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Nigel Farage: Friend of Israel?

The Jewish Establishment in the United Kingdom, whoever they might be, are up in arms against Ukip, a Right Wing Party which they claim has joined forces with a Polish Right Wing Party which has a leadership which speaks out against the holocaust. Oh my God!

These Polish devils have even suggested that women should be treated in a manner slightly less severe than the Jewish women in Israel are traditionally treated by their men folk.

Surprise, surprise, a Rabbi, no less, in the ranks of Ukip, is speaking out in support of Farage;

“Wheeled out in an attempt to put the UKIP decision in a better light, one of the party’s Jewish members and an unsuccessful candidate in last May’s European Parliamentary elections, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Odze, tried to put a different gloss on the new arrangements.

Iwaszkiewicz was the only Polish member asked to join the EFDD, he said, adding that “the only comment he made on Hitler was that he was an evil man who should have been executed.”

He made clear that KNP party leader Korwin-Mikke was not a member of the EFDD, and that both UKIP and EFDD “abhor and reject any scent of anti-Semitism.”

As a rabbi and former candidate, and after several years of UKIP membership, he claimed never to have experienced any anti-Semitism.

(Jerusalem Post)

Well we can all relax then, everything is in order with Ukip. It has already been taken under the wing of the Tory Party by proxy,  it has its own Rabbi in the rank and file and ISRAEL is displeased.  All we need now is a quick trip to Israel by Farage and he will be ready to destroy the Lib/Dems and take their place as the waste of time third party.

But hold on, what’s this in the Jewish Chronicle?

“Andrew Reid, treasurer of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip), might be described as its perfect spokesman.

A Jewish lawyer and property developer who grew up in Golders Green, it’s not easy to tar him with the “every Ukip supporter is a racist and/or swivel-eyed loon” brush that many have wielded ahead of next year’s general election”

Is that so? Well would you believe it another one?  So where are we now?  Well it would appear that should Ukip gain a few seats in the UK Parliament after the coming election it will be a case of SNAFU, with Jews still in commanding positions in all Parties.  What a relief!

PS:  I almost forgot, The Jewish News, laughingly described as the UKs largest circulation Jewish Newspaper, has announced the largest gathering of the Ukip Friends of Israel at Westminster. Douglas Carswell and perhaps Mark Reckless will address the massed ranks of British Traitors.

We’re honoured to confirm that UKIP’s first MP @DouglasCarswell will be our guest speaker in a few weeks. Get in touch for more details.

I’m quite sure you wont want to miss this one.

The Betrayal Of The Working Man.

The needs of the working man have never been  represented in government. He has always been outwitted by stealth, greed and the power of money.  Which is the reason why whatever he may earn in meagre wages is immediately paid back to the “Company Store”  and why the man who generated the wealth of the elite, has never been much more than a slave who is allowed just enough to feed and cloth himself.

At the moment in the UK, there is a transition taking place. Immediately after the last General Election, it was quite clear that the British were not too pleased with the notion which had been continually presented to them as the most likely election outcome, the probability of a coalition government of the Tories and the Liberals, which they quite obviously rejected, by deserting the Liberals in massive numbers.

Despite this obvious rejection of the idea of a coalition, Clegg, the agent from the EU Commission, agreed to support the Tories and form a government.  He then set about destroying the Liberal Party by agreeing to a hike in Student Tuition Fees and dropped the idea of a voting system based on Proportional Representation, which is at least some protection against the domination of the majority, which in many cases is based on a small number of votes.

It would appear, based on the results of recent by-elections, that the Liberals are likely to be wiped out in the coming General Election and suddenly, out of nowhere, The United Kingdom Independence Party pops up.  These are the boys who are going to take the UK out of Europe, or are they?

Cameron,  the Jewish Tory leader, is claiming that he is going to renegotiate the terms of the Treaty of Lisbon, which was signed by the Labour Party, despite a promise of a referendum to verify that it was what the electorate wanted.  Having gained these “changes” to the treaty, he will then give the voter a referendum, after the coming election, which he is likely to lose.

Miliband, the Jewish Labour leader, is at this moment refusing to hold a referendum,  mainly because to adopt the same promise as did Gordon Brown before him and having been in favour of Brown’s signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, it would be received as pure cynicism by the electorate.

