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A Day In The Life Of The Modern Murdering Classes


From the day he announced his intention to seek the role of President of the United States, Donald Trump has been sneered at and smeared by the controlled International Media. A grouping which includes, in its ranks the so-called impartial organs like the British Broadcasting Corporation and Sky News in the United Kingdom along with, CBS, CNN, MSNBC in the United States.

Throughout his campaign, the ‘Clown’ Trump touched a chord in the minds of the long-suffering and ignored American, silent majority, who turned out in the tens of thousands, at all of his rallies, in support of his policies.

Trumps greatest achievement, was to demonstrate, quite clearly, to any believer in Democracy, that both of the so-called ‘democratic,’ political parties in the States, were united in their opposition to the democratic election of Donald Trump and they have been in lock step, with the media, in their attempts to destroy his Presidency.

Having been so ‘un-democratically’ opposed to the election of this inexperienced, ‘clown’ one would have thought the best approach for the media, would have been to leave him to his own devices, which would have inevitably lead to his self exposure as being incapable doing the job, for which he was elected.

Strangely that is not what has taken place, the reaction to Trumps election has been one of naked fear because of the possibility that he might manage to interfere with the established agenda of the ‘Deep State,” which was counting on the election of the Clinton Crime Family, which would have given the Bush bastard Slick Willy Clinton the chance to re-enter the White House.

The ‘Deep State’ has been prepared to finance a large group of Black savages onto the streets of the US, expressing the totally hypocritical claim that ‘they’ are the victims of racist crime, when official statistics graphically demonstrate, that Blacks are responsible for a totally disproportionate amount of crime and killings and most certainly for one hundred percent of the truly savage attacks, which have been carried out against Whites. There are no similar recorded crimes committed by Whites on Blacks.

The Central Intelligence Agency controlled Feminist movement, which along with the benign sounding Planned Parenthood, whose founder announced;

We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. – Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1939

The majority of Planned Parenthood Clinics were in Black neighbourhoods. Sanger, was herself in constant touch with the Ku Klux Klan, a group which it is constantly claimed, were against Blacks. She was also funded by the same folk whom are now funding Black Lives Matter, when it would appear that Black lives do not matter that much, to the likes of Sanger. It all gets a little bit muddled, does it not?

While writing my stuff, to avoid being totally out-of-order and having made the claim, that virtually all racist violence, is Black racism and that rape in the USA is virtually a Black monopoly, I try to confirm this notion, which I have done on many occasions, always with the same result, after checking my assertions online, which is not a one hundred percent accurate source for correct statistics, but good enough, in view of the fact that there are no examples of Whites raping, torturing and killing Black couples available but there dozens of examples of Blacks raping and torturing and murdering White couples, both young and old they even sodomised their male victims before killing them.

There is a similar lack of evidence of White people taking to the streets in protest, at the diabolical crimes of Black savages. On the other hand, in order to justify this Black Jungle behaviour, the lame excuse which is offered, normally blames White people, whom are obliged to accept the blame because we are all now accused of being Supremacists, a term which make Black people go crazy and which comes straight out of the playbook of a gaggle of Jews, whose foul-mouthed hatred of White people is quite openly available online,  without a word of complaint, or criticism against the Blacks or the Jews, both of whom never give their whining about White Racism or anti-Semitism a rest.

When I listen to the garbage, coming from the mouths of Women, Blacks and Jews, about me and others like me, I am astonished that the media has never once mentioned any disquiet about the constant Racist attacks, which are being made against White people, not only in the States but in White European countries in general. The fact that White Christian people have been the target of the most ferocious Genocidal attacks in history during the past hundred years, is never mentioned. We Whites keep our mouths shut and continue to pay up.

The idea that I should be prepared to be more considerate to Blacks, Jews or Women, because I am allegedly a Racist, a claim has been very carefully manipulated to mean ‘White,’ is abhorrent. The most belligerent whiners about Racism or Religious bigotry, are themselves the least of the victims of such crimes, the real victims are still paying out their hard-earned cash to these whiners.

To have a Jew tell me that ‘White’ is not really a Race, that we Whites are simply a mishmash of other real Races, unlike them, the Jews, whom benefit from being perceived as White, having been born somewhere in Eastern Europe but they are not White, they are Jew, which is a religion and not a Race but never mind that, the women and the Blacks will not notice. Not because they are too stupid of course, they are all geniuses, whom are given ‘good’ jobs in preference to White idiot men.

