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Our World, Has Been Force Fed Hatred, By Mass Murderers.



The Zionist Supremacists at Starbucks coffee bars, are about to force their entire workforce, to accept being given lessons on how to lick the backsides of bleating Blacks. I would suggest to the Jews whom control Starbucks, that they are the ones in need of lessons about how to treat their most important customers, to whom they have been caught out lying and deceiving and whom they now refer to as supremacists, the White Christians,  whom are the people, by whom they have been made billionaires and to not refer to us as some sort of scum, whom they are forced to tolerate. I will never, ever drink another coffee in Starbuck’s premises and I hope all White Christians will do the same.

All of the Jews, whom are openly calling for a White genocide, need to feel a touch of the backlash, which was felt by the White Christians in the British Parliament, when a few freeloading Blacks, whom have been baptised, in recent days as, The Windrush Generation’, were put in fear of being sent back to their own Black Motherland in the Caribbean Paradise of Jamaica, at the very thought of which they shat themselves in fear. While the British Parliament went into a spasm of self-loathing, appalled at the very ‘un-British idea, that the ‘rights’ of these dole-mongers to remain with their blood-sucking teeth firmly embedded in the flesh, of their Hated White hosts, should be put at risk.


The Black Members of the House of Commons, were not alone in their high-pitched screeching at this ‘uncaring attitude’, towards the Blacks whom apparently built Britain. The hypocritical Friends of Israel and the xenophobic, vastly over-represented British Jew Members of the House, whom daily ignore the ongoing expulsions of Black Jews from Israel and the continued Israeli Military occupation of Palestinian land and the indiscriminate firing of live bullets directly into the midst of demonstrators in Gaza, were standing right alongside these poor hard done by Blacks, while White Christian Members, instead of standing firm, having found themselves in this position by accident, squirmed around in a totally abject manner, while the British Zionist Media had a field day of criticism against the only people whom can be legally “discriminated against” the White British People, whom are being forced to pay for this Zionist operation, which is doing to Britain and Europe, what is unacceptable in Israel and Zionist controlled South Africa, where the Shadow Zionist Government, is cynically encouraging a White Genocide, having completely destroyed the civilisation built by White Christian Boers.

White Christian law and order, in South Africa, is being replaced by a Baltimore-Chicago style nightmare of murder, rape and robbery, where gangs of cruel and disgusting Blacks, some of them cannibals, are raping babies to death, in front of their screaming parents and then torturing raping and sodomising the parents to death, with impunity. These things are already happening in the United States

Take notice of how the White victims are quite suddenly responsible for Black atrocities. The Trayvon Martin killing was given the same treatment, remember Trayvon? sure you do but do you remember this and can you remember the names of the victims, if you ever even knew them? When Black Lives Matter take to the streets, they are lauded by the Media but when Whites do the same thing, we are Supremacists.

The Black killers in the States, are blaming Whites for the type of crimes which are committed, uniquely by Blacks against Whites. I guarantee that you will find no evidence of a gang of White thugs doing anything similar to a Black couple or to a couple of Black teenage boys, on the other hand, I could post a dozen more examples of this kind of Black Savagery, against Whites, whether in South Africa or the disUnited States, in an instant.



We are being lead by the nose to disaster. Black Obama has been smuggling thousands of Blacks, into the United States, where they are being armed and trained to do to Whitey, what has been done to Christian Arabs all across the Middle East, while the cosseted ‘African Americans’ whom have the same attitude, as do all parasites, they will suck til their host is dry and dead and then cynically join the incoming Black killers, hoping for another free lunch.

The American Awakening with Michael Herzog 4.19.18 Hour 1


These Blacks feel no loyalty to the Whites, whom have provided them with a life-style superior to any other Blacks on the Earth and in response they are biting the hand that freed them and feeds them. Just like the Blacks in South Africa, they will soon find that like the rest of us, whom have been forced to do the dirty work of the Zionists, whom are themselves nothing more than parasites, at the end of their usefulness, they will be exterminated, most probably by the Zionist controlled Yellow Peril.

The whole-wide-world was convinced by the controlled media that the Boers in South Africa were evil dictators, which was a lie, the South African Blacks were the immigrant parasites, demanding all and everything from their White hosts, while Blacks like Mandela were being fully funded by Bolshevik Communist Zionists, to destroy the White civilisation which was paying all the taxes. I hope you Blacks are satisfied with what you have been given to replace the White Christian idiots.

