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Rock’n’Roller Touched My Breast. Elvis Denies Allegations.

A young fan whom is now, quite elderly, explained in graphic fashion how a young guitarist, had inappropriately touched her breast, after a concert in the Crown and Anchor Skittle Alley, in 1963. She described how the Rocker had walked up to her and cried “Ohaah! You’ve got a nice pair,” and then he  touched her left breast.

The elderley ex-groupie, tearfully explained, how she had in fact been waiting for the dishy drummer, of the group, who she fancied, she claimed to have been so shocked by the behaviour of the guitarist, Elvis Smith, that during the last fifty years she had never managed to come to terms with the experience.

Elvis Smith denied all of the allegations…………..The case continues.




Don’t Worry, It Was All A Dream. EXCLUSIVE

It was all a lie. O’Bama is not the first black Irish President after all. In fact it has just been announced, he is in reality, the Phantom President of the USA. The Governor of Hawaii, who was intent on showing Obama’s birth certificate, to prove that he was elligible to be President, was forced to admit  that there was no evidence that he was in fact born in Hawaii. So there you have it, The Man Who Never Was has been holding the nuclear red button.

Tragic Attack on Crowd in Arizona.

A young gunman, launched a single handed attack on a crowd of shoppers in Tucson, Arizona. Six people were killed, amongst them a nine year old child. The young girl, was born on 911, 2001.  The day of the most infamous ‘False Flag’ attack in American history. It is a shocking coincidence that this young child, should become a victim of the oppressive atmosphere, that has reigned in the US, which was engendered by design, to kick off two illegal wars, while at the same time destroying the US economy. The State of Arizona, has been suffering more than most in recent times, as it has been under constant attacks, from Mexican Drug Barons and other illegal aliens.  Several other people were critically injured in the attack, amongst them an ex-Judge and a Congress woman.


Indignez Vous.

At all cost, this little book must not be condemned to the coffee tables, or dentists waiting rooms of France. This old man understands the power lust and greed that drives the money lenders. The worlds money has ended up in their coffers. Compound interest has seen to that. Still they are not satisfied, now they want our homes our possessions. Soon they will be rationing our food. And still we can not say openly, without fear, who these scum are.


Road Deaths And Binge Drinking.

Recent research, into road accidents and deaths, on the average Friday night, the evening renowned for the high level of alcohol consumption, has revealed some alarming results. The statistics show, quite clearly, that the majority of deaths did not involve a drunk driver, or a driver who fell asleep at the wheel, or who was in the process of ‘texting’ a friend, speeding, often blamed for accidents and deaths was in fact very low on the list. It would appear that most accidents were in fact caused by veritable “Knights of the Road.”  In view of all this, would it not be advisable to oblige drivers to select a bad habit, to improve road safety?


World Exclusive!! Hack From “The Croak” interviews Tyke Perverto, only known survivor from the Plane that was swallowed by the Pentagon.  Pissaso has gained a reputation for his demystifying insights into various unresolved happenings in recent times.

These include, Chem-trails: They are, after all, only con-trails. Obama’s Birth Certificate: Only a distraction.  A plane was swallowed by the Pentagon:That was an easy one, he was on board. Pissarsole has now revealed his insight into the tragedy of the  thousands of birds, which have been falling dead in mid-flight, across the US.  Relax, they were killed by HAILSTONES.  On his daily show “Did it ever really happen at all?  Pisedio revealed that he also believes that “The Kill Switch” for the internet, is nothing to worry about. It’s just a way to make us pay to go on-line. You know the way we pay for Cable TV. And why not? He squeaked. It’s only fair to pay something. We pay for everything else, why not the internet.  Well I would like him to let me know where I can find free access. Every frog in the pond would like to know that. Round here we pay a lot for very little. Now he thinks I should pay even more to listen to him . Charge for your own stuff now Tyke, it’s possible you know, a lot of people do…….Related article, The Dumbing Down Of Hawaii.


Read All About it;  The People Who Gave Us Two World Wars and Brought Communism and Nazism to Us, Have Now Split the Planet. Rothschild & Co Set to Clean Up!

Recidivist Super Model Kickboxer, Campbell, caught dining with Charles Taylor, ‘The Butcher of Liberia’, and the Thirty Three Degree Mason from Robyn Island. SHOCK HORROR.


Shocking revelation;  BP is owned by Goldman Sachs,  Goldman Sachs, are owned by Rothschild.  Can this be true? So why did Goldman Sachs sell their shares, in the nick of time?  We can only pray that the great benefactor, Baron Rothschild, does not end up out-of-pocket.  We can of course hope he ends up broke.  The story continues…………

Revealed, British Atrocity, in the land they packed with Protestants, as they later packed Palestine with Khazar. The British, like their special friends the USA, are partial to torture and slaughter.  What other crimes remain hidden?


