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The Clock Is Ticking For The Demise Of White Europe.


The Clock Is Ticking For The Demise Of White Europe.


The British, whom believe themselves to have been well-educated, have in fact been put into a state of stupor by their controlled and deceitful educational system, which is even now, in plain view, castrating the same youngsters, whose parents generation not so long ago, were turning out craftsmen at an astonishing rate, with apprenticeships in engineering and electronics available for virtually every boy on leaving Secondary School.

Sadly, now that British Industry has been exported to the Slave States in the Orient and Britain no longer has a worthwhile industrial base and the savagely miserly Industrialists are attempting to force basic salary to the same level as the Third World, by importing Slave Labour into the UK, there is a Lost Generation of boys in the UK and Europe, with nothing better to aim for than a part-time job tossing hamburgers in Junk Food Joints.

It must be quite clear to even the most dumbed-down member of society, that in a country, already under pressure due to a long period of stagnation, that to claim the need of immigrants to carry out work, which indigenous British people refuse to accept, is what is normally referred to a hiding to nowhere.

Immigrants, who arrive in Europe, to work in National Health Services, which is the usual excuse for needing folk from overseas, will be low paid, that goes without saying, so when the cost of housing, education and health care, is added to the cost of employment, it becomes quite clear that a higher wage level, paid to an indigenous unemployed person, would be a far cheaper solution to the problem. Of course it would, but that is not the object of the game, the hidden agenda is the destruction of European Culture and White people.

David Cameron, recently assured the British people, in an attempt to encourage them to vote ‘remain’ in the referendum, that Turkey had no chance of joining the EU for at least thirty years. Why should they join at all? Nobody in Europe wants them to join, so what, one needs to ask, will be the difference in thirty years?

Well allow me to explain to you what the difference will be in thirty years. There have been ongoing talks, behind the scenes of course, to install yet another Union, which will include the Maghreb:

In an interview with the North African magazine Jeune Afrique, Olivier Stirn, Nicolas Sarkozy’s adviser for the Union for the Mediterranean (which aims to merge the EU with North Africa and the Middle East) and Union for a Popular Movement (Sarkozy’s party) Liaison Officer for the African Union, stated: “My mission is to prove that the UMP is not a moat but a bridge between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa … in reality, President Sarkozy wants to establish a Euro-African axis with the UMP as its core” (“Olivier Stirn,” Jeune Afrique, 31 May 2010).

This scheme has little to do with Sarkozy, it was in the planning long before he was born. Africa has been maintained in misery, while all the necessary steps are carried out to introduce Europe to the idea of being ‘browned out’ of existence. The object now is to destroy the African Peoples, allowing the Chinese to take over. Africans will tell you that their countries are already jam-packed with Chinese, building roads and other superstructure, pretending it to be for the Indigenous Peoples, even as these Peoples are being given the money to pay the Ferry-Man” for a quick trip to Europe. There are said to be seven million on their way. Hollande, quietly shipped in fifty-three thousand refugees, from his deliberately provoked Civil War in Mali, without a word to the French  people.

Africa has been held in abeyance for generations, there has been no attempt made to use the incredible resources of Africa, to improve the lot of the African people. Everything in Africa must fall under the control of The City of London, where a bunch of ghouls have been manipulating World Affairs for generations.

“North Africa and the Middle East had been regarded as a “gateway to Africa” by Britain’s Fabian Socialist government as early as the 1940s. Linking Africa with a united Europe to create a single economic block was a scheme promoted in 1948 by Fabian Socialist Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, former chairman of the infamous Society for Socialist Information and Propaganda (later New Fabian Research Bureau) and architect of the Western European Union. Needless to say, British governments were also connected with Rothschild and associated money interests either directly or through Milner-Fabian go-betweens.

Patriots like George Galloway still use the “experts” of Chatham House, in support of many of their claims as do Russia Today, Sky News, BBC and Press TV, such is the depth of control under which we survive.

The British have not escaped from control, simply by voting to leave Europe, they must now hold their combined breath, waiting to be told what the next step will be. Corbyn is like Donald Trump, either a stooge or a tool of the Big Boys. As yet he has made little noise about bringing British Industry home. He has however expressed a ‘desire’ to flood Britain with ever more immigrants, while failing to drum up support for the illegally attacked Assad in Syria, reducing at a stroke the flood of refugees from that country, should the British support for Daech cease.

As for Turkey, they will be given access to Europe, when Europe no longer exists as a White Continent, that would be in about thirty years time. Once again Christian Soldiers have been used as the tool to bring about this actuality, in favour of the City of London.

Even as the British are coming to terms with the grand deception of the Blair Government, they are quietly accepting the same lies being told against the Assad regime. The British Foreign Secretary, recently referred to the crimes of Assad as being, Barrel Bombs and Chemical attacks, both of which were claimed AFTER the British financed the terrorists, and full in the face of the truth, offered by no less a person than Carla Ponti a UN observer, who pointed out that it was the British funded rebels who carried out the chemical attack. Hammond is a liar, pure and simple. All of the recent British, murderous, wars, have been against International Law, and somebody should be brought to book for a massive Crime Against Humanity.

Claims that false information suggested that attacks on the Middle East, were necessary, is quite simply a load of tosh. They are not getting things wrong, everything is going to plan. Cameron is every bit as guilty as are Hollande Blair, Sarkozy and Bush and Obama. They do as they are told. Who could claim, in all honesty that there is not a massacre taking place in Israel? Why no humanitarian action there?

In Britain, Labour Party programmatic papers like A Policy for Equality: Race (ILEA, 1983) show that the Left’s policy of “race equality” aimed to change the “power relations between white and black people” in favour of the non-white immigrant population. The same Fabian Socialist Left embarked on a program of state-enforced mass immigration deliberately intended to make Britain more multicultural and multiracial (“Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser,” Daily Telegraph, 5 May 2011). At European level, the same interests have called for the EU to “do its best to undermine national homogeneity and sense of difference from others” as exemplified by Peter Sutherland (an Irish Jew) of the UN Global Forum on Migration and Development (Lords Select Committee, p. 25). As well as heading the GFMD, Sutherland is chairman of the Milner-Fabian-associated banking company Goldman Sachs International and the London School of Economics.

With all of the above lined up against us, I think we can fairly claim that we are meat on the hook. If people are intent on committing mass suicide in the name of being “Liberal and nice” there is very little to do about it. Europe is now packed to the rafters with immigrants, even as quality jobs are still vanishing overseas, to States which are not expected to accept immigrants and as the long promised depression edges ever closer, which will, when it arrives, create chaos and the White folk in Europe will not come through it with a smile on their faces.

The European Union which has been a marvellous success for those whom installed it, and the propaganda, by which has been maintained – despite the destruction of half of its members, and the fire sale of all resources, into the hands of the Fabian Society Elite – has also been a great success.

Sadly Europe is done for, it is over, after all the marvelous achievements down through the ages, the finest civilisation the world has ever seen will very soon disappear and there will be nowhere left for White People to hide. South Africa is the model of to where we are heading.

My thanks to The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy for the quotes used in this post.


Get Up, Stand Up Against This Jew Hate Speech. Or Are You Ready To Die?

Why are the likes of Corbyn not sacking the Warmonger Benn, the son of a Tavistock Institute father, who made the greatest call to kill the innocent speech,  ever presented in Parliament?

