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Waste Of Time Journalists.



As Julian Assange is being hauled through the British Courts, having committed nothing whatsoever, which justified his being held in a maximum security prison, along with terrorists and murderers, there are reports of “worries” from the “journalists” whom are employed by the British “Free Press” about how they might be affected in the far distant future, by any decision which is made against Assange, for daringly publishing information about the serious War Crimes, which were committed by the United States and Britain during the illegal war against Iraq, all of which was ignored by those “now worried” Hacks..

Those crimes included such disgusting behaviour as the cold-blooded shooting of Journalists, from a helicopter or drone, as if the perpetrators were doing nothing more than playing a video game, laughing hysterically as they murdered people in cold blood. Assange, on the other hand, was prepared to take the risk and broke all of the rules, by exposing their actions for what they were.

Presumably these Journalists, like the liars from the Guardian and the Sun, are attempting to suggest, that at some distant point in the future they might just write and try to publish, a controversial tale, which if by some freak, managed to get past the editor and was actually published, in one of these organs of propaganda, that they would only be sacked for telling the truth and not treated like traitors of some sort, as has been Assange.

In the evening, on Sky News, they have people whom are invited to review the news papers. They presents all the front pages, on a large screen, which graphically illustrate the fact that the British people are more interested in tittle-tattle, than by serious news, which is best left to the Politicians.

Flooded homes and Non-Prince Harry captivate the bulk of the British at the moment, despite the international struggle against the continuing aim of the elected puppets in government, whom are still desperately seeking a means of finishing off Syria and Venezuela, while claiming to have avoided war for the past seventy-five years, despite the fact that they are still doing the dirty work of those whom declared World War Two and have been so doing for most of that past seventy-five-years.

The inevitable “outing” of the Black cheat Mo Farrah, has been a disaster for the British sporting public, which had welcomed him into their midst and endowed him with British Citizenship, just so that he could run and cheat for Britain in return for their kindness.. In a paradoxical manner this claim of Mo’s cheating was presented by the BBC, which had been his greatest supporter, even as the tale of his “jabs” were leaking out, claims which have turned out to be perfectly true, because Mo had simply forgotten all about taking all those jabs.

The Sky News Bicycle Racing Team were found to be an extraordinary bunch of Asthmatics, obliging them to use a specific type of inhaled substance, which was flown out to them by jet-plane, despite it being available in all French Pharmacies, prompting many other competitors to claim that this “medicine” gave them an illegal advantage over the non-asthmatics.

The beloved Tour de France competitor, the Britisher Tom Simpson, took his last dose of whatever, on a steep hill near where I live and he dropped dead at the side of the road as a result. In a more recent Tour, that great South African/Britisher, the asthmatic Chris Froome, did, on the very same hill, accelerate with such power and speed as he passed the monument marking Simson”s death spot, that half a dozen television commentators did, in unison cry out “Drogué”. Never mind it’s all good fun unless you happen to be Russian.

Donald Trump, a man who has never himself started a war but who is trapped into handling the remains of the wars declared by all the good guys whom preceded him in the WhiteHouse, has many critics, whom are sure that Trump is the devil incarnate.

There is an annoying fellow on the Alex Jones show, who makes an irritating use of the word Bombshell, who would have us believe that he has a means of contact with the Donald, he assures us that he must contact Trump, who he must warn, that he is being ambushed by Pelosi and Schiff, because he has not closed the borders against immigrants, during the Coronavirus crisis and that he will be blamed, when according to this fellow, in a few days a “Bombshell” number of new cases of the Virus will be revealed and everybody will blame Trump and then promptly vote for Bernie or Biden because of Trumps Bombshell gaff. I just don’t know what to make of it all.

