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Some Days The News Is Just Too Depressing.

I’ve been busy today and while I worked, I have had such a surfeit of pig-swill, poured into my head, from the Jew owned Sky News, that it is dribbling out of every orifice on my body.

The big story was of course the continuing tale of the Friday the 13th, Battle of Paris, which has been played out to a conclusion in Saint-Denis. The first thing I discovered was the fact the French Police had no idea who was in the flat which they peppered with several thousand rounds of ammunition and grenades, while residents in adjoining flats were hiding, in fear under their beds.

We were told that the “Master-mind” of the Black Friday attacks, was lodged there.  How they could possibly know that,  has yet to be explained. Initially they thought he had slipped away during the fracas, however they apparently found the body of a man, dead in the rubble of the building, which they had partly destroyed, and from which they found it necessary to take a swab from his mouth for a genetic test, in search of his identity.

Later in the day, the Police announced that they had “Got their man.”  It was indeed the body of the “Master-mind.”  We were then fed the history of this mans career with Daech. In order to cement this history into our consciousness, there was a clip of Black Friday, showing a man who strode into a bar and attempted to shoot a girl who was hiding under a table, with his empty gun.

The Sky News man assured us that this was indeed the Master-mind himself. The reporter, I believe it was Graham Wood, that would be the chappie, who was on hand, in the crepuscule, after the Charlie Hedbo business, showing us the spot where  the cop had allegedly been shot, by one of the Kouachi brothers, without leaving a trace of blood on the pavement, which was now swamped with “blood,”  Wood explained that the blood had been “added” that morning.  Hmmm!

So it would appear that the French Police and Army, either shot up an empty flat, which would provide them with the necessary excuse to claim that they had “solved the crime” which was more or less the scenario in Toulouse with Merah, the patsy, and after the shoot out with the Kouachi brothers , the Charlie Hebdo patsies, the same routine,  none of whom have we ever since been seen, and now this fella, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. All of them, just like the four lads who were gunned down in  London on 7-7. Even their families were not allowed to see their bodies.  So was this just another French style inside job?  Who knows?

Sky News plays a major role in the deception of the British.  They are outright liars who never make avail of the most important question of a propagandist, who has been given the opportunity to spread a dose bile and disinformation, on their News bulletins.

They never spot an anomaly in any News item, which might affect the official line.    They have a team of “Reporters” who  give the impression of making things up off the top of their heads. Why has Kiley, Sky’s man in the Middle East, not mentioned the NATO and Israeli Aerial Exercise which was taking place just twenty miles from the site of the area where the Russian passenger plane was destroyed?

Why did Stuart Ramsey present what appeared to be a Photo-shopped clip of the “shooter” in Tunisia, another strange attack, which has also been blamed on the Mossad, CIA funded and armed by Saudi Arabia and the USA, Daech, all of which has escaped the sharp-eyed Ramsey and Kiley.

Today amongst others we were offered John Reid, one of War Criminal Tony Blair’s attack Dogs, “Snapper” was his name. He came crawling out from his dung-heap to offer his opinion about Daech.  This man, like his old boss Blair is a liar and a War Criminal, he should be in  gaol, not appearing on television advising how the government should act in the Middle East.

Reid informed us that we are on the cusp of disaster. Daech is everywhere, they can attack us with bomb and bullet at will. He went on to link every ridiculous recent event to Daech. The man of the Train, who was over-powered by four US Marines, who grabbed his empty gun. The Russia plane over Sinai, Tunisia and everything, he left nothing at all for Al Qaeda.

He then explained how the men who carried out Black Friday, were trained in Syria, where there were Daech Terrorist Training Camps. So Cameron is right to bomb Syria.It was at this moment I expected the Dolly Bird who was interviewing him to cry out in amazement, “Oh no Mr Reid, not the terrorist training camps, that’s what you said about Afghanistan and there were none. Can you think of nothing better that?

Well yes he could, Daech was likely to use Chemical Weapons against us, like Saddam, whatever next? Well you see Snapper’s ideas would appear, according to a Daily Express Poll, to correspond with the sentiments of 67% of the British people who would be in favour of bombing Syria. I do not know what to say.

