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Putin And The Trout And Other Important Tales





 This morning, having seen the mainstream absorbed with the vision of Vladimir Putin, on holiday, with his shirt off – how odd is that? – exposing his muscular body, not of course, in admiration for his fitness, but because his is a narcissist, as is Donald Trump. He is also a man, with a mind of his own, as is Donald Trump. Nothing ‘trans’ about them.

Sadly the same thing can not be said about us, we, have been transmogrified into mindless idiots, hanging on to every word, from the mouths of Black people, calling for White destruction. Even our children have taken up the Black cause, without a care in the world for the tens of thousands of White people whom being raped and murdered all across the USA,  Europe and Africa by these same cuddly Black folk.

These youngsters have been brainwashed by a central government controlled system of education, from the day their ‘single’ mother chose to leave them at the mercy of ‘registered’ child minding bodies, which were obliged to observe strict governmental guidelines as to what was being stuffed into the heads of the kids in their care. This was allowed to happen by the absence of Father figures.

The same system was used in Germany, where it was called ‘de-nazification’ which was designed to instil a hatred for their own people into the minds of German children. Germany was of course completely controlled by Jews, following the fall of the Third Reich. The program was a total success, Germans now loath themselves, for what was allegedly done to Jews, by the Germans, during World War Two.

 The rest of us have been put through the same mangle, the only difference being that we, White People in general, whom fought the war against the Third Reich, which was actually declared by International Jewry, are now being brain-washed, into believing, that we were responsible for Black Slavery, which was a virtual monopoly of the Jews.

To reinforce this system of education and to ensure that there be no word of opposition to this cynical conditioning of ‘mindless White folk,’ there is a hastily contrived piece of legislation, being prepared, which will eventually be introduced across the White World, by those ‘Friends of Israel’ in our governments, which will make it illegal to say what I have just written or to so much as criticise the fact that there are barbarities being carried out against the people of Gaza, on a daily basis, by Jews, in Israel. 

In America, the vast majority of people living in poverty are White. The illegal immigrants into the USA, whether Mexican or Black are treated more humanely than are the unemployed White folk. Millions of White people cannot afford the Obama-Care health insurance, which is offered without charge to all immigrants, legal or otherwise.

There are towns in the United States, with a Muslim majority, most of them unemployed, apart from the shops and café’s run by Muslims, where the unemployed Muslims spend their Social handouts. That is modern America, where there are three groups, Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans, all of them being paid by the labours of the Whites whom still have employment.

The same situation exists in South Africa, where the remaining Whites, generate all of the cash to fund the millions of unemployed Blacks, whom are actually preparing to kill the hand that is feeding them. They have already forgotten that they went to South Africa because it was a White Country, just as are the Mexicans and Muslims and hundreds of thousands of Blacks, streaming into Europe and the USA, where they are now calling for their new home to be transformed into the basket cases from which they fled.

None of these things are happening by accident, there is a concerted attempt being made by a group of unknown conspirators, to transform society into an obedient herd of uneducated morons, corralled into large urban areas, which will be little more than prisons, while the conspirators themselves maintain the open country-side for their own entertainment.

The grim reality of this emptying of the country-side of human beings, will be to allow the control of all foodstuffs to fall into the hands of the very people whom have used starvation as a means of genocide, on many past occasions.



The Barons of past times used the man-power of peasants to produce the food, which fed the Militia, which was no more than the ‘gang’ which kept the peasants in order. The modern armies are no different and they will kill whomsoever they are ordered to kill. They have in recent times murdered millions of Muslims, when the time comes they will do the same thing to you, most probably with a ‘foreign’ section of an international militia. Do the American people believe that when the opportunity arrives, that Muslims will not do to you, what you have done to them?

Americans, along with the British and Russians, destroyed Germany and you praised yourselves for the crime. You also dropped Atom Bombs on civilians in Japan, what makes you think that others will not do the same to you at some future date? After all, you have it coming to you as do the British and French the Russians have already been dealt with in 1917.