Why no cries of War Criminal directed at Cameron and the remains of New Labour, in the House of Commons, could it be because they are more interested in keeping their lucrative, money for nothing jobs than in telling the truth?

These are the folk whom daily describe the British National Party and the Front Nationale, as racist and bigoted, while they assume the mantle of the ‘Peacemaker and lover of minorities,’ while for the past Century they have provoked war after war, causing upwards of One-Hundred-Million deaths. That is the grim reality of by what we are governed.

If after one hundred years of continuous slaughter, can there be any doubt left in the mind of even the most thick-headed of our brethren that our politicians are not working for us. They are even now allowing Jews to present White People as being unfit to continue to live.



Why is the Jew man, Cameron, who recently stood in front of an audience and condemned a White man, Ken Livingstone, out of hand for using the word Hitler and Zionism in the same sentence, as being anti-Semitic, which I found to be totally offensive, because I do not happen to be too enamoured by the needs of the barbaric Jews in Israel, to be forced to hold an enforced opinion, about Hitler and Germany,  or else!

When attempting to fabricate an excuse to destroy Libya and Syria, Cameron announced his intention of supplying arms and training, for those whom were fighting against the elected regimes.  Europe is now overloaded, so we are told, with those whom are returning after fighting with Daech and many other terrorists whom have entered Europe posing as refugees.

Will he now be arming those folk in order to create a Civil War, should they demonstrate a discontent with the elected governments of Europe?  Will he be prepared to arm the “people” so that they can fight back?  How can anybody place their trust in an underhanded piece of evil who can behave in such a way and be allowed to get away with it?

I would prefer Cameron to denounce Jew people like Tim Wise and Barbara Spector, or Professor Noel Ignatiev, who do not only accidentally allow a forbidden word to slip out of their mouth, but are, as does Cameron’s War Criminal chum, Nicolas Sarkozy, calling for the obliteration of White people. Does Cameron support such hate speech or not? Why no call to kick these Jew Racists out of Universities and any other position which gives them a platform for their Racist Hate.

Now is the time to take this insulting behaviour from Jews to task, instead of allowing them to carry out a bizarre  load of crap about stupidities like the Quenelle and Nicolas Anelka, which were unendingly reported in Jew controlled media.




The British, French and the USA, are slaughtering at will anyone who dares to stand in the way of the proposed World domination by a covert group of individuals. They are, through the use of the “cover” of NATO, managing to implicate other States, in their criminal acts, the famed “Coalition of Guilt,” which lends an air of respectability to their crimes.

Israel, a contrived State,  based on claims that a “God” of some sort, “chose” to give it to Jews, not of course the Jews whom had always abided in the region, but to a strange group of Jews from various European States and the USA, who have from day one in Palestine, murdered the indigenous folk,  both indigenous Jew and Muslim and stolen vast tracts of land, all of which was carried out without a word of criticism from the USA or European “puppet” politicians, many of whom are Jews.

We are now involved in a two pronged attack, emanating from the same region which has been tortured by Western Forces for generations and once again the main target is as uysual the indigenous folk,  whom are being driven out and are being paid to come to Europe, where compliant Jew politicians are attempting to force White Europeans to accept their own destruction, through the medium of this mass immigration.

Slumped in the middle of this chaos is Israel, the instigator of the current bloodbath and the only entity which has anything to gain from the carnage. There is nothing in it for us. We have been convinced that the problem has been caused by Islamic  Terrorism, which did not even exist when Bush kicked off his  “War on Terror.” This claim of International Terrorism provides the excuse to enlist the Christian Armies, to fight yet another Jew inspired war.

In order to pretend that Israel has a clean pair of hands, in this struggle, to fulfil what has been the dream of Israel since 1947, we find the “Royal” State of Saudi Arabia – which is a Jew State and has been so since it was installed – working with Turkey, yet another Jew controlled State, working hand in glove with the British and French, both Jew controlled, to destroy the remains of the Middle East, leaving it in the clutches of the Sabbatean’s in Turkey, with a Jew who dreams of re-constructing the Ottoman Empire, at the same time handing over to Israel the land necessary to create “Greater Israel”

In order to confuse the issue, the Wahhabi’s from Saudi Arabia, provide Daech and the blood-thirsty terrorism, which has been used to provoke the current fear of Muslims. Many of these “atrocities” appear to have been staged – and are never properly investigated – in the absence of real terror attacks. As with the 7-7  atrocity in London, where those “witnesses” whom had their lower legs and feet blown off by bombs exploding under the carriages of the tube-train, were not allowed to give evidence at the Inquest, to maintain the lie of the tale.

None of this nonsense is going to help Race Relations and what is more it is designed to create problems between the races,  and the Muslim Communities, in particular, are fast becoming the preferred target for the xenophobic, as a result of those whom take to the streets calling for Sharia Law. Needless to say they would not dare to do the same thing in Saudi Arabia or Israel.

Everything which I have scribbled above, would fall into the category of anti-Semitism, despite the fact that every word is true. For Jews to bleat about being asked to consider relocating Israel to the USA,  as anti-Semitic, while at the same time bull-dozering the homes of Palestinians and refusing to allow those, whom have been stuck in refugee camps for seventy-years,  to return home, to be farcical.

These Jews in Israel have no right, either legal or historical, to claim ownership of Israel they were in fact doing exactly what the Jews from Europe and the USA did in Russia, carried out a form of coup d’etat and then proceeded to wipe out the indigenous peoples.

Events in Russia were never allowed to be taught in Western Schools. Even as the massive slaughters of Christians was ongoing in Russia, Western Jews were already plotting with Joseph Stalin, a Jew, about his support in the upcoming Second World War, which had been in the planning since the end of the Great War.

Stalin would provide the cannon fodder to make sure that Germany would be defeated and to carry out the staging of the “holocaust” by installing so-called gas chambers, like the one at Auschwitz, which was in fact an air-raid shelter, to provide an excuse for the four million Jews who went to Israel after the war.

European People, by allowing a group of unelected and unknown Communists, to take control of their affairs, have fallen into a Jew trap. That is clear, when folk can be thrown out of a European Parliament, for simply cracking a joke about the brutal,  illegal,  State of Israel, we should all wake up.

The evidence that European Governments are wholly controlled is being demonstrated, quite clearly, for those whom did not fully understand the murderous atrocities, which were inflicted on Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and are now threatening Libya and Syria all over again, ask yourself, where is the evidence of any form of terrorism emanating from any of these States before they were destroyed. Never mind asking the difficult question, what was the point of this wholesale destruction?

Jews world-wide are now blaming YOU for all this barbarity. You are the target for the kick-back, not by Muslims, but by the Saudi Arabian, trained and funded ISIS/Daech, who are operating under the control of National Security Forces.

Even as the Russians and Syrian are attempting to install an air of calm in Syria, to encourage refugees to return home, Cameron and his Jew buddies, are already in the process of taking advantage of this calm period, to re-arm their rebels, and are still intent on installing a “puppet” government in Syria.

If the British People are stupid enough to believe, that folk whom have lived their lives herding goats and other pastoral pursuits, will be able to contribute to European life, where they will be locked up all day long in a Tower Block, they must be out of their minds. These folk  loved their lives and Assad caused them no problem. Cameron is their problem.

