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The Sodomites Are Taking Centre Stage.

The Catholic Church is currently the rabbit in the headlight of the Zionists. Dutiful sodomites, the likes of Stephen Fry, are speaking out in public, condemning the Church for the acts of the sodomites in their ranks. Acts which are unforgivable but which are totally in keeping,  with the acts of huge numbers of sodomites, just like Fry and his friends, in everyday life, whom despite having the same ‘love’ for young boys as do the Catholic Clergy, would strongly object to themselves being described as predatory, rampant paedophiles, which in general, they are, all over Zionist Hollywood for example. So let us condemn all the Sodomites,  as not all Priests are Sodomites and all Sodomites are not all priests, so why not go for the problem at its source? 

This is pure hate speech, which only a Jew can get away with. By the way, Copernicus got it wrong and In his tirade, Fry forgot to name the Jew Popes, of whom there have been many, he also failed to mention that even the current Pope is apparently a Jesuit Jew.

For more than one-hundred years, the Catholic Church has been targeted for destruction. This aim was announced in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which foretold of three world wars and the construction of the United Nations and many other things, all of which have come to pass.

The now ‘fully controlled’ Catholic Church, which despite its current bad press, has been a strong, uniting force for families, down through the ages. Sadly it has become an obstacle, which the Zionists are desperately attempting to destroy. Catholics,  and I am myself a Catholic, do not give a toss about Rome or the Pope, we are a local community of people and nothing more, as a result of this community spirit, I came to know the parents of all the children in my class at school and we all sang hymns together, in Church on Sunday morning and on Holy Days. As an Altar Server, I played a small part in all of the Church services, and it is a great shame that this tradition has now , all but disappeared.

Zion does not approve of solidarity of that kind, for others, while Zion does itself depend on an atheistic form of religious solidarity from its own members. As for sodomy, well they are not too worried about that, as an extraordinary number of them are involved in child trafficking and other abuses of children, including alleged sacrifices and the drinking of baby-blood, to rejuvenate their aging flesh.

These rampant sodomites are hiding behind the shield of Judaism and the title of Rabbi, one wonders if this could be an adequate excuse to destroy Judaism, in the same manner as Zion is attempting to destroy Christianity? Should those sodomites like Fry, who is himself a Jew in denial, ever find the courage to speak out against Jews, in the manner he delivers his hate speech against Catholics, perhaps the world would be a better place,  without need of men, whom enjoy biting off the foreskin of babies and sucking the blood from their little ‘hymies,’ for pleasure, even as Hymie himself screams out in agony?

Part of the agenda, set out in the Protocols, was the invasion of the Middle East, which is an ongoing project and then the deliberate depopulation of the region, of the indigenous Arab Peoples.

To facilitate this aim, the manipulators have managed to create a huge, violent, Arab, Civil War, which they fully intend to transform into their much-lauded Third World War, by secretly funding the migration of millions of Blacks, from darkest Africa into Zionist controlled Europe, thus creating a toxic mix of Blacks fleeing Africa and Arabs fleeing the Middle East and of course their ‘White Patsies’ most of whom are now seriously sick, from their reliance on contaminated food and the results of the prescription Drugs War, blankly watching the construction of their own demise. This is more a case of White suicide than of White genocide.

Even tiny Ireland, a country which has already suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of the British, is being targeted for destruction. Having been forced to accept thousands of Africans into their midst, they are already finding themselves trapped in their homes, under attack from Black gangs, roaming the streets at night, while the Gardai are unable to cope with the level of violence, while their ‘sodomite’ Taoiseach, is promising to bring in a million more Blacks.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, did recently lament, that the Irish did not do enough for Jews, fleeing Europe, to avoid having to help out in German work camps, while the Germans fought for their lives, in a Jew declared and controlled World War – yet another feature of the Protocols – this said, in the land of Ireland, which lost five million souls, during a Jew controlled City of London, starvation project.

Five million Irish people, whose deaths are given a mere footnote in history, while the fate of the hundreds of thousands of Irish people, whom were driven out of Ireland, in the same manner as the Jews are now doing in the Middle East, many into slavery, yet another suffering of the Irish people, which has been swamped out of history by the whinging Blacks, whom believe themselves to be history’s only victims of slavery, even as the Jews deny all of the Genocides which they have carried out, all across the world, while the Irish are now expected to feed and house the new slaves, being brought into Ireland by the Zionists.