So Ukip, having won two by-elections now have two Members of Parliament, both of whom are defectors from the Tories, so in effect the Tories have just taken control of Ukip.

Nigel Farage, the one-time parasite from the City of London, is calling for more defectors from other parties, thus creating a group of which he will be the unelected leader, until he can prove himself at the ballot box. Should he fail to do so, it would be strange should a large group of elected members allow an unelected to decide how they should vote in Parliament but that is a problem for another day.

This is reminiscent of the way the Liberal Party was quietly swamped by old Socialists, calling themselves Social Democrats, creating the Liberal Democrats, which quickly fell under the control of Roy Jenkins, David Owen and Shirley Williams and Bill Rodgers who became known as “The Gang of Four,” all of them defectors from the Labour Party.

So it should be made clear that those whom believe Ukip to represent a “breath of fresh air” in UK politics, you are deluded, it is already in the hands of professional politicians and their claim of being the Party to take the UK out of Europe will quickly morph into an  In/Out Referendum,  which like the recent Yes/No Referendum in Scotland will be rigged and that will be the end of it.

The only way out of Europe is by voting for “Single Issue” Independent Candidates, who will vote to leave Europe in a more readily checked vote in the House of Commons.

The result of General Elections in the UK are in normal times unimportant, both contesting parties being in the pocket of the “hidden” leadership,  that is those who have control of the money supply and the Bank of England.

It was noticeable that on winning his first Parliamentary seat that Farage immediately changed his cry of being the Party to take the UK out of Europe to a promise of a referendum, which is not at all the same thing.

In reality most of the members of the Union, do not want a Union, just as all of those countries which were given a choice, refused the offer of a Union,  which is why there is no longer the offer of a choice.

What is remarkable is the fact that in a so-called democratic system all of those who voted against the offer of a Union, were trumped by their elected servants, who signed the Treaty in defiance of the voters and yet nobody took to the streets and called for the resignation of their governments.

In the United States, those who shrill so eloquently of their unique form of freedom of which they claim the whole world to be jealous,  would do well to remember that the last attempt of the countries of the South to leave that Union led to the Civil War.

Their description of themselves as “exceptional” could well be an expression of their stupidity, or indeed of their morbidly obese stature, rather than a measure of their ability to maintain an elusive freedom through an astute understanding of the political system.

Having decided that two identical political parties are ample for those whom are apparently in no need of improvement, despite the fact that they are these days perceived as exceptional uniquely in the Black Art of mass slaughter.

It is unlikely that the result of the coming election in the UK will deliver a result very much different from the recent election in the US,, where 95% of sitting members were returned to office for the umpteenth time, despite having been responsible for keeping the US in a total state of war since the days of Clinton, whose is more than likely to be the Democratic candidate in 2016.


Hitler: From The Heights Of Scientific Achievement To The Depths Of The EU.

Any discussion of the attempts made by German scientists to advance the frontiers of human knowledge,  are automatically couched in an endless mythos of fear and loathing and a huge universal sigh of relief that the “Allies” had managed to overcome those pesky Germans, before they could turn these diabolical weapons, which they had most surely developed, against us.

The “Free World” can breath again, safe in the knowledge that whatever the “dastardly” Germans may have been working on, whether it be “anti-gravity” or some other futuristic form of propulsion for “The Bell” or their “Flying Saucer” was quickly and secretly sequestered into the safe hands of the State, which had just dropped two Atom Bombs on Japan a short time after they had “Fire Bombed” Dresden, for no better reason than that they had the means and the viciousness to do so. So I hope that reassures you that we are in safe hands now.

Every move made by Germany, whether it was the study of the pyramids or Antarctica the esoteric or any other subject,  was uniquely, to gain some form of military advantage, which would enable them to conquer the world. Heh!Heh!Heh!  Most of all whatever they investigated, they managed to discover more about it than the rest of us ever did, down through the centuries.  What is more, all of this was carried out during the six short years that the National Socialists had  been in power.  What a magnificent achievement.