Another guy, Max Keiser, has been promoting the introduction of virtual money for years. To my way of thinking this is the most stupid idea imaginable. How long does it take, for a determined man with a social conscience, to pour a couple of litres of petrol on to a speed radar at the side of the road and throw a lighted match onto it? Not long, about the same time as it would take to do the same thing to a few 5G transmitters, cutting off the link to the site which accepted payments sent from, presumably, “Smart-Phones which we would all be obliged to have on our person to simply buy a cup of coffee.

I did today receive notice that the Corona Virus is so contagious that nobody will accept “dirty money” which had been touched by contaminated people, during the outbreak so whether we like it or not we will be obliged to use an electronique payment system,  just so long as we have accepted the vaccine. Eh! Oh well time for bed.

The Footballing Fascist And The Ongoing Deception Of The Poor Old Goy.

Paolo Di Canio, a gifted footballer and now manager of Sunderland Football Club, has excited the British bigots and other opponents of that much vaunted but seldom exercised right of man, the freedom of speech. Di Canio’s decision to open his mouth and utter a word which has been used as an excuse to justify British and American brutality since the end of WW2, could well signal the end of his career in the UK.

The triumvirate of evil, which was victorious in WW2, has been responsible, not only for the estimated death toll of one hundred million whom died a grisly death during the war but also many millions whom were slaughtered in Eisenhower’s concentration camps in Germany and an unknown number of victims in Stalin’s Gulags. These are the criminals, whom have deliberately altered the real meaning of ‘Fascism,’ into something which more or less resembles their own bestial behaviour and not that of the Fascists.

Those whom fought alongside Stalin’s bestial killers during that war, were very soon declaring Communism to be bad and initiated the slaughter of the poor and deprived people of Korea and Vietnam, with the odd million of tons of bombs dropped on Laos and Cambodia for good measure. This was to put a stop to the “Domino Effect,” which meant the creeping scourge of Communism across the entire region. This, after they had enticed Japan into war, giving them the opportunity to drop a couple of Atom Bombs.

The Communism in Russia was installed by agents from the US using funds from Wall St. and it was supported by US aid, all through the so-called Cold War, in the form of millions of tons of wheat, when the system of collective farming failed to provide food for the people.

There is growing evidence that the Chinese Communist Revolution was installed by the same means and by the same people, which is why it has suddenly become the manufacturer for the world. All of this was by design allowing the so-called creep of Communism to continue, while the alleged opponents of Communism the hypocritical US, is now encouraging and accepting its domination of the International manufacture of everything, while they are busy fighting their own paid killers Al Qaeda, in the Muslim World.

So what was it that those really, really, nasty Fascists were doing at that time. Well they were in fact fighting against Communism and its allies in order to preserve the freedoms, which are oft spoken of but which have never actually had a chance to flourish, in a world which has long been under the control of Money and Greed.

There is no evidence of Hitlers alleged crimes. The real war criminals were the Allies. The Fascists were the victims. The Fascists were tortured, raped and murdered by the million. The Allies were unrelenting in their savagery. When the fighting ended, the slaughter continued, there was no mercy for the victims of this unspeakable crime, which was instigated by the same group which had set up Communism in Russia.

The three Fascist leaders, Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, knew exactly what was coming. They had seen what had been done to Russian Christians. Franco managed to protect the Spanish people from a fate akin to that which befell the Peoples of Eastern Europe, which the disgusting Treaty of Yalta, passed into the hands of mass murderer Joseph Stalin, along with hundreds of thousands of those whom had fought against him on Hitler’s side, to be murdered out of hand.

As an exercise in sheer brutality, the Nuremberg Trials, have no equal in civilised history. This was of course a necessary part of the seizure of Palestine. There would be no survivor whom could possibly speak a word of truth, in opposition to all of the hyperbolic claims of German atrocities. Hundreds of men and women were hanged out of hand. Every man amongst them, had had their testicles crushed.

Now after a brief delay, Europe is completely under Communist control and soon the rest of the world will fall under the same yoke. The Politburo’s have already been installed and the old European Communists like Merkel and Borosso have taken their seats at the table. The North American Union is ready to go, to be followed by the Asian Pacific Union, which will include Australia and New Zealand.