In my writings, over the years, I have tried to explain that there are moves afoot to reduce Europe to the level of the Third World, with minimum of daily needs available for one and all and  that minimum would mean exactly what it says.

Europe now finds it more and more difficult to continue to provide previous levels of health care. Europeans are banned from suggesting that this is as a result of mass immigration. Surely it must be perfectly evident that should the numbers of White Europeans be diminishing, while an ever increasing amount is being invested in health care, it can only be as a result of a growing number of immigrants. Accident and Emergency wards are not being clogged up with old European people.

The Middle East is now suffering from the same fate as that which befell Scotland and Ireland in past times. The Scottish were driven out of the Highlands and the Irish starved to death and the survivors sold into slavery, all under the orders of the City of London. That would be the same City of London which handed the Middle East into the hands of the Jews, having made it all possible by ordering the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, releasing Palestine into its claws.

Europe is chock full of “career” politicians who have delivered us all into this morass. They agree to illegal wars as if organising a day at the seaside, without any apparent care for the results of their barbarity. They are total scum one and all.

The Truth About Terrorism.


When the bi-sexual, coke sniffing, President of the United States, George W. Bush, cried out, “You are either with us or with the terrorists,” to which terrorists did he refer? There was at the time, no such thing as international Muslim Terrorism or indeed any other group, which could be hunted down by a conventional Army.

Bush was quickly joined, on his idiotic caper,  by the Judas Blair, from the City of London, the man whom had prepared the UK for the coming dark future, by putting a “quick fix” in place in British controlled Ulster, to get rid of the threat of “Irish” terrorism, before condemning London, to its very own 911, “False Flag” warning on 7-7. Such an event was normally attributed to the IRA, another scapegoat of the British.

Blair continued his treachery by inviting into the UK, not, as he claimed, well-educated folk from overseas, whom would be of benefit to the UK, he instead brought in uniquely those groups whom would never integrate, thus at a stroke creating the possibility of a backlash from those whom he Blair, had understood full well, would react, when they saw the carnage inflicted against their kin-folk in the Middle East by Blair’s uniformed mercenaries, who were sent to bomb the shit out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Blair and his minions were working to the tenets of the same program which had been followed by Clement Attlee, when he was “put into Power” after World War Two. Attlee packed the UK with Black People from the West Indies, a group which has proven themselves incapable of integrating with White people,  a group which still howls about slavery, a historical event which can in no way be blamed on British people, most of whom had never even seen a Black man before they came streaming into the UK, where they have never managed to create anything other than “No Go Ghetto.”

The Black folk have now been joined by the Muslims, yet another group which will never forget the atrocities which they have suffered at the hands of the City of London. Cameron, a Jew, is continuing the agenda of Blair by surreptitiously allowing the influx of Muslim refugees, fleeing from the Middle East to escape the brutal attacks, organised by Cameron, against their homelands.

The United Kingdom is not alone, across Europe the same ridiculous influx of this deliberately provoked swarm of refugees, has been allowed by the carefully placed politicians, many of whom are Communist Jews, while others are mere “Zionists” but one and all they are prepared to destroy White Europe.

Cameron is at the moment seeking a means of fortifying the British Isles, against any influx of White European refugees, from Christian Europe, by closing the doors of the UK – now that it is short of “real men” – ensuring that when the false flag Civil War kicks off there will be no safe haven for White people left available to flee.  Europeans will quickly find that those Muslim States, which betrayed their own people, will not be prepared to accept Christians into their midst any more than do the Jew people in Israel. Only White Christian people commit that sort of altruistic act of suicide.

There are many undeniably similarities between the Muslim Holy Koran and the Jew Talmud. Both of these “religious” tracts are packed with instructions as how to cope with the “unbelievers” whom have chosen another religion, death being the usual tool used to solve this problem, Whites of course,  turn the other cheek.

Both groups, Muslim and Jew,  persist with their Dark Age system of animal slaughter, while despite the invention of Fridges, still refuse to eat pork, which they now see as an excuse to maltreat pigs.

Their treatment of their own women-folk and their propensity to rape “erotically” dressed White women, while justifying the marriage of children to old men, indicates to where the world is heading under such domination. Jews ill-treatment of women is a well concealed reality, in Jew communities.

What European folk now refer to as Terrorism, was once called the Crusades, designed to take control of Jerusalem. The Crusades were and are, the attempts of Europeans to dominate the entire Middle East. This agenda is now being presented as a European Jew right to steal the Middle East, using the excuse of a historical false claim that God gave them Palestine.

That is the mind-set which we have been forced to accept down through the centuries. To realise this claim, Europe has already been forced to sacrifice the cream of our youth, on this altar of greed and  deceit in two World Wars and we are now being forced into yet another corner by these animals who refuse to accept the presence of others.

What we seem to be now witnessing, is a form of coalition between these two belligerent religions, Judaism and Islam,  which is being used to disseminate disgruntled victims all across the planet,  in readiness for a World Civil War, against the “Coalition” which has been employed to in recent times, to destroy Muslims.

This will sadly prove to be a war with no end, unless that is, the kindly folk whom have continued this struggle down through the ages, are themselves dealt with, before they manage to completely control Jerusalem and the Middle East, the birth-place of all of the “religions” which are now in conflict, thus allowing them to install yet another diabolical “World-Wide Religion” with Lucifer as the adored God figure.

A God which demands child sacrifice amongst other things, remember Abraham and Isaac and make up your own mind as to which God of the Bible demanded such a crime as proof of devotion?

Europe and the United States are on the cusp of destruction. The “real” numbers of immigrants whom are already installed, in both countries, are way, way,  beyond those with which we have been provided. Your elected Politicians have quite willingly destroyed you.

Europe has already suffered from a Muslim invasion, against which the people were obliged to struggle for three centuries, in order to recover their land and freedom. They have now been forced into the same corner, for no better reason than to enable the schemes of thugs.


Should there be anybody out there, who still clings grimly to the notion that Politicians are elected and not simply put in place and whom firmly believe there to be a chance of change by voting for the man who wears a different colour badge on his lapel, need only look towards Donald Trump, to witness the power of those whom stand against change of any sort.

The opposition standing against Trump, in the US election,  Cruz, Clinton Kasich and Sanders all work for the Jews who control the USA and have done so since 1913, when their first act was to send the USA into an illegal War in Europe, making it possible to place a Cabal of Jews into power in Russia and to slice the Middle East into easily controllable States, in readiness for future conquests, once they had installed themselves in Palestine, a land which they have brutalised without pity.

Having primed Europe and the Middle East for disaster, they then set about undermining Asia. China has been used to destroy European and American Industry, while its population has been thrown into disequilibrium through the use of the “One Child” per family dictate, which has produced millions of surplus men, who were the preferred “One Child,” and millions fewer females, making it virtually impossible for the surplus men to find a mate, that is unless of course they head off to Europe or the USA to help in the scheme of “browning” out the White Race.

While all of this has been going on, under the control of those whom refer to themselves as Jews and whom forbid any word of criticism to be uttered about their behaviour, whether in Israel or indeed anywhere else in the world,  have now declared themselves to be above reproach, kowtowing politicians threaten to arrest those guilty of such an offence, while still claiming them to have freedom of speech.

