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Can We Stand Eight More Days Of Blubbering Sports People And Inane Questions?

While BBC Commentators, endlessly ask the same ridiculous questions, only to receive the same screeched replies from demented athletes,  outside the “Games” police brutality continues apace.

Unknown to and not much cared about, by the spectators, protests against the perceived waste of money and corporate profiteering from the event, were being dealt with by the police in what has become the normal routine way of denying the public right to protest, by “kettling” and the hand-cuffing  of protesters and the locking up of many in Police cells, until they were “bailed” under extreme conditions, without any charges being made. None of this was reported in the “Hushed Tones” of a Sky News-hound.

Construction Companies have made a killing from the Olympics, as all of the billions of pounds which were allocated for the Games has ended up in private pockets. Many of them part of the trousers of monopolies which will pay not a penny of tax on the deal. An attempt to pass more of the honey-pot to the governments preferred private army, had to be abandoned when G4S failed to deliver adequate manpower on-time.

The shameful sight of thousands of unoccupied corporate seats, was an ample display of the cronyism and elitism involved in distribution of tickets for the Games. This was certainly not the “Peoples Games” which had been promised. The price of tickets was exorbitant, making it a rich man’s event and  excluded  the masses to Television screens outside. In hard times other more caring policies would certainly have been more generous to the people whom did after all pay for the event.

The billions which were spent on the games, which provided little more than a wallow in sentimentality, will have little effect on the parlous state of the UK and when the real cost is finally leaked to the people, as austerity measures bite even deeper and bankers become even richer, this costly venture, will be quickly forgotten. When the cost is added to the  extravagances of the Jubilee and Will’s wedding, not to mention the “Blood Lust” which has seized the City of London, and their Vendetta against Israel’s enemies, this will be remembered as little more than an expensive television spectacular.

Now can you please let me know exactly how you felt each time the UK won another gold medal.

More Suppressed News. More Press Lies.

London Olympic stadium

It appears that Zimmerman, the Latino Security Guard, who shot and killed a Black boy, because he was Black and was wearing a hood, has been much maligned by the controlled media, for motives which are as yet unclear.

Trayvon Martin, far from being a giggling, bubbly little chap, was in fact, a rather large, tough and capable sort of fellow, whom took exception to the Security Guard’s attention and set about taking him apart.

Eyewitnesses, yes there were eyewitnesses, report that Trayvon broke Zimmerman’s nose and had him pinned to the ground, punching him to a pulp, when the Security man managed to draw his gun and while receiving punches to the head, manage to fire a shot, which tragically took the life of the aggressive, individual, whom is now being presented as a toffee chewing, happy-go-lucky, little chap, who was shot for no reason by the hapless Zimmerman.

Meanwhile, down here in France, members of the French Government, paid their respects to the dead Jews, whom were killed in Toulouse, whom despite being French, were on their way to be buried in Israel, the doting politicians were at the airport to wave good-bye. However, the government did not bother to send a representative to the funerals of the French soldiers whom were also murdered in Toulouse.

Neither do they bother to send their condolences to the families of children whom are daily murdered by the blood-thirsty animals, whom refer to themselves as God’s Chosen, in Palestine.

Marat, the suspected Toulouse killer, was well-known to security services world-wide. He recently spent three days in Israel, a country which now describes him as a dangerous Jihadist. Despite having been held by the US in Bagram prison, and being well-known the French Security Service. He was left undisturbed, during the Toulouse killings, when he should have been the number one suspect. All of this is leading to claims that he was a “Patsy.”

Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be the chief beneficiary of the Toulouse killings, at least according to the media, on the street there is a different sentiment expressed. Sarkozy is universally hated.

Across La Manche, the Jews were inspecting the installations which have been constructed for the “Zion” Olympic Games. Cameron, the Jewish Prime Minister, played a game of Badminton, in the back yard of Ten Downing Street, with Lord Coe, the Zionist, in charge of the “Games.” The British public was warned that the Security of the Games is becoming a nightmare. Lord knows what they might have in store.

The News was dominated by the price of Petrol and the possibility of a tanker drivers strike at Easter. Frances Maude, the slippery little traitor, whom is busy installing a fifth column into local government Town Halls, made a blunder, by suggesting that people should keep a few jerry-cans of petrol at home in case of emergency. This upset the Fire-men, whom ordered him to withdraw this advice, as it might prove dangerous, to firemen, should a fire break out. That exchange of views really sent the pulses racing.

Apart from that the only other topic of conversation was the possibility of the Courts of Justice being handed over to reality television, which Sky News, along with other News outlets have been proposing for years.