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All About The Origin Of The CNN Fake News War Against Donald Trump And Still No Apology.


Despite having already engendered a bad reputation for disinformation i.e. Fake News, about Donald Trump, even before he had given anybody a reasonable excuse to go for his throat, Sky News have unashamedly continued to scoff at any act of Trump’s, including his having pointed out the Fake News Photographs, which were used by, CNN, Sky News, The Guardian, The BBC, LBC, and others to claim that Trump had pulled in fewer people to his inauguration than did Obama. The Photograph below is the one used by CNN and others.




In order to continue the bad-mouthing. They are now criticising Trump and his team for pointing out the continuing use of Fake News, while ignoring the evidence which demonstrates that it was indeed Fake, calling Trump even more names, saying he is in some way in tears because somebody said Obama was more popular.

These people should be taken off the air. In the photograph below, it is perfectly clear that the Trump crowds go all the way to the Washington monument and even up the steps of the monument. Sky News and others should be apologising and should not continue their outright lies. This guy O’Brien on LBC Radio in London, has made an absolute idiot of himself by swallowing the tales of Fake News from CNN, an organisation which infected even the Guardian with their rubbish, which has now become an item on the list of Trump’s alleged lies.


Have you ever heard anyone make such a “tit” of themselves on Live Radio as does this asshole?            


2009 Obama’s first and biggest inauguration crowd, followed by Trump’s 2017 inauguration.



Trump’s aim of checking whether there was voting fraud, during the election, which is a serious accusation, which deserves investigation,  is quite suddenly unimportant. Trump’s aim to investigate it, is being called childish because all he wants to do is to prove he won the popular vote. Obama is on film, on film, I deliberately repeat myself, urging illegals to vote and not to worry because he had arranged for them to be able to do so without identification. He told them the Police will not be able to track them down. Obama should be arrested for this, it is called treason.

What is more Trump, is to this day, still under “investigation” about Russian Collusion, when in fact it was Obama and Hillary Clinton whom colluded with the Russians, all of whom are keeping quiet about this “collusion” from which Clinton and Obama made millions of Dollars.They are criminals and the truthful media makes no mention of any of this, preferring to smear Donald Trump at every opportunity. Vladimir Putin has the ammunition to Blackmail both Obama and Clinton, at a time of his own choosing.





They are now picking on the wall along the Mexican border, which will stop a steady stream of immigrants from simply walking into the United States. Why does Sky News not suggest that the UK should leave the channel tunnel open for all comers to walk into Britain.

What is happening here, is the use of all of the Fake News claims, made against Trump as if they had been true. They are calling him a misogynist, a racist, a Fascist and any insult which comes to hand.

The ageing piece of work on Sky News, the one with the “girly” squeal in her voice – it makes the old bitch sound younger – has just claimed that Trump has replaced the head of Churchill back into the Oval Office, Obama having stuck it somewhere out of sight, telling us that a family member of Churchill has objected, saying we do not need a relationship as close as that, all we need is a trade deal.

I will tell you the truth, I have been left speechless by all this nonsense, which is leading on to the death of Trump. This constant attack would not be allowed, if there was not a good reason. I think it is as clear as day, that there is a contract out on Trump. The ferocity of the attacks against Trump are unprecedented. There have even been attacks against his young child Barron, on a comedy show no less.




The following clip demonstrates quite clearly the fact that even with the truth in their hands,  the Media continued to lie and they wonder why they are having trouble with Donald Trump.