A Socialist Member of Parliament in the UK was obliged to resign from her position, in the team of the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, for merely suggesting that should the Jews in Israel have need of more space, there was ample space available in the USA.  This was considered anti-Semitic by the Jew David Cameron in Parliament. Who are these Jews and why do we have to support this arrant nonsense?

A carefully placed question allowed Cameron to deliver a prepared diatribe, announcing to all and everybody that it was a scandal to suggest that Israel should look elsewhere if they had need of more space, complaining that the Member who had made this “error” of judgement, a Muslim MP, should be sacked.

Cameron has absolutely no concept of the effect of the horrific slaughters which have occurred in the Middle East, against Muslims, while he has been in charge. Only a fully fledged psychopath could level such an attack against another member of the House of Commons, never minding the fact that she was a Muslim, in a Parliament, which he had,  only a few minutes before, described as a place where the right of Free Speech was enshrined.

He can apparently, use whatever terms he may choose against Muslims, without fear of condemnation, while he objects to even the slightest remark against those Jews whom have carried out a genocide in Palestine. A War Criminal complaining in defence of other War Criminals, nice place the Houses of Parliament. He of course managed to slip in a reference to Hitler, without a trace of irony.

Cameron went on to suggest that it was a sign of success that millions more patients were being treated in British Hospitals as a sign of success, when any idiot like me, would suggest that it is no more than a sign of the growing sickness of people in the United Kingdom, which is concealed by claiming that the increase in those needing health care, is as a result of extended life expectancy, even as there are detectable signs of Alzheimer’s in thirty-year olds.

Now the truly sad side of all this nonsense, while the soft-hearted folk of the UK have been shedding a few tears over the death of David Bowie, an event with which they were presented over several days,only to he followed by the death of Ronnie Corbett, which provoked hours of coverage, then Victoria Wood left us,an event which engendered dozens of times more publicity than she had ever received during her life. Then on top of all that, the Queens birthday party, what a long hard trip that was and then to round it all off, Prince left us all destroyed, by his passing.

During all that grief and tears the rest of the world with all its problems, vanished from the News. No mention of Cameron lying to Parliament about his intention of forcing yet another puppet government on to the people of Libya. Total silence about the build-up to an attack in Syria against the now  non-existent Daech, as an excuse to carry on the slaughter, provoking those thousands of Syrians whom have returned home and whom voted in the unspoken Elections in Syria, which were monitored by accredited European officials and found to have been fair, to flee once more into Turkey, from where Erdogan can send them off to Europe.

for ways


These results have already been dismissed in the US and ignored by Sky News, even as the US is poking around looking for a means of undermining the results of their own elections in an attempt to deny the people their democratic choice and Obama is preaching to the British about the dangers of leaving the Jew controlled European Union, which despite having quite clearly destroyed Europe, is being presented as a generator of jobs and the good life, having organised the destruction of European Industry.

The serious part of all this is the fact that Obama and Cameron, without the approval of Congress or Parliament are already undermining the current peace treaty in Syria, by sending in “Special Forces,” which is code for paid killers, whose mission will be to carve Syria into pieces, having accused Putin of doing the same thing in Crimea.

Who did we agree were the real International Terrorists?

Finally here is a warning of things to come across Europe:

“A Female Physician in Munich, Germany sends a message to the world . . . . . .

Yesterday, at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.
Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we, women, are refusing to go among those animals, especially from Africa. Relations between the staff and migrants are going From_bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.
Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases that we, in Europe, do not know how to treat them. If they receive a prescription in the pharmacy, they learn they have to pay cash. This leads to unbelievable outbursts, especially when it is about drugs for the children. They abandon the children with pharmacy staff with the words: So, cure them here yourselves! So the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but also large pharmacies.
Truly we said openly: Where are all those who had welcomed in front of TV cameras, with signs at train stations?! Yes, for now, the border has been closed, but a million of them are already here and we will definitely not be able to get rid of them.
Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. Now it will be at least 3.5 million. Most of these people are completely unemployable. A bare minimum of them have any education. What is more, their women usually do not work at all. I estimate that one in ten is pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of them have brought along infants and little kids under six, many emaciated and neglected. If this continues and German re-opens its borders, I’m going home to the Czech Republic. Nobody can keep me here in this situation, not even double the salary than at home. I went to Germany, not to Africa or the Middle East.
Even the professor who heads our department told us how sad it makes him to see the cleaning woman, who for 800 Euros cleans every day for years, and then meets young men in the hallways who just wait with their hand outstretched, want everything for free, and when they don’t get it they throw a fit.
I really don’t need this! But I’m afraid that if I return, that at some point it will be the same in the Czech Republic. If the Germans, with their nature cannot handle this, there in Czechia it would be total chaos. Nobody who has not come in contact with them has no idea what kind of animals they are, especially the ones from Africa, and how Muslims act superior to our staff, regarding their religious accommodation.
For now, the local hospital staff has not come down with the diseases they brought here, but, with so many hundreds of patients every day this is just a question of time.
In a hospital near the Rhine, migrants attacked the staff with knives after they had handed over an 8-month-old on the brink of death, which they had dragged across half of Europe for three months. The child died in two days, despite having received top care at one of the best pediatric clinics in Germany. The physician had to undergo surgery and two nurses are laid up in the ICU. Nobody has been punished.
The local press is forbidden to write about it, so we know about it through email. What would have happened to a German if he had stabbed a doctor and nurses with a knife? Or if he had flung his own syphilis-infected urine into a nurse’s face and so threatened her with infection? At a minimum he’d go straight to jail and later to court. With these people so far, nothing has happened.
And so I ask, where are all those greeters and receivers from the train stations? Sitting pretty at home, enjoying their non-profits and looking forward to more trains and their next batch of cash from acting like greeters at the stations.
If it were up to me I would round up all these greeters and bring them here first to our hospital’s emergency ward, as attendants. Then, into one building with the migrants so they can look after them there themselves, without armed police, without police dogs who today are in every hospital here in Bavaria, and without medical help.
Is this “situation” coming to America?”



The Bread And Circuses Are Coming To An End.


We have been idle spectators, totally engrossed in our trivialities, while millions of people have been exterminated, at the hands of paid, uniformed, murderers, working for a hidden hand. The blood-letting has been presented as just another television spectacular, painting you as the good guys as usual.

The very same politicians, for whom you voted, in “free” elections, having educated you to believe that the planet could only support a limited number of human beings and that by reducing your numbers, which you have done,  you would be “saving” the planet, are now swamping you with immigrants, whom declare with glee, that they will be taking control of your now diminished country, through their massive, uncontrolled procreation, while you, like all brainwashed dopes, are chanting, “Bring it On,” oblivious to the fact that when the time comes it will not be a condom which reduces the population it will be violence.

I listened to a report on Sky News this morning, from Lesbos,  where a spokes-person, for the migrants, whom have been arriving by the thousand from Turkey, explain how Europe was rich and could well afford to re-settle at least 150 thousand immigrants yearly and that it was inhuman not to do so.

This attitude illustrates that the aim is to destroy Europe. This is a problem that would vanish if the illegal wars stopped, before it is too late.  Should your governments,  continue to seek an excuse to reduce Syria to dust and to force a puppet government into power in Libya, which they are also doing, do you believe that to be a recipe designed to solve the current refugee problem?

