Deal For The Elite, Will Be Deadly For Us.

I keep telling myself not to worry, very soon I will receive that all important Tweet, Email, Texto or a call to arms on Facebook. The nightmare which I can see careering towards me, will be brought to a standstill by sliding my finger across the screen of a “Smart-Phone,” wont it? Well sadly, no.

Despite all of the gadgets in the hands of the “Young Generation,” and all of the garbage about the Arab Spring and the flow of information around the Freedom Squares all over the Muslim world, nothing has changed.

Greece is still in turmoil. The police are becoming more and more savage in an attempt to beat the demonstrators to their knees. Still the European Commission and the IMF, under the guise of helpers, are pretending to help ease the financial problems of Greece by offering yet another loan, which will simply be paid into the coffers of the Deutsche Bank, in part payment of the interest which is already driving Greece into oblivion.

The IMF and the ECB, are being criticised, for failing to understand that austerity will not work. The only way to solve the problem is to increase employment, which will increase income tax, therefore making more money available to pay the debt.

This is perfectly clear, is it not? It is not the best solution, however it is most certainly an improvement on austerity. Now hands up those whom believe that the IMF and ECB do not fully understand this simple fact. Of course they understand, they know exactly what they are doing, they are flaying Greece. Greece is being taken to the cleaners. Angela Merkel, the Communist Jew, from what was East Germany, is visiting Greece in her role as Bailiff for the IMF. She will be casting an eye on the remains of Public Utilities in the battered country.

Even as Merkel is urging the Greeks to take on more debt, it is being announced that Germany itself is likely to need a bailout in the near future, as will  the UK and Spain and Italy and so on. We are expected to have forgotten that this debt became a problem when we were all forced to bail-out failed banks, which had created an enormous debt. A debt so huge that it would cost more than all of the money on earth to repay it. Experts in economics are talking of quadrillions of dollars of debt and yet nobody appears to know to whom this vast debt is owed.

Sometimes I buy a ticket for the Euro Million Lottery. I have never won a cent. Too bad, very few do win. Now why do you think that no bright spark has not simply announced to all of those unknowns, holding Credit Default Swaps or Derivatives, to simply shrug their shoulders and get on with life, had there not been a credit default they would have lost anyway.

Whom did they pay for the Default Swap?  I believe the whole business to be a fraud on a gigantic scale. I do not believe that it is possible to create a debt of that size. Nobody, however expert, appears to have the ability to explain in simple language, how this situation came about. What has become of the money which changed hands when the original deal was made?

There cannot be a politician on the planet, unaware of the criminality which is taking  place, so why are they not speaking up? Why is nobody going to prison?

Basically because they are working to an agenda. The most important part of this agenda is the desire to transform the Western World into a controlled system along the lines of the Soviet Union.

The first step in this process is to destroy our economies, which will make us dependent on credit from the private central bankers. Read Agenda 21 for yourselves, that is the new Communist Manifesto. It is all made clear. Property is theft, individuality must be subservient to the needs of the community and so on. In the US, the richest country the world has ever known, there are over fifty million people with nothing to live on apart from Government Food Stamps. Unemployment is actually over twenty per-cent, when part time workers are included in the calculation.

Every western government is in league with this deception of the people. The UK, is going down the drain. Despite stringent austerity measures, things are going from bad to worse. There is very little remaining in the UK which has not already been sold off. The water system is gone, the airports, the docks, the Railways, even education is being passed into the hands of the multi-national companies, through Academies, which they fund and which will feed garbage into the heads of children.

All across the Western World, the people are using tools, televisions, house-hold gadgets, computers and just about anything you can think of, all made in China. This situation did not come about because China began to manufacture all of these things and offered them to the rest of the world at unbeatable prices, this was all very carefully worked out, with the aid and complicity of our politicians.

Since the nineteen-eighties, the Western Multi-Nationals have been investing in China and India and Brazil. All of the Chinese industry is in effect, in Western hands. Everything which is produced in China is made to order and to specifications which were provided by western businessmen. In any large Do-It-Yourself store you can find electric tools such as a wood planer, bearing the name selected by the importer, exactly the same tool can be found in another store, painted in another colour, bearing another name.

Well known brands, such as Philips are also made to specification in the Chinese factories, at a fraction of the European labour costs. Even Japanese high quality products are now made in China. SONY, for example which is actually owned by Rockefeller’s, Standard Oil New York, has out sourced most of its production to China.

It was all camouflaged with romantic terms like globalisation, free trade and sharing with the Third World. All very commendable and all a pack of lies and deceit. Globalisation was code for find the cheapest labour costs on the planet and place your order. Should the labour costs rise in that location simply look for another needy manufacturer. Free Trade, on the face of it meant opening up our markets to Third World countries to help them in the export of their goods, in reality it meant that the West could be flooded with goods made by children and virtual slave labour and imported without problem into the West.

The result of all this assistance for the Third World, has created what has become known as a race to the bottom, which will lead to the same result as does Capitalism, where all the money will eventually end up in the same hands, in the case of Globalism all of the production will end up in the country where the workers are the most desperate and worse off than slaves.

To fix this situation in place, it was decided that these emerging manufacturers, should be exempt from Carbon Tax and retain the right to build coal-fired Power Stations, while the rest of us would have to make do with limited access to electricity and rely on Solar Energy and Green jobs. This myth has just been exploded, when the US placed entry tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels, to hide the reality of trying to compete with China in a Free Trade Zone.

So with all of this in place, to suggest that the IMF and the European Commission are “Getting it wrong,” is ridiculous to say the least. They are getting it exactly right from their perspective. They are intent on using this deliberately created financial crisis to impose a new system, which will of course save us all, by giving them complete control of every aspect of our lives.