Those around me are already up in arms about François Hollande’s air strikes in Syria,  They are asking why Syria, the bombers came from Belgium, why are they not bombing Sint-Jans-Molenbeek? That would appear to be where the terrorist training is taking place..

Well I suppose the straight answer to that would because it would be of very little use to Israel.

Many people have noticed, as have I, that though the whole world is now apparently at war with terrorism, the only State on earth which appears to be  sheltered from this nightmare, would be the very state, which like a cancer has been spreading its violence across the Middle East, using, as usual Christian Soldiers to do its dirty work.

Ever since the first day they arrived in Palestine the Jews have created turmoil. Since 1948, a region which was at peace,  has been torn apart.   Why has Daech, not taken steps to aid the Palestinians?  Why is everything which they are attempting to achieve actually to the benefit of the Jewish State?  How do they intend to set up their Caliphate should the Muslims all clear out of it in disgust? Well I think you will find that is the whole idea. They can then all go back to their Settlements on the West Bank.



The Ins And Outs Of Terrorism Made Muddy

I have never been convinced that there is any such thing as International Muslim Terrorism.

Osama Bin Laden, was never anything other than a myth – as have been the various leaders of other groups, “affiliated” to Al Qaeda – he came, out of the blue on 911, and despite being the alleged child of a family, which had been and still is,  closely involved with the Bush family, with whom Osama must have been acquainted, there is nary a photograph of them together, and he then simply vanished into the deep blue sea.

Since 911 we have been presented with a multiplicity of images of Bin Laden, yet we have never been shown a photograph of the Bin Laden whom was thrown into the sea by the CIA or indeed how many of the images were carried by the Seal team, to make sure they killed the right man.

bin laden composite 2

We are now being fed various names of  the leaders of Daech, the “new” Al Qaeda on the block, leaders whom are being killed at an astonishing rate by US drones. Hardly had I become familiar with ol’ Baghdadi, when he abruptly left the scene.

On the anniversary of 7-7, the British are attempting to build up a stronger case against the young “patsies” whom were gunned down in Dockland on 7-7, presumably with their back-packs still in place, having missed the train to their rendezvous at an underground execution site, by suggesting that they may have been implicated in an attack in Tel Aviv, shortly before 7-7.  Yeh right!

I smell shades of the White Widow garbage,which was used in an attempt to convince us all that an attack in Kenya was the  ‘real thing’ and not just another faked stunt. Whatever the truth, for it to have taken several hours for help to arrive is odd, to say the least.

These same ghouls, while lining up to shed crocodile tears for the dead and wounded of the 7-7 attack, at the commemoration in Hyde Park, having failed to investigate the possibility of Israeli involvement in the attack itself,  are now completely ignoring the anniversary of the murderous attack on Gaza which was carried out one year ago by their Friends in Israel, which is a form of acceptable terrorism or more properly legalised Genocide.

So here we are, sandwiched between 7-7 and the strange affair on a beach in Tunisia, both of which were condemned as brutal Muslim terrorism, being carried out by a warped version of a religion, by fanatical murderers, while the mass slaughterers from Israel are simply, justifiably, defending themselves, while some of their ghouls sit in arm-chairs, drinking whatever fanatical Jews drink, on a hill-side overlooking Gaza, watching and cheering on the slaughter.

One might reasonably ask the question as to which side in this phony war on terror, is actually holding aloft the real banner of terrorism and wholesale murder of innocent women and children.




If The Isis Beheadings Are The Excuse To Bomb Syria, Show Us The Heads Coming Off!

All of the Jews are on board for the coming slaughter in Syria, except that is for the cowering cowards in Israel, who are once again using courageous others, to do their dirty work, they prefer shooting fish in the barrel called Gaza.

The complete panoply of Royal Jewish families in the Gulf States and other Middle Eastern Countries, who have paid and trained the very terrorists who are being used as the excuse for the illegal attack; which it is, on Syria, are on board with the Jew Obama and his illegal act, which has been ordered by the Bolshevik Shadow Government in the USA.