The British have been warned that their population is rapidly climbing towards 70 million. How many immigrants will be needed annually, in future years to pay the pensions of this number of people? More importantly, what has been the benefit of the recent massive immigration into Europe?

In France alone, there are more than a million young men of immigrant families, who have never worked and who most probably never will. Who,  will be paying for their pensions? Muslim women are occupied with their children and play virtually no part in the economic well-being of France.

In the United Kingdom, as in most countries with Black immigrants, amongst whom the un-employment rate is always superior to that of other groups of immigrants, the actual numbers of those whom were deliberately brought to the UK by past Socialist governments, who have never found permanent employment, who have had children, who have experienced the same problem and who now have grand-children who have never worked, has never been made public knowledge because it would illustrate that the British workers, have been forced to pay the up-keep of those whom were brought to Europe and then paid to simply live here.

We are dealing with a program, how does it solve a population problem, if you allow people, whom breed like rabbits, to flood into countries, where through the medium of the “pill,” the condom and abortion, the indigenous population has been encouraged to reduce their birth-rate, without restricting the number of children the incomers can expect to have financed?

We now find that the Jesuit Pope has involved himself in the Genocide of White Europeans, by calling in an absolutely bizarre manner, for Europeans to allow those refugees, fleeing from countries which Europeans have destroyed, to be re-settled in Europe, without one serious criticism of the brutal behaviour of the Jew controlled countries involved in this slaughter.

Boris Johnson, whom is himself a Jew, when asked if he would be prepared to replace David Cameron, who claims to be a Jew, should Cameron  lose the upcoming referendum,  replied that he thought that Cameron was a “superb” Prime Minister and he did not expect him to step down over a triviality like the loss of a referendum.

Well Boris, what about Cameron stepping down for his War Crimes?  He has been responsible for two serious crimes against humanity, in Libya and Syria and he has sold arms to  Saudi Arabia, which have been used against civilians, in Saudi Arabia itself and in Yemen. Is this now par for the course for “superb” British politicians? What in the opinion of the British, would justify taking legal steps to charge Cameron, along with Blair, Brown, and Straw, for quite deliberately lying to the British people over the legality of their murders?


Do the British people not understand that they are being blamed for this carnage? Have they not yet become aware of the violent Hate Speech being levelled at White people by foul-mouthed Jews and Blacks, calling for the extermination of people just like you? What does it take to make you understand that YOU are in the cross hairs of the Jews.  They are expressing their desire to wipe us out, even as all of the current butchery has been under the control of these Jews, they are still blaming you.

Spending your time sitting around en famille watching Game of Thrones or “Strictly,”all of you multi-tasking with your Smart thingimmybobs,  is not going to save you from the coming slaughter.  Your lives are, or soon will be, in peril. There are steps afoot to start a war and while this is taking place, the British are engrossed in the stupidity of a referendum, about whether to stay in or get out of a Jew controlled Union, which is based on the Soviet model, which has never gone away. There is no easy way out of this mess.

When the time is right, these folk will unleash a terror against Europe, without batting an eye-lid. If it was not for the fact that this type of slaughter has been used over and over again, you would be entitled to laugh at me, however it has already happened to Germany, Hungary, Russia, China and Spain in recent times, what on earth makes you think that what you are doing to others, will not one day happen to you? Take a look across the water at Ireland, a tiny country which was savaged by the British. There are a lot of folk who would be glad to see the back of the British, believe me.



Personally speaking, I do not understand, how any fair-minded person in the USA or in Europe, could vote for any person who has not stood up in protest and outrage at the behaviour of the so-called Coalition and their animalistic, wretched butcheries, all across the Muslim World. These people, including Sarkozy, Hollande, Blair, Bush, Obama, and Cameron are an abomination.


Another Black Racist Taking A Swipe At Those Whom House And Feed Him.


Here we have yet another Black Racist, being allowed the opportunity to spread his vile and disgusting message, without fear of condemnation by the controlled mainstream media, which purely by chance, is controlled by that other group of Racist thugs, who call themselves Jews, to in some way generate an excuse to pick on Whites as if they were not white themselves.

The Black Community would appear to have a propensity for violence, that is quite apparent, one need only look at Black on Black crime to see that.

In the land which with the help of Jews, they stole from White people, South Africa, these Black hypocrites, who were themselves immigrants into South Africa, they were not indigenous to the region, are now killing other Blacks, who arrive in South Africa, seeking refuge from other wars in  Sudan and other places, complaining that these incoming Blacks are stealing their jobs. Nice people these Blacks.

These Black communities, outside of Africa, are well taken care of by Whitey, otherwise why would they not go back to the poverty in their own country? Wherever you find them they will be holding a banner demanding more and more money in payment for some past problem which has nothing to do with any living Black. Even in this disgraceful exercise,  they are in bed with that other group called Jews, who hold out the same begging bowl, in the name of past suffering.

The similarities between these two groups are extraordinary.  When you consider that the Blacks in South Africa, having stolen a Country, to which they had no justifiable claim and who proceeded to wipe out the White people who had built the Country from scratch, did so with the assistance of the other group, whom stole a land to which they had no justifiable claim and who also started to annihilate those whom did have such a claim.   Do we actually need either of these two Racist groups?




Europe Is Being Steam-Rollered.


Coming soon to a town near you.   What are we supposed to do with this lot?


Europe Is Being Steam-Rollered.

While checking out a video-clip the other day, which forcefully underlined the full extent of the invasion of Europe, by mainly a parasitic bunch of useless thugs, I came across several Muslims, explaining to the camera, exactly how they were going to destroy Europe and in particular, the United Kingdom, through the means of their superior fertility.

They were suggesting that they would very soon be “breeding” with European women, adding that when Sharia Law was imposed, they would be “breeding” with four wives and possibly producing twenty children or more.

These people did not present the image of entrepreneurs, on the contrary, they looked as thick as they sounded, which could only mean that to support this sort of lifestyle, before even arriving in the UK, they are already planning their life on the “Soc.”

Two families who recently arrived in France, consisted of the four parents and fifteen children, that is nineteen people in all. I have no idea what arrangements will be made to house these folk, nor indeed how much it will cost to take care of them, all I know for sure is that I will be footing the bill, along with others.

These folk are already out in the streets shouting for more, the default position for immigrants would appear to be to demand their Human Rights and we are expected to cough up these rights. In England on the same clip, I spotted that Mossad fraud Anjem Choudary, strutting around in London, shouting his Islamist bullshit at the top of his voice, calling for the banning of alcohol and the installation of Sharia Law. Why not call for the beheading of those like himself, whom are guilty of gross hypocrisy, he has long been outed as a “boozer” having been filmed downing his pint.

Personally, I am torn between sympathy for those whom have suffered in the Middle East as a result of cold-blooded British wars, which were started with the deliberate intention of driving people out of the Middle East, using boats which are being paid for by the British, with Life-Jackets supplied, as cover for the illegal entry of Savages from across Africa and Asia.  While at the same time I recognise the sad and sorry position in which  the British people now find themselves,  having been quite deliberately educated into the Stone Age, by one government after the other working in tandem, with the declared intention of destroying the United Kingdom.