Experts on every subject display either a complete ignorance of real life or they are part of the propaganda drive of the Elite. Only today I heard at least three different experts explain how the US learned nothing from the experience of Vietnam and made the same mistakes in  Iraq. Really is that what you think? Well I prefer to believe that in Vietnam the US Military Industrial Complex made a killing. They loved every minute of it, they loved it so much they cannot get enough of it.

Do you know that they were dropping more bombs on Vietnam,  Laos and Cambodia, in a day than were dropped on Germany all through the Second World War. Have you any idea how much a bomb costs? It was not just bombs, Monsanto dumped millions of tons of  Agent Orange onto the jungle, not to mention the tons of drugs which were shipped back home to the US in the body bags with dead GIs.

They did not learn anything from the way things turned out in Libya and here they are doing the same thing in Syria,  said another expert. Well once again things came out exactly as planned in Libya, they do not have the slightest concern about the mess which they created for the people. It appears that Hilary Clinton was even prepared to select a sitting duck, low-cost, Ambassador, and lead him to the slaughter, in order to provide an excuse for something which has not yet been made clear.

We are dealing with madmen. We should not expect any sort of decent gesture from any of them.  Iraq was destroyed and contaminated quite deliberately, in order to steal the oil, which is now being sold to China at two dollars a barrel, so that the Chinese motorist is now receiving the benefit of Gas at bargain prices, while the US consumer is paying through the nose.

It is quite clear that we are involved in a war of terror and the Muslim World is the selected target. To pretend that we are in danger of attack, while the Muslims have been devastated and blamed for everything, is so disgusting that it is impossible to make sense of it. Especially when it is as clear as day that Israel did 911, which was “The New Pearl Harbour” event which excused the subsequent slaughter, torture, rape and pillage, across the Muslim world by “Our Boys” that murderous bunch of scum which is used to fulfil the dreams of the Elite.

So rest assured SNAFU, as it has been all through my life. The piles of dead are no higher now than in  past years, the only certainty is that there is no threat to the controllers whom are well hidden behind a veil of anonymity. It will be you whom will pay the ultimate price to satisfy the greed and avarice of the Zionist so-called blood-line.

Where Are All The Muslim Heroes?

By now it must be evident, to even the most optimistic of observers, that the Arab Spring has come to nothing. In Egypt, we find the British controlled Muslim Brotherhood, playing some sort of game with the US controlled Military about whom can play the role of this or that, while of course maintaining the total security of Israel, a land which is apparently under the control of a raving lunatic.

In reality it was no more than a smoke screen to take down Gadaffi in Libya and Assad in Syria, to clear the way for an attack on Iran. Perhaps my Muslim friends have failed to notice what is being done to them in the name of Democracy.

The French and Israelis have been conducting a long drawn out campaign against Lebanon, the West Bank is vanishing before their eyes into the claws of Israel, Gaza is no more than a death camp. Syria is now being prepared for destruction, by those strange folk called Al Qaeda, whom would appear to reserve all of their militancy for the benefit of Israel and NATO.

Rasmussen, the madman whom would kill us all should he be ordered to do so, is urging a “No Fly Zone” for Syria, which we all know is code for “Fire at Will.”

Iraq will never recover from the destruction which was wrought upon it by the Coalition of the Guilty” Libya has been thrust into the past, Afghanistan was better off under the Taliban, Somalia and Eritrea are basket cases, struggling for survival, The rest of Africa is being raped.

In view of all of this catastrophic destruction, why was the Muslim World so supportive of the taking down of Gadaffi, by the unholy alliance of  the British and French Jews, Sarkozy and Cameron? Did they believe that they could be trusted? The only folk whom are stupid enough to believe that you can trust the French and  British are already dead.

At what point are you going to understand that you are in deep trouble? France is still strangling the Maghreb, the loss of Ben Ali has made little difference to this situation . You were warned, political parties are a trap. There is no Democracy. You will never be allowed true democracy. There is not one single example of Democracy on the planet, money controls everything and everybody.

Muslims in the Gulf are killing and torturing other Muslims, to maintain US hegemony in the region, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is on the Project for the New American Century hit-list of States which are to be destroyed.

Perhaps you have not noticed, that Christianity has already been destroyed, Islam is next. Your religion and your Faith are an obstacle to their aim of total control of the Earth and everything therein.  You are as they say meat, just as the rest of us are.

Where is the Arab Street?  Why is NATO being allowed to do the dirty work of Israel in the Middle East? Who cares whether Assad is a nice man or not, why are Muslims allowing his country to be destroyed, by a Battalion of thugs whom are paid for by States controlled by Zionists?

What is being done to Syria, is being done in the name of the “Arab Spring.” Many Muslims are now so confused that they see no difference between what is happening in Bahrain and Yemen and what is being inflicted on Syria and what was done to Libya.

Gadaffi was a hero, now he is dead.  He did more for Africa during the short time he was with us than did France and the British during centuries. Gadaffi gave far more than he took. He was not a greedy man, he stole from no poor man for his own gain. He made sure that every Libyan family had an affordable home and food on the table. He was destroyed by a pack of wolves.

There comes a day when it is necessary to make a stand. The Muslim World should be prepared for what may lie ahead. The “False Flag” on 911, was laid at their door, as was 7-7 in London. No evidence was produced, just the word of the Zionist controlled CIA and MI6 and of course the aid of Mossad in the background.

911 changed the world and it paved the way for the next attack. Whatever it may be and wherever it occurs, it will be blamed on the Muslim Community, in whichever country they have sought shelter from the aggression of the Coalition of the Guilty. Be Warned.