Jeremy Corbyn,  the Leader of the British Labour Party, while speaking in Wales at a conference of the Welsh Labour Party, promised the British people, that in future there will be no repeat of the ‘Windrush Affair’ and there will be no such thing as an indigenous White British People, there will in future be simply British people, of all Races, an honour which only White Europe is obliged to confer onto immigrants, none of these advantaged are given to Europeans in return, in the homelands of the immigrants,it is all one way traffic. though be in no doubt there will be no affirmative action for minority Whites, in any part of Britain. You are on your own, while those like the Friends of Israel and the Rockefeller funded Fabian Society are stealing your homeland from under your nose and you are too stupid to spot what is going on.


The Sodomites Are Taking Centre Stage.

The Catholic Church is currently the rabbit in the headlight of the Zionists. Dutiful sodomites, the likes of Stephen Fry, are speaking out in public, condemning the Church for the acts of the sodomites in their ranks. Acts which are unforgivable but which are totally in keeping,  with the acts of huge numbers of sodomites, just like Fry and his friends, in everyday life, whom despite having the same ‘love’ for young boys as do the Catholic Clergy, would strongly object to themselves being described as predatory, rampant paedophiles, which in general, they are, all over Zionist Hollywood for example. So let us condemn all the Sodomites,  as not all Priests are Sodomites and all Sodomites are not all priests, so why not go for the problem at its source? 

This is pure hate speech, which only a Jew can get away with. By the way, Copernicus got it wrong and In his tirade, Fry forgot to name the Jew Popes, of whom there have been many, he also failed to mention that even the current Pope is apparently a Jesuit Jew.

For more than one-hundred years, the Catholic Church has been targeted for destruction. This aim was announced in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which foretold of three world wars and the construction of the United Nations and many other things, all of which have come to pass.

The now ‘fully controlled’ Catholic Church, which despite its current bad press, has been a strong, uniting force for families, down through the ages. Sadly it has become an obstacle, which the Zionists are desperately attempting to destroy. Catholics,  and I am myself a Catholic, do not give a toss about Rome or the Pope, we are a local community of people and nothing more, as a result of this community spirit, I came to know the parents of all the children in my class at school and we all sang hymns together, in Church on Sunday morning and on Holy Days. As an Altar Server, I played a small part in all of the Church services, and it is a great shame that this tradition has now , all but disappeared.

Zion does not approve of solidarity of that kind, for others, while Zion does itself depend on an atheistic form of religious solidarity from its own members. As for sodomy, well they are not too worried about that, as an extraordinary number of them are involved in child trafficking and other abuses of children, including alleged sacrifices and the drinking of baby-blood, to rejuvenate their aging flesh.

These rampant sodomites are hiding behind the shield of Judaism and the title of Rabbi, one wonders if this could be an adequate excuse to destroy Judaism, in the same manner as Zion is attempting to destroy Christianity? Should those sodomites like Fry, who is himself a Jew in denial, ever find the courage to speak out against Jews, in the manner he delivers his hate speech against Catholics, perhaps the world would be a better place,  without need of men, whom enjoy biting off the foreskin of babies and sucking the blood from their little ‘hymies,’ for pleasure, even as Hymie himself screams out in agony?

Part of the agenda, set out in the Protocols, was the invasion of the Middle East, which is an ongoing project and then the deliberate depopulation of the region, of the indigenous Arab Peoples.

To facilitate this aim, the manipulators have managed to create a huge, violent, Arab, Civil War, which they fully intend to transform into their much-lauded Third World War, by secretly funding the migration of millions of Blacks, from darkest Africa into Zionist controlled Europe, thus creating a toxic mix of Blacks fleeing Africa and Arabs fleeing the Middle East and of course their ‘White Patsies’ most of whom are now seriously sick, from their reliance on contaminated food and the results of the prescription Drugs War, blankly watching the construction of their own demise. This is more a case of White suicide than of White genocide.

Even tiny Ireland, a country which has already suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of the British, is being targeted for destruction. Having been forced to accept thousands of Africans into their midst, they are already finding themselves trapped in their homes, under attack from Black gangs, roaming the streets at night, while the Gardai are unable to cope with the level of violence, while their ‘sodomite’ Taoiseach, is promising to bring in a million more Blacks.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, did recently lament, that the Irish did not do enough for Jews, fleeing Europe, to avoid having to help out in German work camps, while the Germans fought for their lives, in a Jew declared and controlled World War – yet another feature of the Protocols – this said, in the land of Ireland, which lost five million souls, during a Jew controlled City of London, starvation project.