The cynicism of celebrating the alleged suffering of Jews, in a land which has had its own holocaust denied, by the forces of the Jews and their English puppets, even as they are applauding the capture and gaoling, of geriatric soldiers in Germany, in pursuit of vengeance, for an event, which like many other things, has been based on nothing more than hearsay, is simply extraordinarily selfish and arrogant.

The Irish people are still suffering from the last forced immigration into Ireland, that of the ‘Planters’ from Scotland, whom have created havoc in Ireland, alongside their British Masters, ever since. No effort was ever made to encourage those devious Planters to go to England, which would have been a far cheaper option for the British.  The job of the Planters in Ireland, was to create tension and their violence was fully funded and controlled from London.

The Blacks are now being given the same task. They are colonising Ireland, a land which has never had a colony in Africa, so the Irish are free to behave, as are the Blacks in South Africa, without criticism from the ‘West’ to announce the eviction of the Black incomers, they have no more right to come into Ireland than have the Whites into their lands, so go home and terrorise your own people why don’t you?

There Is No Mystery, Everything Is Perfectly Clear, We Are In Deep Dooh Dooh.





June 4, 1947, London. The terrorist Jewish Stern gang sent letter bombs to high British governmental officials. Eight letter bombs containing powdered gelignite explosive were discovered in London. Recipients included Ernest Bevin, Anthony Eden, Prime Minister Attlee and Winston Churchill.

The Jews were plotting to kill a whole bunch of British politicians, including the Foreign Secretary, at the time, Ernest Bevin. Herbert Morrison, a colleague of Bevin’s, was himself, the covert leader of Sanyanim, the Jew terrorist group, which was plotting to murder his colleagues. He gave them no warning.

Morrison was also criticised for giving government contracts, to fellow Jews. Prime Minister Attlee was annoyed to find that the Labour Party Manifesto, had been written by Morrison, including the plan to divide Palestine.

Lawrence of Arabia, was cynically used to persuade the Arabs to fight alongside the British in the Great War, by promising them that they would be allowed to keep their land, after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, even as the Jews in the British Government were planning to grab it for themselves.

In Germany, a couple of decades in the future, it would be Adolph Eichmann who negotiated for Germany’s Jews to go to Madagascar, but this was not acceptable, to the wars financiers the Rothschild’s.





The only thing which was acceptable to the Zionists, was to make sure that nothing interfered with the Israel project. Everything else is a smoke screen. Tales of Hitler going mad and attacking his ‘friend’ Russia, which was being secretly prepared for war by the City of London,  Hitler having already been advised by the Jew Anthony Eden to take some sort of action to save the Germans in the Sudetenland, who were being slaughtered by Jew Commissars, a suggestion which was later used to trap Hitler into a war which he did not want, while all the time he was still under pressure from the Rothschild’s to send Germany’s Jews to Palestine.

The reality of the twentieth century and its wars, is always confused by the farce of the Cold War and the Wests alleged hatred of Communism. Both during and after World War Two, we were fed endless tales of this spy group and that bunch of traitors from Cambridge University and other such distractions, when in truth, Russia was controlled from London, as was the British Coalition, which had teamed up to fight the war against Germany.

 It is perfectly possible that some the Politicians had themselves been deceived but not all of them, not by a long way. Back in the day British Politicians went to Russia to receive instructions from the Bolsheviks, whereas these days they go to the court of the Bolsheviks in Tel Aviv.

Where once upon a time, they were ‘Friends of Russia,’ having ignored the excesses of the Bolsheviks, they are now Friends of Israel while still ignoring the excesses of those same Bolsheviks.All of this must surely demonstrate, that there was no need for wartime ‘spies’ it was merely a sharing of information amongst allies.


