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The Zionist Olympics Gets Off To A Satanic Start.

Performers take part in the …

How the chimney sweepers cry

Every blackening Church appalls,

And the hapless Soldiers sigh

Runs in blood down Palace walls…William Blake..London

Those “Dark Satanic Mills” so graphically described by William Blake, were misused as a pretext to mount a Luciferian sacrificial scenario for the opening ceremony of the ZION Olympics in London.

Factory chimneys played the role of the two obelisks on either side of a pyramid an age-old Masonic symbol, in a travesty of their true purpose in those grim days of enslavement for the British people, during the Industrial Revolution. The Olympic Flame itself was used to light “The Cauldron.” The entire presentation was like a vision of Hell.

Having been starved off the land, during the enclosures, the peasants were obliged to head off into the misery of factory life, where even little children were obliged to work long hours in the coal mines and cotton mills.

These horrors were presented as a part of British achievements in past years, of which the people can be truly proud. This distortion of the truth continued with the examples of the Great War and the Second World War, both of which were initiated by the British, which involved the wholesale slaughter of millions of people and achieved nothing of benefit for the average Briton but did indeed generate a lot of wealth for the owners of those “Dark Satanic Mills.”

The remains of industry.

Nothing much has changed since the days of Blake, he was a true Seer.

Earth rais’d up her head,

From the darkness dread and drear,

Her light fled:

Stony dread!

And her locks cover’d with grey despair.

And now a quick peek at the closing ceremony, courtesy  of  http://govtslaves.info and James Holmes.