The result of all this disinformation, is a situation where we find the Blacks and the White women, in league with the Jew controlled Planned Parenthood, which is intent on wiping out both the Blacks and the Whites, while at the same time the sexist invention of the Corporations, the Feminists’, are engaging in the business of destroying the confidence of men.

The attacks on men have blown up in their faces, as men have come to realise that it was not those poor women trapped at home, watching afternoon TV, whom were in need of liberation, it was the men who spent a lifetime working like slaves, for thankless women, whom offered not a word of kindness or thanks for the mens efforts, choosing instead to complain that men were not doing enough of the house-work.

The result has been, that sex, the very commodity, which was once used as a means of ensuring a mans loyalty to his wife, is now a mass-produced, freely available, over-rated commodity, which is no longer a good enough reason for a man to allow himself,  to be trapped into a marriage, which in most cases will end with him losing his home and most probably contact with his children.

The claim, once made by the Feminists, that ‘men needed women, more than women needed men,’ has been turned on its head. Sadly for women,  the way things have turned out, men have finally realised that the women brought very little into a relationship, other than a honey trap called sex, which attracted over sexed young boys into an early marriage.

Now that women have careers, and are delaying the start of a family, many until they arrive at an early onset menopause, they are finding it difficult to find any decent man whom is prepared to put his life on the line for a shagged out old bitch. Never mind the idea of buying a house which would be a debt, hanging around his neck, for the rest of his life, while at the same time, possibly working to pay for a child or two.

Judging by the behaviour of women, during the Women’s March, in Washington, which was a protest against Donald Trump and which was, at the same time in support of abortion, was an event which included a pack of loud-mouthed women, who screeched their hatred of men, from a stage packed with professional idiots, and in particular against the democratically elected President of the United States.

This was a shameful response, which was obediently cheered by thousands of women, whom had been fed a load of tosh by the media, in support of which they were wearing ‘pussy’ hats, while pretending to have been shocked by a crass remark made by Donald Trump, suggesting that women are so aggressively greedy, they if they believe a man to be rich, that man can even grab them by their ‘pussy.’

They should have been embarrassed by this ‘truism,’ they instead tried to, pretend it not be true. Pull the other one ladies, any man will tell you, women are genetically parasitic, you cannot help yourselves.

The question needs to be asked as to which side of the argument are White women in support? Do they stand with the Feminists’ aim of destroying the family and aborting millions of White and Black babies, while at the same time calling for mass immigration into Europe and the United States? If so have they any acceptable reason for such a contradictory position? 

A Reasonable Response To All That Idle Hate Speech.



We can all take our fair share of criticism in good heart.  Should we accept that we are in some way guilty of what we are accused, we may well feel motivated, to change our behaviour in some way, to avoid a similar criticism in the future.

However, in recent days, in response to criticisms which have been levelled not only at me personally but at the White Race in general, by Jews, women and Blacks, I have experienced a mounting surge of rage in my stomach.

The primary gut wrenching response to these attacks, was provoked by particularly obscene and vehement calls by Jews, the same Jews whom are even now calling for ever more monuments to their own alleged misfortune during World War Two, blithely calling for the extermination of the White Race.

They would be the same Jews who set about the extermination of Russian Orthodox Christians and actually butchered sixty-five million of them. It is particularly annoying  when this cry of hatred spumes out of the side of the mouth of the once President of France, War Criminal Nicolas Sarkozy.

After the Khazar Jews, we have that other bunch of no hopers whom, like the Jews are adept at holding out the begging bowl, Black people.  A Race which wherever they end up, they have never displayed the slightest aptitude to create anything other than ghettos of unemployable minorities with need of Social assistance, which they accept without gratitude as a reparation for some perceived past injury.


Take note in the above clip, Farrakhan is calling for Blacks to rise up and kill those who kill them, forgetting to mention that Blacks are killing themselves in droves. There is virtually no example available of White men killing Blacks, he is trying to infer that Blacks are being targeted for being Black. They are targeted for being rapists, 33,000 white women raped annually by Blacks and hundreds of Black killed by Black gang members. He is in reality calling for Blacks to go and kill the guilty Blacks, which those listening are too stupid to understand.