In Westminster, an event in Ireland, which cost five million Irish lives, while being evident to Irishmen in the United States and to French humanitarians, was not even noticed by the British, even as they sent troops to seize the Irish Peoples food at gunpoint, leaving the Irish to starve. Just as when Hitler sent Rudolf Hess to Britain to warn of a huge Bolshevik Jew Army, waiting to invade Europe, he was the bringer of old news, as the British Bolsheviks, were fully aware that their scheme was about to go into action.

The rest of the tale is total tosh. The annihilation of the German people, was the aim of the Great War part Two. To ensure its success and the defeat of Germany, they had to first take control of Russia, to ensure victory by sacrificing the useless eaters from Siberia to German machine gunners.

The tales of Jew Terrorism against the British, during the establishment of the stolen State of Israel, is all window dressing, to disguise the fact that the British had fought two wars to make this possible. Part of the deception was to allow the murder of hundreds of British Troops in Palestine, to give the impression that the British had ‘done their best’ for the Palestinians. Having done their best for Palestine, Tommy Atkins, was then shipped off to Asia, to sort out those dreadful ‘yellow men’ in Korea, another British Bolshevik slaughter which is still being used as a distraction.

The aim for Korea is about to be disclosed, it is to made an important part in the soon to be announced Pacific Rim Union, in which it will probably become a workshop for the Jew holdings in China, now that Europe and America have succumbed to the death sentence bestowed on them by the Bolshevik Kings of the World.

Academi, the Jew controlled Private Army, is being used to destroy any opposition from the Arab World. As was Russia, during World War Two, while they were ‘defeating’ the Germans,  Academi is being armed to the teeth by the British, French, Israeli’s and Americans,  clearly demonstrating,  that while the British claim to have won World War Two, some say it was actually the Russians who did all the fighting, when in fact the war was won by a continuous supply of weapons from all over the world, while the Germans were obliged to manufacture everything for themselves.



The Last White Man in Africa, already has a death sentence hanging over him and when he has gone, the two billion Black Africans will be dealt with in short order, either by exporting them to Europe, to continue the cull of the White Christians, or he will be vaccinated to death by ‘Caring’ Bolsheviks. Either way the Blacks are fighting the wrong enemy. Any Black will survivors will soon find themselves back in chains.  

The American Blacks have yet to gain enough intelligence to spot the fact that they are already living in a precarious state,  thanks to the Bolshevik Slave Traders, whom are quite suddenly pretending to be their friends, having  already destroyed them with abortions and the destruction of their families. Watch out for the final stab in the back my friends, we have all taken it in our turn. White Christians are getting it now, you would be better off ditching the sermons of the Bolshevik MLK and his cronies.

Bob The Builder Wins A Second Term.

To have just witnessed the most mind numbing political campaign, which has achieved nothing apart from the re-election of a President whom has already delivered the biggest deficit in history, mass unemployment at home and mass death abroad, makes one realise that there is no such thing as real choice.

Both candidates, Romney and Obama, cynically offered exactly the same thing to the electorate, an in your face message that whichever way you vote you are going to achieve the same result.

Obama, in his re-election speech has already referred to the capture and killing of the ghost of the already long dead Bin Laden, as a grand success. He has described hope, as that thing which despite everything, keeps us sure inside that we can achieve what we want. I thought that described madness, repeating the same thing time after time, expecting a different result, never mind, we are living in Orwellian times.

He has called multiple attacks and the invasion of countries, which have absolutely no means of threatening America and the complete destruction of such countries and the slaughter of millions of people,  self-defence.

Even as the re-elected cynic was delivering his speech, bombs were going off in Syria, where the Obama regime is financing hired murderers to slaughter civilians and in Pakistan, the US funded  killers are continuing the preparation of the excuse to bring Pakistan under the Globalists control, in the same manner.

Obama, whom was reared by a Marxist father, which in fact means Zionist, can now continue, the Zionist Communist Revolution, in the US. His first step will be to continue the destruction of the US Middle Classes in order to create an homogenized group of poorly paid slaves.

The Zionist controlled Federal Reserve has already started the process of buying up, at bargain prices, bundles of mortgages, which are held on private properties. The next step will be to make the payment of these mortgages too difficult for the holders, by either fair means or foul, they will then be able to claim, huge tracts of the US infrastructure for the Zionist/Jewish,  Shadow Government.  All of this being done at no cost whatsoever, using “funny money” which does not exist. In this manner they will not only own America, they are already in the process of doing the same thing in Greece.