Very soon the British people may come to understand what their favourite man of all time, the perverted Sir Winston Churchill meant when he stated that “They had slaughtered the wrong pig.”

In a strange twist of fate, the most bellicose group opposing the hiring of Di Canio, was The National Union of Miners, a group which itself  suffered a touch of brutality at the hands of Margaret Thatcher, whom was no more than a tool of the Communists in Europe, which we were told included the miners leader Arthur Scargill. It gets harder and harder to know whom is doing what to whom, does it not?

George Galloway Questions British Jew About British Inspired Attacks Against Muslim States.

George Galloway’s carefully phrased question to David Cameron, a Jew whom supports Israel, explained to all of the jeering idiots, in the British Parliament, exactly what they are supporting in the Middle East.

The hoots of support, which were given to Cameron’s avoidance of the question and the use of a lie, to imply that Galloway supports Dictatorships, coming from a man whom has recently made a tour of the Middle Eastern Dictators, in an effort to sell them arms, which are being used to kill women and children in British supported dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, tells us all we need to know about British humanitarianism.

Cameron’s televised lie, is indicative of the lies and deception, which are part and parcel of the British system.  Members of the House, whom are still pretending, that had they not been deceived about Saddam Hussein’s non-existent, weapons of mass destruction, they would have voted against the illegal war against Iraq,  now support an illegal attack against Syria,  which was deliberately generated by British undercover, paid thugs, in the exact manner in which the same excuse was fabricated against Gadaffi in Libya.

It should be remembered, that this is the same genre of pretext which was used to destroy Adolf Hitler and Germany. Iraq was totally destroyed,as was Libya and even now the British Parliament and the US Congress are financing the complete destruction of Syria. The British public should be content with their use of the Democratic vote and their selection of such a band of blood-thirsty scum to rule over them.

I would not expect a coherent response, from a British idiot in the street, to the question “How is it in the interest of the Syrian people, to be terrorised, tortured and murdered and to have all of their infrastructure destroyed, in  order to enforce that form of Democracy, which is dictated by slightly gay William Hague, and which is put in place by a British selected group of non-elected rulers?”

The solution to all of this slaughter and mayhem, is in the hands of “The salt of the Earth” British voter. They have recently used this power in the Constituency of Eastleigh, where a liar was forced out of office, by his vengeful ex-wife and was replaced by another member of the same party, whom are daily supporting the use of uncontrolled murdering thugs, in Syria and were recently in support of the wholesale murder and theft in Libya.

All of the British politicians, of whichever Party,  stood by watching, while the Labour Party, deliberately destroyed the economy. They were then presented with a coalition, which of course means,  National Unity, as in war-time. This coalition has been used to deceive the British into believing that “Austerity” is the way to go, when in fact it was no more than a means of disguising the fact that they would not be allowed a recovery programme.

Despite the fact that there are millions of British people out of work, that there has been a severe shortage of housing in the UK, for generations, that the Social Services are cash strapped, millions of immigrants are being welcomed into the UK.  Not those immigrants whom are compatible with the British way of life, of course not, the most divisive Peoples are being selected.  This is Policy” and good for neither the indigenous people nor for those whom arrive.

The fate of nations is intimately bound up with their powers of reproduction. All nations and all empires first felt decadence gnawing at them when their birth rate fell off.    Benito Mussolini.

The British, in the words of Winston Churchill, are continually “Slaughtering the wrong pig.”  It would appear that it is now their turn to be led to the knife.  They will soon be a minority in their own land, at which point they will come to understand what it feels like to be the target of racialism. There are already “no go” areas in the UK and as time goes by they will become ever more extensive. Do the British honestly believe that their Politicians do not fully understand this? Do the British believe that Muslims, whom have had their own countries, laid to waste by British Bombs, have a deep under-lying love of the British?

