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Predatory Gays And Other Types Of Perverted Politicians.

We are all aware now, that if a woman does not agree to have sex, before she is penetrated, that is rape. Ask Julian Assange. We can only hope for the sake of Nigel Evans, that the same rules do not apply to buggery.

Currently, a couple of Stars of the small screen are being shown no mercy, by the Media,  yet Vaguely Gay, War Criminal, Little Willy Hague, while condoning Israel’s use of what is said to be a small nuclear device against Syria, feels that because the The Speaker of the House of Commons, twice removed, is such a nice chap, whom is loved by everyone, he deserves to be exonerated. Well he probably will be if he is a Freemason.

Hague, insists on claiming that Assad, whom was attacked by armed men, should have just surrendered to them without a fight, as he would, should a group of disenchanted Englishmen force their way in to Downing Street saying “We are the Free English Army, lay down your arms.” Who the hell does this ditherer, whom is too timid to come out of the closet, think he is? He has no right to demand such a thing of any Government. His talk of Dictators, sound just a bit hollow, in view of the antics of his friends in the Jewish Gulf States.

Watching his behaviour, which is against International Law, behaviour  which is supported by all three Parties in the British Parliament, which in the typical fashion of the bully, is directed against those whom do not have the support of the Proud Banking Families, who are responsible for every war during the last hundred years, but whom unlike his good self and the Eton boys whom stand alongside him, still has the support of the Syrian people. As did Gadaffi, whom was destroyed in another of Hague’s adventures, by overwhelming force.

The British are ruled by a gang of scum, whom are not only working for Bankers and the false State of Israel, but also for a hidden group of fanatics, which is determined to destroy a huge portion of the Peoples of the planet, to install themselves as the Kings of the World.

This group suffers from an affliction, which when it expresses itself, obliges them to bugger and rape small children, in some cases to death. Most of these deaths never come to light, as the orphans, whom are the victims are alone in the world and are sadly, not missed. There is mounting evidence that in Northern Ireland, the perverts whom were known as the Shankill Butchers, were used in the ritual killing of children from the Kincora Children’s Home.

There are so many Members, in the British Parliament, whom suffer from this affliction, that a Member of the Government was given the task of passing a law, which would legalise, Intergenerational Sex, in order to protect the multitude of perverts in the House, whom were being protected by what are called ‘D Notices’ which are designed to protect the Paedophiles whom were in danger of being exposed, excuse the pun.

This law will be passed, make no mistake about it. Europe is ruled by the same perverted group. It was an English Lord, whom was given the job of procuring young children for the pleasure of the Politburo. If the People’s of Europe opened their eyes to what is being done to them, by those whom control the media, there would be a rapid return to hangings in the street. These scum have already changed the law concerning Treason and Sedition, which still carry the death sentence, because they know that they are on a knifes edge.

When Hitler came to power in Germany, his first act, was to put an end to all of the perversions, which had been introduced into German society by the Jews, whom had taken control of Germany after the Great War. They have now done the same to all of the Western style countries, which are suffering from all of the hedonistic rituals which once existed in Berlin.

It was not by chance that across the Western World, the law was changed to allow same sex marriage. How could it be that all countries forced this law through, despite enormous resistance from the people, at exactly the same time,  if we are not being ruled by a group of hidden perverts.

When I was younger, along with most of my chums, I was pestered by predatory homosexuals. I was often ‘touched’ inappropriately, even by ‘Men of the Cloth’ and yet we are now being told that these predators, can become Scout Masters, whom will take charge of young boys.

I have seen dozens of ‘Tweets’ which claim that Syria has already declared war against Israel. Dozens more from Muslim countries offering support. Hague, Holland and Obama are alone in their support for the aggression of Israel. This is their Ritual of Blood, which is all part of the agenda in those countries, which allow themselves to be perverted by World Jewry.

We are now seeing the new alliance of those whom engineered the Second World War, France, the UK and the USA.  Russia is still playing the game of being in support of Syria, while doing nothing more than talking. What is going on at this moment is what they are supposed to be preventing through the use of their Veto at the UN. Why not give a hand to the people of Syria.

All of this slaughter is based on the attack in New York which is called 911, which we were told was carried out by a gang of Muslims, when in fact all of the evidence suggests that it was carried out by Israel and Mossad. Not a shred of evidence has ever been produced linking Muslims to the attack. Osama Bin Laden denied any part in the caper.