While the world is being trained to hate Muslims and while Muslims are being invited into every European Country, in large numbers, the real and present danger, which is the desire of the Jews/Zionists to take control of us and all of our resources, is being allowed to continue and to criticise it is called anti-Semitic, when in reality these Jews are not Semitic, while many of the Muslims are.

While still claiming that they were themselves targeted for extinction, these Jews  are admittedly, attempting to wipe out the Germans and the rest of the Goyim, in order to ensure their total control of everything, while the only people on the planet, whom have the possibility of obstructing this desire, white European Nations, are being destroyed from within and the citizens are cheering on the process.

Austerity is being used to reduce National Armies, ensuring that very soon the only military force in Europe will be NATO, which is private, it is controlled by these same Zionists whom have already total control of the European Union and the United Nations.

All of this is happening with the active support of elected politicians. The destruction of Germany has been an ongoing process since the end of the Great War.

The real heroes of the resistance against Jewish/Zionist Communism, were Adolf Hitler and the German people. The Jews have long recognised the abilities of the Germans, which is why they organised the coalition of Jewish controlled  Countries, which included, Britain, France, the USA and Russia, to take them down and to completely flatten Germany.

Twenty million Germans were slaughtered during this Jewish inspired war of attrition. The Second World War was controlled by Jews. They were ultimately responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. The British alone were responsible for more deaths than Hitler. All of the real War Crimes were carried out by this coalition of criminals and yet all we hear is bleating of the guilty Jews, about what they claim happened to them.

Even the factory at Auschwitz was owned by Jews. After the war part of the profits generated by the slaves whom worked there, paid for the election of Helmut Kohl, a Jew, as Chancellor of Germany.

The Jews were responsible for the hatred of Germans, after the end of the Second World War, which was demonstrated at Nuremberg, where the German leadership was quickly herded to the gallows, by a Jewish controlled “Kangaroo Court,” to shut them up, allowing the lies to continue.

While there is still an endless quest to dig out any surviving German Military man from the war years,  whom like Adolf Eichmann, can be accused of crimes which they did not commit, without a shred of evidence apart from the word of so-called  “camp survivors,” and executed. Yet not a word is spoken about the excesses of those whom forced Germany into the war.

The Jewish/Zionists carried out the attack on 911. All of the available evidence points in their direction. They were aided and abetted by the people whom had control of George Bush, yet through the use of their media and other propaganda sources, they have maliciously blamed a whole community of innocent people, an act which has already caused the death of two or three million Muslims and these are the people whom will gaol anyone who dares to dispute Jewish claims about what did or did not occur during the Second World War.

The election of Obama will do nothing to change this sorry state of affairs. He has already declared his total obedience to Israel. He insists on continuing the lie of the “War on Terror,” which is in fact a War of Terror against Muslims. The people in the US cannot understand why they prevent criticism of Jews, on the one hand, while they are wholeheartedly accept the demonization of Muslims on the other. There is no hope of saving those with this level of stupidity.

The citizens of the US are not alone in  their blindness to current events, people across the world are applauding the installation of Agenda 21 believing it to be in the best interest of the Planet, when it is in fact nothing more than a means to continue the enslavement of us all and the acquisition of the wealth of the world in to the hands of Jews.

Strangely when anyone talks of Jews in the manner in which I choose to, the immediate response is that all of the worlds problems cannot be blamed on one set of people. I am viewed as anti-Semitic, yet a short time ago I was working alongside a man, whom said to me quite seriously, that  “We have to take these Muslims down, before they kill us all.” In France, this is quite an acceptable position to adopt.  What a strange world we live in.

Has François Hollande Been Struck Down With War Fever?

The recently elected Messiah of the French dozing classes, François Hollande, recently refused to rule out a military attack to free the Syrian people of the Assad regime.

He said he would be prepared to take part in a UN intervention should it be on the table. Does this mean that having just promised to bring the French military home from Afghanistan, he is about to divert them to another illegal, unnecessary barbaric attack on a Muslim State?