The cynically, clinically sick British ex-politician Anthony Blair, aka Miranda, is still screeching and howling for ever more blood and guts to be spilt across the planet in the name of PEACE.

Sir Christopher Meyer, the ex Ambassador,  is in total agreement with Blair and he estimates that within days the Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, will be joining the attacks against Syria.  He is simply allowing the Jew Milliband to finish his Party Conference, to avoid opposition from a handful of Labour MPs.

The British, including the Scottish, have recently been lauding their wonderful achievements in past times as a United Kingdom, when in actuality, they have achieved nothing apart from slaughter and mayhem wherever they have set foot. They are in truth a United Kingdom of Scum.

This United Kingdom of Scum are now a key player in the aggressive destruction of the Middle East. They are even now justifying the massive attack against Syria, which is a State which has never posed a problem for the UK of S, which has itself already been the recipient of millions of refugees from the Middle East and there are even now several hundred thousand more, fleeing from the murderous Bolshevik/US bombardment in Syria.

The world is under no threat from any source other than the British/Bolshevik Jewish obscene desire to create a global empire, however much blood needs to be shed in order to achieve it.

The recent  decapitation of three Western hostages, is being used as an excuse to justify the killing of a hundred times more innocent people in Syria, while the murder of over two thousand innocent people in Gaza, produced no more than the comment that the Jews in Israel have a right to defend themselves.

The so-called beheadings, were no more than cinema, so in effect there is no excuse whatsoever for the launching of the current attack against targets in Syria. Very soon we will have pilot error and the missiles will start to hit unintended targets, which just happen to weaken the Syrian defences, the bombings will then be declared as having served their purpose and will be halted, leaving a weakened Syria against the might of the NATO armed trained and paid ISIS forces, a group which will soon vanish by melding into the so-called Free Syrian Army, which they have in fact always been.

This puts the lie to the US claim that they have no ” boots on the ground,”  if their own figures are accurate, they have at least thirty-one thousand ISIS  “boots on the ground” and they are still arming them.  When these people “go home,” as we have been warned that they will, we can only hope they go home to attack the “real” enemies of Islam,

Apart from the attack, which Saddam Hussein was ordered to carry out against Iran and later his takeover of Kuwait, with the OK from the US, (which was to be the cynically manufactured excuse which was to be used to destroy the Iraqi Armed Forces and to maintain a blockade against Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of more than one million innocent souls,) there has been absolutely no threat whatsoever to the West from a Muslim State.

However the pretext of US asset Al Qaeda’s base in  Afghanistan and Weapons of Mass Destruction, in Iraq, and the CIA/Mossad 911 False Flag attack, allowed the Jews to kick off their most recent unending war, The War on Terror, which is in truth their War OF Terror.

The British people, who are so proud of their Empire, from which they actually gained nothing whatsoever, apart from the death of millions of their young men, are now contributing to the installation of the Jewish Headquarters in the Middle East, where, of course,  the oil is to be found, while the Jews in the City of London, are even now stealing every penny of income tax, paid by the proud British people, to enrich themselves and their cronies, while these proud VICTIMS of Empire are suffering austerity measures themselves,  The people of the old Empire have now come to the UK and will soon swamp the proud British to oblivion.

Be sure, there is something so evil taking place in the Middle East and Africa  that it is hard to believe that it is being accepted by the vast majority of the Peoples of the Western world as a “good” thing, when there has been no real attack against the West from Muslim Terrorists.  ALL OF THE TERROR IS CONTROLLED FROM TEL AVIV, WASHINGTON AND THE CITY OF LONDON.

My last cynical comment on this state of affairs is, “Where is Mister Muscles, Vlad Putin, when his friends need him?”  No doubt he is off somewhere practising Judo, with his chum Porko the new Jew on the Block in Ukraine.

I offer you this link.. Please do not open it if you do not have a strong stomach. These are the people who are keeping you safe because in reality todays attacks are not against these folk, they are simply an excuse to weaken Assad so that these animals can take him down, they work for you!