To hear Hague talking about Dictatorships, while ignoring the Gulf States where the British made Kings and Sultans have kept total despotic power in their own hands for a century or more and back home in the UK, where the people are trapped in an elected dictatorship, which in common with the USA is rapidly becoming a Police State, demonstrates, sadly, the complete blindness of the British to the true nature of their rulers.

There is a window of opportunity approaching for the British. Due to the unexpected success of the United Kingdom Independent Party, UKip, they have tasted the forbidden fruit of voting for someone other than those for whom they have voted, all of their voting lives.  There is no guarantee that the new parties will be any better than the old, whom have never improved the day to day lives of the people, but to continue doing the same thing over and over again, expecting something to change, has always been considered as a sign of madness.

Press Amnesia And Total Disdain For The Public’s Opinion Of Margaret Thatcher.

This is simply for the sheer love of this joyful tune.

The British Television News Channels, while often reporting that this politician or that Minister is completely out of touch with the feelings of the wider British Public, appear to have no concept of their own total lack of comprehension, as to the understandable hatred, in which Margaret Thatcher is held, by huge swathes of the British people.

Murnaghan on Sky, while interviewing a Labour supporter, suggested that when she had destroyed the Trade Union’s and closed down the “Rust Bucket,” ageing, British Industries, replacing manufacturing jobs with service jobs, that she had in some way bestowed on to the UK a great benefit of some sort, he displayed his complete ignorance of the advantage to the economy of a productive job compared with a service, part-time job.

When it was pointed out to Murnaghan that having closed down the British Coal Industry, the UK was now importing coal from Australia, at high prices, while the bulk of ex miners were being paid unemployment money instead of a wage, with a small amount of State subsidy, which would be far cheaper than Thatcher’s choice, which was of course insisted on by the Bilderberg members of her Cabinet, like Kenneth Clark, Murnaghan made no comment, when in anybody’s terms, coal from Australia is sheer lunacy.

Another piece of News, which has a lot to do with the lack of a Coal Industry, was a piece about “Fracking” and the desecration of the UK in search of gas, with which to run power stations, A Greenpeace spokesman, was suggesting quite rightly that “Fracking” represents a real threat to water aquifers and could provoke small earthquakes. The future, he assured us, must be based on renewable energy. He praised the opening of a new wind farm in the UK as an example of a sustainable source of electricity, unfortunately he admitted, there was no wind today. Apart, that is, from on Sky News.

The question of Ireland and Margaret Thatcher’s intransigence towards the Hunger Strikers, was justified by the claim that these were terrorists and deserved all they got, this in juxtaposition to her protégé, William Hague’s position in Syria, where the UK now finds itself in a totally hypocritical position of funding murderers to unseat a leader in another United Nation member State.

The whole question of the “Troubles,” in Ireland, is being presented to the young of the UK in a manner, which is quite clearly, in complete contradiction to the reality on the ground at the time.

The humanitarian, democratic British, refused to grant the vote to Catholic adults in Ireland, apart, from to one member of each household. In order to gain their Civil Rights, the Catholics held peaceful Civil Rights marches, They were brutally attacked by Loyalist thugs, whom were photographed carrying wooden clubs, which had six-inch nails hammered through them.

The persistence and courage of the Catholic marchers, in the face of this violence, eventually forced the British to send in the British Army to protect the Catholics. It was because of this violence against the Catholic Community and the British Army’s cold-blooded murder of Civil Rights marchers on “Bloody Sunday” plus the complete lack of action against Loyalist Terrorists, that led on to the re-emergence of the IRA.

 Margaret Thatcher’s “intransigent” attitude towards the Hunger Strikers, made no allowance for the fact that they had been under attack, that they were protecting their community,  that many more Catholics than Protestants had in fact been murdered and that the B Specials, the Ulster Police had been in collusion with the Loyalist murderers, in many cases off duty Police Officers were themselves members of the Loyalist Death Squads.

The sad reality of the Thatcher government was typified by the cloud of paedophilia, which overhung her eleven year reign as Prime Minister, including the continuing hatred of paedophile ex Prime Minister Edward Heath and her need to kick other Cabinet members upstairs, as it were. This herd of perverts in her Cabinet would have ensured her obedience to her friends in the Shadow Government, whether she liked it or not.

I think it is a fair point to suggest, that every so-called reform, which was carried out by Margaret Thatcher, whether in the financial system or in the State control of Utilities and other essential industries, have proved to be like manna from heaven for the Globalists. She has managed to create huge, uncontrolled monopolies, which now have the British people by the goolies, controlling every aspect of their lives, right down to the expensive water with which they quench their thirst.

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