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There Is An Urgent Need To Arm We The People!


Anyone who has noticed the Jewish penchant for the cold-blooded slaughter of the innocent, not only in Palestine but now in Ukraine, where they have recently been installed, having learned their trade by killing sixty-five million Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe, after the Wall Street financed coup d’etat, quickly followed by the one hundred million souls in China, cannot have failed to notice that all of their victims have been civilians.

Chairman Mao was actually a Jewish puppet who was used as a front man, to disguise the presence of those ubiquitous Khazar Jewish trouble makers, who are still to this day well represented in the Chinese Politburo. They are names which you have most probably never heard of, we are allowed to know only the “front men” never the real “Top Men.”

Well sadly, they are not only in China and Israel, they have now installed themselves in England, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India and of course the United States.

Well these Khazar Jews have been working their gonads off, in an effort to transform Middle Eastern Muslims, who were quite content to live out their lives in their homelands, into the most hated race on Earth.

They then set about destroying the Muslim Middle Eastern homelands, contaminating the entire region, including that of their own civilians, in the land they stole from the Muslims, Israel, creating millions of refugees, who have been directed towards every country in the World.

These Stateless folk, now find themselves unable to integrate with the locals, because their strict adherence to their Religion and are attempting to install their medieval Sharia Law; which Western Christians have been led to believe, involves the chopping off of the hands of thieves and stoning adulteress women to death, into the corrupted countries of the Western world, where they find millions of lost souls, drunkenly committed to a hedonistic life-style.

Now we have the latest creation from the weapon shops of the ghouls, Islamic State. Like Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, a group which was set up to fight the Russians, so we were told, however they were ultimately used as the excuse to declare the War on Terror and the invasion of Afghanistan. No trace of them was ever found in that country, despite all of the Black Propaganda, which suggested that they were housed in huge underground bunkers, with state of the art communications etc.

Islamic State is a mirror image of Al Qaeda, with the addition of a wardrobe manager, trained in the workshops which gave us the “New Romantics” Look,  back in the seventies and a leader named by Jay Zee or some other Rap Man, Al Baghdadi.  They are being primed for some as yet unclear future purpose.

All of this is a total fraud, which is now being used to justify the bombing of Syria and the dismemberment of Iraq. One would do well to keep in mind the “British Strategy” which has been used down through the years, the strategy of the “Twin group.”

In Iraq, during the second Gulf War, two British SAS men were arrested by the Iraqi Police, near Basra. They were disguised as Arabs and they had bombs in their vehicle. In an attempt to avoid arrest, they shot and killed an Iraqi Policeman; does anyone know his name? They were part of the strategy of this Twin Group policy.

These “Terrorists” were incarcerated in a Police Station, while the Iraqi Police, believing the British to be honourable, announced that they were holding the men. The British response was to send Tanks and Troops, to destroy the Police Station, to “rescue” the SAS terrorists. There has been and there is still a shocking shortage of genuine Muslim terrorists, they are in general a peaceful race.

This strategy was used in Northern Ireland, where the same SAS set up IRA 2 and proceeded to carry out the most murderous attacks in Ulster, which were blamed on the IRA.  They did at times work hand in glove with the British Police, The B Specials, allowing the Bs to earn a bit of “overtime” in the evening.

The Catholics are still considered to have been responsible for most of the killings in Ulster, despite the fact that far more Catholics were killed than were Protestants, including a Solicitor Pat Finucan, who was gunned down in front of his family, during Sunday dinner, by a British Agent, who was arrested and gaoled and then released under the Amnesty, after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

The Good Friday Agreement was itself a sham, which was used to clear the ground, for what Blair knew to be coming down road, the War on Terror. He was desperate to avoid any confusion, when the bombs in London on 7-7, which destroyed trains and a bus. It was imperative that it be clear to one and all, that it was those pesky “Muslims” when in fact the whole world is aware that it was no such thing, it was just another caper carried out by Mossad and the SAS.

The tragedy of the event, was in fact the gunning down of four young, decent, Muslim lads, who because of a simple matter of a cancelled train were not where they were supposed to be when the bombs went off. They were tracked down by Police using the coordinates of their portable phones. Let that be a warning, leave your gadgets at home.

This “Twin” has served the British since the days of the Mau-Mau in Kenya, where the British led Mau-Mau pinned the blame for their murders on to the Freedom Fighters. They also carried out the wholesale torture of prisoners, hundreds of men were castrated.

