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The British Once Again Declare Themselves Blameless.

Slightly gay little Willy Hague, the man who single-handedly organised the destruction of Libya and Syria, today crawled from under his rock to explain that the refugee problem, involving the drowning deaths of hundreds of those fleeing from the Nations that were destroyed by the UK and France, was all the fault of those evil men with dodgy boats, eager to make profits at the expense of those fleeing the results  of Hague’s War Crimes.

The fact that even as he was blathering away, Saudi Arabia was creating yet another refugee problem, using British weapons against innocent civilians in Yemen, as British trained ISIL Mercenaries continued the attacks in Syria and Iraq, while his friend Netanyahu is pushing to open another front in Iran, while the disturbance in Ukraine, which cost the USA five billion dollars to provoke, rumbles on and the aforementioned ISIL is now adding to the misery in Afghanistan, there was only one voice, throughout the News output on Sky News, who was apparently aware that all of this British inspired slaughter might just possibly have something to do with the refugee problem  and that was Nigel Farage, the man they call a racist.


Any voter in the UK, who just happens to have been born with a brain, who votes for any candidate in the upcoming election, who refused to vote against the illegal attack on Libya, which was such a monstrous event and  which has plunged the entire population of what was the most successful Nation in Africa into Hell, well they deserve whatever may befall them in the coming crisis. I believe there to have been a mere sixteen men of conscience in the entire House of Commons, whom voted against the War Crime.

Slightly Gay Willie, did the same thing to Syria, another fully functioning State which has now been reduced to rubble, creating 4 million refugees, a couple of hundred of whom have been allowed to enter the UK, while Turkey has a couple of million.

Israel of course does not accept refugees. Besides they are totally engrossed with yet another ninety-three year old German, accused of complicity in the deaths of three hundred thousand Jews at Auschwitz.  While a younger Jew in the UK, Greville Janner a Socialist paedophile and serial bugger of children, is considered too frail to be charged and gaoled. Janner was the UK’s top Nazi hunter after WW2 and is a top Zionist in the Labour Party, so he is allowed to bugger whomsoever he chooses in total security, as was Leon Brittan.

Perhaps Wild Willy forgot to let his mate Netanyahu know that the cat is out of the bag, we all know the true figure of casualties in Auschwitz, the British have just released a list of all the communications between the German Camps and Berlin and all of the camp Commandants were under strict orders to maintain the measures against typhus infections to keep the numbers of deaths to a minimum.  The Germans worked hard to keep Jews alive and well and look at the thanks they got for it.


United Liars Organisation.

When War Criminal Miranda aka Tony Blair was asked if he had vaccinated his children with the MMR Vaccine, he claimed that the question invaded the privacy of his family.


When politicians are asked if they have ever used illegal drugs, such as “Pot,” they regularly use the same defence, of course those whom have never used an illegal substance say no straight out.


Serial Rapist Bill Clinton, when asked if he had smoked “Pot,” his response was yes but he had never inhaled, that of course is an admission of a crime.


Are we now to believe, that when Slightly Gay, (though ashamed of it,) Little Willy Hague, sits in the United Nations, inferring that,  UN inspectors have presented evidence, that Bashar al Assad’s regime was responsible for a chemical weapon attack in Syria, that if this was the truth he would simply say so, without the need for inference and prevarication.


Are we on the other hand, forced to accept, that all of the representatives in the chamber, including the Secretary General, whom is listening to Hague declaring that he, the Secretary General, has declared the act to have been a War Crime, which it is quite clear Hague is laying at the door of Assad, with no conclusive evidence in support of his claims, are allowing Hague to twist the evidence of the report on the gas attack, to suit his own agenda, without calling a point of order? The silence of Ban Ki Moon is evidence of his complicity.

A report by UN weapons inspectors into the atrocity in Damascus is “damning” and “fully consistent” with Britain’s assessment that Bashar Assad’s regime was behind the attack, William Hague said.