The only means of putting a stop to this unrelenting slaughter of humanity, is through the efforts of the Peoples of the World. Politics will not do the job, politicians are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Most politicians are either in on the scheme or are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their lives.

Whoever is behind the scheme, which has already put us through two World Wars and an untold number of ancillary skirmishes, all of them designed to forward an agenda, which was announced in an unattributed document, referred to as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, they have displayed themselves as being callous murderers, without a shred of compassion for those whom they have murdered.


 In my heart of hearts, I do not believe that the sort of mutation of humanity, displayed by these ‘conspirators,’ to be indicative of the emergence of a superior being, it displays more than a slight similarity, to a model from a grim and bloody past, which modern folk apparently believe to have been left in that distant past, never again to show its face. How wrong can you be? The real slaughter has yet to begin.


Ireland: Twinned With Syria, In A Strange Continuation Of British Butchery.

I am still speechless,  about the blatant deception and disinformation, which was levelled at Donald Trump, by Sky News, during the entire daily output of “News” on Tuesday 9th December.  This was quite clearly an organised and sustained attack, which demanded the complicity of the entire “News” team.  They are liars, one and all.

This same team of liars, is now feeding the British, the Sky News version of the truth about Climate Change.  I will put it to you, how can anybody, place any trust in anything which is reported by such a bunch of outright liars?

They regularly claim that the “Governments of the World” many of them propagating the same lies and deception as those which are reported by Sky, can maintain the present temperature, about which they are in any case lying, by the simple measure of demanding a Carbon Tax, which might possibly reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, a gas, which may well be doing more good than harm, nobody knows for sure.

In order to get their way, they are promising that emerging countries like many in  Africa,will be handed, over the years, trillions of dollars of aid, all of which will be leeched from Europe and the United States.  We all know that Africa never receives its promised aid, even Band Aid donations were filched by the usual thieves, so rest assured that most of the Carbon tax will vanish into the vaults of Rothschild Bank of International Settlements, which he has already “offered” as a safe haven  for your cash. Nudge! Nudge!

Everything to do with Climate Change/Global Warming is a lie. That is not too strong an accusation.  NOBODY has ever produced an acceptable connection between CO2 and a rise in temperature. CO2, according to ALL of the evidence of Ice Cores, tree rings and other solid sources of data has always risen AFTER the warmer periods. This is still the reality and there has been NO global warming for the last twenty years, we are now cooling.

Our lying leaders will very soon be claiming that they have created this cooling,  through the introduction of their tax and they will demand ever greater sacrifices from the People in the coming years.

Three British traitors, Blair, Brown and Cameron, have all used the underhanded  excuse of reducing C02 emissions to destroy British Industry. The next target will be your use of private transport, there is very little left to reduce. The whole notion of wind power or solar power as an adequate alternative to gas or coal fired power stations is no more than a dream.

The installation of Smart Metres is already under way in the UK, which is an indication that the electricity companies, will very soon be able to control the consumption of electricity in every house in the UK, with ease.  All modern apparatus  are already being kitted out with a smart chip, which will interact with the smart metre, allowing the heat in your home or the cold in your fridge to be regulated. The sale of powerful vacuum cleaners has already been banned.

I checked around for an example of any medium sized factory, which was wholly functional on renewable energy. There are none. Even the factory which was manufacturing Solar Panels, had only 9% renewable electricity available.

Very soon the reality of Agenda 21 and the new kid on the block Agenda 2030, will be unleashed on a totally unprepared public and make no mistake about it, this is a Communist Document and it has been designed to deny us all of our rights.  There are already, in some places, bans on family homes, the new model will demand that you live in shared accommodation, with only a bedroom as your private space.

When enough of us have eaten ourselves to death, the remains of the population is destined to be crammed into Super-Cities, Strong Cities, or Power House Cities, every Nation has its own harmless sounding name for our future prisons.