Five million Irish people, whose deaths are given a mere footnote in history, while the fate of the hundreds of thousands of Irish people, whom were driven out of Ireland, in the same manner as the Jews are now doing in the Middle East, many into slavery, yet another suffering of the Irish people, which has been swamped out of history by the whinging Blacks, whom believe themselves to be history’s only victims of slavery, even as the Jews deny all of the Genocides which they have carried out, all across the world, while the Irish are now expected to feed and house the new slaves, being brought into Ireland by the Zionists.

The cynicism of celebrating the alleged suffering of Jews, in a land which has had its own holocaust denied, by the forces of the Jews and their English puppets, even as they are applauding the capture and gaoling, of geriatric soldiers in Germany, in pursuit of vengeance, for an event, which like many other things, has been based on nothing more than hearsay, is simply extraordinarily selfish and arrogant.

The Irish people are still suffering from the last forced immigration into Ireland, that of the ‘Planters’ from Scotland, whom have created havoc in Ireland, alongside their British Masters, ever since. No effort was ever made to encourage those devious Planters to go to England, which would have been a far cheaper option for the British.  The job of the Planters in Ireland, was to create tension and their violence was fully funded and controlled from London.

The Blacks are now being given the same task. They are colonising Ireland, a land which has never had a colony in Africa, so the Irish are free to behave, as are the Blacks in South Africa, without criticism from the ‘West’ to announce the eviction of the Black incomers, they have no more right to come into Ireland than have the Whites into their lands, so go home and terrorise your own people why don’t you?

California For Mexicans, Michigan For Muslims, Alabama For Blacks And Where For Whites?

The American People, along with the Peoples of the rest of the Western European World, have been scavenged by Banking Families and Industrialists, who have constructed an imaginary debt, which with the aid of complicit ‘elected’ politicians, has allowed even our Sovereign Territories to be put on the barrel-head, in order to pay this debt, to those whom illegally imposed it in the first place.

Part of this enormous debt was accrued through Welfare payments made to the Blacks, who are now calling for a White Genocide. All welfare should be immediately cut off from these people, we White people are in fact victims of the Blacks. So they were slaves were they, well tough shit so were my people and we never expected handouts or reparations when we were liberated by White people, but the Black parasites only think of themselves. What have you done for anybody else,  never mind whining that I have not done enough for you.

These skulking money ghouls, have now ordered the Genocide of the White Race and I have yet to hear any White Politician stand up and object to this agenda, never mind mentioning the names of those who are calling for it.

The evidence of this intention is available all over the Internet, despite the efforts of the wholly controlled organisations, which with the availability of huge hidden funds, have been allowed to take total control of the Internet,  organisations which are attempting to completely censor all mention of this disgusting agenda, from an arena which should remain a Public Utility,

We are, as White people, obliged to listen to Black Rapists threatening to kill all White people, while the media ignores the massive numbers of White women, who are being raped daily by these Black savages, while ‘they’ continually take to the streets to whine about being confronted about their own out of control criminal behaviour, which occasionally leads to one of them being killed by a cop doing his duty, many of the cops being Black themselves.

This ridiculous situation has reached the depths of the Charlottesville episode, where a Jew Mayor, having given White protestors permission to hold a demonstration against the destruction of their memorial statues, organised a situation, which allowed an illegal group of thugs, referred to as Antifa, to brutally attack the White demonstrators, who were then found to be guilty of a deliberate attack against ‘them’ by others.

Some White people, who demonstrated are still in custody, while the controlled media referred to these White people as “Extreme Right Wing” which means “Supremacists'” of course, despite the reality that they are the only officially “downtrodden” group,  which can be legally, racially abused.

Europe and the United States are being prepared for destruction to save it.The only reason for importing hundreds of thousands of immigrants, who are of absolutely no use whatsoever to either Europe or the States is to create flash-points, which will result in a Civil War, which will need the treatment meted out to Yugoslavia, where there was a Muslim population which had to be saved, when in fact the real reason was to destroy a fully functioning Socialist Country and plunge it into debt with the privately owned International Monetary Fund and the ‘Privatisation’ of all utilities, into the hands of the sharks and of course to steal land from the Serbs in order to set up a Muslim State in Kosovo for illegal immigrants.

All of the incomers, into Europe and the United States are being trained to hate White People, we are being held responsible for the past and current crimes of the British/Jew Empire, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the White man in the street. Just like the Blacks, many Whites were simply shipped into the States against their will, but I have never come across a Black billionaire, like the Jew Lesbian Oprah Winfrey, offering a part of her riches to a White ex-slave, while she was prepared to rehouse the widow of the sexual deviant ML King, in a White neighbourhood, to protect her from the Black thugs, by whom she was constantly being burgled.

