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More British John Bull*hi* About Hitler.

I freely admit that I have spent a lot of time teasing out the truth about Hitler and the events which took place during the Second World War. Here for example. However the more you look the more disinformation you find.

The world appears to be chock full of people with a deep-seated hatred of Hitler, whom have accepted the preachings of the real pestilence which is destroying all of our lives, namely Zionism and International Jewry.

Everything which we have been led to believe about these two entities, Fascism and Zionism is generated from the same source, Zionist controlled governments.

The above clip is from an Edge Media Television show, fronted by Theo Chalmers, which is giving constant exposure to the likes of Tony Gosling, where he can peddle his obsessions about Hitler, in this instance BMW cars are given the Nazi treatment.

The fact of the matter is that a modicum of research would reveal that most of the investments in pre-war Germany were made by what we now refer to as multi-national companies, many of which were owned by Jews.

These are the same Jews whom declared war on Germany in 1933, when Hitler was first elected, which is why they were rounded up and put in camps, in the same way as did the “Coalition” which rounded up Germans and Japanese in a similar fashion.

Amongst my past postings I have presented sentiments from Jewish sources expressing their view that a “Final Solution” should be found to destroy the German Peoples, however I have been unable to find a similar sentiment, concerning Jews, which was ever uttered or written by Hitler. I would be glad to receive a link to such a document if any of my readers can provide one.

Gosling, in a shocked voice, explains how BMW was working for the German war effort, using slave labour no less, presumably as do the Chinese in order to make cheap gadgets for the likes of us.

Free Trade is another means of using slave labour to make profits for the multi-nationals, many of which are owned by Jews, to maximise profits and destroy jobs in the First World, in order to force us to accept the same slave labour rates.

No shocked statement about slave labour is complete without reference to the private prison system in the US, many under the control of Jewish Companies,where  predominantly Black inmates work for slave pay, while the profits which they generate are passed into the pockets of the Jewish owners of the prisons. Slavery was never abolished in the US and Blacks are still the slaves.

The entire Hitler and Nazis’ story is similar to the one which was presented by some “passer-by” on US television, some minutes after the fall of the towers on 911. This fellows tale was apparently word for word accepted by every politician on the planet, not one of whom has ever raised a real query about its reality. The same thing applies to Hitler. On a previous occasion I have contacted Gosling and suggested he should do some research into the official story of the Nazi Party, he would be surprised to find that most of his arguments are crap, most probably he already knows.

Which Would You Choose, Hitler Or Stalin?

In the years following the end of the First World War, Russia was under the control of the Communists while Germany was ruled by the Weimar. Both of these entities had been installed by Zionist or Jewish, industrialists and bankers.

In nineteen-thirty-three, Hitler and his National Socialists managed to overthrow the puppet government, through the ballot box, using no more trickery than that which is used  quite openly in the modern-day US, to fix election results.

The destinies of these two countries present an interesting progression of events in the following years.

Hitler, whom had a deep love of his country and his people, set about undoing the mess, which had been deliberately created by the previous government, in order to destroy Germany as an industrial competitor and in the space of six years he had transformed Germany from a hyper-inflationary basket case, into the richest country in Europe and probably the World. This took place during the “austerity” years of the Great Depression.

In Communist Russia, on the other hand, under both Lenin and Stalin, both of whom were Jews, an unbelievable slaughter was taking place. Many millions of the Russian Peoples were either shot or starved to death in a concerted effort to wipe out the Christians.

Unlike in Germany, the population in general, was deliberately kept in abject poverty and in fear of their lives, by the fearful Secret Police, which was controlled by yet another Jew, Beria.  The ruling one-per-cent of course, lived in luxury while the people starved, much as they do in the West at the moment.

The controllers of Russia, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky et al, made no secret of their desire to take control of the whole world and its resources. Hitler on the other hand, displayed no desire whatsoever, in any of his utterances or in his writings, to take control of any other country. Every word of Hitler’s has been scrutinised, continuously, to find some evidence of his desire to dominate the World, to no avail.

