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The British Government resolutely refuses to face up to the consequences of their War Crimes and murder in the Middle East and the Maghreb.

The recent attack in Tunisia, has provoked an unending stream of bile, against the very Hell Hounds, whom have been trained in Jordan by the UK, Israel, France and the USA, to do exactly what they have just done in Tunisia.

If I have heard the Mantra, ” This is the most serious attack against UK Citizens since 7/7,” once,  I have heard it a score or more times during the day. I have heard Sky News suggest that “terrorism” sounds just like “tourism” in order to carefully plant the association into the minds of the  hard of thinking.

I had prepared a short video clip of Hilary Benn being interviewed by Murnaghan, to upload to youtube, to accompany this post, however to my surprise, my Channel was blocked, for the second time by Daniel Bushell, the Man whom calls himself the “Truth Seeker”bon Russia Today.  He took offence at a comment I wrote to criticise the truthfulness of his programme,  it was as follows;

The Truth Seeker suggests that it was the Germans whom had a policy of genocide in Ukraine. I very much doubt that he actually believes this nonsense.

When he talks about the new regime in Kiev as being Neo-Nazis, he is once again talking rubbish. The new regime in Kiev is Jewish, both the President and the Prime Minister and several other Jewish Oligarchs are strategically placed around the Ukraine. What we are dealing with here are NEO JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS, the very same Jewish Bolsheviks whom carried out the Holodomor, which saw to the starvation of up to twenty million Ukrainians. They are simply continuing the grotesque policies of Lenin and Stalin. You will see the evidence of this in one of my previous uploads. Stalin’s Secret Slaughters.”

Not much to take offence at there, but what is more to the point, it is indicative of the pap with which we are fed from all sides these days.

Whether it be the Russians, the Jews, the British, the French or the Americans, they all lie through their teeth because they have something to hide.

The crimes which were carried out by the Russians in Germany and behind the Iron Curtain, after World War Two, were so brutal that it is hard to believe that they were carried out by Human Beings.

Benn’s remark about how a man with a grievance and a sick mentality can cause the death of many people, would most certainly apply to himself and the rest of War Criminal Tony Blair’s War Cabinet and indeed to the ghouls whom have taken their place in Government.


The British Wash Their Hands Of The Man From Bethlehem.

Abu Qatada, the freedom fighter from Palestine, whom the British describe as Al Qaeda’s main man in Europe, which some would suggest makes him an ally of the West, has been deported, by the British, by whom he has been held for more than ten years, without any charge, which is surely  impossible if it has been unquestionably documented, that he is indeed the European boss of Al Qaeda, a group which has been linked to the 7-7 attack in London, for which, strangely, he has not been charged. Why not?

Al Qatada has been incarcerated in a high security prison, in the Jordanian desert, while a case is being prepared against him. Which one would have thought to have already been  necessary, in order to justify the extradition from the UK, as Al Qaeda is British. Rules seem to go by the board where a Muslim is concerned.

He will now find himself dangerously close to Israel, which I believe to be the only State on Earth, which has the right to torture prisoners written into its Constitution. The King of Jordan, whom is himself half British, is like his father before him, totally controlled from the City of London and by those, whom the Middle Eastern Royal Families were put in place, as part of the grand plan to annexe the Middle East, into the hands of demonic, would be, Jewish, Kings of the World. Heh!Heh!Heh!

One of Tony Blair’s Butchers, Lord Reid, on the Murnaghan show, was overjoyed, that a man whom has committed no crime in the UK and is a citizen of the UK, has been deported to a country renowned for torture because he is alleged to be a member of Al Qaeda, a group of paid killers in the employ of the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who are being trained in the very country, Jordan, to which Al Qatada has been despatched.

Reid, described this decision by Teresa May, as a welcome victory for Democracy and for the rule of law. As an integral part of the “Dodgy Dossier” and the pack of lies which were presented to the British public as an excuse to murder and torture and maim, more than a million innocent people in Iraq and whom supports Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing, murder and torture in Al Qatada’s home land Palestine, which includes the encircling of his home town of Bethlehem, Reid is being just a little bit disingenuous when he attempts to take the moral high ground in any discussion of Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The British public has been presented with an array of so-called Militant Islamic Clergy, in an attempt to generate, at least a semblance of the alleged International Islamic Terrorism, from which we must all cower in fear.

The savage response to an alleged attack in New York, which even the likes of Fox News, reported, that it was most likely, that Jewish elements were in fact the perpetrators, was out of all proportionate to the amount of evidence available as justification. Reid and the rest of his chums, in New Labour, all of whom are controlled by the Fabian Society, which believes in a form of Communism but at a slower pace,  wasted no lie, in the race to take part in an aggressive war against a country, Iraq, which had long been an ally of the UK.

I have long-standing doubts about the real aims of the Muslim Militants in the UK, ever since I saw one of them,  Radical cleric Anjem Choudary on the BBC Newsnight programme, with Jewish presenter Jeremy Paxman. Instead of using his time to explain the injustices and false claims which are daily laid at the door of the Muslim Community in the UK, he instead, as did Alex Jones, on the BBC, went into some sort of rant, justifying the very things which a true supporter of the Muslims, would have denounced, while at the same time he could have denounced, for example, the cannibalistic thugs whom are being paid by the British in Syria.

There is such a paucity of Muslim terrorism in the UK and no real sign that the Radical Clerics have been having a great success,  it has become necessary to adopt the default position, that of “self radicalisation,” or as on 7-7 a simple False Flag attack.

Teresa May expressed her satisfaction at having finally sent Al Qatada back to Jordan to face justice and promised to make sure that never again will anyone be able to use of and manipulate the law to evade justice. This from a member of a government, which changed the law in the UK to allow War Criminals from Israel to visit the UK without fear of arrest for their crimes and continues to shelter War Criminal Tony Blair from the charges of treason which should be laid against him and the rest of the New Labour War Cabinet.

These Radical Clerics seem oblivious to the fact that everybody in the UK is in the same bucket of dooh-dooh and they would be better off using whatever time they may be given on mainstream television to speak out against Usury and the rigged political system and the use of non-muslims, under the guise of being Muslims to bring down Syria, for the illegal terrorist, apartheid State of Israel, instead of prattling on about bringing Sharia Law to Europe, which does nothing to further the just cause of the Muslim community.