When it became clear that Winter was proving to be colder than normal and frequently extremely cold,  people began to ask, how could it be getting warmer and colder at the same time.  For a while they told us in a stern voice, that warming , causes cooling. After that they spoke of Climate Change, yet they were forced to maintain their garbage about CO2, otherwise how could they tax us? Thus Climate Change, was more often than not, referred as Global Warming.

In keeping with the lies and propaganda, with which we have been deluged throughout the Climate Change Conference, we were today presented with a balloon climbing up to the stratosphere, to measure the extent of CO2, which has been forming a sort of Duvet around the Earth, causing it to overheat.

This argument takes us straight back to the Cold means Warm position. Should there be a Duvet around the Earth, what lie is necessary to explain how we can have colder than normal Winters?

We all know, should you use a Duvet, your real life experience would clearly demonstrate that while sleeping beneath it, you are every bit as warm in a Cold Winter as in Summer, unless of course it should slide off of your bed in Winter. Either way, with a duvet you expect to maintain a regular temperature.  Would that be a fair assumption? So what is the “real” explanation for severe Winters alongside Global Warming, or are we meant to accept CO2 as the culprit of whatever they choose to claim?

In recent days, I have been scouring youtube, desperately searching for images taken from space, of a motorway in Australia, which was filmed, using the technology, which enabled the Russians to present film of the MH 17 aircraft, which was downed in Ukraine, so that I could watch with my own eyes, traffic driving upside-down on the Australian roads, or at least view Sky-Scrapers pointing down.

Can you believe that there is no such film in existence?  In fact there is not even a video clip, filmed on the moon, showing the Earth in Motion.

How can we have images of Mars, showing greater detail of  Mars than we have of the Earth?  Take my word, it is not a good idea to ask pertinent questions, your common sense will very quickly make it clear that we have been deceived about all and everything. They have been educating us to believe without question, total garbage, to the point where you receive death threats should you question these beliefs.  I am not kidding, the list of lies is unending.

I am waiting, with bated breath for the decision of the temperature which a committee tells me they can maintain through cutting CO2, one of the most important gases on Earth and to deliberately interfere with its production could or would be a stupidity, because during the period of so-called excess CO2 there has been a 15% increase in vegetation across the Planet.

We are now being fed a nonsense, claiming that what has just taken place in Paris, has “Saved the Planet.” This while a dose of those whom are making such claims are still busily destroying and rendering uninhabitable, the Middle East.  We truly are living a nightmare.

The United Kingdom has already taken drastic action to cut their CO2 output by deliberately selling off British Industry and exporting it to those countries which will have no CO2 emission limit imposed.  This is all a racket and is part of the aim of wiping out White European Culture.

This project which cut its teeth in the Russian and Armenian genocides, quickly followed by the wholesale slaughter in Germany and many millions more behind the Iron Curtain after World War Two, which was itself a continuation of the Genocide of The Great War, a war with no other purpose other than that of  the murder of the cream of European Christian youth.

The Irish have never fully recovered from their genocide,  carried out by the British in the 19th Century. Ireland was the Syria of its day and like the people of Syria the Irish had their voyage to Canada and the USA paid for, by the British, to rid Ireland of its people, the same aim is under way in the Middle East.  We are still under the same brutal regime, now as then.

You simply could not make this garbage up, Laurent Fabius, speaking at the Climate Change Conference, has just announced that they have agreed to hold the plunging temperature to a rise of no more than one and a half degrees.

This is not simply pure rubbish, to suggest that increasing the cost of motoring and limiting the consumption of power, will change the weather, is sheer lunacy, yet these idiots make their claims, with a straight face, hill other delegates applaud. This is Communism gone wild and it will cost you dearly. Those cretins, whom when necessary, will soon be bowing and scraping, to an image Big Brother on a huge plasma television screen.