This ferocious dirty war of the British was carried out behind a barrage of propaganda from the “Free Press” as was the Red Terror which swarmed across Russia after the coup d’eta and in Ireland where the British watched five million Irish people starve to death.  Strange the number of similarities between British and Bolshevik atrocities.  It was of course the Jew, Churchill who starved an estimated twenty million to death in Bengal.

So wake-up, Islamic State is a fraud, which is why they are masked. Which is why they are only killing Muslims. Why not attack the enemy for a change? You are not too far away from Israel but you did not lift a finger to assist the “Prisoners of Gaza.” There have been no attacks against either the UK or USA, why is that I wonder?

One day, out of the blue, Little Willy Hague told us that perhaps there were British Muslims in Syria fighting for Israel against Assad. This was quickly followed up by the definitive number of four hundred. In France the suggestion was quickly confirmed at eight hundred, in fact they are now giving us a definite number for every country in Europe.

From where did they find this information? These trustworthy folk in London and Washington are now telling us that Islamic State,  has thirty-one thousand fighters on the ground in Iraq and Syria and it is going to take years to defeat them and of course, sadly, it will include the total destruction of Syria, to save the people you know.

We are even being told how much money these creatures have in the bank.  Well if they know that why are they not blocking the account.  They are also apparently selling oil on the Black Market, according to that bald piece of excrement Kiley.

They are “strangely” selling it to Assad.  What is more they are “paying” their Jihadists with the money. Next they will be telling us where we can buy one of those gorgeous black uniforms that the gals love so much.

The next step in this sad saga, will be to carry out the promised attacks on “home soil” with the object of starting a world-wide Civil War against the innocent Muslims. Whomsoever may come out on top in this slaughter, makes little difference, for White European Man, his days are numbered.

Through the use of a multitude of methods including, inflation, debt, the “pill,” abortion, mass sterilisation through water and foodstuffs, across Europe the indigenous Peoples are no longer siring enough children to maintain their population levels.

They are,  at the same time being urged to reduce the population. This is an impossibility if as we are being told it is necessary to allow massive immigration to make up for those children who have not been born in order to reduce the population.

Across Europe there is not one country giving birth to more than 1.8 children per couple, whereas Muslim families have a birthrate of over 4 children per family, it has been estimated that within forty years Muslims will be a majority across Europe, without a shot being fired, they will have defeated the civilians of Europe.

Before the Jew Winston Churchill, introduced the tactic of targeting civilians, wars were fought mainly between armies. Churchill and his homicidal chum, Bomber Harris, changed all of that. World War Two was a war of total genocide against the German people. As many as twenty-million Germans were butchered before, during and after the war.

We never hear a word about this outrage, we are lead to believe that the Russians were the main victims. Well, if you should adjout the millions of Russian Christians, murdered by Stalin, onto the German tally, it may be possible to suggest this, however it should be remembered that the culling of the Russian Christians had been going on for years in Russia, well-known by Western Politicians and it was still in progress when the Wehrmacht arrived in Ukraine.

When you consider that the Germans were in Russia fighting a war, against overwhelming odds,  they were not too concerned about slaughtering civilians,  never mind rounding up Jews, so in order to have killed the huge numbers of which they are accused,  they would had to kill a million people a month during the period in which they were in a state to kill anyone.  Work it out for yourselves, that would be quite an achievement.

So in essence, Islamic State is a Bolshevik Army. There has as yet been no example of an Army which has refused to turn its guns onto its own people when the order is given. The most recent example of this was in Cairo during the US funded Arab Spring, when the youngsters, with Twitter and Facebook, believed that they had generated a truly patriotic rebellion, the guns were of course eventually turned on them, despite their misplaced belief that the Army would never do such a thing and where are they now?

If the British Muslims, had decided to take part in the Middle East war, why did they not start at home? They are not stupid, they know the truth. For them to fight Assad is so ridiculous as to be beyond belief. It suggests to me that all of the so-called Muslim Clerics, accused of “radicalising” young Muslims are either frauds or they are stupid.  Why not send the Jihadists to the City of London, the real lair of the beast?

Turkey which is controlled by Jews; even the Founder of modern Turkey Kamal Ataturk was a Jew and Erdogan the current President and ex Prime Minister is a Jew.    He has just expressed his intention of recognising the so-called Caliphate which has been setup with Jewish money across the region, by Islamic State. So is this not warning enough as to the origins of this Muslim slaughtering group?

In the London district of Woolwich, a soldier; whom was  referred to as a Little Drummer Boy but who was in fact a brutal Machine Gunner Boy in Afghanistan, was allegedly beheaded by two Black youngsters, with names almost as similar as those of Osama and Obama. The whole event was filmed on CCTV, yet the actual be-heading was not too evident.