The United States has itself been burgled, by the Federal Government, which is a consortium of criminals from top to bottom, including the FBI, CIA, BLM, DHS, both Parties in the House and the Supreme Court, all of whom have colluded to steal the bulk of the American Territory, using the excuse of the protection of the Wild Life. They have hundreds of capped oil well along the Western States, waiting for future use, while telling the American People that they are obliged to pay more for gas, while there is actually a glut of the black stuff all over America.

The Feds have recently attempted to illegally seize the grazing land of Ranchers, as far apart as Nevada and Oregon, in order to take control the resources beneath the surface. They even murdered a protestor, LaVoy Finicum in a murderous police ambush, while he was on his way to keep an appointment with the local Sheriff, during a standoff in defence of one of the Ranchers


Hillary Clinton had already done a deal with Russia, selling Uranium deposits beneath the surface of the grazing land of one of the Ranchers, which necessitated violent efforts to kick the Rancher off his property, in order to close the deal. This was a criminal act which the complicit FBI has been desperately trying to cover up. Who knows how many members of the Congress are involved in this dirty dealing.

The Real Estate deal mentioned in the above clip, is destined to be used to create Chinese Industrial Complexes’ which will be considered as part of China, into which uncontrolled merchandise can be flown, into private airfields, all of which will be on sale in the Shopping Malls, which will be part of the complex, which will be run by Chinese Nationals.

This is all part of the criminality of the Deep State, the areas which have been stolen by the Criminal Federal Government, will all remain in the same hands, as is China itself, which has been a totally controlled Country, ever since the day Chairman Mao was paid into place, by the Federal Establishment in the States, the difference being, it will be a foreign country in the heart of America, from which all immigration from the ‘outside’ will be forbidden, as there are more than enough Chinese back home to fill any empty spaces. They are selling America to themselves in their new industrial zone which will very soon be a military power-house. All of it Jew controlled. 

It remains to be seen how closely these proposed foreign zones/countries, relate to the hidden oil-fields and other valuable resources, which have been kept secret from the American people, as they stood by watching the cream of their industrial base being exported to China, at American tax-payers expense, to save the planet from CO2 emissions, which the Chinese can double should they so choose, without any problem.

Do you begin see just how far you have sunk into the pit of filth, prepared for you by your elected thieves? The ultimate aim is to get rid of belligerent white people, we are too difficult to control, so I am told. To me White people are already totally dumbed down to a point where they cannot even sense that the water is heating up and it is time to jump out of the cauldron.

Trump is a human being, you can tell he means what he says, he truly is the last chance for the United States. Apart from the fact that we do not want Genetically Modified foodstuffs where I live.




Africans: Going Back To The Jungle?

Three hundred years ago, while Africans were busily doing what Africans do, they had no contact with those downtrodden White People, who were themselves living in  a form of squalor in Europe, under the control of Divine Right Rulers, by whom they were treated and used like slaves, a group of Dutch farmers managed, without a gram of assistance, from the Blacks in Africa, to throw off the yoke of the hereditary rulers sail off into the sunset, to a far off empty land in Africa where they created a decent society in which they lived quietly and peacefully.

Once upon a time, when this small group of White European farmers, landed in the far off shores of South of Africa and found themselves in this vast empty space, which was ideal for the growth of all kinds of products both fruit and vegetables, with huge grazing lands available for livestock and having escaped from the perpetual wars of Europe, they thought that they had found a paradise on Earth. They did not come in with European guns blazing and start the culling of any indigenous people, they came to a vast, unsettled area, much as other people have been doing since time immemorial, there was no violence involved.


One day, when they had constructed their farms and were already producing their own food, they were surprised when a large number of people, came fleeing into the area, pursued by a gang of Black killers, intent on wiping them out. The Boers, drove off the Blacks attackers, saving those whom were under attack, the Batu, people from a slaughter.

The Batu and the prehistoric Bushmen, continued their traditional life-style, however those Blacks, whom were less capable or unwilling to do the same, had spotted the food on the hoof, which was being produced by those industrious farmers and started to arrive in large numbers in search of a free lunch.

As a result, this small White Tribe, in an enormous fertile region, suddenly found themselves responsible for providing the needs of millions of Black people, whom were quite incapable of learning the tricks of farming to feed themselves, they instead chose the life of a parasite, with no apparent intention of creating a distinctive African Society.