In their habitual whining manner, they have organised a boycott of the Oscar Bash, because they didn’t win anything, boohoo!  Perhaps they might let us know which of those whom did win, do they think should refuse their Oscar in order for it to be handed to whom, any Black person? as the special Oscar for being Black?

Both of these groups, Jews and Blacks are calling for my destruction. I am accused – because I happen to be White – of being responsible for Blacks lack of motivation to present a decent image of whatever their own particular culture happens to be, while the Jews, who have no particular culture, because just like the Blacks, they never integrate and they have never been able to achieve anything other than the complete destruction of whichever culture they chose to suck dry. Hence they have been forced out of every country in Europe many times. Hitler was the last man to make such an attempt to drive them out.

Since those days the Jews have stolen a land for themselves, Palestine. They are of course unable to support themselves and like the Blacks, are continually calling for more Social Security, from White folk because we are supposed to owe them something. They have become a plague in Palestine, spreading like scum on bath water, destroying the ancestral home of the Palestinians and attempting to eventually wipe them out, which is their normal behaviour.

Then we have the “caring ones,” the women.  Aren’t they sweet and loveable?  Well no! Not exactly. They are nasty, back stabbing, vicious, underhanded, licentious liars and they are the supreme parasite. That is what women are made of. Forget the sugar and spice nonsense




Women scour the planet, for one decent woman, who loves her family and looks after her ageing parents and respects the hard work her husband is prepared to take on, to give her and their children as good a life as he can manage,  women then claim that all women are just like this carefully selected saint.

Men are, of course, never good enough. Women want a rich one, so if a man is not rich he knows that he is not what she wanted. Women always deserve better than what they have. Men should of course feel eternally grateful for having won such a prize as her. Rich men, on the other hand know full well that they only have their blond bimbo because they have money, so they treat their women with the contempt they deserve.


Speaking for myself, I could relate tales of the behaviour of women that would make your toes curl in disgust. They are capable of the most loathsome behaviour, without exhibiting any sign of shame for what they have done. I was interested to read a report about claims of violence in marriage. The claim which is most frequently made is of course against men, while in reality research has shown that women are at least as violent as men and in many cases more violent than men.

Those women who end up with a split lip, it would appear that they normally receive it in return for gouging their partners face or kicking him in the balls. While the women run around screaming ‘look what he’s done to me’ the men keep their mouth shut and claim to have been scratched by a blackberry bush or whatever.

Women have managed to deny their children reasonable contact with their fathers, after the inevitable separation, this after having bad mouthed fathers in front of their children, throughout the children’s lives, force feeding young girls the idea that all men are bastards.

Having chosen the finest model of woman-hood as representing themselves, they have turned the idea of manhood into that of a drunken, violent, foul, mouthed selfish bastard. Both of those descriptions are way off reality. Women are actually jealous, should children display any sort of affection for their fathers, who in the main, show far more love and kindness to children than do women, despite the glowing fairy tale they have invented about their sympathetic caring nature. 

Blatant feminism has even managed to drive men out of teaching, claiming them to be a threat to children, when the statistics show quite clearly that women are just as likely to be paedophiles as are men and every bit as dangerous. In one of the above clips, a placard wielding women screams at a cameraman, “put a woman behind that camera,” well Sky News apparently heard her screech and over the past few days their News out-put has been fronted by a Black man and Black woman.

I can detect no remaining sign of this much vaunted myth of the caring woman.  Modern woman, has never cared for anyone, even her own children come second to a menial job and as for her ageing parents, well they are quickly shipped off to the last resort.

Women have managed to transform themselves into little more than bait for drunks to rape on the streets by the thousand,  while they roll around in a puddle of their own urine and vomit,  after a Saturday night out on the booze. Men are now loath to be gallant and chivalrous and come to save them. Who needs a mother like that for their children?

All of these groups are parasitic, in one way or another, women having chosen, frequently on a whim to separate from their partner, will attempt to screw him for as much as she can, when reality suggests that thirty per cent of men have already been lied to about the actual origin of the children they believe to be their own.

A friend of mine, who taught children in an inner city school, was warned not to teach those children about dominant genes, just in case the youngsters noticed that they could not possibly have brown eyes according to genetic rules.