Is this man expecting us to believe that he cannot understand that every time an atrocity is carried out in Syria, there are blood curdling howls from the governments which are under the control of the Jews, to invade Syria? So does common sense not suggest to him that Assad would be the last person on the planet to order such an atrocity?

As President of France, is he taking for himself the power to declare war on whomsoever he chooses, under the cloak of the Jewish controlled United Nations, which is a private corporation?

Where now are his promises to put a hold on austerity measures, which are driving the French economy into the dirt? Where are the renegotiations of the Fiscal Pact? In short where is any promised measure, which distinguishes him from Nicolas Sarkozy, the most detested President in French History.

Has he not been brought up to speed on the nature of the Banking debt which he is attempting to pay off, through the means of the taxes of the French working public? Has he not noticed that there is not enough money in the world to pay off these debts? These debts are a fraud, which were deliberately generated to create exactly the situation which now exists.

Does this mean that Monsieur Hollande, like his predecessor is a Zionist, Bilderberger, Free Masonic tool of Israel? Is this why he has caught the lets kill a few more Muslims while we have the excuse, sickness, which was so evident during the Sarkozy term in power? Is this what he was learning during his time with the Zionist controlled French American Foundation?  Has it all become a case of “Here we go again,” so soon after the election?

Well we did not really expect anything else, did we?

Sky News Reports From Syria Are Embarrassing And Shameful.

That wretched little Zionist, William Hague has announced that the UK may not allow the Syrian Olympic Team into the UK, as it would be unseemly to allow those whom may be guilty of offences against humanity the freedom to compete.

There is of course, no question that he will allow the Israeli team access, despite them being representative of the most aggressive perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity in the Middle East.

These statements are being made in furtherance of claims being made against the Assad regime in Syria, following a murderous attack, from which Assad had everything to lose, while the terrorists, whom are being armed and trained by NATO, had everything to gain.

Sky News, whom we are expected to trust, as they are of course The Free Press, while not even being on the ground in Syria, are reporting every word which they receive from the NATO organised Opposition, which has been caught red-handed falsifying the News, as if it was reality.

They have chosen to ignore the recent election which was held in Syria, despite the fact that more people turned out to vote, despite the ongoing violence, than bothered to vote in the last election in the UK, as if it meant nothing. That it did not even merit a mention.

This type of reporting is consistent, across the board, home and away at Sky and it deserves an investigation. Sky News is engaged in an all out effort to send the UK Military into yet another, deliberately provoked attack against a country which poses no threat to the UK and whose people are spoken for by the liars whom report the News on Sky.

This is exactly what was done to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Do the dumb idiots in the UK not detect a pattern in this? In the immortal words of Bill Hicks, “How far up your ar*e does a  di*k have to be, before you realise you are being f***ed?”

Anders Breivik States His Case.

However, he (Breivik) messes it up by contradicting himself completely. He loves America, and especially a certain McCarthy, the postwar communist witchhunt general, and he regrets that McCarthyism didn’t go far enough and never succeeded in sending alleged «commie» American citizens to Soviet Russia. So, really, when it comes to a more real and including democracy with less political censorship, our terrorist is only in favour of it when it applies to his chums, and to his «nationalist» parties.
Apart from this ideologically induced blindness or logical breakdown, he argues convincingly that censoring a movement like his own for too long, eventually will make members of that movement resort to other means, even violence.

His speech more generally was aimed at reaching out to a slightly broader audience than his Manifesto and his earlier writing on Norwegian websites, or to «unite national conservatism, which I support, with national socialism and militant cristendom», as he put it himself. So the strategy obviously is to appeal to a broader spectrum of racists, and to play down the Zionist issue, which devides Breivik, JDL, EDL, NDL and Knights Templar, on the one side, from other nationalists and nazis, on the other.

The above is an extract from an Email:

 Oslo: Breivik’s defense speech at the 22/7 trial 

by Torstein Viddal, 9/11 Truth Norway
9/11, 7/7 & the War on Freedom Forum

It demonstrates the difficulty of separating the various atrocities and the intentions behind them, from the rubbish with which we are presented by the mainstream media.