What is happening in the streets of the United Kingdom, is the future of the UK, yet it is being totally ignored. No warnings from the Jew controlled media, the BBC, Channel Four, none of them. Have you ever heard one word of explanation or criticism of the huge numbers of immigrants into the UK? The correct answer would be no, so can you trust the numbers which they now provide,  telling you how many immigrants are daily arriving into the UK? Once again the correct response would no. You are being lied to about everything, everything, everything. Britain has already been swamped with immigrants and in your heads you know it. You are in a minority in London, Birmingham, Manchester and soon you will be a small minority everywhere in the UK and those whom screech in the streets are telling you, loud and clear, exactly what they will be doing to you, in return for the millions, of their people whom have been slaughtered by you.

Do you honestly believe that the House full of Jews, the Cameron’s, Osborne, Milibands, Boris and others, all of them Israel Firsters, are not aware of what is happening? Grow up, for Gods sake grow up, you are being destroyed. They are doing the same thing in the United States, in France, in Germany, Scandinavia and all over Eastern Europe.

Imagine the worst. They are preparing us for some stunt or other. There is nothing basically wrong with the economy, it has been quite deliberately slowed down. There is no good reason for it. They are deliberately prolonging their brutal attacks around the world. Should there be a problem in London for example. The nightmare of a prolonged outage of electricity, which would shut down the water system, electric rail services, commerce with credit cards would be impossible, there would be no cash with ATM’s out of action. There would be, within three days, Anarchy in the UK..

There would be the same result across the European Union, should that day come, what do you imagine, right at this moment, that the million or so rapist thugs, whom have been allowed into Europe, will be up to? They have not been allowed into Europe because our leaders are humanitarians, they have been inveigled into Europe like a Trojan Horse to destroy us. Our leaders and those Jews hiding behind the scenes in the European Commission and the United Nations have been plotting this scenario since the Nineteenth Century when Marx was preparing the playlist for them.

These so-called refugees are even now setting up camp in Greece, they are arriving by the thousand and no attempt is being made to cut them off in Turkey, which is a NATO member, why do you think that is? They want to pack in as any as they can to make sure of getting the desired result. This is so obvious as to be beyond belief that there are those whom cannot see it.

I have remarked on many occasions, that Israel was founded through the use of the mass immigration of Jews and there were many more survivors than you might imagine, as six million had already left us of the six and a half million available, but they managed. They then set about killing the indigenous people and stealing their land. Seventy years on they are still being allowed to continue this process.

In South Africa they made use of the same mass immigration technique. Blacks were nowhere to be found when the Boers set up their farms in South Africa. It was a huge and empty continent, with room for all. The Blacks were attracted, as usual by the possibility of an easier life. The Boers employed them on the farms, but they did not feel obliged to do any more than that, why should they, the Blacks could go home to wherever they lived could they not.

As time passed, like todays refugees in Greece and France they set up home in the surrounding countryside, where they had every possibility to erect their own towns or villages but they did no such thing. Then along came the Jews with their plan, and stirred up Black hatred against the Boers. These Blacks ultimately managed to seize all of the White built towns and cities, just as immigrants are being allowed to do across Europe. South Africa is now the World Capital of rape and murder. The Jews have control of the Gold and Diamonds, which is what they were seeking since the Boer Wars.

Today, on Sky News, I heard a tale about changing the UK National Anthem, from God Save the Queen to Jerusalem. God almighty I could visualise the funny hats being thrown into the air in Israel, Jerusalem being their preferred Capital for the New World Order. Hip! Hip! Hooray!



Black Racism Rears Its Head At The Oscars.


Chris Rock, a whiny voiced Black comedian, who uses the word Nigger, as a means of making racist slurs against White people, turned the Oscar ceremony into a platform, catering to the un-natural need of the Black Community, for yet another excuse to claim that their lack of achievement is not deserved but as a result of White Supremacy or Privilege.

I’m not quite sure how the Chinese community in the States feels about the lack of Chinese talent amongst the awards, or indeed Arabs or the Irish or anybody else, as usual all we hear are the complaints of Negros.

Those whom did receive Awards, are made to feel guilty, as if they are getting an award,  which some wooden Black actor, out of the mould of  Morgan Freeman, who in the main, acts the role of a man simply walking artistically in front of a camera and standing there,  should rightly have won.

Blacks carried out the same routine at the recent Brit Awards, prompting me to check out the Black talent which was available for consideration. I was pointed towards a clip purporting to demonstrate the depth of Black talent which had been ignored by the awards.

I watched with interest and at the end of the clip I thought that I had been watching one act, when in fact it was several acts, cutting from one to the other.  In my opinion it was dire and it would have been a travesty should any of the stuff I watched have gained an award.

What Black artistes do seem to specialise in is the grotesque amount of simulated sex in their live performances and the Brit Awards were duly contaminated with its share. Well done Black talent, however prudes like me are not obliged to find it of any interest.


To be allowed to use Racism as a means of forcing more talented people, whether, Asian, Mongolian, Scandinavian or whatever to forgo recognition for their originality, in the face of a wall of derivative Hip Hop crap, is a nonsense. Instead of trying to improve their competitiveness, Blacks seem to think that whining bestows them with talent and the right to demand recognition over the heads of real talent.

What is even more serious than that, the Blacks are as usual, picking on the wrong group on which  to vent their bile. It is well known that Hollywood is not controlled or run by White folk, it is in fact totally in the grip of those colourless people called Jews.

So Chris Rock, why not call a spade a spade, as they say, afraid it might be bad for your “shrill” career perhaps, should you let slip the phrase “Jew Privilege?”

Why not encourage your Black friends to face up to reality and claim that Hollywood is too Jew, Mel Gibson did it, why not you? Don’t worry that’s just a joke, money comes first of course, even for mealy mouthed prats like you. Mustn’t upset the money men must we?

When are we going to hear a little bit of truth from these Blacks. There are  hours and hours of them blathering on and on about White Privilege on-line,  just as they appear to be in support of Zuma and the Black savages in South Africa, who are openly calling for the slaughter of White people, who apparently now find themselves living in a Black Country, so why don’t all the Black malcontents piss off back to this Black country?

Perhaps Blacks have failed to notice but there are millions of folk queuing up to take their place in the States and in Europe, who apparently are expecting to find a better life, so why not make room for them, as you appear to have nothing good to say about your life amongst White people and are proposing the same solution as friendly, nice and cuddly Zuma in South Africa, that of White Genocide.

Clearing Out The Garbage.


jeremy corbyn



I have come to the conclusion that even though the World may be in the sorry state in which it now finds itself, either through mischance or wanton perfidy, on the part of our leaders – whatever that word may mean – there are always those whom profit from war and destruction, a situation which can not, simply be swept under the carpet, with cries of conspiracy echoing around it.

When I was a youngster, I used to stand around watching the big boys fight. I was always surprised at how easily three or four determined lads could strike fear into a whole bunch of more peaceful chaps, who could quite easily, with a minimum of cooperation between them, quickly and easily, overcome the bovver boys, but they rarely did so.

That is a good lesson for life. We must all stick together, even women are capable of resistance, as are gays and any of the other new breeds whom are now amongst us.

