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The Blacks In White Lands Have Never Had It So Good!

We have been fed an absolute pack of crap about how the world works. All of that deliberate force feeding, of the politically Correct version of history, into the minds of the young, can not have been by accident. The ploy of using one group against another is as old as time itself, so using Black against White, is par for the course.

A real education would most assuredly have explained in detail, the manipulations, which are used by the rich and greedy, to increase their own personal wealth, mainly through the use of equally greedy politicians, whom for personal reward, have manipulated the unfortunate citizens of their lands, into military forces, which have been used, not for the benefit of those soldiers and their families, but to increase the wealth of the already extremely rich.

The most blatant, current use of this manipulation of the minds of the stupid, is the idea of White Supremacy, and the subjugation of the Black People. This idea has been allowed to get completely out of hand in the United States, the land of slavery and poor ol’ Joe and all of that nonsense.

I can guarantee, that for every down-trodden Black in the United States, there are most probably a dozen White people whom are no better off, a reality which is of course completely ignored by the whimpering Blacks. In fact at any Black Lives Matter event, there are to be found a dose of White idiots, prostrating themselves in chains and sack cloth and ashes, doing a penance, for events in past times, with which they were never involved, apart that is from being no more than slaves themselves. We Whites are obliged to believe and to support the notion, that it was all, so much worse for the Blacks. While these Blacks think only of themselves, only Whites are obliged to take care of others.

Allow me to present an example of what I mean about the reality of life in White Countries, back in the days of slavery. In London, the rich lived in luxury, in city mansions, which needed a lot of looking after. There was quite a large staff involved in the running of these palatial dwellings, they were the ‘Downstairs and in the Attic’ servants, whom cooked and cleaned the shoes of the rich and powerful and slept in cramped conditions in the attic.



Meanwhile over in America, those Blacks were having such a hard time, living in palatial homes, where for the Blacks, the rich have suddenly been transformed into the ‘dominant culture’ as if all Whites had lived like Scarlett and Rhett. While in the British version, the servants were just as, if not even more subservient, to their Master’s, than were the Blacks, a reality beyond the ken, of the modern-day Black, who said he cringed every time he saw the behaviour of the Blacks in ‘Gone With The Wind’.

Meanwhile the down-trodden Irish Whites, had no means of escape from the butchery of the British, whom, having decided that it would cost more to feed the starving Irish, than to pay for the voyage to America, set about the clearance of Ireland and we have yet to see a Hollywood Blockbuster, chronicling the deprivation of the Irish Slaves, whom were treated like filth by their owners, in America, having been rounded up and shipped off into the unknown.

The fact of the matter is, that not only has the full extent of White Slavery been completely swamped out of existence by the endless whining of the Blacks, whom have become, just like those, by whom they were, in the main, bought and sold, the only real victims in the history of the whole wide world and the fact that White Slavery in the USA, had ever even existed, comes as a surprise to most people.

Should the White people in America, adopt the attitudes of the Blacks in South Africa, we would never hear the end of it. The very idea of a group of burley White men, gang raping a Black baby, in front of its screaming parents, is such an obscene idea, and an object lesson in primitive barbarity, that it is unimaginable that Whites would or could do it and yet it is a daily occurrence in the now liberated Black land of South Africa and like the killings in Palestine, it is called the justified defence of borders or some such garbage and duly ignored by the Western World.

To suggest that this is the same savagery, which is being deliberately brought into Europe, where gangs of Black thugs are already making European streets unsafe, is called Racism. The question as to why these Blacks would want to come to Europe or America, where the current state of affairs would suggest that African-Americans and the Windrush Generation,  are having a really difficult time, is hard to understand. Well not really, the Blacks in Europe and the United States have never had it so good, compared to White Life in Europe, just a few short decades ago, they have lives of luxury, despite which the whining shows no sign of abating.


Our World, Has Been Force Fed Hatred, By Mass Murderers.



The Zionist Supremacists at Starbucks coffee bars, are about to force their entire workforce, to accept being given lessons on how to lick the backsides of bleating Blacks. I would suggest to the Jews whom control Starbucks, that they are the ones in need of lessons about how to treat their most important customers, to whom they have been caught out lying and deceiving and whom they now refer to as supremacists, the White Christians,  whom are the people, by whom they have been made billionaires and to not refer to us as some sort of scum, whom they are forced to tolerate. I will never, ever drink another coffee in Starbuck’s premises and I hope all White Christians will do the same.