The foreign secretary spoke out after UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon presented what he said was “overwhelming and indisputable” proof that chemical weapons were used on a large-scale.

Although the team was not mandated to establish who was responsible for the use of the banned weapons, Mr Hague said their findings backed the West’s claims it was government forces.  Huffington Post.


I believe there to be a psychiatric explanation as to the conclusions which Hague has arrived at, based on the above extract from the Huffington Post.


Had the group of inspectors found such conclusive evidence in support of their agenda in Syria, they would have shouted it out to the heavens. As did Carla Ponti, after a previous investigation.


Do these people believe us to be so stupid as to not understand, that the reason the UN was forbidden to reveal the identity of the culprits, was because the very same Little Willy, was paying the guilty party, yet the culpable UN was helping the very murderers whom had committed the act, to avoid the justice which they merit.

Everybody knew that there would be evidence of a chemical attack of some sort, so to now allow the blame to be placed on the innocent, is reason enough to disband the United Nations, once and for all.  Unless of course they allow the evidence, whatever it is to be produced.


The Coalition of Scum, know already what is in the report, as they are the ones whom are responsible for ordering the strict secrecy, which was imposed on the findings. Yet more proof of the insincerity of the British and their accomplices, in the Coalition of the Dogs of War.




Zimbabwe, Royal Babies And Al Qaeda. Catching Up On Recent Happenings.

It has been some time now since I last posted.  One thing which has been puzzling me for a while is the business of the Royal baby.

During her pregnancy it was quite difficult to make out whether Kate was pregnant or not, now it is quite difficult to decide whether she has in fact given birth or not.

They both appear to have gained a little weight from recent experiences.

However now to more serious matters. What are we to make of the mysterious exponential growth of the CIA controlled Al Qaeda.

First question, why would a group of Muslim terrorists adopt the same name as the CIA controlled group which was used to fight the Russians in Afghanistan?

Why is the Western Media trying to convince us all that this group, which did not exist outside the confines of the CIA headquarters but was simply a list of paid mercenaries who could be made use of when necessary, are now, on the one hand still working with “us,”  in Syria, while on the other hand, in the words of Sky News, there are now, so-called “franchises” all over the map. Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf etc. This is nonsense there is only one Al Qaeda and it is still controlled by the CIA. What we do not actually know is, who controls the CIA.

Are we to believe that the CIA, is still funding “their” Al Qaeda, while at the same time, someone else, with apparently untold riches, is financing a completely different Al Qaeda, which can apparently, when it suits, be overheard on their communication devices, planning some huge non-event, which led to the closure of US Embassies throughout the Muslim world, or as would appear obvious to even the casual observer, that both versions of Al Qaeda are doing nothing more than serving the interests of the US, which is designed to maintain the “Fear Factor.”

One thing is sure, these are not the kind of folk, which the West should continue to place in power, as they have done in Libya, claiming that it is what the people of the concerned States are asking for. These groups are controlled by the West and are being put in power to suit the West. Let us not forget that the oil wealth of Iraq is being stolen at the rate of two dollars a barrel by Western Oil Giants and shipped off through Israel to China, where these Oil Giants, have established huge refineries.

The West is now caught between a direct lie and a half truth, in their attempts to overthrow yet another maligned leader of a Middle Eastern State, without any regard for the well-being of the citizens of this State. Those, like Wild Willy Hague, have shown quite clearly that they are pitiless in their cruelty and will allow their paid scum to destroy all that is holy or sacred in Syria to achieve “their aims” not the best for the Syrian people. Should it prove necessary they will allow the  complete annihilation of the Syrian people,

One could say, that if this multi-national Al Qaeda did not exist, the West would have to invent it. No good has been done for the Muslim World by this entity, which initially provided the excuse for the declaration of the “War on Terror,” which was simply code to allow the destruction and the cohesion of the Muslims. Every act of this group has facilitated the aggressive destruction of country after country, in accordance with the plan of the Project for the New American Century.