A passerby stopped to see if she could help the victim, she reported that she could see little sign of injury, suggesting that there was no pool of blood running down the street, not to mention a dismembered head.

I would suggest that this caper was the dummy run of decapitation as a means of generating fear and loathing in the minds of those amongst us who are hard of thinking,  just to see if they could get away with it.

It should not be forgotten that this has been a Bolshevik tool since the very beginning of the invasion of Iraq, when we were told that it was the Al Qaeda leader of the day, who has since retired, who was doing the beheading.

He killed a fellow called Ken Bigley, from Liverpool. We were not however allowed to see either the film or the corpse, we were obliged to take the word of Al Qaeda and the Western Media that the event had in fact taken place.

What we are now being presented with is a series of short, heavily edited films, taken in front of a “Green Screen.” They could as well have been filmed in Hollywood or Elstree as in Iraq or Syria, wherever they were made, they are a nonsense and an excuse to continue the unending garbage which is being broadcasted about this group on all channels, including Press TV and Russia Today.

Despite having all sorts of restrictions imposed on him and unending threats from the UK and US, Assad has fought this band of scum to a standstill in Syria, so what have we to fear from this mob? Why not stop arming them and allow Assad to finish them off?  Does it really need to involve a third invasion of Iraq and the threat of drones killing civilians?

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the real purpose of setting up and paying for this bunch was to facilitate the dismemberment of Iraq and Syria and the theft of the Iraqi oilfields.

So all in all I would suggest that it is time for We the People, to demand the right to bear arms. We are now the prime targets for whomsoever our elected scum choose to unleash against us.

Whether it be Police, the Military or a terrorist group, they have all been armed to the teeth, while we are left with no means of defending ourselves against them and it is about time that we woke up to the fact that our politicians have been chosen for their proclivity to kill to order, whether it be a child sacrifice or a million with an atomic bomb, they are always there to justify the deed, however merciless the deed may be.

So be warned we are next on the list.  If the Islamic State don’t get you the Ebola will.

Machine Gunner Rigby’s Killers Found Guilty.

Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo, the two Muslims, whom allegedly killed Gunner Rigby in Woolwich, were for some strange reason, tracked down in Kenya, from where they were apparently determined to enter Somalia, a Muslim State, which observed Sharia Law, by British Police and taken back to the UK and released.

They then turned up in Woolwich, saw a man walking in the street, wearing a distinctive tee-shirt, ran him down and then apparently attempted to chop off the dead man’s head. A passer-by, who attempted to aid the man lying in the road, reported that she could see no sign of an attempted beheading.  There was no blood visible on the road.

The killers, then waited around for the police to arrive. Both of the killers were shot by the police.

In Court the men claimed to be Soldiers of Allah, fighting a war against the infidel, whom had illegally attacked Muslim States, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and that Gunner Rigby, the man whom they had killed, was an enemy soldier, whom had seen action in Afghanistan and was therefore a legitimate target. Although he was repeatedly referred to as a drummer, Rigby was a machine gunner.

Fortunately for them, they had miraculously, tumbled upon a real soldier, that fateful day, who just happened to cross the road in front of them, in an almost suicidal manner, as they drove through Woolwich. The British Police, for their part, should they have spotted an enemy combatant in the middle of Woolwich, well they would have treated him in the manner in which they treated Mark Duggan, but that of course is another story, as British Men in uniform can kill indiscriminately, without fear of prosecution.

The British have bestowed upon themselves, the right to attack whomsoever they may choose, skulking behind a uniform as an excuse of  legality, based on the erroneous belief that a fancy headquarters and official sounding titles, absolve them from guilt. Only the selected victim is ever guilty. The British are now doing to Muslims, exactly what they did to the people Germany, in order to justify the horrific, inhuman, slaughter, which they carried out against The Third Reich. It was decided that only Germans and Japanese could be found guilty of War Crimes.

There is something strange about the Woolwich tale, which has bothered me from day one. I suppose it has something to do with the reports that the Security Forces had been in touch with one of the killers, asking if he would work for them.  He then goes off to Kenya, where in keeping with all of the young lads, whom have been alleged to have been terrorists, they make contact with Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab, how on earth all these kids can dig out the terrorists, while the might of the CIA,  MI6 and Mossad have no luck, is very odd. They are then brought back to the UK, where they they carry out this bizarre attack.

An Osama Bin Laden? So just how many did the CIA actually finance and control?