This was of course not their only achievement, during the same six years, they had managed to pull Germany out of the morass, which had been created by the Weimar Republic, which had the aim of destroying the German economy after the Great War, creating the hyper-inflation, which made it possible for hyper-greedy Jewish financiers to buy virtually the totality of the German infrastructure for knock-down prices, through the use of the Fiat Dollar, which had been introduced in the US, by Jewish Bankers, after they had gained control of the US economy by establishing The Private Federal Reserve.

Hitler’s first step had been to relieve these avaricious Jewish thugs of their ill-gotten gains and to politely ask them to resettle somewhere else.  At least sixty thousand of them left to live in Palestine, as the US and UK refused them entry as part of the coming Jewish invasion of the Middle East.  They were allowed to take whatever of their possessions and money they chose.  There was no form of terror used, Hitler did exactly what others have been obliged to do with their Jews, for hundreds of years, because of their interference in the well-being of whichever state in which they happened to live.  So not much wrong with that. The English did the same but the Jews managed to worm their way back into England through the use of their favourite tool, debt.

Another feature of the National Socialist’s heavy schedule, the completion of which  Hitler did not live long enough to see, unless that is you subscribe to the Sharkhunters theory that Hitler spent a fair few years in Argentina after his suicide in the Bunker, was of course his  chef-d’oeuvre the construction of the European Union.

That is according to a scary man in Bristol,  who believes that not all of the gang were lynched at Nuremberg.  In fact the real men behind the curtain, who under the guidance of Martin Bormann, used all that gold which the Central Bankers had absent-mindedly left in the vaults of the Central Banks across Europe, to take over the world through judicious investments on the Stock Exchanges of the World.

Suffice it to say, that if there were any survivors of Nuremberg, they would be the Zionist/Jewish infiltrators in the National Socialist Government, who went on to found the Bilderberg Group, with Hitler’s friend, Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, who along with the once King of England Edward VIII, was a great friend and admirer of Hitler.

Edward VIII showed himself to be a man of honour, who refused to remain King, when the Jews surrounding the Jew Winston Churchill informed him of the coming war with Germany, his abdication was excused rather lamely, by a claim that it was against some unwritten  Constitution, for him to do as did his grand-nephew Prince Charles, marry a divorced woman.

This European Union has proven to be very popular with all of the Jewish Politicians across Europe but singularly unpopular  with all of those countries which have been allowed the democratic right to vote yes or no to entry into this Union.

In the very heart of this Union, there is to be found,  the very element which exists in the accounts of all of the major banking houses, a “Black Hole.”  An entity which has just reared its vicious head, in a planned attack against the United Kingdom and its fearless Knight in Shining Armour, the Jew David Cameron.

Cameron and his fag,  the Jew George Osborne,  have been busily forging the figures of employment and growth in the UK.  They have constantly referred to the UK as being the most  successful country in the Union,  in all respects, when in fact it is all rubbish.

The UK is on the floor. Any gain in jobs has been in the minimum pay area which along with a zero hour contract delivers less than half of the minimum weekly wage for the unfortunate youngsters stuck behind a checkout, earning just about enough to pay for their portable telephone while still living with their parents.

These ridiculous claims have now landed Cameron with a demand for funds to hurl into the EU Black Hole, which is the normal procedure should one Union member be raking it  in, while others are not doing so well.

The UK has found itself landed with a demand for 1.7 billion pounds, as a contribution to EU funds, just at the moment when the replacement for the Liberal Democrats, the UK Independence Party is disingenuously claiming to be the Party which will take the UK out of the EU should they get the chance.

The Communist President of the EU Commission, the Jew Borosso, will never allow the Jew Cameron to be outflanked by the Goy Nigel Farage, whom he detests because of the snide remarks which Ukip leader Farage has levelled at him in the EU Parliament.  So he has employed the rather stale device of asking for twice as much as he expects to be paid,  thus allowing Cameron to show his mettle to the UK voters, by driving the sum down from 1.7 billion pounds to perhaps ,  900,000,000, which will satisfy those whom are unfamiliar with this ploy and give the rest of us a laugh.


As did today’s verdict in a British Court, which found Bashar al Assad, guilty of yet another crime, when based on the word of a mother, whose son had decided to help the people of Syria, by joining the ISIS side of the conflict instead of the Government side, whom when captured, may or may not have been tortured having been considered an enemy combatant and he may or may not have hanged himself in his cell.