These Black people, ‘whose lives matter’, are still, to this day incapable of building any form of modern civilisation for themselves, and having, with the help of Bolshevik Communist Jews, managed to steal the achievements of the White people, who looked after them for years, in a land to which the Blacks had no claim, skin colour does not provide the right of ownership, they have now driven the White people out of their ‘White’ ancestral homes to make room for Blacks, while the Whites are herded into shanty towns, where thousands have already died, while the Blacks have already slaughtered 75,000 thousand of the descendants of the original White farmers. While in the industries which were built by those Whites, no White man is allowed to take any job, unless there is no Black available who could do it.



The South African Blacks, whose current leaders are most probably the descendent of Black Tribes, which no doubt connived in the task of rounding up the Blacks, who were sold to the Jew Slave Traders, who shipped them off to Brazil, now find themselves back in the lucrative employ of the descendants of those same Jews, whom made a fortune out of the Slave Trade, who have now surreptitiously stolen for themselves, the wealth of South Africa, from under the noses of the Black Man in the Street, while the likes of Saint Nelson Mandela and other leaders of the African National Communists, have become millionaires, as payment for their complicity in this Grand Larceny.


They now have a President Zuma, a career criminal who should be incarcerated for his rapes, amongst his other serious crimes, who is instead waving a Kalashnikov in the air calling for the genocide of the remaining White Christians, while the controlling Jews in South Africa, maintain a strict silence, as the Whites are being treated much as are the Palestinian people in Gaza, while the Blacks who have spent most of their lives living on the hand-outs of the Whites, continue to boot those Whites out of their homes and do nothing to help them out, as they struggle to feed themselves, unlike the Blacks all over White European Countries who expect White people to pay for their bog-rolls,  and to give dem Blacks preference, in all sorts of situations, whether they deserve it or not, simply because they are Black.


These Blacks, who were interrupted a couple of Centuries ago, with the smell of blood in their nostrils, chasing members of the most ancient Race of the Peoples of Africa, most probably with the intention of eating them for supper, have now, with the help of the City of London, where the ‘Slavers’ still abide and having during the past Centuries not advanced so much as one step, in the direction of civilised living, have managed to take South Africa back in time, into a place, which last year arrested 300 cannibals and if 300 were arrested, God only knows the true number, and the once most advanced State in Africa is now one of the Worlds most dangerous places, with a rape every few seconds and a murder every few minutes and widespread poverty amongst Blacks whom have found out the hard way that taking down the Whites did them no favours.



Thousands of these same Blacks are now streaming into Europe and the United States and we are not allowed to show any concern, that would be racist. So very soon young women in Europe will have to accept being dished up for dinner after the rape is over.

The idea that these people are going to be “good” for Europe is a joke they are good for nothing and they should be left in glorious isolation in Deepest Darkest Africa. All they want in White Christian Countries is a new host to suck dry. They are not the only such parasite on this earth and personally speaking as a White man and having worked all my life to pay for these people, I am sick and tired of having my land invaded by people from sub-Saharan Africa, who have destroyed the only White Christian Country, which ever existed in Africa, expecting to gain more for themselves, having got rid of the Whites, when in fact all they achieved was their own infection with another parasite, even more excessively greedy than they are themselves.

Panic As The Media Spreads The News Far And Wide Britain Is Going Black.

The joke of the week must surely be the cries of disgust from the Zionist controlled British Press, which, while having chosen to ignore the ‘indiscretions’ of Prince Harry’s uncle Andrew, a lover of very young girls and ‘plate jobs’ have now gone berserk about a remark from the mouth of the ‘girl-friend’ of the newly elected leader of the Ukip Political Party, who has dared to make a comment about the Jew and Black ancestry, of Meghan Merkel and  who did not even once mention the word “Shithole.”


The Queen and her family, however Royal they may claim to be, are all part of the aim of destroying White Christian Britain and all of its bloody history, with the intention of replacing it with its true history, which would point out that from the days of the first Elizabeth, it has been a Jew history, Jews whom as usual, have been skulking out of sight, forcing the enslaved English people to carry the can for their crimes.

Harry is a Jew as was his mother and as is his brother Wills, and the future King George and his mother, in fact most of the British Aristocracy were once renowned for their Yiddish accents, while they were doing the Grand Tour, around Europe. In view of which, I have no doubt that however proud Meghan Merkel, Merkle or is it Markel or Markle, I can never remember which, may be of her ancestry,  whether that pride be of the Black side or the other, it will cause no problem for the already contaminated English Royal Bloodline, which was sold down the river, in return for a share of the profits of the Bank of England, long, long, ago.