As a White man I view all of the above, Blacks, Jews and women as a direct threat to the future of my race. Women are directly responsible for the destruction of the family. Feminism was designed to destroy the relationship between men and women. Women were encouraged to destroy their families to suit an agenda which in the main they were too stupid to recognise. The result has been to create insecurity, a strong family unit was always the bastion of a civilised world.

The result has been that the grisly Marxist construction, Planned Parenthood, an organisation which has renamed murder as abortion, in a direct attack on the Black and White races, which at a stroke created a generation of hedonistic, idiotic women who have used abortion as a means of birth control, getting rid of unwanted children, while fooling themselves into believing that a perfectly formed living child in their womb is not a human being until it is born.

Very soon they will probably be easily convinced that should you put a baby in a parcel you can throw it under a bus without fear of conviction.  To round off this article, I suggest that all three of my selected “victims,” share exactly the same ideology, that of accusing others, White men in particular, of the crimes of which all three are seriously guilty. All them are seeking compensation.

That’s better. I needed that!  Hope it gives you an idea of what it feels like to be a White man.


Cameron’s Sweet And Sour Recipe For Syrian Refugees..

Despite being responsible for the greatest mass movement of people, since his fellow Zionist, Winston Churchill, was brought to the fore, to force Hitler and Germany into an illegal war, David Cameron steadfastly refuses to face up to his responsibility for the cold-blooded slaughter of innocent people in Libya and Syria and his continued support for previous War Crimes, which were initiated,  by the British Socialist’s?  under the leadership of the controlled, alleged perverts,  Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, which deliberately laid  the foundations of the current enormous refugee problem.

As the current leader of the UK and yet another War Criminal, David Cameron, is still urging the brain-dead Members of the British Houses of Parliament, to vote for the much-loved method of total destruction, through the medium of a “No Fly Zone,”of what remains of the once prosperous, well-educated, country of Syria.

He refuses to accept the fact that this time he has lost. Despite all of his howls of evil and brutal and cruel, against Bashar al Assad, he has, even with the total support of the Jew controlled media, failed to force the people of Syria to turn against Assad.  They are in fact, even more proud of his leadership and in any free election Assad would gain far more than the miserable twenty-four per-cent of the vote, which put the Jew controlled Tory Party into power in the UK.

Cameron, along with his chums, is now pretending to fight against his own people, ISIS/Daech, while at the same time bombing as much of the super-structure of Syria as he can, under the pretext of attacking his own Dogs of War.

He is also demanding the right to target and murder British Citizens, in the manner of that other savage Barack Obama, who murdered an unknown version of the chameleon like Osama Bin Laden, and threw his body into the sea, never having produced the slightest piece of evidence that it was indeed “the” Bin Laden.

Cameron, with the aid of a cold-blooded, uniformed Royal Air Force murderer, closeted somewhere in the UK, with no need of a Spitfire or Hurricane, lanced a missile from a drone, killing the occupants of a vehicle and claimed them to be British members of Daech, without any explanation as to how he had verified his claims, or if indeed there had been any outcry from MI6 or the SAS, about such an outrageous attack against members of the UK forces.

Another member of the famed carpet bombers of German civilians, in the Royal Air Force, when asked if he would obey an order to shoot down an airliner, packed with passengers, replied that it would be his “duty” to do so. God Save The Queen.

Which of course brings me to the hot topic of the day in the UK, namely Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to move his lips during the so-called “Battle of Britain” remembrance celebrations, while the National Anthem was being sung.

The British people, despite the mountain of evidence available to even the most casual of researcher, explaining in minute detail, that the British have never been in any danger of invasion, during the last two Centuries and that during the same period, THEY have been responsible for all of the massive slaughters, which took place in Europe and the Middle East, still stand idly by as Cameron,  calls for more killing in Syria, which is driving evermore people to take to flimsy craft, to escape his murderous acts and is calling for action against the “people smugglers” as if they and not he are responsible for the refugee crisis.

There is ample evidence that the massive wave of folk heading towards Europe was rigged and financed by a hidden hand.  From where could these hundreds of thousands of suffering souls, living in devastated States like Libya, Iraq and Syria have found the huge sums necessary to pay for the boat trip to Europe?


