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Who Are Our Leaders And Why And For Whom Are They Taking Us To Hell?

While the blood of the innocents is still being mopped up, what are French Politicians calling for,  why more violence of course, what else?   Because dare I say it, they are Jews.

The Jews who have control of France, have been eagerly supported by the Jews, who have control of the United Kingdom, in all of their recent escapades. The Jews in Israel, when questioned about the continued support of the United States, at a time when they were, without qualm, slaughtering mercilessly, the people of Gaza, Olmert, the Prime Minister of Israel, responded, “Don’t worry about the United States, we control them.”

This triumvirate of France, Britain and The United States, have supported both World Wars and the seizure of Palestine, which lead to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, who are still, more than sixty years later, Stateless, while Jews live in the Palestinians homes, to which Palestinians still have the keys.

These would be the same three controlled states which encouraged and financed the Bolshevik seizure of Russia and watched with disdain, as 65 million Christians were savagely slaughtered, by the Bolshevik Jews.

Even as the net is falling around our shoulders, these controlled politicians, in France are making it illegal to speak out against Jews. They call it anti-Semitism.  They make no distinction between criticising a Jew in the street and a Jew who is a politician, granting the majority of European politicians the freedom to do as they wilt, without fear of criticism.  This is preposterous.

In France, where there has just been a blood-thirsty atrocity, the Jews Hollande and Laurent Fabius, who calls himself a Catholic, having been born a Jew, to a Jew mother and father, are already discussing throwing petrol on to the fire by using this blood-letting in Paris as an excuse to continue the war of the Oil-men, by attacking Syria.

No sooner had I published this post, than Sky Newsman Murnaghan presented the Paper Review, and who should his list of guests include, why none other than Lord Carlile of Berriew a Polish Jew who was the top honcho on terrorism in the recent past and what do you suppose he was howling for, well military action against the proxy army of the West Daech,  which means an attack on Syria, where they no longer exist apart from in the dreams of those whom are obliged to get rid of Assad.

Angela Merkel, who is herself not even German but is a Jew born in Poland, is the architect of the destruction of the Germany, which she detests.  Her job is to bring down the Germans who survived the last determined attempt by the Jews to obliterate them.Germanymustperishmed

The character who scribbled this piece of genocidal crap was of course a Jew, which automatically gives him the right to say whatsoever he chooses about the Goy, was the man who came up with the phrase “Final Solution” he was of course talking about the Germans.  He suggested that if they were not obliterated in the war, the final solution must be to sterilise the survivors.

This is an example of  the mentality of those whom speak up about anti-Semitism, illustrating their ridiculous belief in their own superiority, which is of course, one hundred per cent supported by the  Mainstream Media, which they control lock, stock and barrel.

“We,” have been bamboozled into accepting the power which they have garnered, through the use of greed and money, both of which are endemic in their nature.  Through the use of greed, they in past times, persuaded Kings and Queens to allow them to impose a system of credit and debt on to an unsuspecting public by promising to share with them the loot.

Within a generation this method of debt slavery had become the norm for those whom had no experience of earlier systems. The Rulers and the Bankers then greedily shared the taxes which they imposed on to the People, as repayment for an imaginary debt.

It was with access, to what these days, amounts to trillions of dollars a year, paid to them by controlled governments, that they have been allowed to snap up anything of value, including the means of the production of food and water and all of the other necessities of life, including the monopolistic hyper-markets, which control the prices  paid to producers, for their products.

Even now, in the middle of all of the turmoil in the Middle-East, the mass invasion of Europe by immigrants, forced from their homes by the violent wars of the Jew controlled Governments, the mass unemployment which is sweeping the Western World, the Jews in London, Cameron and Osborne are trotting around the Planet,  looking for yet more ways and  means of destroying the British, through the use of Treaties with slave states and the continued exportation of British Industry abroad, while in the UK they allow what remains of the Work-Shops of Britain to close for want of support.

The Green Party and their agenda, which the Ukip member criticises, is of course yet another subversive Jew device.  We cannot,  through the use of the shackles of Political Correctness, openly explain this reality.  We are obliged to pretend that there is no such thing as a hidden agenda, which is not to the benefit of anyone other than the Zionists, who are the recipients of the Income Taxes of every country in Europe and most of the world at large, with which they undermine us all, with OUR hard-earned money.

When, during the Crusades, the Knights Templar came up with the idea of issuing a form of credit, by storing the gold of travellers, while at the same time allowing them to spend enough to cover their needs, with a note of debt which they would honour, with of course a small charge included.

