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Ukraine: The Hard Men Are Coming To Power.

The terror of Al Qaeda has been unleashed against Ukraine, by Mossad, MI6 and the CIA. As with Syria and Libya masked men have come on to the streets of Kiev, under orders to create chaos.

For weeks they used the Ukrainian Police as a form of blood sport prey. The Police, many of whom were little more than adolescents, were pummelled mercilessly  with clubs, doused with petrol and set on fire. Vicious weapons made from acetone and aerosol foam were ignited on the clothing of the Police and burnt with an intensity which could not be extinguished. Twenty-six Police were then executed, in cold blood along with dozens of demonstrators.


There is convincing evidence, that this carnage was ordered by the Government in waiting, not long after they had signed an agreement with the Democratically elected President.  This is the caliber of the Government in waiting which has been selected by the CIA.

This selection, was recorded when it was being discussed by the US Ambassador  to Ukraine and Victoria Nuland, famous not only for her F*** the EU sentiments but also for the cover-up of events surrounding the gun running, in which another branch of the US controlled Al Qaeda, was involved, in Benghazi, which led to the death of the US Ambassador.

The current chapter of Al Qaeda, in Ukraine, are being described as Fascist and Extreme Right Wing or indeed Neo-Nazis, when in fact they bear absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the National Socialist Germans, with whom they are being compared.

In this fight, everybody appears to have something to hide. When the Germans came to Ukraine, they were welcomed as Liberators. Thousands of Ukrainians fought alongside the Germans  against the Red Army, which had in the recent past starved millions of Ukrainians to death and stole their food, which was sold on the world markets for cash to buy weapons.

This Ukrainian Brigade was sent back to Russia, by the British, into the arms of Uncle Joe Stalin, who like the good Jew that he was, quickly slaughtered them. After Stalin’s genocide  in Ukraine, millions of Russians took the place of the dead ethnic Ukrainians and it is these folk whom are calling for a referendum, hoping for a majority vote to remain in a close relationship with Russia.

The thugs who are calling for the death of Jews, Communists and Russians, would appear to be a remnant of those poor souls who were indeed starved to death by Russian Jewish Communists and they are quite right to resist an alignment with Putin, who is after all an ex KGB Officer.

However  they appear to be working for the Jewish Shekel at the moment, for while Russia is desperately trying to convince us all that they are now Democratic and free, the Jewish Communists have installed themselves in the European Union and it is they whom are holding out the offer of a septic loan from the International Monetary Fund, to the Government in Ukraine of which these Right Wingers are members. What does that mean, I wonder?

Putin’s Russia on the other hand, would appear to have been pushed onto the Hitler square, where he is being taunted persistently and presented as the aggressor, what is more it has already been said that he, like Hitler before him, is intent on recovering the entire Soviet Empire.

Putin, during a Press Conference, after he had made remarks about the Fascists who had slaughtered Russians during World War Two, was asked by a young Journalist what he thought about the suggestion that many of the claims, made about Hitler and the Germans  had been exaggerated. Putin completely ignored the question.

Hitler made every conceivable approach to the Jewish-British City of London, in order to avoid the conflagration which they seemed intent on unleashing.   He apparently made seventeen serious attempts to avoid war all of which were ignored by the British.  It was his move to save Ethnic Germans, whom were being brutalised in Czechoslovakia  and Poland, by British Thugs, in the same manner as is now happening in Ukraine, that the British and French swooped.

The British are short on ideas, their approach to war is always the same.  The Jewish-British Empire, has been involved uniquely in illegal wars. The last time that they were invaded, it was a bloodless affair, in fact the British people did not even notice the event and they do not learn about it at school. The Irish retain dark memories of this invasion of England, as it introduced them to the Dutch Bastard William of Orange and the Battle of the Boyne.

It has been suggested by many Historians that Hitler was the illegitimate son of a Rothschild, which is the explanation of his rise to power in Germany.  As was the case with the Russian coup d’etat, which was funded and carried out by Jews with money from the City of London and New York, Hitler’s Germany, we are told benefited from  massive investments by Ford, General Motors and IBM, which in short order transformed Germany from a basket case into the richest country in Europe.

I do not go along with this theory, I believe it to have been due to the actions which were taken by Hitler and Mussolini, which invested the value of an hours labour into the monetary unit and issued his own currency, which carried no debt of interest.

Many people are suggesting that Putin has taken similar steps in Russia. We are told that he has taken control of the Central Bank, and pays no interest on  the Currency in Russia, which should the French do the same thing would save the French economy seventy billion Euros a year, a tidy sum, certainly adequate to sort out the French debt.

Should it be correct that Putin has taken control of the Rothschild Central Bank in Russia, it would certainly explain why he is coming under such pressure and so many dubious claims of aggression, by the “Free Press.”

Ukraine has been promised a bail-out, of one billion dollars, by the USA. The current system, which is essentially wholesale theft, requires Ukraine to hand that billion dollars directly to a Rothschild Central Bank as payment of interest on their existing debt and the sum of one billion dollars will be added to that debt. Do you begin to see the depth of the fraud which is being carried out against us, with the assistance of our Politicians.

As for the British claims that Putin’s acceptance of a Referendum in the Crimea is unlawful and shows his desire to expand the Russian Empire, through whatever means necessary, how can such gross hypocrisy not strangle the likes of Cameron as it spews out of his mouth, while he still lauds the launching of a flotilla of Royal Naval vessels, to retake a British Colony in the Falklands, where he has every intention of holding a Referendum of his own, which does not include the people of Argentina but only the installed population which assures him of victory.

Just as in Northern Ireland, where only the locality with a deliberately installed majority of Protestants and not the people of the whole of Ireland get to vote. Plus the fact that he has completely ignored the wishes of a vast majority of the people of the UK to have a Referendum on remaining in the Jewish Controlled Bolshevik EU.

The UK has a National Debt of one trillion Pounds. George Osborne is assuring the British that he is paying off the debt. However he is still borrowing billions of Pounds every year. That being so, how can he claim that the debt is being paid off? It is not possible to service a debt with borrowed money.

The only way that debt can be paid is with money which is generated by products, which can be exported and sold to bring in money from abroad. That is the historical role of the British, they have long been an Industrial Country, which exported their products all across the World.

Today I listened to a chilling report, explaining the depths to which the Jewish-British Empire has sunk. World Trade is now carried out using huge Container Ships, which when they arrive in one Port, they discharge the containers and charge the vessel with manufactured goods loaded in containers which have already been prepared for them.  They turn the ship around and head off for another destination.

In the UK, when these ships arrive, they discharge their cargoes of Televisions, Fridges, Tablettes and Computers from China, they then load up containers packed with waste paper,  which is the only thing of interest to China, which can be used to save transporting empty containers on the return trip.  That is what has become of European Industry. We can only wish Ukraine the best of luck.