I was never a very good fighter, however I was quite good at making it look as if I might be, which lead to a number of Yeh? Yeh! type of confrontations which went no further. That strategy is all that is necessary to avoid war but it is never employed, simply because those who never take advantage of this ploy are never the ones who find themselves, walking through the mud and the mist into a hail of machine gun fire. To pretend that these vermin are not sat in their counting house with a drip of snot hanging off the end of their nose, piling up the gold, is to deny reality, there is nothing which they like better than a war of attrition.

That is not a conspiracy theory, that is a hard fact, the same hard fact which points out that in France and the United Kingdom, there are thousands of jobs at risk should all of the current international conflicts come to an end. Bad for business wot? We are all guilty.

During the past hundred years, there has hardly been a day of peace. We have been subjected to a continual state of conflict, which has stretched to the ends of the Earth, no one has escaped the slaughter. So without getting involved in some form of conspiracy theory, I would suggest that there have been winners from all of this slaughter, so who are they?

The USA is of course the main source of arms which are sold mainly to poorer countries, India for example, which has a huge population, which in the main is living in squalor, is passing huge sums of the new economic earnings into the pockets of the weapon shops of the United States while its own people starve, helping to maintain the only fully functioning industry left in the US afloat.

France and the United Kingdom between them export 14 per-cent of the worlds arms, also to relatively poor countries in Africa and the Middle East, in a form of diabolical bartering, which involves the poor countries such as Nigeria, being obliged to spend the money which they gain from oil sales, back into the economies of the UK and France to purchase the necessary arms to fight the rebels whom are never short of ammunition, which appears to grow on the trees in the jungle.

The Congo has been suffering from this “terrorist” threat for decades, under cover of which, the country has been stripped bare by International Corporations, seeking oil and diamonds. The cash received for the sale of which is used to re-arm the Rebels to continue the distraction of the elected Government. It all just goes around and around. The arms manufacturers deplore peace.

All in all, whether there be or not, a grand conspiracy, which is imposing a New World Order, which will be under the control of a group of self appointed elite and their henchmen, is hard to prove one way or the other.

The proposed system, which has been constantly spoken of and many books written about it, which are still in print, involves the proposed construction of groupings such as the European Union, which I think it fair to say does exist, this would suggest there to be some connection between the reality on the ground and the expressed desire of a group which would appear to now have control of this European Union, so it should not be too long a stretch to suggest that we may have been manipulated into this Union.

That being the case why is this actuality, totally unknown to the public in general? Why was it not part of our education to be informed of the intentions of the Fabian Society, of which all of the leaders of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, apart from one of them, have been members?

This does not affect the British in isolation, this idea has also been foisted – I use the word deliberately, as every State which was allowed a referendum on entry voted against membership of this Union – on to States all across Europe, so it would be fair to say that there was some sort of occult decision amongst these States to deceive their own people. Is that a conspiracy?

Similar talks are now taking place concerning all of the members States of the European Union, with Corporations, which will pass whatever control may remain in those member States, over their own laws, rules or regulations, into the hands of these Corporations, should the TTIP treaty be signed. Just as with membership of the Union, the Peoples of Europe stand united against TTIP, so what is the overwhelming force which is pushing, those whom are bargaining in these secret talks, for us, against Oligarchs who do not give a shit whether you or I live or die? Are our politicians actually playing any part at all in these discussions or are they simply having it all explained to them?

Would it class as a conspiracy theory to demand the identity of whomsoever it may be, speaking as the leader of these Oligarchs, or by who their demands are being coordinated? What sort of group are they?

Cameron the British War Criminal claims to have conceived the idea, should that be so, we all need to be very afraid, we are after all dealing with the man who helped to fund the murder of Gadaffi and the destruction of Libya and then not satisfied with the bloodstained streets of Libya, he calmly set about financing the killer groups in Syria and has overseen the total destruction of yet another perfectly well run country all without a trace of shame. I personally would place no trust whatsoever in such a creature.

However it begs the question, for whom did Cameron and his one time buddy Wild Willy Hague, carry out these stunts? It was not done because of a few casualties in the streets of Libya or Syria, that is for sure, so who was pulling the strings? Cameron or Blair could not make decisions like those, without direct instructions from above, so who is above?

These things always go around and around and nothing is ever disclosed. Corbyn is a thorn in my side, he is not as simple and dithery as he pretends. He has been given a job to do. It was not by accident that a mature, savvy Labour Party MP, decided that she would give her vote to Corbyn in the election for Labour Party leader, when he was one short of enough votes take part in the poll, which against all odds he won.

The Fabian Society has launched Corbyn to suit yet another shady program, it could well be the final destruction of the Labour Party itself, it has served its purpose and now it is time for it to shut up shop.

Corbyn, has made no attempt to point out any of the War Crimes which have been carried out with the support of the Parliament in which he now has a voice, why not? Why no blockade of Israel, the British would support that, with no problem.

Down through the years Labour has pissed all over the working man, destroying his traditional place in the pecking order through the mass immigration of slaves and his family through the medium of paying his women to leave him. They were still intent on the final destruction of the UK under the leadership of Blair and Brown, when they re-opened the immigration flood gates. The Tories will drive the last nail into the British, Made in China coffin, without the slightest concern.


How Can You Trust Anybody Who Speaks With Forked Tongue?



              How Can You Trust Anybody Who Speaks With A Forked Tongue?

I lost respect for Russia Today, when they continued to lie about events in Russia, during World War Two. All of their deception was used to conceal the behaviour of the Bolshevik government, which denied the truth of why Germany had attacked Russia in the first place.

They have also continually denied the Holodomor in Ukraine and the reality of why so many Ukrainians fought alongside the Germans.

That said, when I saw a short clip, which advertised an annoying program, which is presented by a couple of dubious characters, the sons of Jesse Ventura and Oliver Stone – both of whom are of debatable honesty themselves – which was filmed in a cemetery, with the two boys and their female accomplice, gravely regarding a tomb-stone, in front of which the young lady placed a rose, at which point we were presented with the legend engraved on the stone, “Rest in Peace, Mainstream Media.”

That would give the impression that they consider themselves to be in the vanguard of truth, would it not? Which would mean that they are claiming that they are employed by a news outlet in which we can have faith.

This simply is not true. We can have no more faith in Russia Today than we can have in Sky News or the BBC. I could, without too much difficulty, point out dozens of reports which I have found to be misleading. In fact one of their programs, The Truth Seeker, almost had my youtube channel shut down, simply because I criticized what they had claimed on one of their shows. They complained twice, which puts me in a corner. Should I transgress one more time, google will shut me down.

To put that in perspective, you can actually say what you like about Sky News or other News outlets, without fear of such a reaction. I had a similar problem with Press TV. I regularly commented on their programs. They have a disclaimer notice, suggesting that the views presented are not necessarily the views of Press TV.

When I noticed that they had altered my comments, in a manner which changed the emphasis of what I had written, I contacted them and asked them to explain, why they had left my name attached to a comment which they had rewritten? I asked them whose views my comment now represented? They actually responded by saying that they did not agree with what I had written. I no longer comment on Press TV.

These strange differences crop up all across the web. The idea that the Mainstream Media is dead, is a nonsense, it has simply transferred operations to the Internet. The Alternative Media is being slowly but surely, strangled into the hands of a few huge Sites on-line. In past posts I have suggested that an enormous number of Blogs, have a list of links, in the side-bar on their front page, directing visitors towards these “dominant” web pages.