The Jew money lenders eyes lit up with delight at the possibilities contained in this idea.  Within a hundred years the Templars had already been taken down, through the use of a campaign of whispered lies and what would these days be called poisoned propaganda and hauled before a kangaroo court similar to Nuremberg, found guilty of no more than threatening the business of the money-lenders and sentenced to death.

Does that strike a chord or two?  We are all being dragged around by the balls by this same group of money-lenders whom will destroy whomsoever stands in their way.  The Muslims have always stood in their way, by refusing to accept the onerous use of compound interest, which makes it impossible to repay a debt.  That is why Islam has become a special target for the Bankers.


When these thieving bankers reach the point where there is so much debt, that it has become impossible to maintain such a debt laden economy, instead of cancelling the debt, which would cost them nothing, Politicians impose “austerity” which robs limited resources from those who generate the wealth, into the pockets of the criminals, by whom they are controlled.

When there is no other option, they create a war, for which they will sell guns to everybody who fights that war, bankers have no enemies only customers.  They are now herding the World,  into either a “Hot War” or a world-wide Race War.  Either way, for all Peoples, now is the time to get rid of these criminals in Government.  They are everywhere. Believe me, greed is the drug of psychopaths.

Here We Go Again, The Angelic West Has Unearthed Yet Another Brutal Muslim Regime.

I recently watched a film, which presented the execution of young girls, humanely of course, by a skilled killer called Pierrepoint, for no better reason than that they had served as secretaries,  in a government which had been forced to go to war, by the British and French governments.

Small details were omitted from this tale of Judicial murder, such as the fact that the men at Nuremberg, whom were also hanged by Pierrepoint, had  been tortured by having their balls crushed. Apart that is from those left to ‘dangle’ to death bu Commissars.

Those prone to cry, are advised not to watch this clip.

I can make no comment on what may or may not have been done to the young women whom were hanged, by the man whom was to later,  execute the innocent Timothy Evans and Derek Bentley, however the sole aim of hanging these German girls, had been to shut them up, out of a fear that they may have spoken out at a later date,  about the lies and deception, which had been used to choke off the evidence of those men whom were found guilty, having been brutally tortured, of a crime of which not a trace remains.

I took a quick glance at the babble online, to find out what exactly was going on in Sudan. I found it difficult to understand, mainly because it would appear that while the law does state that according to Sharia Law,  the infliction of lashes and death sentences, as punishment for certain crimes, even for women,  are still on the books, there is no evidence that this sentence is likely to be imposed, so why are the British so concerned

There is ample evidence of young mothers in England being executed for stealing bread or cloth from a market stall, in earlier times, before the British had invented aeroplanes, with which to bomb women and children to death, in order to save the woman and her child, in the ‘headlines,’  however most of this type of offence in England, attracted a sentence of deportation to Australia, in order to help in the culling of the indigenous people down under.

So what is going on?  Sudan has already been cut in half, leaving the oil reserves in the hands of the International Monetary Fund, from where it can be pumped at prices which will enrich the richest people in the world, while robbing the poorest of the poor. That of course is straight out of the British Humanitarian Gene Pool Handbook is it not?

David Cameron, the closet UK Jewish Prime Minister, claims to support the idea that there should be no such thing as religious persecution, while offering no explanation as to why he has taken ‘no action whatsoever in Myanmar,’ where Muslims are being slaughtered by those peace loving Buddhist folk or indeed why he took part in the demonisation of Islam, following the 911 “False Flag” attack in New York.

So we can draw no other conclusion, other than this Black Propaganda against Sudan, is all part of the destruction of Africa and the theft of natural resources, a game at which the British excel.

Why bless my soul,  the name of Angelina Jolie has already been introduced into this farce, while in the UK,  News outlets are asking why more can not be done to help this poor woman and her child, while as a result of British Humanitarianism in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of desperately poor women are coping with grotesquely disfigured children, as a result of that Good ‘Ol Depleted Uranium, with the use of which the British are so proudly saving the oppressed people of the world.  While laughing up their sleeves as Ukip are described as being racist. I kid you not.

All of the cold-blooded killers are standing up to decry this situation in Sudan, including the wholesale murderers, Hillary Clinton, Cameron, Miliband, Hollande et al, while even as they do so, they continue to lie about their own actions in Ukraine, which could get out of hand, taking us all into another World War.

The Jewish/British Empire, has long been on a mission to cull those races of which they have no need.  It has now become clear that European Man is on that list. We have been the number one target since the end of the Nineteenth Century and we are now an endangered species. Take a look around, the evidence is everywhere.