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The Sodomites Are Taking Centre Stage.

The Catholic Church is currently the rabbit in the headlight of the Zionists. Dutiful sodomites, the likes of Stephen Fry, are speaking out in public, condemning the Church for the acts of the sodomites in their ranks. Acts which are unforgivable but which are totally in keeping,  with the acts of huge numbers of sodomites, just like Fry and his friends, in everyday life, whom despite having the same ‘love’ for young boys as do the Catholic Clergy, would strongly object to themselves being described as predatory, rampant paedophiles, which in general, they are, all over Zionist Hollywood for example. So let us condemn all the Sodomites,  as not all Priests are Sodomites and all Sodomites are not all priests, so why not go for the problem at its source? 

This is pure hate speech, which only a Jew can get away with. By the way, Copernicus got it wrong and In his tirade, Fry forgot to name the Jew Popes, of whom there have been many, he also failed to mention that even the current Pope is apparently a Jesuit Jew.

For more than one-hundred years, the Catholic Church has been targeted for destruction. This aim was announced in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which foretold of three world wars and the construction of the United Nations and many other things, all of which have come to pass.

The now ‘fully controlled’ Catholic Church, which despite its current bad press, has been a strong, uniting force for families, down through the ages. Sadly it has become an obstacle, which the Zionists are desperately attempting to destroy. Catholics,  and I am myself a Catholic, do not give a toss about Rome or the Pope, we are a local community of people and nothing more, as a result of this community spirit, I came to know the parents of all the children in my class at school and we all sang hymns together, in Church on Sunday morning and on Holy Days. As an Altar Server, I played a small part in all of the Church services, and it is a great shame that this tradition has now , all but disappeared.

Zion does not approve of solidarity of that kind, for others, while Zion does itself depend on an atheistic form of religious solidarity from its own members. As for sodomy, well they are not too worried about that, as an extraordinary number of them are involved in child trafficking and other abuses of children, including alleged sacrifices and the drinking of baby-blood, to rejuvenate their aging flesh.

These rampant sodomites are hiding behind the shield of Judaism and the title of Rabbi, one wonders if this could be an adequate excuse to destroy Judaism, in the same manner as Zion is attempting to destroy Christianity? Should those sodomites like Fry, who is himself a Jew in denial, ever find the courage to speak out against Jews, in the manner he delivers his hate speech against Catholics, perhaps the world would be a better place,  without need of men, whom enjoy biting off the foreskin of babies and sucking the blood from their little ‘hymies,’ for pleasure, even as Hymie himself screams out in agony?

Part of the agenda, set out in the Protocols, was the invasion of the Middle East, which is an ongoing project and then the deliberate depopulation of the region, of the indigenous Arab Peoples.

To facilitate this aim, the manipulators have managed to create a huge, violent, Arab, Civil War, which they fully intend to transform into their much-lauded Third World War, by secretly funding the migration of millions of Blacks, from darkest Africa into Zionist controlled Europe, thus creating a toxic mix of Blacks fleeing Africa and Arabs fleeing the Middle East and of course their ‘White Patsies’ most of whom are now seriously sick, from their reliance on contaminated food and the results of the prescription Drugs War, blankly watching the construction of their own demise. This is more a case of White suicide than of White genocide.

Even tiny Ireland, a country which has already suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of the British, is being targeted for destruction. Having been forced to accept thousands of Africans into their midst, they are already finding themselves trapped in their homes, under attack from Black gangs, roaming the streets at night, while the Gardai are unable to cope with the level of violence, while their ‘sodomite’ Taoiseach, is promising to bring in a million more Blacks.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, did recently lament, that the Irish did not do enough for Jews, fleeing Europe, to avoid having to help out in German work camps, while the Germans fought for their lives, in a Jew declared and controlled World War – yet another feature of the Protocols – this said, in the land of Ireland, which lost five million souls, during a Jew controlled City of London, starvation project.

Five million Irish people, whose deaths are given a mere footnote in history, while the fate of the hundreds of thousands of Irish people, whom were driven out of Ireland, in the same manner as the Jews are now doing in the Middle East, many into slavery, yet another suffering of the Irish people, which has been swamped out of history by the whinging Blacks, whom believe themselves to be history’s only victims of slavery, even as the Jews deny all of the Genocides which they have carried out, all across the world, while the Irish are now expected to feed and house the new slaves, being brought into Ireland by the Zionists.

The cynicism of celebrating the alleged suffering of Jews, in a land which has had its own holocaust denied, by the forces of the Jews and their English puppets, even as they are applauding the capture and gaoling, of geriatric soldiers in Germany, in pursuit of vengeance, for an event, which like many other things, has been based on nothing more than hearsay, is simply extraordinarily selfish and arrogant.

The Irish people are still suffering from the last forced immigration into Ireland, that of the ‘Planters’ from Scotland, whom have created havoc in Ireland, alongside their British Masters, ever since. No effort was ever made to encourage those devious Planters to go to England, which would have been a far cheaper option for the British.  The job of the Planters in Ireland, was to create tension and their violence was fully funded and controlled from London.

The Blacks are now being given the same task. They are colonising Ireland, a land which has never had a colony in Africa, so the Irish are free to behave, as are the Blacks in South Africa, without criticism from the ‘West’ to announce the eviction of the Black incomers, they have no more right to come into Ireland than have the Whites into their lands, so go home and terrorise your own people why don’t you?

Clearing Out The Garbage.


jeremy corbyn



I have come to the conclusion that even though the World may be in the sorry state in which it now finds itself, either through mischance or wanton perfidy, on the part of our leaders – whatever that word may mean – there are always those whom profit from war and destruction, a situation which can not, simply be swept under the carpet, with cries of conspiracy echoing around it.