In a conflict generated by paid Mercenaries, under the control of the UK.  The progress of which was filmed by Stuart Ramsey for Sky News. Which has progressed into a savage attempt at regime change to suit the Shadow Government, which controls the UK. A struggle during which an unknown number sadistic butcheries have been carried, all of which the mealy-mouthed British have blamed on the regime but which it is now clear were actually carried out by the “British Boys” who make up ISIS under the leadership of a Mossad agent Al Baghdadi.

After a hearing in London, the Jury found that the Pakistani man had been unlawfully killed by the Assad Regime, without having heard one word from the other side of the story.  The verdict produced howls of rage from UK Politicians demanding that the case should be handed over to the International Criminal Court in order to bring the guilty to book.

This,  in contrast to the instructions of the Judge in the Jean Charles de Menezes case, where a man whom may have been in possession of evidence of the planting of explosives by security operatives on Tube Trains on 7-7, had eleven bullets pumped into his head by unknown gunmen, while sauntering off to work.

The number of lies which were told by the Metropolitan Police during the murder were eye watering.  These lies were not accidents they were outright deliberate lies, involving high-ranking police officers. No action was ever taken against any of these people.

The British Court did not even name the killers and the Judge accepted an excuse which involved the one person who could identify the alleged suspect, who was bearded, according to his photo,   had need of urinating just as a beardless man walked from the house which was under surveillance. Yeh right!

This totally unbiased Judge, having accepted  an extremely high pile of bilge, then ORDERED the Jury to return a verdict which absolved the hired killers and their Metropolitan Police runners.

These same British SAS men and others, have been torturing and killing innocent Muslims for the past thirteen years and yet not one of them has appeared in the ICC.  When two SAS men in Basra, Iraq, were caught in the act of planting bombs and shot a policeman dead in an effort to escape, the British sent in the tanks to break them out of gaol and the British cheered this exploit. What glorious hypocrisy.





A Black Day For Sitting Politicians, While Francis The Jesuit Pope, Visits Apartheid Israel.

A while back, after the result of the 2010 General Election had been announced, I wrote a tale, expressing my belief that the Coalition between the Lib-Dems and the Tories would spell the end of the Liberal Democrats as a Political force.  (see,  Requiem for the Lib-Dems. RIP.) my links refuse to work, please high light and search with a search engine of your choice.

It has now become clear as to why Nick Clegg did not insist on a change in the UK voting system, which has been used to maintain the status quo for generations in the UK by making it virtually impossible for smaller parties to gain a foothold in Parliament.

The recent European Union election has shown the people of Europe that it is eminently possible to kick out those whom have held a form of institutional right to govern, that they have had their day.

This strangle-hold on power, has maintained a quasi-democracy, not only in the UK but world-wide, through the use of corrupted “bought and paid for” politicians,  most of whom are too dumb to tie their own shoe laces, in positions of authority, which they have used to consistently ignore the wishes of the people by whom they were elected.

This absence of an honest alternative has encouraged disenchanted voters to turn to those Parties which have been scoffed at as being nothing more than degenerate racists,  in order to regain some modicum of power back into the hands of the voter.

We have all been educated to believe that only large Political Parties are capable of running a Government, that is despite the evidence of their failure to deliver little more than poverty War and death.  These “governments” of the countries of Europe, have never managed to provide adequate housing, health care, education or nutrition for its citizens, they have however always managed to find the money to slaughter anyone who has tried to create a better, more just system.

In the UK and other so-called Democratic countries,  the main political Parties have colluded to maintain a banking system which has impoverished the people to enrich the bankers.

A housing policy has been ritually maintained as a “cash-cow” for the bankers, of which there has been no mention from the politicians. Bankers and Builders, colluded to maintain a housing shortage in order to gain the maximum of profit from any hike in house prices.

During a period of an almost stagnant increase in salaries and stable prices of  materials, house prices have rocketed to unbelievable levels, generating huge increases in profits for the major construction companies, whom are using cheap labour to build homes, which will be sold at a value far exceeding the cost of building the home, which will be little more than it was ten years ago.

All three Parties in the UK are fully aware that the British wanted a referendum on EU membership and yet they have conspired to deny this simple demand.