The real aim of this campaign is to destroy the Muslims and to clear huge tracts of the region for the Israeli Zionist Jews. That has been their aim from the word go. Cameron’s claims to have been horrified at the sight of a dead child on a Turkish beach, is in total contrast to his lack of concern for the thousands of children, massacred by his friends in Israel, the blood-thirsty IDF, in Gaza and Palestine, from where huge numbers of people have already been driven out and never allowed to return.

During his visit to Lebanon, he apparently failed to notice the thousands of Palestinian refugees, who have spent the last seventy years in squalor, thanks to the British decision to sell their home-land to Rothschild.

 The Zionist State (Harbinger of WWIII)


Cameron is now claiming that the UK has donated more money to help the refugees from Syria, than has any other country, which is akin to claiming that having cut their throats he is giving them a sticking plaster, out of compassion for them, while the British people are fed crap about Corbyn’s miss-matching suit, or his failure to give all of the top jobs in his Shadow Cabinet to women, which women? well pull a name out of thin air, and if it’s a woman, she’ll do, or why he chose not to sing the national anthem. Not a word about his attitude to  current British slaughters or other serious subjects. Talk about dead as a Dodo.

Just a little word of reality for the British. For the first time in hundreds of years, though you may not have noticed,  you have actually been invaded and you have been conditioned into being too frightened to speak out about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of in speaking up for your Race. Why not Stand Up If You’re Proud To Be White? It does not make you Racist.

History has not stopped, if you allow too many members of a different tribe to enter your shelter, you are building up trouble for the future and when you can not trust the loyalty of  your leaders you have no hope.

I can assure the British people that ALL of the professional politicians whom sit in Parliament are suspect. There should be no such thing as a professional politician, they are too easily blackmailed or bought.  Fabianist Corbyn is no different. You can be sure that he too has a hidden agenda.

The Conservative Party are the 21st Century Communists.  The Labour/Socialist Party have passed their sell-by date and will never be allowed to “do the right thing” in any future administration. Europe has been handed over to the Mafia and anyone who gets in their way will be wiped-out.


How The White Race Became The Running Man.

We, of the White Race, have been so beaten down, that we no longer have the will to stand up and shout out, enough is enough.

We have allowed ourselves to be put into a corner, which will very soon deny us the right to speak up in our own defence and to name the “real” guilty people.

We are denied the right of even the minimum amount of evidence of our “guilt,” we are guilty of being White and nothing else.

I was recently confronted by a young woman, who stridently informed me that she would be happy to see the total destruction of the White Race, because we, as a Race, have done nothing of good for the Earth.

My German friends, unlike the young woman, who mouthed the current jargon, which reflects the ongoing Racism against White People, with impunity, whispered, so that no one would notice their German accents, that they were sick and tired of having to pay ever more in reparations to the Jews.

The German people, who are of course part of the White Race, have been accused and found guilty, of an event, for which there is not only no evidence but which has never even been investigated. It is illegal to so.

They have been obliged to accept, despite a total lack of proof, that they are guilty and must be made to pay for it. To even ask the question “why,” in Germany, would condemn them to a term in prison.

The Black people in America, have spent generations, pointing fingers at White people, many of whom have been no better placed in life, than themselves.

Blacks, either choose to forget or are in ignorance, of the fact, that the first slaves in the West Indies, were Irish slaves. There has been an ongoing genocide against the Irish, which continues to this day, which was as brutal as anything which has been carried out against Blacks, but do we ever hear about it?  Of course not, because the Irish are a proud people, who picked themselves up and dusted themselves off and got on with life.

The Blacks in the US, whom are being allowed to get away with an enormous number of vile and disgusting crimes against White people, which is condoned by a belief that White people are guilty of some sort of offence against Blacks, in doing so, display for all to see, their own innate cruelty.

Black hate of Whites is tolerated, though unjustified, to suit another agenda. Black violence against Whites includes an annual rape count in the order of 33,000, white women raped  and often gang raped by Blacks.  The number of Black women raped by white men, is so small that the numbers are never released.  Blacks really ought to figure out exactlt who is the real enemy.

“All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantations owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 75 percent of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South, where they were always outnumbered at least 100 to 1….But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.” United States Jewry, 1776-1985 (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989), p. 586.