The next step will be to sell water on the Commodity Exchanges, which will create shortages and sanctions against over use. Every detail of your life is going under the control of Bolshevik Communists and they already have their Manifesto written and accepted by your controlled leaders and most of them cannot even be bothered to read it.

Those whom preach about saving the planet have already dangerously reduced the level of the Great Lakes, selling billions of gallons of US water to China.  The US already has severe water shortages of its own.

It is the most pernicious piece of legislation, since the Bolsheviks in Russia imposed the Communist Manifesto on to those about to die, as a result of this Manifesto and the Bolsheviks claim of their superiority over the rest of us.  They then set about  proving Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest, by slaughtering 65 million Christians.  With our help, these fiends then went on to slaughter 20 million Germans and untold million behind the Iron Curtain.

The United Nations puppet is now making it clear that along with his IPCC,  he is in lock step with the liars, who are talking of a sea level rise which if it exists at all,  is so slight as to be unmeasurable in any of the Ports along the Mediterranean, where should it be occurring, it should be plainly visible,  there is only one great sea or ocean, water is at the same level the world over, according to the laws of physics that is.

Those wretched politicians on South Sea Islands whom claimed there to have been a rise in sea levels which was inundating their Island home and carried out a so-called Parliamentary debate wearing snorkels and goggles in a swimming pool, confessed to have been paid to do so.  These are the reliable facts, made use of by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The IPCC has been  outed as liars on so many occasions as to have cast doubt on the truthfulness of anything with which they are associated. It is quite shocking that they have not been arrested for the grand deception of the public.  Our leaders are liars.  Even Jeremy Corbyn is prepared to go along with the lie of man-made global warming.

With a brother who is considered to be the worlds most proficient prophet of the weather, Jeremy,  either has access to information to which is brother is denied or he is, just like the others, on board for a monumental shift in world control, placing us all into the hands of those who will use this power to wipe out the Useless Eaters.    The friends of Corbyn in the Fabian Society have said so, is Jeremy still going along with the  evil aims of this obnoxious group?



Part of the propaganda, leading up to this Climate Change farce in Paris, was the strange Friday 13th charade, which included an attack by a couple of suicide bombers, who were vaporised with no casualties other than themselves, which suggests that they were selected victims, taking part in the drill which had been taking place in the same area, having been lead to believe that their bomb-belts were merely for show.  Their real purpose was to drop their undamaged Passports in front of the Cop, who was of course, untouched and un-splattered by the two explosions.

Meanwhile back in town, a Mercedes was drawing up to a restaurant, two muscular white men, clutching Kalashnikov’s, stepped out of the car and one of them fired several volleys into the restaurant, according to a report in the Daily Mirror. They then drove off in the Direction of the Ba’ta,clan theatre. Apparently, not only do they not appear to have arrived, but in fact they would seem to have vanished into thin air.  It would seem that they were members of this other-worldly group, which shortly after their appearance in Paris,  put in an appearance at the San Bernardino attack, where they were spotted by several eye-witnesses,shooting and killing,  only to be denied their justifiable place in the Police inquiry. As in Paris, they were Men in Black.

Anyway, back to Paris. Another piece of blatant propaganda has miraculously appeared on Facebook. A short clip of young Muslims, with their faces covered by their Kiefer, delivering a stern message to Jews who were drinking their Kosher coffee in the bar of the Ba’a,clan.  This clip was filmed in 2008, a date to remember. The masked men were warning the Jews, that their blood-thirsty attacks against Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine, was causing a serious reaction amongst young Arabs in the Banlieues.



This warning to Jews in 2008, is now being presented in support of the claims that the recent Paris attacks, were indeed carried out against Jews and here is the evidence that it really was Muslims wot dun it.

The theatre itself was wholly owned by Jews, that is true, until or short time ago, when it was sold.  The band which was playing on the fateful night, came to Paris direct from Israel and after the attack, returned to Israel, they then reappeared, tearfully in Paris, having been offered a spot on the U2 show.