There has been no mention whatsoever of another threat to UK democracy, that being the insidious advance of Common Purpose, which indicates that all three Parties are deceiving the voter, most of whom have never heard of Common Purpose and are unaware that the elected government is financing the undermining of Democracy and the imposition, using underhanded means, of the tenets of Agenda 21, which is a major threat to us all.

I am under no illusions about the aims of politicians. I believe them all to be controlled, in one way or another. All of the decent people have been rinsed out of the Lib-Dems, not that there had been many. All the way back to Jeremy Thorpe, there have been doubts about them.

Paddy Ashdown threw his weight behind the war in Bosnia, yet while after making great claims about being anti-war, during the build-up to Iraq, Clegg and his cronies fully supported the slaughter of Gadaffi, his family and the country which he had so proudly constructed, despite decades of attacks by the democrats.   The Lib-Dems have also gone along with the financing of Al Qaeda and other mercenary groups of murderers, to destroy Bashar Al Assad and Syria. Their vote was necessary to allow the slaughter.

I will personally be glad to see the demise of this bunch of hypocrites, whom along with the rest of the self-seeking  “democrats” in Parliament, made no outcry against the banking bailouts, which was a criminally constructed scheme to rob the people.  When Gordon Brown “Saved the World” and generously gave away the people’s money to the bankers, there were no massive demands for an inspection of the bankers books by the Fraud Squad, there were no arrests made and the Banks were described as being “Too big to fail,” when in reality it was the bank owners, who were “Too powerful to prosecute.”

While these Democrats have been massacring millions of Muslims, without a care in the world, they have been describing those whom have proposed other solutions as being racist, while continuing to accept the survivors of their illegal War Crimes, into Europe, where there is no superstructure capable of coping with this influx, without reducing the standard of life, for those whom are already here.

When they claim to be seeking the minimum of care for all, for all, means exactly that, the day is coming when none of us, apart from the super-rich, will be able to afford anything more than the minimum.

In France, the upsurge in support for the Front Nationale  is being presented as being in some way racist or anti-Semitic, when in reality the real racists and anti-Semites are the Khazar Jews, whom have had control of France, through Sarkozy;  who took France into NATO and obliterated Libya, and  François Hollande  who is even now desperate to attack any group of Arab Semites that he can lay his hands on.

International Jewry is not a Semitic race, they are simply hiding behind the term to generate an excuse for the War Crimes of which they are guilty in Palestine, a land to which they have no legal or historical claim.

Nobody in France is in favour of deporting immigrants,  they simply want to call a halt.  Most immigrants agree with that, everybody is aware of the problems of employment, health care and housing. The concept of full-up, at some point must become relevant.

While these interesting developments in Democracy have been taking place in Europe, the visit of the Jesuit Pope Francis to Israel, has passed without too much attention.   However a well executed attack in Brussels, against Jewish visitors to the “Jewish Museum” which was carried out hot on the heels of a double murder in the West Bank, by Israeli military, an event which did not prompt an expression of sorrow from the Jew David Cameron, unlike the event in Brussels, could well have been a warning to Netanyahu, from Francis and the Black Pope, that he is not the only one capable of ordering murder. In this changing world Jews may well have to get used to looking over their shoulder.



The Truth About The Referendum And The European Union.

 A good proportion of the British Electorate,  could well be feeling just a little bit excited about the gains which have been made on the Political Front by UKip, the Party which is now promising an ‘in-out’ referendum on the UK’s position in the European Union.

They are the third Party to make this promise, a promise which it is already too late to fulfill. All of the leading Politicians, including Nigel Farage, and those others whom have bothered to read the Treaties, which have all been signed in the name of the People, fully understand that the control of the UK has already been delivered into the hidden hands of those, whom from behind the scenes, control the unelected Politburo, which now dictates the affairs of the twenty-seven member States. We are in fact, now under the control of the band of evil, which delivered Russia into the hands of Lenin and Stalin and perhaps the most evil of all Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda, a member of Cheka, whom purged Russia of Christians and other White Folk. This band of scum also managed to see to the slaughter of twenty-million Germans and an untold number of other Christians in the Eastern European Countries, which were passed into the hands of Stalin at the end of WW2.