The last member of the Royal Family, with an ounce of courage and decency, was King Edward, the man who was obliged to abdicate his throne,  rather than stab Adolf Hitler and the Royal Family’s German ancestors, in the back. His niece Elizabeth, has been licking the boots of those whom called for the slaughter of those proud ancestors ever since.

The current Queen has signed all of the Treaties which have destroyed Britain. There are now moves to transform the European Union into a full-blown Communist Block and the Queen will sign that one as well when the time comes.

The “Ramainers” are claiming that to leave the European Union will be a disaster for Britain, when in fact as a Member State of that Union, the disaster as been ongoing ever since the day that Britain joined.

The Queen of England, signed all of the necessary Treaties which destroyed the integrity of her Kingdom, without the slightest trace of concern. Treaties which have been unread, not only by the Queen nor by her Ministers in Parliament, they signed because they had no choice any more than did the ‘elected’ members of the European Parliament, all of whom have stood by, watching as the European Union cynically destroyed most of the industrial base of Europe.

The European Union Corporation, carried out this destructive action, in order to allow those,  whom have through chicanery, managed to gain control and a monopoly of many important industries, the right to relocate abroad, a possibility of which they have now  taken advantage, which has seen to them all being installed in Asian workshops, where the cheap labour is to be found.

Having achieved that aim, it would all have been a waste of time, without those Free Trade Agreements, which are nothing more than a cynical device to open Europe to the unrestricted importation of products from foreign workshops,  of those items, which were once produced in Europe.

The European Union Corporation is in the process of forcing all State controlled Utilities to be ‘Privatised’ despite the failure of those industries which have already been privatised, to adequately deliver those necessary services, Rail, Water, Gas and Electricity,  in a fair and reliable manner.

The EU is now seeking to make it illegal to re-Nationalise any Utility which has been privatised, but which is still in need of State subsidy. Even those “Patriots” like Nigel Farage, lack the courage to point these things out, because to so do might just involve the mentioning of things which every controlled government in Europe and the United States are obliged to cover up.

All Political Parties in the United States and the UK are Corporations, even the Socialists, a sly group of people whom have mocked the European working man for generations, while claiming to be looking after his best interests.

In the United Kingdom, the same Labour Party which lied the British into a war with Germany, alongside the Jew Front  of Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill and Eisenhower, were the very people whom set about the destruction of the White working man in Britain, when straight after the end of the War,  they introduced Social Security, which was in reality a means of making it possible for the Government to subsidise,  the totally unnecessary,  incoming hordes from Asia and the West Indies.

This cynical device is now being used to completely destroy all of Europe, making it possible to continue to install their International Corporate control without too many problems from the now down-trodden White European Christians.

Alongside the destruction of Europe and the United States, through the medium of mass immigration, there is another agenda in place, which appears to be suggesting that Black people are more cuddly and nice than are those evil Whites, by whom they were enslaved, while there is not a mention of those nice Whites whom have gone out of their way to allow dem der Blacks to become millionaires , not a bit of it, now the cry is that there are not enough Black millionaires.

A while back I was confronted with a woman, who had two children, telling me that she would be happy to see the White Race completely destroyed, that they are disgusting and have never done anything of worth throughout history. She hesitated when I asked her whether that threat applied to her two children, just as she did the next time I saw her and asked why she was still around,  if she felt so strongly about her own uselessness?

Listening to the idiotic character in the above clip makes my flesh creep. She is a receiver of preferential treatment herself and she fails to mention the fact there are most probably thousands of White women far more capable than is she, whom were denied her job, in order to fulfil Peter’s Principle that everybody rises to their own level of incompetence.

The extreme behaviour of Blacks throughout their days in the States has been responsible for the dislike of them by all other Races, including the Muslims and Latinos and never mind the ‘shit-holes’ in Africa or anywhere else, the Blacks have created their very own zones in the USA.

They are now being used as stooges by the Slave Masters, who are still with us and have managed to cover up their crimes, choosing instead to point to their selected White victims as being the guilty. This is White Genocide.  I have no more feelings of sympathy for Blacks, they are now, quite clearly,  our foul mouthed, hypocritical,  lying enemy and I will not hesitate to point that out in any way I can.









Death By Immigration? Bring It On.



The Rah-Rah boys on the British News channels, whom have been howling indignantly against calls to restrict the number of immigrants pouring into the United Kingdom, by calling those like Farage and Trump, racists, for simply calling for a moratorium on the issue, are now cornering the Prime Minister Theresa May, over the inability of the National Health Services to cope with demand.

Last year alone 600,000 immigrants legally came into the UK and who knows how many thousands more crept in illegally, so how on earth can the inability of the Health Services, to cope with demand be discussed without so much as a mention of this massive immigration?