In 2008, there was a world-wide condemnation of Israel,  after they had carried out massive attacks against the defenceless people of Gaza.  At the time,  I took part in the local demonstration which was enormous and which stretched all the way around the City.

The local Jews lined the route of the demonstration, with placards proclaiming their total opposition to what was happening in Gaza,  they fully understood that there was no excuse which could detract from the savagery and bestiality of what the Jews were up to in Palestine and yet no sanctions were ever imposed on Israel for these blatant War Crimes.

So in fact there is no excuse needed to justify the behaviour of the Young Arabs, who warned the Jews at the time. Jews who did not appear to be too concerned at their sermon. Lending support to the notion that the clip itself is a recently filmed fraud.


Disclose.tv – My Dinner With André
READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/217389/my_dinner_with_andr/

The British Rediscover The Churchillian Spirit.

While slightly gay William Hague, is fermenting death and destruction all across the Middle East, where the poor old “GI Joe’s” and “Our Boys,” whom having been put in “Harms Way,” through Politicians lies and deceit, have, while trying to save their own skins,  managed to torture and kill millions of innocent people, the British people are being asked to cough up money, by Oxfam and other Disaster companies, to help look after the needs of the displaced Syrians, while slightly gay Willy, is offering the blood-thirsty killers, in Syria, sixty-million pounds, with which to carry on the slaughter.

It is said of Winston Churchill, whom was a cross dressing, lover of young men and most probably of children, that the sign that he had completely lost his mind, was when he ordered the continuing,  genocidal Fire Bombing of Germany, including the most savage and murderous attack in recorded history, the bombing of Dresden, insisting  “that as many Germans as possible, must die.”

The current crop of British Politicians, are allowing all of Hague’s lies to be presented as truth in the House of Commons, where there has been no outcry against the continued British, unending war against Muslims, while efforts are even now being made to take Tony Blair to Court for his acknowledged War Crimes.  They would all appear to have contracted Churchill’s sickness, the only difference being, the new cry is, “As many Muslims as possible must die.”

However we can not expect too much of the British at the moment, as they have serious problems of their own, after all it is snowing in the UK and the pavements are a little bit slippy and God knows when they will be able to do some shopping. We must all pray for them.

The Only Time The Media Reported The Truth

The reporting of the mainly Jewish controlled Press and Television News, has come under constant criticism in recent times for bias and the misleading of the general public.

The excuses which were fabricated in order to generate a pretext to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, as if it was in retaliation for the 911 attacks, were relentlessly pushed by the media, up to and including the censoring of “News” which had slipped through before the clampdown came into force on 911. This involved correspondents, whom had reported from the Pentagon, that it was clear that no plane had crashed there, being forced to change their story, to suit the establishment lies.

The same Press, in earlier times in the US, mislead the public during the build-up to the war with Japan. When it was clear that Roosevelt was intent on provoking the Japanese into a war, as an excuse for the US to enter into a war with Japan’s ally, Germany, the Press remained silent. Even as Roosevelt was withdrawing the most modern Naval vessels out of Pearl Harbour, leaving only the wrecks to be bombed by the Japanese.

The British had already used the excuse of a treaty with Poland as their reason for the long-planned attack against Germany. Poland was of course later thrown to the wolves by the British and Americans.

The controlled press in the UK, remained silent about the extent of the destruction which was being inflicted on the German people, by the overwhelming power of the “Allies” in every department, air,sea and land. They also carried out a constant barrage of hate against Germans, through the BBC News  broadcasts.

Presently, the Free Press, is failing to explain to the public, the origin and reasons for the debt, with which the entire world is being swamped. They have maintained a total silence on the criminal banking system, by which of course they are owned, while encouraging the theft of the last few coppers which remain in the pockets of the poor, never explaining into the pockets of whom it is being poured.

