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The Taking Of Europe 123



David Cameron, the War Criminal, who single-handedly inspired the monstrous war in Syria, by funding the paid mercenaries, whom he laughingly referred to as the Free Syrian Army, in an illegal war, a war which he was quite prepared to finance up to and after the deaths of every one of those whom he claimed to be “saving,”  all the time hiding behind the pathetic excuse that it was a Civil War.

He is now blurting out like a stuffed pig, (excuse the term,) that it is all the fault of Russia and they must stop fighting against Daech, immediately, presumably to give the British time to fly their much vaunted threat to the whole wide world, out of harms way.


They have in fact been thrashed out of sight, exposing the lies of Cameron and others whom have been funding Daech from the word go, claiming that it would take at least thirty years to deal with them.

Despite the  exposure of the feebleness of Daech, which has been used as an excuse to transform Europe into a Police State, there has been not one word of criticism in the European Media, exposing the lies of Governments.

The alleged Daech attack in Paris, which was so full of holes that should any intelligent hack, fail to bring any one of the anomalies to the attention of his editor, in other circumstances, he would be sacked as being incapable of correctly carrying out his function.

The Mirror for example, on its front page, the morning after the recent Paris event, explained in detail, that eye-witnesses had reported a black limousine, pulling up, outside a restaurant, a White man, wearing black clothing, muscular and his demeanor giving the impression of experience, proceeded to blast the restaurant with dozens of rounds from an automatic weapon. His companion, stepped out of the other side of the vehicle and sprayed a fusillade of shots at the surrounding area, allegedly to discourage anyone who might be filming the atrocity.

This story simply vanished into thin air. It was not alone, a similar tale was told by witnesses to the event in San Bernardino in the United States, eyewitness reported, three White men, advancing on the building, firing their guns.

Both of witness reports were ignored, having earlier been reported and published. Daech, needless to say, was found to be responsible and the alleged perpetrators were slain, in both cases, or maybe paid off for their services, who can say? Why was the Press so obliging?

I read the Press immediately after these events, because from long experience in the Newspaper world, I know that it is quite often the overnight news which gets through uncensored, simply because it is being handled by a Sub-Editor, when the Editor arrives, should the tale be false or not in line with restrictions,  an apology is made. In both of the above cases there was no apology, simply silence.

The Press is guilty. The Independent, in the UK is now closing, it has lost its readership, very soon it will be only the heavily subsidised, wholly controlled Press, which remains on the streets.

I was once involved in just such a situation. I received a call from the police explaining that there was a threat of poisonous gas affecting people in the city. I rang through to the Editor and explained the problem, and he asked me to write it and post it. I asked about the possibility that such a tale might provoke a panic. He told me not to worry. I must admit, I did go just a little bit over the top. I used the headline, Massive Cloud of Poisonous Gas Threatens the City, with a tale which had an ever so slightly alarmist tone, which I duly transmitted over the tele-printer. I was overjoyed, I was given the Lead on the front page.

Sadly, the following day, I was forced to recant, because it was the lack of clarity in the Police report, to me, which had caused the problem. My massive cloud of Poisonous Gas turned out to be no more than a gardener, who had sprinkled some sort of Cyanide crystals on to a patch of weeds to kill them, an act which was quickly followed by an April shower, which he noticed had caused the crystals to fizz, creating the slightest of possibilities of airborne Cyanide gas.

Everybody had a good laugh about that, but terrorism is not quite so funny. No Government in the world can justify using the threat of terrorism as a means of controlling their own people. In France we are now being forbidden to even question any act of the government, in these “dangerous” times. The French casually forget that they destroyed Syria and Libya and created a total nightmare in Mali. They are the terrorists, so they are in fact warning us about themselves.

Yesterday I visited my Bank. I was intent on drawing out enough cash to enable me to buy a few odds and ends on a site similar to eBay. Whenever you arrange to meet someone to finalise the transaction, the seller will never accept a cheque and without the necessary gadget they cannot accept payment by credit card.

I refuse to use a Credit Card, therefore I am in many cases obliged to use cash. For example, the filling station which I frequently use, will not accept cheques, neither will the company where I spend quite large sums of money on batteries etc for my Solar Energy, despite all of these little niggles, my Bank, under orders from François Hollande, refuses to allow me to withdraw, more than eight hundred Euros a week.

I asked the cashier what purpose such a restriction served? Without any sign of embarrassment, she explained how this measure was to make sure that nobody could use cash to buy guns and drugs. I asked her to explain to me, how, should I intend to buy drugs or guns, such a restriction would prevent me from so doing. All that would be necessary, would be to draw out the allowed sum,  weekly and save it until I had the required amount.