I have no idea how many nurses and doctors are necessary to take care of the needs of a city with 600,000 inhabitants, however I am quite sure it amounts to more than the increase in the necessary health staff, during the past twelve months, so existing staff are faced with this ever-growing problem.

In the United States, where the average worker finds it almost impossible to pay the cost of health care, both legal and illegal immigrants are being housed, fed and educated, with health care thrown in, for good measure, all at the expense of those, unfortunate enough to have actually been Born White in the USA.

It is almost impossible to discuss these matters in the United States where the White people, that would be the folk who pay all the taxes, now find themselves worse off than those whom make a career out of living on Welfare payments, which are sky-high for incoming people, whom are determined to milk the system, with the acceptance of politicians, who are busily creating the coming race of slaves, in a land which has already reached, Mad Max levels of violence in the Black Ghettos.

The largest section of the poor unemployed, in the United States, who suffer most at the hands of the ‘authorities’ are White people, not the loud-mouthed Blacks, many of whom have contributed nothing, for the good of others, and in their stupidity, instead of standing solid with those Whites, who gave them everything they have, they choose instead, to join the Dark Side, where they are now on the verge of being relegated to the gutter by the hundreds of thousands of Blacks being sneaked into the US, from Somalia and other African hell-holes, by whom they will very soon, if not already, be outnumbered.

Take a look at this pick-up of Blacks, all of whom had the cash to pay for their trip. Mark Stone, from Sky News, is a slick operator, who provided various bits film which when edited, gave the impression of being a job badly done by an editor with a score to settle with Sky.

The presented film shows a rubber boat with one hundred men aboard, all wearing life-jackets, only to suddenly transform into another group without life-jackets but apparently in need of them, simply to clamber from the Zodiac onto the Ferry-Boat. Check it out. This film is nothing but lies and deception.

In South Africa, where the Blacks make up ninety percent of the population, the remaining ten percent Whites are paying the bulk of the taxes, which keeps the economy going, while the Blacks are actually calling for the slaughter of those Whites by whom they are being fed.

In the United States, the Blacks are out in the streets, still trying to blame the Whites for the inner city carnage of Blacks by Blacks, a battle-field which will very soon be filled with the immigrant Black hordes direct from Africa, eager to mark out their own territory.


Take a good look at the above aerial shots of South Africa, all of that was built by White people, whom have been dispossessed by Black immigrants, who have transformed South Africa into the crime capital of the World.


The Blacks in South Africa were betrayed by the Bolshevik Communist Nelson Mandela, a 33 degree Freemason, who died as a millionaire, payment for his services to those, American, British and Russian Bolsheviks, whom were intent on stealing the resources of South Africa for City of London businessmen, an aim which had eluded the British for generations, which Mandela achieved for them, with the massive assistance of the lying, Bolshevik controlled media, which painted the Boers as ‘Evil Dictators.’

South Africa is now controlled by those whom crouch behind a clutch of interchangeable identities, so let us call them Bolshevik Communists, from where Joe Slovo, a Russian KGB operative originated. He and his wife controlled the African National Congress and all aspects of the destruction of the Boers, the vestiges of whom they are now cynically allowing to be slaughtered out of hand, by murdering Blacks, while the ‘kindly’ British stand idly by without a care, even as they are smuggling thousands of these murdering Blacks into Europe, to carry out the same program.

Martin Luther King was another Bolshevik Communist, agent, bent on deceiving the American Blacks into turning against the Whites, by whom they had been allowed to rise into high positions in White society, which they most certainly did not merit, out of a misplaced sense of ‘fair play’, despite the fact that White people of a similar level of intelligence, would never have even been considered for similar positions. Any idea that we are being governed by the ‘brightest and best’ is a nonsense.

The Blacks have themselves been under attack for generations. The idea of a Black family is now a distant memory, while the finest parts of Black Culture, their once marvelous ability to create inspiring music of many styles, is also dying out, with the loss of Prince and Michael Jackson and many others like them, to be replaced by Stormsy or Beyoncé on the stages where Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin once strode.

Wake up my Black friends, when you got your very own Kenyan Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, manipulated into the White House, by the same Bolshevik Communists, did it do you any good? Believe me, you will do far better under Donald Trump, whatever the lying propagandists in the media, all of them under the control of the same Bolshevik Communists, are telling you.