The West’s use of blockades and other devices designed to force their will on to unwilling Governments, which prefer to retain an element of control over their own affairs, is not confined to the Muslim World, they have been doing the same thing, for more than thirty years, to the Mugabe Government in Zimbabwe, where the Government dared to take control of the patrimony of their State.

The British choice Morgan Tsvangirai, was soundly beaten in the recent Zimbabwe election, by Mugabe, which provided the opportunity, for the award-winning liar, Alex Crawford of Sky News, to discuss this latest failure of the democratic system, to produce a fair result, which of course means that the Brits are shouting foul, with the representative of the European Union. That’s right, she was discussing Democracy with the man from the “Selected” leadership of the totally non-democratic Politburo in Brussels. You simply could not make this rubbish up.

The fact that the people of Zimbabwe, appeared to be quite content with the result of the election, appeared to be some form of annoyance to the EU man, who found it to be surprising. International observers did not find much to complain of in the procedure of the election itself and the best that Crawford could come up with was a discussion with a woman who claimed that it was all a farce, simply because the name of her dead father was still on the voting list. Crawford failed to explain that exactly the same thing frequently occurs even in the UK.

However let us look again at the decision to close Western Embassies in Muslim countries. We were told that  communications between some characters with forgettable names, were intercepted by US Intelligence, at least one of these connections involved the new “Chairman” of Al Qaeda and a group of his underlings.

Now I was under the impression that all that was needed to send a smart bomb straight into the ear of anybody stupid enough to be holding a telephone, while under CIA observation, was a telephonic or other form of connection, which would provide the co-ordinations,  apparently not. In fact the CIA does not appear to be very smart at all. They can not only not send in a smart bomb, they do not apparently still have the ability to do, what they recently claimed they did, when tracking down the previous chief of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, in Pakistan, where all it took was a small lapse in the security of a mobile telephone and in came Zero Dark Thirty or whatever.

So what was really going on?  There are suggestions that it was in response to the sacrifice of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, during what I described as The October Surprise Which Became A Snuff Movie (This is a link)

Investigations into this event are ongoing in the US. Most of what I claimed has apparently been verified during the course of the enquiry. Now however other things are coming to light. It now appears that Stevens may well have been the target of the US, he was of no real importance and apparently a homo-sexual, which would add just a little more excuse for the behaviour of the men who murdered him, should it prove necessary.

The event itself now appears to have generated the necessary. pretext to launch drone attacks at will, whenever and wherever, across the Muslim World, without the need to declare war. Strangely, this is exactly what the US was after, how odd that the Benghazi affair is providing that opportunity.

A Sad Lack Of Awareness Of The Suffering Of Others.

While British paid Mercenaries in Syria, are gutting and eating the organs of their victims, decapitating others,  raping women and deliberately shooting members of the Press, the mourning continues, marking the death, in a similar fashion, of a British soldier, in London, whom is constantly referred as “Drummer” Rigby.

Unless serious advances have recently been achieved in the field of drumming in the “Art of War,” I would suggest that his real rank in the illegal war in Afghanistan, was that of “Gunner,” which does not sound quite as innocent as “Drummer.”

While listening to Wild Willy Hague, delivering a justification for the continuation of the British contrived illegal attacks on UN member State, Syria, for just a moment, when he asserted that, “These people are having every weapon ever devised, dropped on them, while some States deny them the weapons, with which to defend themselves,”  I thought he was talking about Gaza but no, Gaza is of course, under friendly attack from his “Friends” in Israel, so we must keep mum about that.

Back home in the UK, Peter Thatchell was explaining that The British Army, which fights so bravely to keep the world free from tyrants and to maintain the Freedom of Speech and Democracy, which the British people hold so dear, could not possibly accept the offer of a donation from the English Defence League, to help the wounded British Military  War Heroes.

To accept a donation from such people would, he assured us, be an insult to those whom had fought so bravely to save the World from Hitler, in another of the UK’s contrived wars.