The White race has been under constant attack ever since. The sinister truth is, that in every Western, Christian Country, more people are dying than are being born. This reality is being hidden through the means of immigration. In truth the population of the UK has been reduced by ten million in recent years and yet it carries on growing, which is why there has been no attempt made to curtail immigration.

The United Kingdom has been sold down the river, by politicians of all parties and by the Queen herself, whom has signed all of the Treaties which have made this destruction of the UK possible.

The UK has already been carved into zones, which are designed to destroy the integrity of the UK, which is why the Independence of Scotland is being allowed by the EU, because Scotland no longer exists, it has been lined up to be part of the zone, which includes Norway.

It has already been decided that the Conservatives will lose the election in 2015, so they can promise a referendum on Europe without fear of ever having to allow one.  The Socialists, whom will win the election, have already stated that the have no intention of holding such a referendum.

The normal course of events have now been thrown into disarray, with the unexpected success of UKip, in the recent elections.  Should UKip Politicians be given the quantity of Television exposure, to which they would be entitled, with at least a quarter of the vote, they could well expose the treachery of the three main parties, none of which want to leave the EU and whom have been in league ever since the paedophile Prime Minister, Edward Heath, betrayed the United Kingdom, by lying to the people about the true intentions of the “Common Market.”

All that remains to be done is for the European Commission to announce this reality to the people of Europe.

This list of members of François Hollands Socialist Government has recently been released by Le Figaro:


*(Do not forget that this is the same GODF Lodge which accused The Grand National Lodge of being too close to Sarkozy)

Les Franc-Maçons membres du Grand Orient de France (GODF) dans le gouvernement Hollande / Ayrault

François Hollande, un Président aux ordres du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Président de la République

 François Hollande (Président de la République) , franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Ministres et Conseillers Franc-Maçons

 Jean-Marc Ayrault (Premier Ministre) : En 2008, maire de Nantes, il fait voter une subvention de 400 000€ destinée à la rénovation et à l’agrandissement du local servant aux réunions de 7 loges maçonniques

 Manuel Valls (Ministre de l’Intérieur), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Christiane Taubira (Ministre de la Justice), franc-maçonne membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Pierre Moscovici (Ministre de l’Economie et des Finances), ancien membre de la Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Ministre des Droit des Femmes), « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Arnaud Montebourg (Ministre du Redressement Productif), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Michel Sapin (Ministre du Travail), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Vincent Peillon (Ministre de l’Education Nationale), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et ancien communiste membre du Comité Communistes pour l’Autogestion

Jérome Cahuzac (Ministre du Budget), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Jean-Yves Le Drian (Ministre de la Défense), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Stéphane Le Foll (Ministre de l’Agriculture), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Marylise Lebranchu (ministre de la Réforme de l’État, de la Décentralisation et de la Fonction publique) franc-maçonne et ancienne communiste membre du PCMLF (Parti communiste marxiste-léniniste de France)

 Anne-Marie Escoffier (Ministre déléguée chargée de Décentralisation),franc-maçonne membre du Parti Radical de Gauche et membre de la Grand Loge Féminine de France (GLFF)

 Fleur Pellerin (Ministre Déléguée chargée des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, de l’Innovation et de l’Economie Numérique), « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Benoît Hamon (Ministre délégué à l’Économie sociale et solidaire et à la Consommation), franc-maçon

 George Pau-Langevin, (Ministre déléguée à la Réussite éducative), franc-maçonne

 Michèle Delaunay (Ministre déléguée aux Personnes âgées et à l’Autonomie), franc-maçonne

 Frédéric Cuvillier (Ministre délégué aux Transports), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Marc Mancel ( conseiller de la ministre George Pau-Langevin), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Christophe Chantepy (directeur de cabinet de Jean-Marc Ayrault), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Alain Simon (contrôleur général au ministère de l’Economie), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Alain Vidalies (Ministre en charge des Relation avec le Parlement),franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Aquilino Morelle (conseiller de François Hollande), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

Cédric Lewandowski (directeur de cabinet de Jérome Cahuzac), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Victorin Lurel (Ministre délégué en charge de l’Outre-Mer), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Renault Vedel (directeur adjoint de cabinet de Manuel Valls), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Alain Bauer (conseiller officieux de Manuel Valls), franc-maçon ancien Grand Maitre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Yves Colmou ( conseiller de Manuel Valls), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Echantillon des francs-maçons au Sénat et à l’Assemblée nationale ( liste non exhaustive)