They are also encouraging the public to believe the lie of Man Made Global Warming. They are busily preparing us all to accept a Carbon Tax, which will do absolutely nothing to change the weather. Our children are being taught to believe that Carbon Dioxide is dangerous for the planet, when in fact no one has ever shown any proof that this is so.

Channel Four in the UK, broadcasted a programme, which suggested that the whole notion of Global Warming was lie. They were immediately attacked as “Deniers” and they quickly disowned the argument of the programme.

Recently in the UK, a huge scandal has emerged, in which the richest and most powerful people in the land would appear to be embroiled, the Jimmy Savile paedophile disclosures. Instead of bringing all of the allegations into the open, the Press is allowing it all to be swept back under the carpet, having sacked a BBC man and arrested a couple of low-level offenders, leaving the rich and famous to carry on, as usual, with their diabolical behaviour.

All of these things have been well-known by members of the media and through the use of judiciously placed editors, have been kept from the public. No matter, everybody knows the Press cannot be trusted, that is except when dealing with one story, Hitler and the Nazi’s. This is the one and only occasion that we have been told the truth. All of the other ones we can pick at and disclose the lies contained therein. However in the case of Hitler, well we can rest assured that the Press was being truthful. There is no need to check the evidence. Just for once we can believe what we have been force-fed for seventy years by this Jewish controlled Press,  can’t we?

Well we had better believe it, otherwise we might find ourselves spending time in a Privatised Prison for a few years.

Recently, I came across a site on-line, which was expressing the views of Atheists.  The lack of evidence of the existence of God and all of the usual stuff, yet at the same time they apparently completely accepted the truthfulness of the German atrocities against the Jews. There appears to be a need for some form of proof of God, while at the same time feeling no need whatsoever to check out their belief in the holocaust. They will dispute the word of the Jewish Bible, but accept the word of the Jewish Press. This  appears on the face of it, to be idiotic and yet it is the position adopted by the Atheists.

There is another position which can be adopted by those whom are not totally convinced by “God” arguments, that of the Agnostic. Which I translate to mean that there is nothing to argue about. As with the theory of Evolution, which is also force-fed to children at school as if it were true.

As far as the crimes of Hitler are concerned, I am not at all convinced that Hitler was any more than a man, whom having fought bravely in the First World War, he won two Iron Crosses, was shocked at what was done to his country after the war.

He watched the Jews, whom had control of the Weimar Republic, debauch Germany and he was determined to put an end to the vision of hell, so adored by the likes of Christopher Isherwood.

The Government of Israel is on record, declaring their intention of ethnically cleansing Palestine of its indigenous people. This appears to be acceptable to every single NATO Government, while at the same time racism is considered to be a crime in Europe, we are now multi-racial Globalists, so why is this not being upheld in Israel?

Why of all the nations on earth is Israel the only country where racism is allowed, without question? Where is the Free Press? Where is the UN? What would the Free Press make of it, should the UK set about deporting all Jews? Why is the press so lacking in criticism of Israel?

In the US, there has been no serious research into the events on 911 and in the UK no investigation of 7-7. Kennedy was buried in haste to hide the evidence of his wounds and the direction from which they came. Oswald was shot by a Jew.

We CTs understand full well why the make-up of the Warren Commission was so selected, and why the enquiry into 911 was not allowed to access all of the available information. One and all are agreed that these events, Kennedy, 911 and 7-7, to name but three, could not have happened in the manner in which they were reported by the Press. Why was there no press investigation?

All of these events dating back to the Second World War, have been “spun,” by the mainstream media. “Spun,” is shorthand for outright lies. They are all placed into the category of “Conspiracy Theories,” which is intended to mean that any notion which deviates from mainstream media’s report, is no more than a Fairy Tale.

That being so, what are we to make of an unreported event, which took place in Germany at the end of WW2? General Eisenhower, a Swedish Jew, whom is on record stating his hatred of Germans, called for the killing of as many of them as possible. He succeeded in wiping out about one million German Prisoners of War, in open air Concentration Camps, in winter, by slowly starving them to death, or from hypothermia. This is quite simply a Crime Against Humanity, it is against the Geneva Convention and it is a War Crime.

