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Lining Us Up For The Kill.

A top Sky News Journalist, informed his audience on this mornings Sky’s flagship daily news program, that World War Two and the resulting millions of deaths, were as a result of “Free” European governments not taking action against the rise of Fascism, a claim which is at best a misunderstanding of the actuality of events at the time or at worst an outright lie.

Adam Boulton, should he genuinely believe that the alleged rise of Fascism was clearly a threat to the people of Europe and not simply an attempt to overturn Banker controlled Dictatorships, why does he and his boss at Sky, not attempt to save Europe” right now, have they suddenly lost their ability to spot a coming danger? They dutifully declared war on Germany so why not now warn the Peoples of Europe that they are in even greater danger of being overrun and will be ultimately destroyed at the hand of a Mafia, which has undermined and now controls every member state of the European Union?

Should it be declared to the Peoples of Europe, that through nefarious means, the Capone Gang was running Germany, Buggsy Siegel France, The Purple Gang Austria, The Lansky Gang Holland, and so on, I think you get the picture, while Murder Incorporated is watching over things from the City of London, Europeans might understand more clearly the danger they are in and call for the setting up of the “New Untouchables” to take out this Mafia, whom all come from the same tribe as they did in the past.

I can promise you that things are even worse than that. This Mafia now has control of Drug Running , with a health care system , which distributes them and to which most Europeans are now addicted. They also have access to Atomic and Chemical Weapons, with which to kill us all, while they skulk in the deep underground fortresses for which we have paid. I would suggest, that in reality, things are pretty much like that, so why are our Governments ignoring this threat, which is far more serious than was the threat of Fascism?

We have as yet received no acceptable response to the question as to why our “Democrats” were so slow, as in doing absolutely nothing, about the Bolshevik Communist’s sadistic slaughters in Russia, which were in full swing with the aid funds from the City of London and New York bankers, even as War was being declared on Germany, they could not possibly have been unaware of these slaughters in Russia, which were taking place even as they armed the Russians, in readiness for the war, which they would openly declare in 1939 against Germany. Our politicians deliberately placed Mafia men in control to make sure that the World War was carried out as planned, with the full intention of doing to Germany exactly what had been inflicted on Russia. A well-known Mafia man, Lucky Luciano, made himself and the mob available to the OSS during the embarkment in the Mediterranean.

For the Peoples of Europe to ignore the fact that they are already on their way out as a White Race and that the time for resistance is slipping away at high-speed, they really are presenting themselves to be as stupid as they appear. In Ireland a guy who tells us all that he is fond of sticking his dick in a chums bum, who was, just like Theresa May in the UK, selected into the position of Taoiseach, refuses to do the right thing with the stupidity of the “Back-Stop” while David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, resigned, allowing Brexit discussions to fall into the hands of Rothschild’s girl, who is a determined “Remainer” Theresa May, who promptly lost an election, a result which she ignored, leaving her free to undo.a democratic vote which had a huge majority, without a majority of her own and who is determined to use this Irish “Back-Stop” as the excuse to keep the UK locked into Europe. if it was not so serious it would be hilarious.

So to make things clear, we have a homosexual half Jew, in Ireland, where five-million Irish people were deliberately starved to death, under orders from the City of London, which also funded, those whom carried out the slaughter of sixty-five-million Russians, whom then declared themselves to be intent on wiping out the entirety of the German people, twenty-million of whom were brutally slain, after which, in furtherance of the City of London and Lord Rothschild’s aim to take control of Palestine, a zombie army of supposedly dead Jews, invaded Palestine, guns blazing, driving out the indigenous Peoples, murdering many thousands of them in the process and then carried on the non-stop theft of the entirety of Palestine.

They have recently funded the destruction of the only White Country in Africa, using the medium of the mass immigration of Blacks from all over Africa, an act which destroyed the White majority, whom despite the generosity which I am obliged to show towards Black’s, in South Africa the final solution to the White problem is to kill them all, while in Palestine they call Blacks”infiltrators” whom are rapidly flown back to from where they came.

Those same people are now telling me, straight into my face, that I have had the bone pointed at me, along with those members of my family whom survived the last brutal attack against us and yet, there are now laws in place which make it illegal to so much as mention the race of the dog who is biting my leg off.

I believe the term is Stockholm Syndrome, with the two European Countries, which suffered the most at the hands of the British, Ireland and Germany to be now begging them to remain in the European Union, which is a construct of the International Mafia, which during the past century has annihilated untold millions of people. May Almighty God help us all!


We The People Are Un-Stoppable!