Les Franc-Maçons du Sénat

François Rebsamen (président du groupe PS au Sénat), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Jean-Pierre Sueur (sénateur PS du Loiret et Président de la Commissions des lois), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Claude Domeizel (sénateur PS des Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Gérard Collomb (sénateur maire de Lyon), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Michèle André (sénatrice PS du Puy-de-Dôme), franc-maçon vice présidente deFraternelle Parlementaire et membre du Droit HumainRobert Navarro (sénateur PS de l’Hérault), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Les Franc-Maçons à l’Assemblée Nationale et dans les Colléctivités Locales  

Henri Emmanuelli (député PS des Landes), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Christian Bataille (député PS du Nord), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Pascale Crozon (députée PS du Rhône), franc-maçonne vice présidente de la Fraternelle Parlementaire

Pascal Terrasse (député PS de l’Ardèche), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Oliver Dussopt (député PS de l’Ardèche), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Brigitte Bourguignon (députée PS du Pas-de-Calais), franc-maçonne

Odiles Saugues (députée PS du Puy-de-Dôme), franc-maçonne

Patrick Menucci (député PS des Bouches du Rhône), franc-maçon membre de la Grande Loge de France (GLDF)

Paul Giacobbi (député PRG de la Haute-Corse), franc-maçon membre de la Grande Loge de France (GLDF)

Jean Le Garrec (ancien ministre PS),franc-maçon président du Cercle Ramadier, membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Philippe Guglielmi (premier secrétaire fédéral du PS de Seine-Saint-Denis), franc-maçon ancien Grand Maitre du Grand Orient de France(GODF)

Jean-Jacques Queyranne (président de la région Rhône Alpes), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Philippe Foussier (rédacteur en chef de la revue de la Fédération national des élus socialistes et républicains), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France

 Jean Glavany (député PS des Hautes-Pyrénées), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Jean-Marie Cambacérès (député PS du Gard), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Jean-Michel Baylet (sénateur PRG du Tarn-et-Garonne), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Jack Lang, franc-maçon

 Daniel Vaillant (député-maire à Paris), franc-maçon

 Harlem Désir (Premier Secrétaire du Parti Socialiste), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF

All of the above are Freemasons and many of the are Jews. Sarkozy was Jew and his government included many Jews. François Holland is a Jew, as are many members of his team.

Research into the Political Parties in the UK would deliver a similar result. It is a fair assumption to make, that Freemasonry exerts incredible influence on British politics. During the Dunblane Massacre inquiry, the whole farce was in the hands of the Masons. When they ordered a one-hundred-year secrecy notice, on the findings of the inquiry, they were not only carrying out a cover-up of the alleged involvement of George Robertson and Peter Mandelson and other members of the Cabinet of Tony Blair, but also their own involvement. Masons should not be allowed to investigate themselves any more than should the Police.

The French people, even those whom do not pay too much attention to politics, are feeling just a little uncomfortable, when faced with this reality. It may explain how the Socialist Government of Tony Blair found it so easy to conceal their perversions and how it was possible to conceal the truth about The Dunblane Massacre and The Lockerbie Bombing. Not to mention the fondness of high ranking members of the Scottish Judiciary and Police for sex with young children, without fear of prosecution.

Members of the Blair Cabinet, were allegedly members of a group of paedophiles, which was linked to the Speculative Society, a secretive Masonic Lodge.

see P2 and the Speculative Society

The Farce Of Scottish Independence.

One of the discussions on Today, the BBC’s  flagship News programme on Radio Four, was the question of Scottish Independence and its future place in the European Union.

The debate was chaired by John Humpries, the BBC attack poodle, whom carried out an interview with Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi in the UK, without  the words  “War Crimes,” being part of the discussion. He was no more searching, in his dealings with the Scottish spokesperson.

He failed to ask the question, concerning the point of a referendum for independence, when the man, whom is leading the call for a referendum, Alex Salmond, has already announced his intention of staying in the EU, despite the fact that it has been a total disaster, by design, in order to force a “Closer Union” of member Countries, which will of course mean handing over the control of Scottish affairs into the hands of those whom oversaw this disaster.