The writer of this Email report, from the court in Oslo, presents himself as a “Truther” and a fighter for “Freedom,” well to what kind of “Freedom” does he refer? The title of his Email “Anders Behring Breivik Has United Zionism and Nazism, is itself a little ambiguous and the meaning behind this title was not explained in the body of the text.

He does, however, appear to be completely unaware of the political reality under which we live. Either that, or he has been instructed to push all of the usual buttons, to reassure the dozing public that it is safe to go back to sleep. Breivik has been categorised, he fits nicely into a strange group of activists, whom though having certain ideas, which could arguably  be justified, he is in league with  all those other extremist groups:

Breivik talks rather openly about the strategy of supporting and expanding «street extremism», like the JDL, EDL and NDL (Jewish, English and Norwegian Defense League, respectively), while at the same time building a network of single cell terror operatives, borrowing tactics from – yup – al-Qaida.

The first question which springs to mind is,  “What is wrong with Nationalism?” Personally, I was appalled, back in the last century, when the whole world turned against the Fijians, when they restricted the vote in elections, to Native Fijians.  This was in response, to an invasion of Fiji by the teeming hordes from India whom felt justified in taking Fiji out of the hands of the Indigenous people, through the voting system.

Whatever your views on immigration and the free movement of people, plus the dislocation of populations, through illegal wars, it cannot be denied that the current round of  immigration is part of an agenda. It is designed to destroy National identity. The object of the exercise is to reduce us all to a lower level of existence, not to raise us all to a better, more equal status.

Any group which speaks out against this process, is automatically placed into the groups, which are quoted above, a list which is always rounded off with the current “devils” Al Qaeda.

This is all very interesting, because Al Qaeda works for the Jews, the British and the Americans. The earlier reference to “commies” and Joseph McCarthy is equally off the mark. McCarthy was right. The US was packed with Communists. One hundred Jewish families had already taken control of Communist Russia. Wall Street, financed the Russian Revolution. Hollywood, one of McCarthy’s targets, is the propaganda machine of the Zionists.

To fudge their real political allegiances, Christian Communists are referred to as  Zionists. The current favourite in the Presidential Election race is Mitt Romney, a Mormon a religious group which has been in bed with Zionism and its leaders forever. Romney is coached by Israel, a country to which he declares his total allegiance. Israel for its part is building a wall to deny access to immigrants. This alone should cast a doubt on the strategy of  multiculturalism for the rest of us.

 There’s a string of maybe 40 or 50 or 60 grave mistakes on behalf of the police, guards and government, making them unable to stop Breivik before the bombing of Oslo, stop him getting out of Oslo and to nearby Utøya, and to stop the shooting ASAP when Breivik amazingly managed to get himself transported over the sound to Utøya island, using the Labour Party’s own ferry.
So many instances of SNAFU, in fact, that the mathematical probability of them all occuring on the same day or relating to the same person, should tell you all you need to know. And of course, in the weeks and months after the terror, documents, tapes and other evidence started disappearing. As by invisible hands.

Having written this, Torstein Viddal apparently does not hear his own words. Of course there are anomalies in the reactions of the Police to the atrocity. There always are. Viddal presents himself as truth seeker, well one can only ask which truth he is seeking?  7-7, 911, Oklahoma City and the recent French shooter or should I say “patsy” were all known to the police.  Evidence always disappears. Does he “believe” that Norway has not been infiltrated by “Zionists” as have all other European countries?

All of the groups to which he refers, EDL, JDl and NDL, are all controlled, as are all of the National Front Groups. The real terrorists are all installed in Labour or Socialist Parties which are code for Communist, which is itself code for Zionist which is code for Jewish. Sadly, the Truth Movement itself is controlled.

Putting Breivik Into Context

The Continuing Campaign Of Lies Against Syria.

The Sky News wandering reporter, Stuart Ramsey, delivered the most biased report from Syria since he last posted his News. This man, along with the rest of the Sky Team is quite obviously working for the UK Intelligence Services.
His report from Homs, which was delivered from some distance away, was as usual, based on information received from a source which could be trusted.

There was the usual portable telephone film clip, which as usual could not be verified, but Ramsey felt could be trusted, which showed nothing, apart from men shouting and film of running feet.
From this evidence Ramsey deduced that there were many casualties and hundreds of deaths, from an unprovoked attack against civilians.