Read All About It;  O’Bama, the first black Irish President of the USA, is he a closet gay, coke sniffing pervert? Or are things much stranger than fiction?



Davni Elected Shock.

They have already changed the World. Now,  they are attempting to change the unchangeable. Davni announce, no more power to be passed to Europe, after it has all already gone. Can they do it?   Special award for anyone who spotted Ni, in the Commons today!

It’s True, You Read it first in ‘The Daily Croak’.

All in Favour!
The Cabinet. Can You Spot Davni?


Everything is sorted.

We’re free.  The jobless recovery was a wonderful idea, why did we not think of it years ago?    People are demanding the right to pay at least twice the suggested  Carbon Tax.  I have heard, that the average frog in the pond, is pushing for a huge increase in VAT. They feel that if they pay up, Davni can save the Universe.  There is however  some dissent.

Resistance Gathers Strength.


Irish women. Were they the first GI Brides?   see,  ‘The Irish must do it for them!

No Sign of Truce in War

Reports From the Front Tell of Many Casualties

Eyewitnesses claim that the attack, at dawn, was carried out by ‘Greenspawn’ mercenaries.

The Fallen Heroes
Ferocious Hand to Hand Fighting. Many Slain.

The government claimed today, that only militants were killed in the dawn raid.  They admitted that it was carried out by ‘Greenspawn’  but so what? A spokesman said,  “Dead is dead, isn’t it? What does it matter who killed you?”

Col. Longlegg, who was recently implicated in the infamous slaughter of hundreds of innocent frog families.  He claimed that a microwave heater was accidently left switched on, pointing at the pond.  The Frogs failed to notice the gradual heating of the water until they boiled to death.  It has been claimed that it was almost impossible, to have accidently left the power setting at just the right level, necessary, to boil the frogs alive.

Our special correspondent, was contacted by a resistance leader, who claims that the real reason for the attacks lies deep in the pond.

The Resistance Leader

He claims to have spoken to a frogman, who told him, he seen traces of gas, in reed beds, on the banks of the west side of the pond. He thinks that this, is what the war is really about.  He also claimed that the so-called accidental pond heating was untrue, He claimed to have seen strange lights in the sky just before the ‘heating’.He thinks it was an attempt to cause an earthquake followed by a tsunami, to drive all the frog families away.

Our correspondent later spoke to the frogman. He confirmed the resistance leaders story

The Frogman

He did see the strange lights in the sky and he too felt it was all a false flag event.

We will do our best to keep you informed.  Latest information talks of a large number of  Hornys’ coming to the aid of the greens. We have also heard rumours that the left Bankers are financing both sides,  Watch this space.


A journalist,  who appears to speak for the frog in the pond, claimed this morning, that the community will not stand for this state of affaires. They will not put up with it for much longer. They are demanding a return to strong leadership.

Latest News……………………..From our Drowning Street Correspondent……………………………


Shocking Moral Decline.

I was amazed to witness tonight, the extent of the dramatic collapse of the morality, of the so-called ruling classes.  When a man paused, while about to enter No 10 and in full view of the watching millions, quite deliberately squeezed his wifes left breast.  I have always been considered broad-minded, but I was so shocked I hopped straight down the drain and I should imagine a lot of folk will soon be joining me.


War Croak; When Things Were Already Bad Enough,  Davni Elected.

The average frog in the pond is calling foul.  The bizarre selection of this strange double act,  Davni, (Even their mothers couldn’t tell them apart) is the talk of the pond. I spoke to a mother,who was swimming her tadpole, she said, “They have no talent whatsoever, they can’t hold a tune and they have absolutely no co-ordination. I went to vote and I couldn’t get in”.

I tried to find a wide-mouthed frog, for a different point of view, I couldn’t find any. I asked a passing frog if he had seen one, he said, through pursed lips, “Oh no. No wide mouth frogs around here mate” . There may be a story there for another day.

However a bullish fellow, who I met on the pondbank, told me straight.  “changing leadership in the muddle of a war,  families being boiled alive, strange lights in the sky, false flag attacks, our politicians titting up their wives on television, sorry,sorry, squeezing their wife’s breast.  And now we’ve got a no talent double act in charge? They should have been voted off in the first round.  Davni, my god!”

Related articles;  SuBo and Jedward claim vote was rigged. and Shocking Moral Decline See      https://enochered.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/a-short-message-to-alex-jones/ I Woke up and it was a Brand New World

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