All of the Jews, whom are openly calling for a White genocide, need to feel a touch of the backlash, which was felt by the White Christians in the British Parliament, when a few freeloading Blacks, whom have been baptised, in recent days as, The Windrush Generation’, were put in fear of being sent back to their own Black Motherland in the Caribbean Paradise of Jamaica, at the very thought of which they shat themselves in fear. While the British Parliament went into a spasm of self-loathing, appalled at the very ‘un-British idea, that the ‘rights’ of these dole-mongers to remain with their blood-sucking teeth firmly embedded in the flesh, of their Hated White hosts, should be put at risk.


The Black Members of the House of Commons, were not alone in their high-pitched screeching at this ‘uncaring attitude’, towards the Blacks whom apparently built Britain. The hypocritical Friends of Israel and the xenophobic, vastly over-represented British Jew Members of the House, whom daily ignore the ongoing expulsions of Black Jews from Israel and the continued Israeli Military occupation of Palestinian land and the indiscriminate firing of live bullets directly into the midst of demonstrators in Gaza, were standing right alongside these poor hard done by Blacks, while White Christian Members, instead of standing firm, having found themselves in this position by accident, squirmed around in a totally abject manner, while the British Zionist Media had a field day of criticism against the only people whom can be legally “discriminated against” the White British People, whom are being forced to pay for this Zionist operation, which is doing to Britain and Europe, what is unacceptable in Israel and Zionist controlled South Africa, where the Shadow Zionist Government, is cynically encouraging a White Genocide, having completely destroyed the civilisation built by White Christian Boers.

White Christian law and order, in South Africa, is being replaced by a Baltimore-Chicago style nightmare of murder, rape and robbery, where gangs of cruel and disgusting Blacks, some of them cannibals, are raping babies to death, in front of their screaming parents and then torturing raping and sodomising the parents to death, with impunity. These things are already happening in the United States

Take notice of how the White victims are quite suddenly responsible for Black atrocities. The Trayvon Martin killing was given the same treatment, remember Trayvon? sure you do but do you remember this and can you remember the names of the victims, if you ever even knew them? When Black Lives Matter take to the streets, they are lauded by the Media but when Whites do the same thing, we are Supremacists.

The Black killers in the States, are blaming Whites for the type of crimes which are committed, uniquely by Blacks against Whites. I guarantee that you will find no evidence of a gang of White thugs doing anything similar to a Black couple or to a couple of Black teenage boys, on the other hand, I could post a dozen more examples of this kind of Black Savagery, against Whites, whether in South Africa or the disUnited States, in an instant.



We are being lead by the nose to disaster. Black Obama has been smuggling thousands of Blacks, into the United States, where they are being armed and trained to do to Whitey, what has been done to Christian Arabs all across the Middle East, while the cosseted ‘African Americans’ whom have the same attitude, as do all parasites, they will suck til their host is dry and dead and then cynically join the incoming Black killers, hoping for another free lunch.

The American Awakening with Michael Herzog 4.19.18 Hour 1


These Blacks feel no loyalty to the Whites, whom have provided them with a life-style superior to any other Blacks on the Earth and in response they are biting the hand that freed them and feeds them. Just like the Blacks in South Africa, they will soon find that like the rest of us, whom have been forced to do the dirty work of the Zionists, whom are themselves nothing more than parasites, at the end of their usefulness, they will be exterminated, most probably by the Zionist controlled Yellow Peril.

The whole-wide-world was convinced by the controlled media that the Boers in South Africa were evil dictators, which was a lie, the South African Blacks were the immigrant parasites, demanding all and everything from their White hosts, while Blacks like Mandela were being fully funded by Bolshevik Communist Zionists, to destroy the White civilisation which was paying all the taxes. I hope you Blacks are satisfied with what you have been given to replace the White Christian idiots.

Jeremy Corbyn,  the Leader of the British Labour Party, while speaking in Wales at a conference of the Welsh Labour Party, promised the British people, that in future there will be no repeat of the ‘Windrush Affair’ and there will be no such thing as an indigenous White British People, there will in future be simply British people, of all Races, an honour which only White Europe is obliged to confer onto immigrants, none of these advantages are given to Europeans in return, in the homelands of the immigrants. It is all one way traffic. though be in no doubt there will be no affirmative action for minority Whites, in any part of Britain. You are on your own, while those like the Friends of Israel and the Rockefeller funded Fabian Society are stealing your homeland from under your nose and you are too stupid to spot what is going on.