  “The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” – Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch (January, 1934)

Thatchell’s own belief in Democracy does not of course extend to giving the British people the right to decide whether they are in favour of Gay Marriage, however we will leave that for another day.

The European Union, which is of course, unelected and of which membership was refused, by every Country which was allowed to hold a referendum and which,  despite the valiant efforts of the British Military to uphold Democracy, mysteriously, now has control over every aspect of European life, while not one member of the so-called “Commission,” was elected in a free and Democratic manner, has now decided that the arming of  murdering thugs, whom are hell-bent on bringing death and chaos, in the manner of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, to Syria to be justified and in the best interest of the Syrian people.

We can now assume, with certainty, that this is a deliberate policy of destruction. This is not a question of “Having learnt nothing,” this is cold-blooded terrorism. This is the behaviour of un-elected scum, which should in no way be confused with “Democracy.”

While the British mourn the death of a soldier, it should be remembered that in recent times, the British, with the help of Professional Soldiers, just like “Drummer” Rigby, have helped in the slaughter of millions of people, in a ridiculous “War on Terror,” which is in fact a “War of Terror,”  bearing in mind that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and there was no Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Any belief that Al Qaeda was ever an enemy, has been scotched by events in Syria, where the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Israel and the USA are funding them to destroy a Muslim State. Without the massive aid from these countries, from where would Al Qaeda find the funds to carry out their “special” kind of Muslim terrorism, which is exclusively aimed at the destruction of the Muslim World, which is the desire  of Israel.

So all in all, while understanding the horror of the British people, when confronted with the reality of modern warfare, which like Stalin’s war of attrition against Germany, involved the wholesale rape of every female in Germany, many being raped to death and the torture of hundreds of thousands of German Prisoners of War, they can consider themselves lucky, to have been on the side of the “Coalition of the Guilty,” during WW2.

I am quite sure that the British would not want to be presented with the full picture of the atrocities which were carried out against the German people, which included the barbarous “crucifixion” of women on barn doors and the theft of little children.

Sadly, the British people have, apparently unknowingly, been responsible for a catalogue of torture and murder, all over the known world. When they are in need of a war, the British and their allies,  simply demonise the leader of  the targeted country and then destroy it. The same monotonous excuse has been employed time and time again and yet the British people have failed to spot this repetition.

So for those like Peter Thatchell, to make use of the National Socialist rubbish, as an excuse to refuse a donation from the EDL, which is itself a controlled group, which like the Masonic controlled National Front, is used to make sure that the “truth” of Hitler and National Socialism remains forever hidden from the people, is either an indication of his true role, in the destruction of the morality of the British people, or his total lack of knowledge as to the real reasons for WW2 and to the identities of the real gallery of the guilty.

The real purpose of groups such as the National Front and the English Defence League, is to generate a Civil War in the UK. Are the British so stupid as to have failed to notice, that the huge influx of Muslims into the UK, is a policy of the Government? These poor souls are the victims of British aggression, which does not generate feelings of love.

Do not be fooled by the naming and shaming of the so-called Islamic Mullahs, whom are allegedly indoctrinating gullible young Muslims, if they were not under the control of MI6, they would have been taken out of circulation long ago, they would most certainly not be invited on to the BBC.

As a result of being “freed from Dictatorship” by the humanitarian British, a mere twelve hundred people have been murdered by bombs in liberated Iraq, during April and May. God Save The Queen.

The Evil Agenda Of The BBC And The City Of London.

The weasel words of Neville Chamberlain are not only simple lies, they were the means of unleashing a war which had been in the planning for twenty years. In the words of Chamberlains successor, the evil Winston Churchill, “Hitler was not the target, Germany was.” The Jews in the City of London and in New York, had lined Germany up for the mincing machine in Nineteen-Thirty-Three.