She was under the impression that the edict forbidding to use cash, for any transaction superior to one thousand Euros, would frighten the seller into refusing the cash. I explained to her, that nobody would refuse cash. I asked if she understood, that the gun and drug problem was in no way solved by restricting my access to cash, nor indeed did it hamper the arms and drugs trade, all they need was a crooked banking system, like the current system, which was quite prepared to accept the billions of deposits, in cash, for the drugs and arms dealers, as had HSNBC and as do all of the Central Banks, that is their purpose. She of course laughed at the very suggestion that the bankers were crooks.

The menace of Daech is a no more than a tool of the European Union, to create a Europe-wide lock-down. WE are Daech, we pose the problem to our elected leaders. The “real” Daech are fully controlled and can be simply sent home when their task has been completed and it will be claimed as a great victory, achieved through the use of Draconian measures, against us.

Just imagine, for one moment, should the desired result be achieved in the Middle East, what will that mean? We, Us, Our Boys, call them what you will. WE have completely wasted the Middle East. Everywhere you look we have bombed the shit out of it. There is nowhere left for those whom would like to return, to live, should they choose so do. It is all a waste-land.

The British and French and the USA are all blaming a couple of so-called Dictators as their excuse for this barbarity. These same leaders, now have paid agents, in the devastated region, handing out Smart-phones, with fully paid up contracts, which appear to give these refugees unlimited hours of use, booklets explaining how to find the Countries which give the best hand-outs and of course money to pay for the trip.

Europeans have already been mislead as to the numbers of these migrants, already in Europe or are still on their way. When this invasion is complete, Europe will be on its knees., while the Middle East will be emptied, with huge numbers of folk, just like the Palestinian refugees, who were driven out by the Jews and who have been in refugee camps for the last seventy years and they have no right of return.

Would it not be possible that WE, have just carried out the same service for Israel, which has long claimed the land between the Euphrates and the Nile as their rightful homeland, by creating the current clearances of the region? When the hostilities die down, who will be left sitting pretty in the middle of the chaos, with apparently no blood on its hands and access to all of that Middle Eastern gas and oil but Israel.

It will no doubt be claimed necessary to continue, with these current Draconian measures, to deal with the possibility of covert terrorists in our midst, allowing for the continuation of the clampdown on free speech and criticism of the Government and most of all to a “cashless” society, which it will no doubt be claimed, put an end to the sale of drugs and guns.

The French Government has surreptitiously, changed the French Constitution, to allow the continued imposition of these measures of control. This was a night-time exercise when there were very few deputies in the Chamber. A Constitution safe-guards the Rights of the People, it is a despicable act to use a Constitution as a means of control.

The people should be out in the Boulevards screaming their heads off. Where are they. Why is it only slowly seeping out that immigrants in France, as in other European Countries, have been responsible for similar activities as those in Germany and Sweden? Where are the French men? Is Europe going to simply bend over and take it?

When the Middle East is finally conquered and the preferred rulers put in place, the resulting Israelisation of the region in the midst of the ruins will be “sheltered” behind a curtain of media silence, as was Eastern Europe, when it was handed over to the Bolshevik Jews after World War Two.

WE have been standing silently by, as a genocide has been taking place in Palestine, with hardly a voice raised in opposition. There are now LAWS which prevent any exposure of the crimes of Jews. How long can this be allowed to continue?

Even worse than that politicians in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, all of them Jews, are crying out for the same protection. We are almost in that position now. When the day finally comes, when we cannot criticise our elected Politicians we are truly living in a total Dictatorship and they have already shown themselves to be brutal.

Canada in now controlled by yet another Trudeau Jew, in the USA, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a Jew, in Australia the newly chosen Prime Minister is a Jew from Goldman Sachs. Now do you begin to get the idea as to by whom we are actually ruled? It is already a dangerous act to simply point out this reality.

We are at this moment, according to all of the pundits, heading for a banking crash, which will affect us all. There is no crisis, it is a farce. The so-called debt, has built up as a direct result of compound interest, which in order to pay, demands more money than there is in existence.

Should the banks declare themselves to be in trouble, they should be instantly Nationalised, the staff of those banks ordered to report for work as normal, be instructed to ignore any debt which has built up through illegal deals and simply arrest the owners of those banks.

That sort of response, would at a stroke ensure that no other bank would attempt to employ the same scheme. For them it is no more than the end of a game of cards, should everybody simply pick up their own money stand up and go home nobody has won or lost, it is all in the mind.

WE, should never be forced by complicit politicians to hand over our savings to a bunch of psychopaths with a fixation on money. They have already stolen most of it. The truth of the matter is that all of those Banks which are likely to fail are controlled by Jew banking families, who in turn control the politicians, so it is very unlikely that the proper action will be taken.