This is exactly what we do not need, this will lead to a limited number of huge ‘Websters,’ setting the agenda for us all. They all regurgitate more or less the same ‘alternative’ line, which is rapidly becoming the mainstream, without any sort of widely read criticism of what they are proposing. Little people like me, will never be able to redress claims made by the big boys, I have a miniscule number of visits compared to them.

I keep an eye on various Blogs, which are regularly mentioned by the major sites and they have millions of visits, thanks to these links, that is robbing the rest of us of possible visits and it goes without saying that I vehemently disagree with most of what is written on these blogs.

Rense.com, one of the largest of the Alternative News Farms has been up for sale. The banner, advertising the sale, is no longer visible on the front page, so it is either still for sale or has already been sold. This is the scenario which has allowed the rich, who have managed to corner the market of available information, through careful acquisitions, such as Rense, all of which have been taken under monopolistic control and there is no way to prevent Rense.com from going the same way.

Most of the main players on-line are in the style of News Farms, which provide links to ‘interesting’ News, whether it be actually alternative or not, which means, in effect they are controlling what we read. I check Sky News every day, to find something which annoys me enough to provoke me to write a response. It should come as no surprise to anyone, that ever since Cameron won the right to destroy just a little bit more of the Syrian infrastructure, making sure that there will be nothing left for returning refugees, Sky News has been silent on the subject.

They have also failed to take Cameron to task for supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia, which are being used to slaughter civilians and to lay Yemen, the poorest country in the world to waste, in an effort to force the people to head off for Europe.

They have also failed to question the logic of attempting to reduce the number of refugees coming ashore in Greece, while leaving them

free to sail from Turkey. Would it not be better to stop the flow by turning off the Turkey tap, rather than to try to mop up the water while the tap still flows?

Sky New did however, find a whole day to feed the useless eaters with useless and endless coverage of Major Tim and his space walk.

I thought the coverage of the floods and the rain in the UK would ever end and the endless babble about Her Majesty and her asking Charities to pay a lot of cash for a ticket to her 9Oth Birthday Bash, was mind numbing, all of that while you were waiting for News of the violence and rapes which have swept Europe and other things of importance, but no they stuck rigidly to nonsense and they get away with it. There was not a mention of the latest Israeli attack on Gaza

With the passing of time, I am finding that I am more and more opposed to those whom tell me that should I choose to set up a business and I am prepared to employ people whom have need of a job, that I am obliged to employ a cross-section of a contrived society, which will involve refusing one more White person for every immigrant whom I am forced to hire. With the current call for more and more immigrants into Europe, this will inevitably lead to the impoverishment of White people, who are already under constant attack on all sides. No discussion of stuff like that on Sky.

Instead we were offered a quick brainwash, with jaded tales of Hitler and the Nasties and a poor old survivor, one of the six million whom demanded reparations from the Germans, living proof of resurrection or zombies, as there were only three and a half million Jews in Western Europe in 1939, according to the Jew Argus.

There is currently underway in the United States, where else, a seminar discussing Whiteness and the racism which is generated simply by being White. It is no longer necessary to exhibit racist tendencies, being White is more than enough. We have to stand up to this crap. Who are Jews to be constantly calling for the extermination of White people, without fear of prosecution for hate speech. Why is Hate Speech against Whites permissible? Why is it only White countries which are obliged to house, educate and heal, those whom refer to themselves as refugees but who are raping our women by the thousand?

France On The Brink.

                                            France On The Brink

the last battle



While the United States already tumbles into the abyss, France will soon be joining them, as will the rest of Europe.

As a result of recent incidents in Paris, France has been handed over to the Militarised Police,  the Secret Security Services and other military units, to carry out a form of revolution which will be used to gag dissent.

When the disaster arrives, be sure, White people will be forced to carry the can. Millions of refugees are pouring daily into a veritable disaster zone, while the controllers of the European Union are making it sure and certain, that should they choose to head off back to where they came from, there will be nothing left for them there but dust and shell holes.

The Bolshevik government in Russia, after the coup d’etat, in 1917, set about constructing a regime, which was based on Marxist principles. It involved the annihilation of 65 million Russian Christians. Many people find it inconceivable that a Government could have such a deep-seated hatred of its own people, as to be capable of such barbarity against them.

This is absolutely conceivable, however people still choose to ignore the evidence of such behaviour even as it is happening right in front of them.

There is a clip on youtube, which I have posted several times, showing Angela Merkel’s reaction to the experience of having a German flag, which had been passed by a colleague, touching her naked hand. It was extraordinary. What this creature has imposed on her own people is nothing short of a genocide. There are already moves afoot to arm the incoming thugs whom she quite openly invited into Germany to destroy Germany.

 There is no country in Europe which is not vulnerable to the treatment dished out in Russia or Germany and many Eastern European counties after World War Two, by the Bolshevik Communists and make no mistake about it, they are coming after you. 

In the coming months and years, the new refugees will be us, White Europeans, who will very quickly find that there is no safe haven left open for them. We have been conditioned for more than one hundred years, to accept without question the word of a politician as truth and this is to where   have been lead.  

In these strange times we have access to images of Jews like Barbara Spectre who lives in Sweden. She has been encouraging the huge invasion of Sweden by Muslim refugees. The fact that she is a Jew and Israel, which is a Jew State,  would like to rid the Middle East of as many Muslims as it possibly can, making more territory available to them,  is of course, neither here nor there.

Spectre is calling for the bastardisation of White people, which qualifies as hate speech and should it come to fruition, is genocide. Barbara Spectre, should you take a glance at her, gives the impression of being a blond-haired, blue-eyed white person.

However should you ask her if this bastardisation applies to her and other Jews, she would say no, claiming that her origins are not like those of other people who may present a similar, visual aspect, inferring that she and others like her are in some way different from other “Whites.”

Should you insist by asking her how she can decide that her historical origins are any different from yours, without resorting to some form of genetic testing, the response would be because she is a Jew.  When in reality it is perfectly possible that your ancestry is Jew. In fact it is perfectly possible that you are more Semitic than is she.

None of this matters, we are dealing with an agenda. An agenda which demands the destruction of all competition.  These people want a monopoly of the planet for their own tribe,  just as they have already seized control of all of the Earth’s resources.  

They cannot tolerate the presence of industrious White Christian people who are far superior to them. White people actually pay for everything, which is why refugees are flocking into Europe, no other people on the planet are going to treat them as do White Europeans, who have already allowed them, even in these days of austerity,  to occupy most of the major towns and cities across Europe. However they need to tread just a little bit more carefully, they are in danger of awakening those who are feeding and housing them.

When push comes to shove, it will be perfectly possible to send them all back home.  They have a whole continent which can be, unlike Europe for Whites, referred to as their ancestral homeland.  Jews are demanding that all vestiges of White history and culture be abolished.

I would like a simple answer to a simple question; what gives any Jew the right to call for the destruction of my people? These are the criminals who called for the complete destruction of the German people in past times and they managed to slaughter at least 20 million of them, they now want to finish the job. Why are elected politicians, across Europe not aghast at what these Jews are proposing? Why is there no united opposition to this shit?