Quite apart from this, another nine million Germans were left to die with no food or medical supplies. One could almost compare these events with what is taking place in Palestine. However the comparison is never made. In fact it is almost unknown and when exposed, it does not make much of an impact. The connection of course lies in the fact that both events involve Zionists.

I could ramble on in this manner all week but I hope I have made my point, that there is very little on which we would be prepared to stake our life, in the reporting of the mainstream media, when it concerns the affairs of super-powers.

What I would like to understand more clearly, is why I am forbidden to research the events of the Second World War, because it is considered to be a form of Racism, should anything turn up which calls into question, some of the crimes of which Hitler is accused, when the only country on Earth which is repeating those crimes is Israel, the very country which has accused Hitler, and which organised the lynching of the entire German Government for those very crimes.

Bilderberger, Free Mason, Friend of USA and Israel, François Hollande, Is Desperately Looking For a War.


It will very soon dawn on the French people that François Hollande comes out of the same mould as did his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hollande, like Sarkozy is preparing to send the French Military into one or all of the following countries, Mali, Syria or Iran, none of whom pose any threat to France nor indeed to any of the NATO States.

It had been glaringly obvious that Hollande was an establishment puppet since he and other French traitors aided Sarkozy and the UMP in the criminal act of  re-writing the French Constitution, to suit the needs of the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.  Their aim was to  destroy France and place it under the control of the Communists whom from behind the scenes have governed France for many years. Without his help Sarkozy would not have had enough support to sign the Treaty of Lisbon, against the wishes of the French people.

Hollande is in need of his own personal war. Not a real war of course, like the rest of NATO, France prefers to shoot fish in a barrel. Continuing this pathetic rubbish about the threat of Muslim terrorism, while NATO slaughters and contaminates Muslim people wherever they can be found.

A bomb kills a few Jews in Bulgaria and Israel is sent howling in self-pity, claiming that it was Iranians whom carried out the attack. I would probably be nearer the mark should I claim that it was an Israeli False Flag, attack to build an excuse to kill a few more Muslim women and children, a task which the criminal State of Israel relishes.

Hollande is incapable of solving the unemployment problem in France, he and the leaders of all persuasions of political parties stood silently by, watching the destruction of the French industrial base, without a word of protest. Any offer of a solution at this late date is nothing more than hot air.

France is in meltdown, you can feel it in the air. The moral of the people has never been so low. The summer season has been slow in coming. There are fewer tourists, bookings across the board, are down in the dumps.

Car maker Peugeot has come under scrutiny, having announced redundancies in their work force, due to lack of demand for their product, which means the cars which are made in France. Peugeot has long been established in China and Eastern Europe, where of course they can make use of virtual slave labour.

On the war front Hollande, like Sarkozy, has completely ignored massive evidence, that France, is involved in a covert war in Syria. He has made no comment about the death of Gilles Jacquier, a French journalist whom it has been claimed was killed by Assad forces, while even Le Figaro a respected French newspaper asserts that it was the French paid mercenaries whom did the killing.

In the manner of all the puppet leaders, he apparently  lacks the ability to discern the truth from disinformation and propaganda and continues to lend the support of France and the French people to illegal, aggressive campaigns against those leaders whom refuse to conform to the neo-colonialism of NATO and the Bankers.

Hollande is in fact, like all politicians a liar and will soon be in the ranks of War Criminals, along with the likes of Blair, Sarkozy, Hague and Cameron, all of whom in a just world would be arrested on the spot and locked up for life.

He has made no attempt to disclose the hidden secrets of Agenda 21 to the people, whom are led to believe that it involves no more than an effort to save the habitat of a few frogs, excuse the pun. They are being given no idea of the actuality of this document from the UN, which will in fact destroy France and imprison the people into what are being euphemistically called “Human Habitation Zones.”