Meanwhile back in London at Sky Central Command, Tim Marshall, was remarking that whomever was handling Public Relations for the Assad regime, should be sacked, for allowing the Assad Forces to launch an attack so soon after the Russians and Chinese had vetoed the UN Resolutions. He felt that it would have been in Assad’s best interests to keep things calm for a while, instead of ordering an attack which put the whole thing back on the Front Pages across the World. I could not have put it better myself Tim.
Just as the violence which started at the moment that the Arab League Team arrived in Syria, to investigate the source of the violence, was quite obviously initiated by the Mercenaries.

It would of course not dawn on the Sky Team that it would be the best thing that could possibly happen for the folk whom are working so hard to bring about regime change in Syria. Well it would dawn on them but what the hell, They’re not paid to report the truth.

Back in Homs, Ramsey ominously announced reports of aircraft being heard flying overhead. He had of course not heard them himself, but his source could be trusted.

Meanwhile, back in London, avowed Zionist and veritable piece of vermin, William Hague, was complaining that an attack on Syria would not be quite as straightforward as had been the complete destruction of Libya. He felt that with the full support of The Arab League, one and all dictators themselves, a way could be found around the Russian and Chinese vetoes to get rid of Assad. I did not notice if he finished his statement with his usual declaration of total support for his friends in Israel, whom are, of course demanding the destruction of Syria.

The hysterical US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, was babbling about saving the people of Homs from this vicious dictator and bringing the blessing of Democracy to Syria. She stressed how the suffering of the people of Syria was the responsibility of China and Russia, whom had refused to support the ending of the bloodshed.

This, coming from the mouth of a spokesperson for the US, which has vetoed every UN Resolution against Israel. Which has told the world that Israel has the right to slaughter 1,400 innocent women and children, and lay a tiny enclave to waste, in retaliation for a Standard Fireworks bottle rocket which was fired at them by Hamas. Yet Assad apparently does not have the right to retaliate against a group of Foreign Mercenaries and Agents from MI6, Mossad and the CIA, whom are attempting to create an excuse to bring the same form of humanitarian aid to Syria as they have recently brought to Libya?

Her President, Barak Obama, was occupied with a discussion of the next Israeli target after Syria has been broken, Iran. In response to a question, he stated that he fully supported Israels fear of the possibility of Iran creating a Nuclear Bomb. He failed to explain why Iran should not be worried about Israels Nuclear Bomb. The President of the US must lie by his silence on this matter, should he ever admit to the existence of Israel’s Bomb, he would automatically render the funding of Israel by the US illegal, as Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

Why, whatever is happening in Syria should provoke such agitation in the British, when they have just clinched a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which is of course the most repressive of all of the Middle Eastern Dictatorships, knowing full well that these weapons are destined to be used against civilians. Saudi Arabia is even now carrying out a brutal suppression in their own State and in the neighbouring State of Bahrain.

The slaughter which is taking place in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen, where the killings have been going on for some time is given no coverage on Sky News, which is evidence of the control which is placed, not only on Sky News but on all UK News outlets, including the BBC.

Coverage is still available on Russia Today, which has not yet suffered the fate of Press TV which has been taken off the air by Hague’s Government, in order to hide evidence of the control which is placed on the British Government by the Zionists in the City of London. There is no advantage to the UK in the destruction of Syria, that is specifically for Israel.

So we now have the Anglo-American Empire in a position where it must scratch around looking for an excuse to by-pass the need of the permission of the Zionist controlled United Nations, in order to attack Syria.They may well find a way to use the Zionist controlled European Commission, where decisions are taken without recourse to the Elected Members and certainly not to Russia or China. One way or another, a way will be found to destroy Syria, of that we can be sure.

As with Libya, the people will not be given the choice of voting to retain Assad, as the people of Libya would certainly have done had they been allowed to vote for Gadaffi. What was inflicted on Libya was a Crime Against Humanity and certainly a War Crime.

The remark is often made that nothing seems to have been learned from Iraq or Afghanistan, this is a nonsense, things are going exactly as they are intended to go. Death and destruction is the name of the game. With the British it has always been so.