Their own man had this to say, so why not take notice:

When we were working in Chicago, we had numerous rent strikes on the West Side, and it was unfortunately true that, in most instances, the persons we had to conduct these strikes against were Jewish landlords. There was a time when the West Side of Chicago was a Jewish ghetto, and when the Jewish community started moving out into other areas, they still owned the property there, and all of the problems of the landlord came into being.

We were living in a slum apartment owned by a Jew and a number of others, and we had to have a rent strike. We were paying $94 for four run-down, shabby rooms, and we would go out on our open housing marches on Gage Park and other places and we discovered that whites with five sanitary, nice, new rooms, apartments with five rooms, were paying only $78 a month. We were paying 20 percent tax.

The Negro ends up paying a color tax, and this has happened in instances where Negroes actually confronted Jews as the landlord or the storekeeper. The irrational statements that have been made are the result of these confrontations.”

Clayborne Carson, ed., The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. (New York: Warner Books, 1998), p. 309.

I can speak for myself and I can assure Black people that they are in no way more entitled to reparations than are my own people, who down through the ages have suffered greatly at the hands of would be conquerors, what is more I am not German and I am in no way obliged to pay one penny of my money for something of which I am in no way guilty.

White people have already surrendered enough of their Lawful Rights to suit the inability of Black people to do what  the other immigrant races into the US have managed to achieve. They choose instead to bleat as do those by whom they were brought to the US, about how much life owes them.

Seymour B. Liebman
“They came with ships carrying African blacks to be sold as slaves. The traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the Jews were often appointed as agents for the Crown in their sale….[They] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise….The ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains.”

New World Jewry 1493-1825: Requiem for the Forgotten (KTAV, New York, 1982), pp. 170, 183.


The first step in any campaign is to identify your enemy.  The route chosen by most sensible folk is to follow the money. Such a step would very quickly reveal that in fact we all have the same enemy. White people built the world that everybody wants to inhabit. There is no mass immigration towards African countries.

In fact the only White Country in Africa, which was an empty space when the White man arrived, The Republic of South Africa,  quickly  became a magnet for Blacks, eager to improve their life.

Black traitors like Mandela, who worked hand in glove with the Bolshevik Jews, managed to destroy the State, which is now a basket case and the world capital of rape and murder, which has handed  its gold and diamond mines into the hands of those same folk who had already made a fortune out of the Slave Trade.

The Black men in South Africa have already murdered ten per cent of White Farmers, in a diabolical manner, in keeping with the methods of those other tools of the Bolsheviks, ISIL.

As in the US there is a veil of secrecy shrouding these horrific crimes of Blacks against Whites, which has encouraged ever more cries against White people. Perhaps the US Blacks might take a look at their own leadership, perhaps they might find that those in whom they trust are no better than Mandela and are in fact working for the man.

There is a group of fanatics running the planet and during the 20th Century they created countless conflicts involving the White Man, a race which was stupid enough to slaughter its own people to suit a hidden scheme.

Two World Wars gathered together White men from all of the White European dominated countries across the world and forced them to walk into a hail of bullets and die.

As the First World War was taking place, the Bolshevik Jews were busily culling 65 million White Christians in Russia, they continued this White Genocide in World War Two, in which they tortured and murdered, with the help of  Black Americans, 20 million Germans.

The inter-war period was not a peaceful time for Christians, after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, the new rulers of Turkey slaughtered millions of Christians in Armenia. They called themselves the Young Turks which is code for Jews.

After the War had ended the White Genocide was continued behind the Iron Curtain, where untold millions of White Christians were wiped out. At the same time a new Genocide against Muslims kicked off in Palestine, which continues to this day.

It has now become clear that this war against Muslims is serving as a new tool in the continuing White Genocide, through the use of immigration as a weapon and it has been remarkably successful.

Speaking for myself and no doubt many others as a Christian, a religion which offers a creed of forgiveness and not revenge, which in many countries has abolished corporal punishment and the death penalty, I have no desire to find myself living in a land, dominated by a foreign creed which has not yet outlawed the stoning to death of women, the lash, the amputation of limbs or the death penalty.

Those who desire this form of punishment are perfectly free to go and live in a country which accepts this form of brutality in its Legal system, should they so desire and not attempt to force their barbarity on to me or my family.

This clip is White man at his best and believe me when we are gone the world will be a lesser place. I am proud to be White and I am proud of the achievements of my people. This is a tale of Europe before the money-lender and debt became King.