However the conspiracy was far more evil than that, just as in Nineteen-Seventeen, during the Great War, which was yet another unnecessary war, which was laid at the feet of Germany, the Jews, including hundreds from New York, Trotsky amongst them, had already prepared the launching of a revolution in Russia.  Now, having manoeuvred Hitler into a treaty with Stalin, which was supposed to take Hitler’s eye off the ball, they ordered Poland to attack Germany, which provoked the desired response from Hitler.

The City of London had long been planning to extend their Russian Empire, across the whole of Western Europe. In order to facilitate this, they had Stalin’s Red Army poised at the Polish border, waiting for the declaration of war.

Hitler it was, whom spoiled the party, by fighting the Red Army to a standstill. They were saved by the illegal intervention of Roosevelt, whom supplied arms and air support to the Russians.

Despite Hitler’s efforts to save Europe, half of Germany and all of Eastern Europe, was simply given to the Jewish Communists by the three Jewish Communists whom had controlled the war, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

Chamberlain, in his broadcast to the British people, forgot to mention that as Hitler entered Poland from the West, Stalin came in from the East. Why then did France and Britain not declare war on Russia? Because the Treaty with Poland was simply a ploy to entrap Hitler, the British or French cared not a hoot for the Polish people.

All of this is old news, this is well understood by those whom have studied just a little tiny bit of history. I have repeated this tale in many different posts for some time now.

Chamberlain’s speech on the above clip, is no different from that of Reagan, excusing the Iran Contra Affair, which I believe can be found here. They are liars one and all.

The BBC, which transmitted Chamberlain’s Declaration of War, understood that they were a part of the plot to initiate a brutal war. Europe had hardly recovered from the carnage of the Great War and yet here was the City of London’s Bolshevik Bankers demanding another one.

Those same Bolshevik Bankers are now lining us up for yet another blood-letting. The BBC is on hand to take care of the lies and propaganda to make sure that their masters get their desired result.

These hidden hands have quite deliberately provoked bloodshed and strife all across the Middle East and now Africa, to feed their insatiable greed and thirst for blood sacrifice, while the BBC calmly feeds us lies and other rubbish, in exactly the manner that they fed us lies about Hitler and Germany, while the real monsters were coming out of Russia, where sixty-five-million Christians were put to death in unspeakable ways by Jewish killers.

Assad in Syria has held elections, why did the BBC not report on this event? Why does the BBC not pose the question as to where the authority, to install a group of unelected people as the government of Syria, without reference to the desire of the Syrian people come from?

Why does the BBC not report the presence of British paid Al Qaeda in Syria? They know that Al Qaeda is part of the CIA because it was in a BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares.”

Why has Wild Willy Hague, not been asked to explain, in simple terms, why he is in Mali, lending support to a Military Junta, whom overturned the Democratically elected regime?  From whom did he receive the right to say that he,  ‘wants Assad out of power,’ and why should Assad give a toss what Hague wants?

I think it would be fair to say that the BBC is part of the Shadow Government. They are a completely biased organisation and in view of the lies and deceit, which is part of current News reporting, we can only ask the question,  “Is there any truth whatsoever in the vilification of Adolf Hitler and what is the truth of his behaviour during the Second World War?”

The British and US versions of the News is a pack of lies. No trust can be placed in anything which they report. Personally speaking I am a Sandy Hook Denier, if for no better reason than the fact that despite all of the discrepancies in the official tale, neither the BBC or Sky News have even mentioned that things do not add up. They have both reported the “Gun Grabbers,” preferred version of events.

No effort has been made or any desire shown to speak to bereaved parents, nor have they given any indication as to the identity of Lanza’s mother, whom we were told he had shot, nor any description of Lanza’s life in Sandy Hook, where his mother was a teacher and then was not a teacher, there are enough discrepancies in that lot to cast doubt on all of the mainstream media reporting.  So is that the purpose of the BBC and others like them, to bamboozle us into a stupor?

Judging by the amount of air time given to Justin Bieber’s late arrival at the O2 arena last night, one could be forgiven for thinking that the News Editors have a good idea of the mentality of those to whom they are speaking.