Dearborn is a perfect example of what lies in store for the United States. These Muslim people have quite deliberately installed a system,  which is in effect outside of the control of the US Authorities, where they are now demanding autonomy. In such a case I would quickly allow them this autonomy, which would involve the immediate cessation of welfare and other benefits, which would allow them the freedom to take care of themselves.



By The Time You Read This, It Could Already Be Too Late!

It has now become imperative, we must get rid of our governments before they get rid of us.

 Europe has become a prisoner of the Extreme Centre. Any voice,  which deviates from the dogma of this Extreme Centrist group, which has managed to overcome the voices of reason from the left and the right are instantly shut down with cries of Racism, Bigotry, Sexism or Xenophobia.

YouTube is jam-packed with Jews professing similar sentiments, to the above, without criticism. Can you believe that there is not one Member of Congress, the Senate or any Member of a Parliament in Britain and across Europe, who has come across these calls by the Jews and who was shocked enough by the hate filled words of the Jews, to raise the subject in their Parliament?

How could they be unaware of these calls, while at the same time, be facilitating exactly what this man and many other Jews are proposing for the White Race. Are you stupid enough to believe that it is by pure coincidence that Europe is being swamped with Blacks and Muslims? Why,  as they claim we need immigrants, because of a low White birthrate are they encouraging White women to abort their babies? Should they not be encouraging more births to avoid the need of immigrants? It is a total lie, to claim that the  White birthrate has arrived at a point from where it cannot recover. How many millions more  immigrants can be squeezed into Europe and who will end up paying for them all?

Europe has already been destroyed with the complicity of these traitors. There is no other word for them, they, our elected politicians, are deliberately destroying our White Heritage. They are prepared to allow us to die out.

Professor Ignatiev and his cohorts are quite clearly pointing the finger of blame at the White Peoples, to shield the Jews from the consequences of their own crimes. The time has always arrived, throughout history,  when the Jews go that little bit too far and I would suggest that day has now arrived.

Any attempt to put the record straight, about current events, is immediately called Hate Speech, apart that is from when the finger is being pointed at the White People.

Listen to the words of John Foster Dulles in 1957 and it will become clear as to why Jews like Ignatiev,  can say what they like about White Christians with impunity.

White people did not colonise Africa and India and America and all those other places, they were invaded and conquered by European Soldiers, for sure, men who had been forced into uniform, to defend the interests of Jews,  in Africa, India, Australia, China and many other places. These men were given no choice.

It is Europe which is actually now being Colonised. In the only White country in Africa, which was also later colonised by Blacks, after it had been constructed by Whites, South Africa, the indigenous Whites are being slaughtered, under the guidance of Jews, without a word of criticism or a helping hand from the Jew controlled Governments of Europe and the USA.

Believe me if you think that Whites had no right to set up home in a huge empty Continent called Africa, then why are so many people in favour of Africans setting up home in Europe?

As a People, White Christians have never left Europe, apart from those whom were initially sent to Australia as prisoners or to the West Indies and America as slaves. The British, French and Dutch Empires were in fact Jew Banker controlled Empires.

Christopher Columbus, who was a Jew, did not discover America, he discovered Hispaniola and his acts of depravity knew no bounds. He savagely slaughtered hundreds of thousand of the people of the Island, and used many as slaves.

What happened on Hispaniola is indicative of the truth of later events. White Christians in Europe had no idea that Columbus was raiding overseas countries, any more than they did when Spain invaded South America. It had nothing to do with the man in the streets of Europe. Like the victims of Columbus, they were being ruled by an iron fist and were given no choice.

Most uneducated Europeans had no idea what was going on in the world.  Back then,  in the countryside there was no World News available. So to suggest that White People are responsible for the criminal acts of Jews, who even all that time ago,  had control of the Gold, is a nonsense. Even as Columbus was desecrating Hispaniola, the Jews were being kicked out of Spain because of their subversive acts and greed.

Blacks in America call themselves African-Americans and they claim that they can absolve themselves from blame for the brutal treatment of the Native Americans, as if they had been exonerated because of slavery, while at the same time, denying the fact,  that many Whites came to the USA in Bondage, so are those Whites not entitled to the same status of innocence,  which is claimed by those  Black Champions of Racism, Rapes and Murders in modern-day America?

Everything is loaded against White people, we have to sort out the Blacks problems, well they  are not my problem,  that is a Black problem, have the Blacks ever tried to sort us Whites out?

All the Blacks ever do is blame Whitey, while in Liberia, where the Blacks have always had total control,they have created hell on earth. Whining Blacks in Europe and the States should be banished to Liberia for a year or two, and should they survive the experience and not end up on the tribes dinner plate, be allowed back into civilisation.