I am sure that the Hollande regime will continue in exactly the same manner as all of the French governments since the days of General de Gaulle.

If Hollande was serious about protecting France from the coming crash, he would be insisting on interest free loans from the ECB, for small businesses and farmers and the initiating of massive public works and of course the imposition of trade tariffs against the importation of products fabricated using slave labour, in order to make a level playing field for French made products. Any fool can see that it is short-term thinking to believe that Free Trade helps “people over there” this is only true while people “over here” can afford to buy their products.

It is becoming clearer by the day that current events are merely a prelude to the installation of a tyrannical government, which will enslave us all and these tyrants, will of course, use all of the remedies, which I have been listing for months, to “Save” us.

Hollande is not on the side of freedom and Democracy. He has never been any more than a puppet whom was educated by the Shadow Government, in order to carry out their long laid plans to control us all.

The Shame of the French People.

While the French Government is calling for a symbolic bombing of Colonel Gadaffi’s compound in Libya, just to say “Gotcha” in the manner of that other war criminal Bush after the fall of Baghdad, there has been a total silence from the people in whose name this savage attack has been carried out, that is the people of France.

Most of the people whom  I interviewed, were not even aware of what has been going on. What this means for Democracy is hard to define. When asked whom they thought would win in the upcoming Presidential Election, they supposed that Sarkozy would win. When I asked if they would be voting for him, they said no. Most admitted they would not be voting.

When I asked if they were aware that the French Constitution had been abolished, they either thought I was stupid to say so or refused to believe it.  Everybody I asked, whom had bothered to vote said that they had voted against the Lisbon Treaty. When I asked why they had not taken to the streets when Sarkozy had signed it anyway, they just shrugged.

When I asked their opinion of the disgraceful invasion of Libya by the International Oil Companies, including French company Total, even before the bodies had been buried. They had no comment, that was just business as usual.

I might just add, that this vicious and deliberately provoked attack against Libya, whatever Gadaffi is or is not,was a war crime. French aircraft have deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure, killing an unknown and certainly to be denied number of innocent people.

Every word uttered on the attacks against Gadaffi have been biased to present a reasonable excuse for the  aggressive war, which was unleashed against yet another Muslim country.

I can speak only of the reaction in the area in which I live, there may have been a more positive stance taken elsewhere, however, even the folk who consider themselves to be true humanitarians, were offended when I suggested to them that their efforts to do something about NATO aggression through the medium of Love, would be a total failure. I was accused of mocking and belittling other people’s methods of changing society, when I asked how I might employ this method, how does one project this love in the face of an air attack?

I have come under a ridiculous and sustained attack from supporters of that other humanitarian state, Israel, because of some criticism or other in my scribbling. Israel can murder and maim as many people as it chooses, with barely a murmur from its citizens, who are only too willing to move into settlements illegally constructed on Palestinian land and feel justified in doing so. These folk are so decent and humane that the UN and NATO can find no humanitarian need to sort out. These folk make Gadaffi look like  a choirboy.

I was calling for all Arab States to come out in support of Gadaffi, none did. They will now pay the price of this failure. Syria will be next and then Iran. The Zionists will accept nothing less.

Whatever form of Democracy may be imposed on Libya, it will not improve their lives. They are about to be confronted with the ramifications of a life under debt. I warned in the past that they will soon come to regret the passing of Gadaffi, as will most of the dirt poor African countries which he has assisted, without recourse to compound interest.

What has become of the French much vaunted  Liberty, Equality and Fraternity? A country which in my father’s time was under a Fascist Vichy Government, which was controlled from Berlin, via the City of London.

What has become of that glorious revolution and its Constitution, which was the guarantee of their freedom? It has been thrown into the dustbin of history by a president whom is nothing more than an agent of the CIA. He was raised  in the home of a CIA official and was only too willing to carry out their orders.