The Case Of The Missing Ingredient.

Along with a lot of other people, I was led to believe that to eat well one should buy branded food stuffs. One could trust the major brands, unlike the products in those down market shops such as Lidl and Aldi, where apart from the odd Reindeer steak at Lidl, to add a bit of zest to Christmas dinner, it was wall to wall category 2 foodstuffs.

So imagine my surprise, when it was disclosed that my preferred frozen Lasagne, was not only not baked in Findus ovens, as I was naive enough to believe but in some back street in a French industrial cook-house, from a bubbling cauldron of various meats, no doubt including a bit of dog and a few neighbourhood cats, which was poured in to aluminium trays, frozen and packed into the appropriate boxes, whether Lidl or Findus and no doubt many other brands.

If this is the reality of Globalisation you can stuff it. It was frightening enough to find that we have been eating donkey and horse meat, the next surprise is likely to be that Fortnum and Mason Lasagne is made in China and has been “beefed up,” with some powdered plastic, which mimics protein.

Do any of these people actually manufacture, the food which is in the boxes bearing their name?  Is is not a form of fraud for Findus to be charging twice the price as Lidl for exactly the same product? Is it not true that Findus picks the peas  and freezes them so fast that they are as fresh as peas straight from the pod? Is Captain Birds-eye a sinister little prat deceiving children into eating stale fish?

It is not reassuring enough to be told that your Beef-burger does not contain horse, what I would like to know is exactly what it does contain. I still have vivid memories of a large pile of chicken meat, rotting away on the floor of a ware house, which a team of undercover investigators filmed being “reconstituted” to make it fit for human consumption, using various disgusting methods to disguise the stench of the rotting flesh. People had been eating this filth, for an unknown period of time, before the scam was exposed.

Those of you whom are partial to a rasher or two of smoked bacon, should not read on.

I have been an observer of the practices employed in the Pork and Bacon trade for some time. Some of the methods which I observed would definitely turn the stomach of most consumers.

One of the main problems in the business is flies. They are ubiquitous in the meat trade. Wherever they land, they leave an egg or two. After a while a side of bacon can be crawling with maggots and slimy and greasy, with an eye-watering stink.

The butcher is obliged to scrape the putrid filth off the carcase as best as possible, he will then cut off the Gammon and Forend, these will be sent to the canning department, where they will be cooked and Cryovaced, which is an air-tight plastic bag vacuum sealed.

He will then turn his attention to the middle of bacon, he will make sure that all of the maggots have been removed, stick a meat hook through it and carry it off to the smoking loft, where it will remain for a day or two, picking up the delicious aroma of smoky bacon.  For this joint you will expected to pay more than you would be expected to pay for Green Bacon, which will in most cases be fresher. One should never buy SAC Middle rashers, that stands for Smoked After Cutting, a sure sign of a cover-up.

One of these days, I will let you know, what I saw through a small window into the slaughtering room, believe me, despite the presence of Veterinary Officers, the cruelty involved in the kill, is beyond belief.

However, back in the real world, the British are satiating their blood-lust in Syria, where their SAS operatives and masked Mercenaries are blowing little children to meat, in their efforts to impose their preferred government onto the Syrian people.

The millions whom they have slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, did not quite satisfy their hunger.  Cameron has just admitted “regret,” for a massacre in Amritsar, in which hundreds of peaceful protesters were gunned down, Bloody Sunday style by “Our Boys.”  He did not of course make mention of the genocide which was carried out in Bengal during World War 2, by the hypocrite,  whom made the following remark to the UK Parliament, Churchill’s genocide, with the aid of the Australian Government, starved many millions of Bengali people to death.

I mean the slaughter of nearly 400 persons and the 
wounding of probably three to four times
as many, at the Jallian Wallah Bagh on
13th April.  That is an episode which
appears to me to be without precedent 
or parallel in the modern history
of the British Empire.  
Winston Churchill. UK Parliament. 
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