Around these parts, in deepest, darkest France, everybody turned out to lend support to the Gilets jaunes, the new voice of the now dispossessed French people, whom have long been cowed into silence by a barrage of cynical propaganda, while watching aghast, as their once proud country has been over-run by a swarm of begging immigrants, whom have taken everything they could grab for themselves, while contributing nothing to improve life in France. Their sole reason for being in France, being the generous Welfare payments they receive, which allows them to live like millionaires along with their dozen kids and three or four wives.

In both France and the United Kingdom there is a fundamental problem for the people, they do not have any clear understanding as to how things really work, in the back-rooms of their Governments. Those politicians whom clamor to invite an unending stream of migrants into Europe, are not doing so out of love, it is more like a case of hatred for their own people.

The British and the French constantly refer to their glorious past achievements in the days of Empire, a past which is even now being used to smear all Whites as being supremacists and slave traders, crimes for which a price must of course be paid, meaning that Blacks can now slag us Whites off at will, without fear of being accused of any sort of racism, while Whites are being summarily sentenced to long prison terms for simply demanding their Civil Rights.

In the recent disgraceful judgements in Charlottesville, in the USA, where Black people wielding metal clubs, were to be seen on film, attacking White people, walked free, while those Whites, whom were attacked were convicted, full in the face of all the evidence, and condemned to long and disproportionate prison sentences, following a legally permitted White Peoples march for their Civil Rights, which was attacked by a group of thugs, whom were duly absolved of all responsibility for the violence which they had created. The entire mainstream media has remained silent about these issues.

In France the sinister appearance of the same sort of thugs, whom were used to smear the White people in Charlottesville, have quite suddenly made their appearance in Paris, amidst the peaceful Gilets jaunes, smashing windows, looting shops and throwing rocks at the police. The mainstream media pounced on those reports in an instant and they will no doubt soon start the campaign to smear the Gilets jaunes with the full force of their propaganda machine.

I spent several hours, taking my turn manning the barricades, during the demonstrations on Saturday, denying motorists entry to a Hyper-market parking and later to entry onto the Motorway. The almost total lack of hostility from those whom were delayed, sometimes deliberately, while a casual conversation was held with a passing friend, nor indeed from the delayed lorry-drivers whom hooted their horns in approval of what was taking place all over France, was evident apart from the odd lunatic who was determined to force a passage for himself.

Despite the camaraderie between the delayed and the delayers, in the provinces, the “News” was more concerned with events in Paris where blood was being spilt. as a direct result of governmental collusion with a pack of lies called “The Paris Accord”

This duplicitous agreement was being signed, in Paris, on the very day of an attack in Nice, in the South of France, during which a lorry, driven by a “Muslim” made an impossible maneuver, between trees and lamp-posts, to gain access to the Promenade des Anglais, where he mowed down and killed many people, he then found a second “gap” between the obstacles and regained the highway, along which he continued for a few hundred metres where he then parked the lorry at the side of the road and waited for the Police to come and shoot him, which they duly did, but confusingly no bullets penetrated the driver’s side of the vehicle‘s windscreen

This tale has vanished down the memory, without any form of inquiry, being made to substantiate the claims which were made following the event, as being un-necessary because the perpetrator was “known to the authorities”and now he was dead anyway. The photo below is the day after the Nice attack, yet despite the number of ambulances in the photo,  “dead” bodies still litter the pavement and not a sign of a damaged lamp-post.


However a female participant at the barricades, did remind me of this fact and could well remember that it had been used to take attention away from the demonstrations against the participation of François Hollande in that “dirty deal”, which was being signed and sealed in Paris, in order to justify, with lies, the imposition of the very Carbon Tax against which the Gilets jaunes were now demonstrating. On top of which, along with many others, she was aware of the fact that the same traitor Hollande, had “selected” the then unknown Macron into a “Socialist” regime, straight from the ranks of the Rothschild Bankers, where he joined that other well-known “Rothschilder”, Theresa May.

These Gilets jaunes country folk are not quite as uninformed as the media is attempting to present them. I was amazed at the depth of their knowledge as to what is really going on in France and the entire White Christian World and by whom it was being inflicted. They are no longer prepared to “keep their gobs shut” out of fear of being called racist, while their country is being stolen from them in front of their eyes.

I can assure the mainstream media, which was this morning suggesting Russian Collusion with the Gilets jaunes through “social media’ and other means, in an effort to undermine the evident fact,  that the days of their crooked form of ‘democracy’ which is controlled by those whom control the election procedures, is over. The Man in the Street is fighting back and instantly, the power of that man is evident. This is exactly what the “elite” fear the most, “We the People” are unstoppable.