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Why Is ‘What Really Happened’ So Intent On Lying About The Pentagon Plane?

What Really Happened Wednesday 19th June, once again made an absolute nonsense of its claim to be providing a truthful version of reality.

A caller was questioning Rivero’s posture, as to the possibility of a Jumbo Jet vanishing, without trace, through a small hole in the wall of the building.

The caller suggested that it would be impossible to fly a large plane down to ground level because of the cushion of air which builds up under the plane, which would prevent this manoeuvre.

Rivero, guessing that the caller might be capable of refuting his well-worn rubbish, quickly cut him off and dismissed the callers point by saying that this cushion of air would not prevent such a low level approach to the Pentagon, as it is constantly made use of to decrease the speed of a plane as it makes an approach to a landing.

He went on to say that the plane did vanish inside this hole and that it was all hidden by the falling masonry. Had the caller been allowed to continue his point, like me, he may well have suggested to Rivero, that large aeroplanes did not approach a landing at five hundred miles an hour, plus the wings and tail of the plane, would not have folded tightly against the fuselage and slid through the hole without leaving a trace behind on the unmarked lawn outside the unbroken windows around the hole.

What else could have happened to the plane, he demanded, if it did not go through the hole into another dimension? Well maybe it was dropped into the same soft soil as was the plane which vanished without trace at Shanksville.

Hopefully he is just incapable of admitting that he is wrong, that would be the better reason for his obstinacy, should it not be that, what is he covering up and why?