However, the reality for the average European at this time, is to be assured by the media that the world is warming, even as it cools, that there is a shortage of oil, even as BP is pumping Iraqi oil at two dollars a barrel, while the BBC tells us that the price at the pumps represents the price of one hundred-dollar plus per barrel.

So just as during the days of Empire, whether French or English, all of the profits are falling into the same pockets, while the BBC completely misrepresents the current fiscal difficulties, ignoring the growing poverty of the British people, while being left to carry out an investigation into the rampant child abuse at the BBC.

This Once Great Country And Other Fairy Tales.

The British Coalition Government, finds itself with a desperate choice, whether to make sure that hospital patients, whom are dying of starvation and dehydration, by the thousand, in National Health Service Hospitals, are fed and their thirst quenched, or to take care of the needs of the bankers, whom are demanding that Social spending be cut, to make more money available for the Military, in order to crush the remnants of resistance to their megalomania.

It would be a shame for the Democratically elected Government, to spend a part of the peoples own money on them and to suggest to the bankers, whom are worth trillions of Pounds, that they might think about financing their own wars for a change. Of course, should they choose to fight a totally “private war” the reality of the use of “government’s” as a smokescreen to what has actually been going on for centuries, would be exposed to the voter, as if that would make any difference, the voter would simply shrug his shoulders and go back to his pint of beer.

As I write, the British Emissary, from the Jewish bankers in London, Wild Willy Hague, is meeting with the Jewish controlled French Government in Mali, to make sure that all of the rich resources of that country, are seized and passed into the hands of the Central Banks and multinational mining companies.

I always worry for Wild Willy’s well-being, when he makes these little voyages into the domain of the real men, he must know that he stands the risk of a slightly sharp object being inserted into his slightly gay bum. On the other hand I suppose that at least it would give Hilary something to chuckle about.

The British and French have already raped Africa, from top to bottom, in the Nineteenth Century, murdering millions of Africans in the process and of course, as is the Jewish way, cut the Continent to shreds, making sure that several incompatible tribes were trapped together, within borders which were designed to create hostility.

The Jews even sold the people into slavery, by the million, before realising that  there was more money to be made, by paying them to work and then taking the money in return for shelter and food.

Now, in the “Modern World,” those British slaves, whom believe themselves to be free, are still being robbed by the same families, whom are the richest people in the world, for whom the world is not enough, whom are still taking the food out of the mouths of the hungry, to finance yet more blood sacrifices across Africa and the Middle East.

The Great British Empire, was never any such thing, the Empire was Jewish, the British were simply the cannon fodder. All through the years of Empire, the people of Britain were living in squalor. They saw not one penny of the riches of Empire. They had been herded into Mill Towns, where they were totally dependent on factory bosses for their lodgings and food.

People were being hanged for shop lifting. Deported to Australia for trivial crimes, where they were locked up in the most barbaric prisons on planet earth.

However, despite the way in which they were treated at home, the British Dragoons found enough energy, to slaughter five million Irish people, in an attempt to further the City of London’s aim of Ethnically Cleansing Ireland. They carried on with this agenda, after the end of the Great War, by sending in the Black and Tans, whom were the shell-shocked nut cases from the trenches of Flanders, with instructions to terrorise the Irish people. Ah yes, those were indeed the lazy hazy days of Empire.   See  The Famine That Never Was

The British are now finding themselves back out in the streets, sleeping in shop doorways in cardboard boxes, while ignoring the cost of all of those bankers wars, with that trade mark stiff upper lip, these lugubrious Brits, in a show of national masochism, are praising their torturer and urging them to steal even more of their  Social Security handouts, to make sure that the streets of the UK are kept safe from all of those nasty Taliban.

It is an easy step to believe that these docile people, are asleep and wandering around in a dreaming suburb, where the sun is always shining, where a good old British Bobby, will make sure that everything is in order, waiting for a quarter to seven in the evening, for “The Archers, an everyday story of country folk.”