When I was a youngster, I used to stand around watching the big boys fight. I was always surprised at how easily three or four determined lads could strike fear into a whole bunch of more peaceful chaps, who could quite easily, with a minimum of cooperation between them, quickly and easily, overcome the bovver boys, but they rarely did so.

That is a good lesson for life. We must all stick together, even women are capable of resistance, as are gays and any of the other new breeds whom are now amongst us.

I was never a very good fighter, however I was quite good at making it look as if I might be, which lead to a number of Yeh? Yeh! type of confrontations which went no further. That strategy is all that is necessary to avoid war but it is never employed, simply because those who never take advantage of this ploy are never the ones who find themselves, walking through the mud and the mist into a hail of machine gun fire. To pretend that these vermin are not sat in their counting house with a drip of snot hanging off the end of their nose, piling up the gold, is to deny reality, there is nothing which they like better than a war of attrition.

That is not a conspiracy theory, that is a hard fact, the same hard fact which points out that in France and the United Kingdom, there are thousands of jobs at risk should all of the current international conflicts come to an end. Bad for business wot? We are all guilty.

During the past hundred years, there has hardly been a day of peace. We have been subjected to a continual state of conflict, which has stretched to the ends of the Earth, no one has escaped the slaughter. So without getting involved in some form of conspiracy theory, I would suggest that there have been winners from all of this slaughter, so who are they?

The USA is of course the main source of arms which are sold mainly to poorer countries, India for example, which has a huge population, which in the main is living in squalor, is passing huge sums of the new economic earnings into the pockets of the weapon shops of the United States while its own people starve, helping to maintain the only fully functioning industry left in the US afloat.

France and the United Kingdom between them export 14 per-cent of the worlds arms, also to relatively poor countries in Africa and the Middle East, in a form of diabolical bartering, which involves the poor countries such as Nigeria, being obliged to spend the money which they gain from oil sales, back into the economies of the UK and France to purchase the necessary arms to fight the rebels whom are never short of ammunition, which appears to grow on the trees in the jungle.

The Congo has been suffering from this “terrorist” threat for decades, under cover of which, the country has been stripped bare by International Corporations, seeking oil and diamonds. The cash received for the sale of which is used to re-arm the Rebels to continue the distraction of the elected Government. It all just goes around and around. The arms manufacturers deplore peace.

All in all, whether there be or not, a grand conspiracy, which is imposing a New World Order, which will be under the control of a group of self appointed elite and their henchmen, is hard to prove one way or the other.

The proposed system, which has been constantly spoken of and many books written about it, which are still in print, involves the proposed construction of groupings such as the European Union, which I think it fair to say does exist, this would suggest there to be some connection between the reality on the ground and the expressed desire of a group which would appear to now have control of this European Union, so it should not be too long a stretch to suggest that we may have been manipulated into this Union.

That being the case why is this actuality, totally unknown to the public in general? Why was it not part of our education to be informed of the intentions of the Fabian Society, of which all of the leaders of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, apart from one of them, have been members?

This does not affect the British in isolation, this idea has also been foisted – I use the word deliberately, as every State which was allowed a referendum on entry voted against membership of this Union – on to States all across Europe, so it would be fair to say that there was some sort of occult decision amongst these States to deceive their own people. Is that a conspiracy?

Similar talks are now taking place concerning all of the members States of the European Union, with Corporations, which will pass whatever control may remain in those member States, over their own laws, rules or regulations, into the hands of these Corporations, should the TTIP treaty be signed. Just as with membership of the Union, the Peoples of Europe stand united against TTIP, so what is the overwhelming force which is pushing, those whom are bargaining in these secret talks, for us, against Oligarchs who do not give a shit whether you or I live or die? Are our politicians actually playing any part at all in these discussions or are they simply having it all explained to them?

Would it class as a conspiracy theory to demand the identity of whomsoever it may be, speaking as the leader of these Oligarchs, or by who their demands are being coordinated? What sort of group are they?

Cameron the British War Criminal claims to have conceived the idea, should that be so, we all need to be very afraid, we are after all dealing with the man who helped to fund the murder of Gadaffi and the destruction of Libya and then not satisfied with the bloodstained streets of Libya, he calmly set about financing the killer groups in Syria and has overseen the total destruction of yet another perfectly well run country all without a trace of shame. I personally would place no trust whatsoever in such a creature.

However it begs the question, for whom did Cameron and his one time buddy Wild Willy Hague, carry out these stunts? It was not done because of a few casualties in the streets of Libya or Syria, that is for sure, so who was pulling the strings? Cameron or Blair could not make decisions like those, without direct instructions from above, so who is above?

These things always go around and around and nothing is ever disclosed. Corbyn is a thorn in my side, he is not as simple and dithery as he pretends. He has been given a job to do. It was not by accident that a mature, savvy Labour Party MP, decided that she would give her vote to Corbyn in the election for Labour Party leader, when he was one short of enough votes take part in the poll, which against all odds he won.

The Fabian Society has launched Corbyn to suit yet another shady program, it could well be the final destruction of the Labour Party itself, it has served its purpose and now it is time for it to shut up shop.

Corbyn, has made no attempt to point out any of the War Crimes which have been carried out with the support of the Parliament in which he now has a voice, why not? Why no blockade of Israel, the British would support that, with no problem.

Down through the years Labour has pissed all over the working man, destroying his traditional place in the pecking order through the mass immigration of slaves and his family through the medium of paying his women to leave him. They were still intent on the final destruction of the UK under the leadership of Blair and Brown, when they re-opened the immigration flood gates. The Tories will drive the last nail into the British, Made in China coffin, without the slightest concern.