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Laying the Foundations of Slaughterhouse Five.

*(I have decided to republish this post, because at the moment, in London, the two young Muslims, whom attacked and killed a soldier, Gunner Rigby, a man whom had served in Afghanistan, a man whom may well have participated in any number of patrols,  in which many innocent people were killed, are on trial for his murder.

Those whom Gunner Rigby may have killed, are referred to as Collateral Damage, which is just another name for murder. The young Muslims on Trial, carried out the killing of Gunner Rigby, to demonstrate to the British, exactly what life was like for those whom were being slaughtered in Muslim lands, by the British.

In an illegal war, a uniform does not change an act of murder. Gunner Rigby was as guilty as those by whom he himself was killed.)


Not content with the ongoing blood-letting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya, NATO is already asking for yet another ambiguously worded Resolution, from the obscene United Nations, to justify their fifth destruction of a perfectly functioning Muslim Country, namely Syria.

Sadly, it is not only the Muslim world which is under attack, we are all being targeted. Even the Khazar Jews in Israel, along with the true Hebraic Jews, are being contaminated with depleted uranium. All of the richest Israeli Jews have left Israel and are buying estates in distant countries such as Uruguay and Argentina. They must know something.

The population of Europe is being decimated. The reality is hidden by the immigrants, whom are flooding into Europe to escape the massacres, which are taking place in their homelands.

In Russia, where immigration is less pronounced, the dwindling population is more evident. Putin is paying people to have children, in an effort to stabilise the population.

In Italy the same problem exists, as it does in the UK and the US. While all  of this is going on, we are being told that World population is rising at an alarming rate.

Most people in the West are already infected with a latent cancer. Half of all of us are going to die as a result.

While European governments are systematically destroying the Middle East and North Africa, in the name of “humanitarianism,”  holding out the promise of this thing they call Democracy, the so-called Democrats in the West are setting about destroying the freedoms of its own citizens.

Rewards are being offered for Gadaffi, dead or alive. Is this civilized behaviour?  Imagine the outcry if a reward of one million Euros was offered for the head of Sarkozy!

The controlled “rebels,” are themselves taking part in the murder of black Libyans. The controlled media consistently attributes any death to Gadaffi’s forces. The “rebels,” have apparently killed no civilians.

NATO has allowed the murderous attacks on Misratah and Tripoli to continue without a care for the innocent people trapped inside. We have been lied to on a massive scale in order to create an impression of a discontented population, whom we are told by that piece of vermin William Hague,   will, like the people of Iraq,  welcome their saviours and the seizure of the National Resources in payment for their “Liberation”

Not to worry, in the words of Neil Young, we can “Keep on Rocking in the Free World.”  What we are all guilty of, is unforgivable. We know that our governments are torturing,  maiming and contaminating weaker people, across the world.  Countries such as Russia and China, which could do something about this, express no more than a slight opposition, yet take no action.

The Security Council of the UN is a controlled, undemocratic tool of the Elite, which installed it after World War 2. It should either be abolished altogether or the veto, at least, should be abolished and a free vote taken on serious issues. All UN resolutions should be executed with force or none at all. To make use of an ambiguously worded Resolution to further the aims of Oil Companies and Bankers in Libya, while ignoring dozens of Resolutions against rogue state Israel, is all quite obviously according to orders.

How on earth can the United Nations and the European Union be allowed to use force to impose Democracy solely on to those States which are of interest to the Elite, while being completely non-democratic themselves? Every tract which issues from the UN is to further the aims of the Elite.

Most of what they are forcing on to us is lies. Man made global warming, a lie. Killer ‘flu warnings, a lie, Carbon Dioxide a dangerous gas, a lie. No warning whatsoever about the dangers of Depleted Uranium. Wholesale contamination of the world’s water supplies, never mentioned.

Most serious of all, a blanket of silence concerning the dangers of vaccinating children across the planet with proven killer vaccines which are in fact propagating the very diseases which they claim to prevent. Bill”King Vaccine” Gates has admitted that vaccines are a tool to reduce the world’s population.

<a href=”http://http://www.youtube.com/embed/T9vZLlJhI7o“>

The European Union is no better. No free vote is allowed. The commission is a total dictatorship. This Dictatorship was in favour of the attack on Libya, they gave no word of warning about the tragic consequences of such an attack. Just as in Iraq, in the midst of the carnage in Libya, the Oil Men of the EU grabbed the resources and stole the wealth of the country from under the noses of the people, whom they slaughtered to “save.”

We are all living in a vast slaughterhouse. We are under the control, whether people are prepared to face up to it or not, of the same people who gave us the slaughter of millions of young men in the Great War. In parallel to this, the Great Cull was under way in Russia.

Within twenty Years they gave us the deliberately provoked World War 2, which killed unknown millions of people, deaths which they have attributed to the Germans.

Shortly after the carnage of WW2 the Elite financed Mao in China, many millions of Chinese were wiped out. Some say as many as one-hundred million souls.

In quick succession we had war in Korea and Vietnam and major culls in Laos and Cambodia. The whole area was contaminated with Agent Orange, which was supplied by Monsanto. At the same time, the attacks and seizure of Palestinian land had started in the Middle East and is ongoing.

This is the reality with which we have been presented. We have been forced to live through this carnage to suit the desires of Elitist Bankers and Industrialists. These are the folk whom are so consumed with greed and power that they claim, competition to be a sin.

If it is not clear by now that any elected government, which makes no stand against this reality is complicit in the crime. Sarkozy in France and Cameron in the UK are tools of the Elite, both of whom should be driven from office instantly. There is no excuse for the crime that has just taken place against Libya.

The ICC wants to arrest Gadaffi for Crimes Against Humanity.  What sort of farce is this? Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger and other Western Politicians, along with various ghouls from Israel, are wanted for War Crimes across the World, where is the ICC?

We are a sick society, in every sense of the word. Having read the litany of murder, which I have just recounted, do you honestly believe that these characters will not be prepared to do the same to you? Do not count on it. When it suits them to do so, they will blow a whistle and send you “over the top” into a hail of machine-gun fire. Take a look at the Stanley Kubrick film “Paths of Glory”