Salmond is a stooge. All political  parties are controlled and the Scottish National Party is no different. To even consider membership of the EU is a sure and certain mark of control.

Globalisation and Free Trade have made a mockery of the EU, yet UK politicians are still pushing it as a “Single Market,” which will be closed to those Countries, whom are not in the Club. When did China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Brazil join this club?  Europe is swamped with cheap rubbish from the East, which is as it was supposed to be.

New Labour, under Blair and Brown, were given the task of destroying the UK’s economy, by making possible the huge Banking  fraud, which was carried out under their leadership. They pushed credit down the throats of the British until it was choking them. The Conservatives stood by watching it all take place, without a word of warning. The Lib-Dem’s were busy sacking a good leader, to clear the way for Europe’s man Clegg.

The Lib-Dem’s, carefully placed themselves alongside the millions whom were protesting against the war in Iraq, in a cynical move to win votes, a stance which has been shown to be no more than a deception, they were manoeuvred into the coalition, through trickery, to provide the British with a “full house” of political parties in favour of War Crimes and wholesale theft, as in Libya, Côte d’Ivoire, Syria and Mali.

To make sure that the British people would never be given a Referendum on Europe, for which a majority is calling, Gordon Brown, slithered off to Lisbon to sign a treaty which he had promised not to accept, without the go-ahead from the people.

Alleged paedophile, Gordon Brown, was kept busy towards the end of his unelected term as UK Prime Minister, he saved the world, which is no small feat. He then managed to close down the vestiges of UK heavy industry, sending it off to pollute us from India. He then lost the election to Clegg and Cameron, despite the British having rejected a coalition by deserting the Lib-Dem’s in massive numbers and headed off to take up his new job with the criminal, International Monetary Fund.

The British are now faced with a conundrum. The coalition is now using the Referendum card,  knowing full well that they will lose the next election, while the Socialists, when they are elected, will cancel the Referendum as they are opposed to the whole idea, that smells of choice, which is illegal under the British brand of Democracy.

The only possibility of change for the British, is to vote for single issue candidates, whom promise to vote to leave the EU, before it’s too late, other than that, it’s Ukip, which talks a lot of hot air and have never managed to convince the voter that they are anything more than a laugh-a-minute side-show. Farage boots out those whom take the idea of leaving the EU a bit too seriously.

The true culprit in the middle of this mess is the banking system. Yet there is not one politician in the UK or Scotland, whom has aired this issue, that is the level of fear which is generated by the Central Bankers. Nigel Farage of Ukip has access to the mainstream media, yet like Osborn and Darling and Brown, he mentions not a word of condemnation of this gigantic fraud. Salmond also keeps his mouth shut.

Should the likes of Humpries, be unaware of the depth of criminality involved in this corrupt banking system, they need look no farther than the speeches of Ron Paul, to discover the reality.  Having watched a Ron Paul speech, one would imagine that Humpries, during one of his “hard-hitting” interviews with Cameron or Osborn, might innocently ask the question “What is the point of continuing to allow a banking system which does nothing for the people, while lining the pockets of the rich?” Neither Humpries or any other “journalist” has ever posed this question to a leading politician. It is banned by all mainstream media.

Salmond and the SNP has been tasked with the job of emasculating the UK. After Scotland, next on the list would appear to be Ulster and after that Wales. This will leave that strange hotchpotch, called England, where indigenous folk are becoming harder and harder to find and which will soon become a Muslim State, where the workers can be treated as they are in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc., standing on its own, with no army, worth the name, at the mercy of the Globalists.

We are well into the last lap. Europe is broke, there is no sign of a recovery, stock market figures are a deception, they say nothing whatever about European production, most of the multi-nationals have factories in China, there is no serious investment in European Industry.

The best thing that the Scottish People can do is to wait until the Referendum has delivered Independence and then before he can set about selling off the Scottish people s oil resources and distilleries, to repay the loan from the IMF, which he most certainly will accept, is to get rid of Salmond, he is a traitor and vote only for those whom are not Free Masons, they are more likely to use the closure of the Central Bank and the issuance of a Scottish currency, interest free, which will enrich Scotland overnight and is the way out of the strangle-hold of the Banking Families.