The Central Banking System, which is under the control certain families, such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman, Sachs, Morgan, Warburg and others, which form a group known as the Committee of Three Hundred, which is based on credit and debt, cannot function without the occasional collapse. This is both inevitable and deliberate. When the collapse is implemented, in return for the debt, the bankers take the sovereign riches of the debtor country, which is where we are now.

The world, is at the moment poised for a collapse. The Committee of Three Hundred, have everything in place to “Save us.” This will involve what has become known as Communitarianism, which is in fact just another word for Communism. We have come full circle, we are back in the days following the Russian Revolution and the end of the Great War.

We have a stark choice to make and we have a mountain of evidence on which to base this choice. Unfortunately, the same people whom have control of the monetary system, also have control of the media and the information which is made available.

This will explain why, after many decades, we are still being swamped with the alleged tales of Hitler’s atrocities, which are being used to condemn his methods of reversing the cynical control grid of the bankers and their debt enslavement.

In every country which has fallen under the control of these bankers, the result has been catastrophic for the indigenous population.

When the Cabal of Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, agreed to hand Eastern Europe into the hands of the Communist Jews, the whole of the so-called Communist Block, went into sharp decline. They were covertly supported by the West, throughout the “Cold War,” in order to prevent a total collapse, until the time was right.

Western Europe is now under the control of a Politburo, which has elected itself, it is no more democratic than was the Soviet Union. The result has been the same. The European Union is bankrupt. Every country has a crippling debt which because of the imposition of compound interest can never be repaid. Read that again. There is never enough money available to repay a debt which bears compound interest.

Hitler fully understood the problem. He took control of Germany’s finances out of the control of the Central Bankers. He fully understood that the banking system was a gigantic fraud. The bankers claim that the system was based on a gold standard was also false. This system was a known fraud since the days of the Knights Templar.

Hitler based his system on the value of the work which was necessary to produce a product. His system worked miracles. Which is of course why it has been kept under wraps ever since. We are not allowed to know about or to discuss the merits of this system. If it has anything to do with Hitler,well it must of course involve killing and torturing and crazed speeches which are referred to as rants and deporting immigrants.

It would be fair to say that it did involve sending the Jews to Madagascar, where they could do as they pleased, making sure that they never again took control of the patrimony of Germany.  This solution has been used by every country in Europe in the past, for exactly the same reasons. One need look no further than Palestine to understand the meaning of Political Brutality.

So our choice is clear, we are either going to allow the installation of a One World Government, under the control of the Zionists and Bankers, or we are going to stand up to them and install a system which takes the well-being of the people into account.

China, under Mao Zedong, whom was put in place by the City of London, behaved in the same manner as did the Bolsheviks in Russia. Untold millions have been murdered. Now, though richer than before, the plight of the mass of the people, has not improved. Some observers believe that China is being pumped up by debt, into the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.

Whatever is going on it seems clear that if there s one type of political system which it is worth avoiding, it would have to be Zionist controlled Communism. Hitler fully understood the results of allowing the Zionists to take control of Europe, which is why he set up “Operation Barbarossa” when he discovered that Stalin had a huge army ready to invade Western Europe. He sent his deputy Hess, to warn the English of the menace.

The English fully understood what was going on. The City of London was controlling events, which is why they arrested Hess and left Hitler on his own to save Europe. Hitler made a magnificent attempt, however alone against the rest of the World it proved to difficult.

US General Patton, like Hitler, saw the danger. He wanted to advance to prevent the Russian entry into Europe. The High Command had other ideas, Patton was murdered and the Russian forces allowed in, where they raped and robbed and murdered whatever they encountered.

What Jewish controlled Russia inflicted onto the German people as they advanced towards Berlin, defies description. It is enough to say that even after the end of hostilities, ten million German people were wiped out. This slaughter was controlled by Stalin a Jew and Eisenhower another Jew, whom had no problem expressing his hatred of the German people and his desire to kill as many as possible.

We will soon be under the control of the people whom conspired to create the two world wars and the revolutions in Russia and China. They also gave us the misery of the Great Depression, which is now being repeated. Speaking personally, I do not relish the idea of life under this sort of regime of butchers.